13 thoughts on “6.2-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Samoa

  1. Funny how I just read about this yesterday in my Physical Science class that about 160 volcanoes exist in the U.S., with about being viewed in the active status. I heard about these earthquakes a few hours ago, and these disasters seem to be getting worse world wide.

  2. I saw that quake reported on USGS, but now it appears to be gone. Is it my computer or did they change it?

    Your sister in Jesus Christ,

  3. Following is short video documenting how abductees have been able to stop alien abductions

    Jesus and Alien Abductions-Return of the Watchers 2009

    Joe Jordon’s more detailed presentation at Roswell, NM. on the same subject in 2009

    “UnHoly Communion: The Spiritual Nature Of Abduction Reports”


  4. Ah, okay. It was on USGS in red as being in Samoa and 6.2, but then I saw Tonga and 5.9. It must’ve been changed. Thank you everyone. 🙂


    • The sad part is the people who view these murals see but don’t really have eyes to see. If you were to try and explain what these murals could mean, they wouldn’t have ears to hear.

    • More carpet bombing from those who don’t like the President anyway. I read a similar if not more auful list about George W. Bush. I didn’t beleive that one either.

      anybody can take a string of events out of any national figure’s life and do that. Nobody can really know the truth or lies of it anyway and the propaganda artists knows this.

      Sufice it to say that a publication who’s leade article is “Obama a bigger BS artist than Clinton” is not exactly going to be truthful is it?

    • I’m telling the truth about the George W. Bush thing. They had about 40 or 50 bullet points just like the propaganda I read on that site about President Obama….. Among the paranoid drivle they said about Bush (and I think it was all propaganda and bare in mind I am no President Bush fan!) were:

      *GB was a cocain abuser.
      *GB had poor grades but got into Prinston.
      *GB failed at every business venture he ever did.
      *GB illegally quit the military & his daddy bailed him out.
      GB brother rigged the Florida elections and cheated for him to become President.
      *GB belonged to a crime family with close ties to the Ben Lauden family (as in terrorist ben lauden).
      *GB let one plane fly away after 9/11 and that was the Ben Lauden family who was visiting.
      *GB was involved in the 9/11 plot.
      *GB was spying on Americans.
      *GB was an evil central figure puppet to bring about the new world order.
      *GB was going to suspend elections and declare marshall law.

      They said many other things as well…but now as we look back on the Bush Presidency, he never suspended any elections… He really was sincerely trying to defend the country aginst terrorism and the world looks pretty much the same (no one world government yet) now years after he left office.

      Why can’t you see that they probably had similar lists for Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and anybody who dares to be successful to win the Presidency?

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