Hybrids – Genesis 6…

I hope this picture unnerves you as much as it did to me the first time I viewed it. In the third book of the Nephilim Trilogy, The Revealing, there is a female hybrid, Sene who seduces an unaware former priest. Here is what fellow author Tom Horn had to say about this scene.

…. we encounter the astonishingly creepy and succubus-like creature, Sene, as she seduces one of the series’ most interesting newcomers, Fitzpatrick. This is just one of Marzulli’s chapters that will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

I get a lot of email everyday from people all over the world. I try to read every one of them. I’m still about 800 posts behind. There was a recent post that came across my desk. It was snapshot into the life of a male abductee, who had been “taken” since he was a small child. Now his son is being abducted. He left me his phone number and I called him. He’s in communication with the grays and is confused as to whether they are good or evil. I told the man in no uncertain terms that these entities are not from some star system, but are interdimensional beings, that they are in the words of Jacque Vallee, messengers of deception! They lie all the time. I also explained to him that there was a way to stop the abductions and get out. He seemed interested in doing this, and yet, he had such a fascination as to what these beings wanted that it was difficult to want to actually let go of his experiences. He also asked what was the purpose of the breeding program? I told him that the breeding program echoes what happened in Genesis 6, although it is different. As my friend Jim Wilhelmsen points out, the fallen angels no longer take wives as they did in the Genesis account, now, they just take the women and use them to create the hybrid, fallen angel/human. Added to this was the startling information given to me by Doug Riggs in regard to Satanic Ritual abuse, where the Nephilim mothers are now non-blood lines. This duplicates the Genesis 6 paradigm exactly. I believe that the hybrids will be used to control and give orders to satanic super soldiers, those men and women whose personalities have been demonically split, as Russ Dizdar informs us in his book, Rise of the Satanic Super Soldiers. Much of this will sound strange to newcomers to this BLOG. I understand, but you don’t know what you don’t know and just because it sounds strange doesn’t invalidate the reality of what is going on. We are told that it will be like the days of Noah. I believe that we are in those days. UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away. It’s time to address the phenomena and see what world view best encompasses it. I belive hybrids are real and they are integrating into our society. The supernatural is manifesting as never before.  

I will be in Nashville speaking this weekend. I will give two talks – Part 1 & 2 –  that will come from my Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural book. There is so much that is going on and I’m excited about being able to speak about it! I believe that events are accelerating toward a climax. Are you prepared?

There were a lot of comments yesterday regarding whether or not we should be armed. Here’s what I think. We should be trained professionally in the use of a firearm and be ready to defend our family. It’s our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. We should also have about 4 to 6 months worth of food and water on hand. We should also find others who are like-minded so that in the event of an emergency we’re not alone. All one has to do to see how important this is, is to look what is happening on our Southern border. We are hearing that local law enforcement is telling its citizenry to arm themselves because they can’t protect everyone!  That’s why it’s important to be armed. Think of the rancher who was shot a few weeks ago, most likely from a drug smuggler. In times of chaos and uncertainty we need to be able to defend our loved ones.


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  1. OK…this is getting really scary…what next? With the lightening speed turn-over of the electronic sciences they should have this product micro sized and fine tuned in no time at all.

    “Researcher Chris Harrison has developed a system called “Skinput,” which turns a person’s hand and forearm into a keyboard and screen.” (See Video Below)



    More “high strangeness”….

    “There is a stunning video clip from SKY NEWS network showing an unknown object hovering over the erupting Iceland volcano on Sunday.” (As clear as the nose on your face!

    Looks to be a ‘Boomerang’ type of TR-3B. I wonder if “they” have more to do with this volcano spewing than we may think….maybe like they have ‘induced it’ and are checking out their handy-work. It will be interesting to see how many more volcanoes start erupting on this magnitude…by the way, this one in Iceland is considered on a scale of 1-10…a 2-3, where Mount St. Helen’s was considered a 4. Volcanoes are measured on a scale similar to earthquakes. (Video of UFO News cast Below)

  2. L.A.,
    I live in a tiny rural mountain valley town in the Uintah Mountains. A year ago, I was at a small grill in town for lunch and I overheard an old Mormon rancher tell our waitress (a friendly high school girl), “You’ll make a good BREEDER.”
    As this area has alot of weird stuff going on and near a paranormal hot spot, I’m not sure what was meant by this man. I was appalled. (This young woman had moved here with her mother from New York. Her mother was originally from around here.We didn’t know them personally). Soon
    thereafter, I never saw her again and don’t know what happened to her.

    • Hi Cathy, your story sounds like it would make a good Stephen King novel, a lot of creepiness involved here.

    • cathy in Wy,

      That is so revolting. I never gave much thought to the goings on of the Mormon church, until recent years when that one leader was being looked for in Western S.D. where I live. What was his name? He had relations with so many of the young girls, he was charged with rape and incest.

      A coworker left here to move back to Ca. She was obsessed with the mormons after reading the book ‘Heaven’s brothel’. in it a woman tells her terrifying story of abuse incest, most of it sexual abominations and how she escaped the sect she lived in, was it so. Colorado? Anyway, my coworker decided to drive through the town mentioned in the book, and she said she was scared for her life! She was tailgated through town and followed until she left. She said when she first got there, kids were playing in the streets and life looked normal. Then shortly after her arrival the town went into lock down mode, everyone disappeared, she noticed the homes were ‘little fortesses’ with privacy fences everywhere.

      The book said the cemeteries were filled with the bodies of young men who were in competition with the elders for the ‘breeders’, or they were abused themselves.

      I can’t understand how that can happen here in America, or anywhere on earth for that matter. The degradation and suffering!

      Hopefully that young lady and her family got out of there ASAP.

    • I have met a Wiccan Witch (she told me directly herself) 5 doors up from me on my street. I told her I’m a bonr again believer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth and that I break all hexes, vexes, curses, spelling and witchcraft directed at myself and my family and beyond by pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ which was shed for all. I learned that they start the kids young, and that we a coven reaches 13 members, they start a new one. I go around our neighborhood singing songs about Jesus’ precious bloodk the cross and old hyms which contain the Word of God, the Bible.
      I was spiritually and physically concerned for our young waitress, because she was so spiritually hungry and I shared Jesus’ love for her and my joy in the Lord!
      I also was concerned about paranormal supernatural ‘breeders’ as there have been alot of livestock mutilations and other events near us. I believe some of our neighbors are high into Freemasonry, and also occultic Luceriferian/Satanic pagan rituals, sacrifices and meet often. It’s all hidden in darkness. (Yet in the daylight things seem peaceful on the surface. The Mesican gangs coming in have a form of Santeria and ritualistic voodoo.
      So we must be vigilant to pray againts all this kinds of stuff. The witches gather together worldwide every day at 6:00pm in their respective timezones to pray Satanic prayers against all Christians and churches. We must rise up and pray for hours too (as they do).I deeply appreciate your prayers here on the frontlines too.

    • I hate to be a wet blanket, but if this man was a Rancher could he have been talking about the profession of breeding as in people breed cattle, horses, sheep, dogs for a living? Have to watch what you over hear, I believe.

    • Thank you for your insight Hopeful-Watcher. Looking right at her, he spoke directly to her and his wife was sitting with him. They were right next to us in very close proximity.
      Afterward I told her if she ever needed help to speak the name of Jesus and he would help her. She told me she wanted to leave Utah and go back to New York or stay in Utah and go to University.
      Sometimes the mothers (especially single moms or those in polygamist marriages) gain status when their girls/young women are given up to be ‘breeders.’
      Also many Mormons become FBI/CIA operatives and govt workers. some involves in ocult practices and secret societies and Luciferian/Satanism. The Mormons believe Lucifer and Jesus Christ had the same father and are brothers. They have gold bulls encircling the base of their baptismals and perform baptisms for the dead, which are abominations to God himself according to His Word, The Bible.

  3. L.A I was thinking about printing off some of the blogs and staple several together an start just handing them out to as many people who will listen
    and then see if they will by the books I want to do this for the lord i hope to reach people without the luxury of a computor and who are blind and dont know a thing about what is going on we know your not crazy an i dont care if they think i am.I dont want to stand before God with the knowlege i have gained and say i did nothing,i wish we could be able to get Cds from the conferance im feel in my spirit something awesome is going to happen an i wish i could be their

  4. Does anyone in these parts know why the air ships like the TR-3B [Astra Locust] are even necessary to have, why they were created in the first place?!? I mean astrophysics scientists gotta have something to do, right? Lol! I’ve read a couple of statements suggesting that they are NWO policing vehicles or are the military “black op ufo” used in the abduction process. ((might as well throw in the idea of herd mutilations.)) All feedback appreciated :^D

    • Here is a primo video of a TR-3B Astra, which have “Interdimential” flight capabilities. In this video you can see the TR go from our Third dimention to the…..Fourth?

  5. Yes, there is a great deal going on and as we have come to count on, our ever watchful brother has brought us another real and creepy story! Folks, ramp up the prayer! Learn to pray without ceasing, spend and hour with the Lord…or work on building up to that. I’ve been doing audio studies with Russ Dizdar and he mentions how little praying is actually done in church services. Maybe it’s time for a revival of an all prayer service! Our personal relationship with Jesus Christ is going to be all we have left with which to defend ourselves! Guns work on some things, not on others. My husband and I have matching hand guns, they are a special kind that leave a shot in the barrel while you are re-loading the clip. He picked them out, I thought hmmmm, cool….just in case. I grew up shooting guns on the farm it’s what country folk did, hunt. I will defend my family. I will defend my property. We also have hunting rifles, there are many deer and pheasant here where I live and I’ll eat what I shoot. Recently we had a grisly murder here, and an attempted be-heading….the woman who was the victim of the attempted be-heading lived…she stumbled down the stairs and out the door and someone called 911, sent the heli-copter and after 10 hours of surgery she will testify at his trial. My point is this; if either of the women involved in these cases had either #1 Made an exit plan and got OUT of their domestic horror show….or #2 Owned hand guns the stories would be much different. I am an advocate for learning to defend yourself! However when the trigger is given and the satanic super soldiers engage…it’s going to be ugly folks, these super soldiers are already part of the military, the police, and medical personnel among other things. Prepare! Pray without ceasing and learn to use a gun! Praise the Lord, and pass the ammo!

    Here is the link again to Doug Rigg’s audio interviews with the Nephilim Mothers which L.A. refers to in this post today. God Bless you all!

    • Dori thanks for that link i have been listening to them and Russ Dizdar also, alot of really good information

    • Hey Margaret!

      Pray before you listen to the Nephilim Mothers, it’s difficult information, but it’s part of the world now, it has been going on for decades, if we are afraid to look now, what is going to happen to us later when these things are after us? …men will faint from fear for what is coming on the Earth. Ephesians 6…is my daily scripture, and although I had to stop the Nephilim Mothers audios for prayer breaks, I did get through them. May God Bless you, Margaret as you press on and learn about all of these things.

      These Nephilim Mothers are healing from major ritual abuse and trauma. God, all powerful is bringing wholeness and goodness into the lives of these women, the power and authority of Jesus Christ has carried them through deep darkness and if these women can get out, other women can get out. It has reinforced my faith, listening to their testimony, and I pray that God crush these evil groups who are promulgating this abuse!

      Again, may God bless you, and protect you.

  6. Dori i have become so fearless over the past few months how about you?I am not even surprized at this the truth has truly set me free.I had to heal from severe
    abuse growing up but I can’t imagine having a demonic entity put in the place
    of those scattered memories my gosh. The lord is truly awesome people that dont know about this are going to freak.I guess that is were you and I come in for we will have to keep it together an be able to tell them what is happening.I know the lord will pour out his spirit like never before on us to stand.Iknow he takes the weak ones to confound the wise and at times i feel a strong surge of his power like never before he is preparing me i guess, may he bless you also as i know he has,it is so wonderful to have a sister in christ to talk to.Iam in agreement with you that god will crush the evil groups an cast it in utter darkness never to return amen!

  7. LA said, “Added to this was the startling information given to me by Doug Riggs in regard to Satanic Ritual abuse, where the Nephilim mothers are now non-blood lines.”

    I don’t understand the non-blood lines, what does it mean?

    • “Non-blood lines,” according to the interviews by Doug Riggs, means that the Nephilim are now being birthed by common, ordinary women. Apparently, up until the last decade or so, all Nephilim were birthed by women descended from royalty. Now, however, a non-royal woman has birthed one (or more) Nephilim, and the evil powers that be are absolutely ecstatic about it.

  8. Lynn,
    Are you aware of Alex J’s reporting on “Naked Body Scanners” at the airports and how they’re harmful to human DNA in addition tosubjecting to sub human treatment designed to break the human spirit and debase us into control programming like cattle. It’s like being strip searched prior to being killed like the Nazis (National Social Party +radical far left socialists/communists.
    Pray against ‘Godlessness’–having God removed from all areas of society. It’s been underway yet accelerated now on all fronts. I m asking everyone to pray radical, fierce and bold prayers focused on this! Prepare your hearts and repent! Judgement of God has begun in US, first in the church, then in rest of society.

    • Hi Cathy~
      So glad you mention that YHWH’s judgment on the USA definitively BEGINS with the [institutionalized] church; “worldlies” are what they are…spiritually deaf, blind, and hard-hearted. But it is the errant church that brings much shame upon the American culture. Thank you for pointing this out. Amen.

    • Yes, the churches are watered down and the story and truth of the Nephilim was changed to the Sethite theory to keep the masses blind. It was known(Nephilim) till the 4th century by church fathers and the Jews. In fact St. Irenaus said that the AntiChrist would be a Nephilim. One thing to remember though is that there are many wonderful ,God fearing Christians in the Catholic and Protestanc Church. These institutions have been infiltrated (Judas anyone?) as would be expected. Gods people are being deceived and its sad. Pray that God lifts the veil and exposes the truth about spiritual warfare. I think he is doing this.

  9. Your stuff is amazing! Anyway we could get audio books of the Nephilim series? I own a recording studio in Nashville Tn. I am a full time recording engineer/producer. I would love to record your books. It would be a pleasure to donate some time to your ministry. Let me know if you are interested. God bless ~Melissa Lancaster

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