History Channel Tonight: L. A. Marzulli Appears on Ancient Aliens!

I’m not sure if I’m on this segment as they’re are five in total, but I think it should be interesting. Please check your local listing for when it airs. L.A. Marzulli

UPDATE: I called the producer and he informed me that I am in the 4th episode for certain, as for how many of the others, he’s not sure.

The History Channel!


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  1. Ancient aliens….talk about synchronicity. I was just musing over the latest ‘ET bomb’ that just went off in our laps and NO ONE is even talking about it!

    If you don’t know about this…you better sit down first and then go here….


    The big question is “Are these (Phobos, Demos and Steins) just empty relics of an ancient Nephilim/Fallen Angel epoch from the time of Noah?”….OR

    Are they still very much ‘viable’? A “Pandora’s Box” waiting to be opened.

    Well….anyone who is familiar with the movie “Independence Day” will recall this statement made by the lead scientist of the Area 51 complex when he says….”The last 24 hours has been very exciting. Since those ships showed up, all the lights and gizmo’s inside (the captured craft they had)have all turned on.”

    It seems that Phobos has suddenly “turned on”…On the latest fly by from the ‘orbiter’ it was noticed that Phobos has started “out-gassing”…In other words…It is creating a ‘new atmosphere’ within itself and releasing the old.

    Is ‘something/someone(s)’ waking up inside Phobos?

    I’m sure we will soon find out.

    The times just get curiouser and curioser….

    • Hey Debie,
      Very interesting. I read the articles. Leave it Hoagland to dig up the incredible space stuff.

      I was also intrigued by the names of these ‘moons’. Phobos comes from the Greek ‘phobikos’ meaning fear or aversion to. Demos comes from the Greek ‘dēmagōgos’ meaning a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power. No doubt the enemy manipulates thru fears and lies. These couldn’t be more aptly named.

      When I take the meanings of the root words into account, there’s no doubt that this is not necessarily going to be a happy adventure to find out what’s in these things. I wonder if these are the abandoned ships of the fallen gods. That could be really creepy for sure.

  2. AVR has your podcasts only up to March 10, and I’ve missed all your recent shows because I have scripture study on Wednesday nights. Have you considered switching to a host who will keep your show updated with podcasts for remote listening? Good luck on the history channel!

    • Yes….here here! I too am in the same boat. The webmaster at ARV stated that the podcasts were just a “courtsey” from him, and to quit complaining and go to the rebroadcast. But for many that is not possible.

    • I wish they would turn over the reins of putting up the podcasts to me. It’s a simple process that only takes a couple of minutes. Sounds to me like he wants you to have to listen to the live show, as opposed to an mp3, so you can’t fast forward through the commercials. Very irritating, as I’m not available to listen on Wednesday nights either.

    • I’ve had the same problem in trying to listen to the ARV broadcasts. Would love to be able to keep up with LA and all that’s going on thru his ministry. We can’t all listen at the specific times that they go ‘live’. Some of us have to work.

      There’s a rebroadcast? Where’s that at? I couldn’t find it.

  3. Looks like tonite’s show will be repeated this Saturday, in case you miss tonite.

    Show Schedule
    Premieres Tuesday April 20 at 8/7c
    Episodes in the next 2 weeks
    Tuesday, Apr 20, 8/7c The Evidence: TVPG
    Tuesday, Apr 20, 10/9c Chariots, Gods & Beyond: TVPG
    Saturday, Apr 24, 10/9c The Evidence: TVPG
    Tuesday, Apr 27, 8/7c The Visitors: TVPG

    • I just finished listening to the C2C interview with the producer of this series. It may be that LA’s segment has hit the editing room floor. Seems by all the guests mentioned (quite a list, and LA was not one of them) that they are all of the same ilk…ET hugging, Annunaki are our creators transpermia group. The same old New Age gospel being disseminated….yet again.

      I do hope LA gets to have his say.

    • I really hope not but I wouldn’t be suprised. The History channel is not known for being “fair and balanced”.

    • Debie, forgot to ask. Which C2C program was it? What date? I want to be sure I heard the program.

  4. To lift your spirits if you missed the inspring film Quo Vadis this evening you can still watch it.


    Quo Vadis: A Narrative of the Time of Nero, commonly known as Quo Vadis, is a historical novel written by Henryk Sienkiewicz.[1] Quo vadis is Latin for “Where are you going?” and alludes to a New Testament verse (John 13:36). The verse, in the King James Version, reads as follows, “Simon Peter said unto him, Lord, whither goest thou? Jesus answered him, Whither I go, thou canst not follow me now; but thou shalt follow me afterwards.”

    Quo Vadis tells of a love that develops between a young Christian woman, Ligia (or Lygia), and Marcus Vinicius, a Roman patrician. It takes place in the city of Rome under the rule of emperor Nero around AD 64.

    Sienkiewicz studied the Roman Empire extensively prior to writing the novel, with the aim of getting historical details correct. As such, several historical figures appear in the book. As a whole, the novel carries a powerful pro-Christian message.

    Published in installments in three Polish dailies in 1895, it came out in book form in 1896 and has since been translated into more than 50 languages. This novel contributed to Sienkiewicz’s Nobel Prize for literature in 1905.

    Several movies have been based on Quo Vadis including the 1951 Hollywood production Quo Vadis


    and the 2001 adaptation by Jerzy Kawalerowicz.

    To watch the 1951 Movie Quo Vadis goto:


  5. people have to be careful when watching those shows i was watching it and was amazed at how a non believer(in God) could fall into the trap of believing aliens created us. They make it seem so believable that they created all of the religions this being the great deception starting to happen in front of our eyes

    • You telling me, I almost bought it. They seem to be very conviencing, enough to make you ponder on it . Amazing how those models actually flew.

    • You are so correct Daniel. All one has to do is scroll through the program guide of their satellite or cable provider and you will see how the public is being and has been for some time bombarded by a plethora of programming tied into the paranormal and occult.

      Satan’s plan from the beginning is to desensitize humanity to God’s Holiness. He began in the Garden of Eden with his subtle lies to Eve. He started tearing down her defenses until what before she knew as God’s Holy Words NOT to eat of the tree became words that in her mind were not that significant after all.

      The same thing is happening today. There is a reason why God forbade His people from practicing the rites and rituals of the pagan societies all around them. Unfortunately a pagan society is exactly what we live in today and what our children are being taught to accept as “Normal”.

      Think of all the television programs aimed at children today. How many are filled with themes of aliens, wizards, goddesses, witches, sorcerers, demons, etc (made of course to look innocuous)? Think of the games in the toy stores that line the shelves with the same things mentioned above along with the literally wicked “Game” we all know as the “Ouija Board” and “Dungeons and Dragons” just to name the most popular off the top of my head.

      I am not even about to start mentioning the unreal number and variety of PC and Xbox 360 style role playing games out there as the number is staggering. Often players role-play or pretend they are these occult and outright demonic characters. This plays right into Satan’s master plan.

      We all know how music in our popular culture has been taken over by Satan for some believe as Lucifer he was at one time Heaven’s Choir Director. This is based on Ezekiel 28:13,14 (KJV). The point being that as with all things God created, he has corrupted, counterfeited or both.

      The main passage from Scripture I am speaking of to back up what I am saying is this:
      “When you enter the land the LORD your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the LORD your God. The nations you will dispossess listen to those who practice sorcery or divination. But as for you, the LORD your God HAS NOT PERMITTED you to do so.
      Deuteronomy 18:9-14 (Emphasis mine)

      This world is being totally dumbed down, mind numbed and as I said at the beginning desensitized to the Holy ways of our Holy and Awesome God. He COMMANDS us to be Holy.
      “Speak to all the congregation of the sons of Israel and say to them, ‘You shall be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy.”
      Leviticus 19:2
      “Thus you are to be holy to Me, for I the LORD am holy; and I have set you apart from the peoples to be Mine.”
      Leviticus 20:26
      And yes we are also commanded to by Holy in the New Testament:
      “Just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him In love.”
      The Apostle Paul
      Ephesians 1:4
      “Because it is written, “YOU SHALL BE HOLY, FOR I AM HOLY.”
      The Apostle Peter
      1 Peter 1:16

      The point being that as long as Satan is able to keep our eyes off of God’s Holiness and on all that entices us and takes us away from sound doctrine giving our ears what they want to hear (2 Timothy 4:3) he has it in the bag and the end game he began way back in the Garden is almost achieved. He has seduced this world. It is his. This is why as many of us have said repeatedly and I will do so again, we MUST wear our spiritual armor daily. Just like you said that people have to be careful when watching these programs; not only careful but discerning with full armor on and praying in the Spirit for guidance so we can test the spirits that seek to deceive us with clever semantics and logic that is contrary to God’s Word but sounds pleasing to our ears and attracts our flesh, leading us astray.

      I am sorry for the sermon but I know we are all experiencing a sense of urgency here. Dr. Lynn stated the other day that this site is getting around 3,000 hits a day now. What we write here should not just be for our benefit but also for those who are seeking the Truth or just seeking period. Only God knows the power of this site. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Lynn for allowing such open discussion on his BLOG and the ability to formulate and even argue opinions without censoring them.

      We are called to be Holy. We are called to be separate from the world. As long as we have each other as part of the Body of Christ we have a good opportunity to be that way as long as we seek to exhort one another in love and be charitable to everyone.

      May God grant us each the wisdom, discernment and strength by the power of His Holy Spirit in these last day to carry out His Great Commission with all boldness.

      Until He comes,


    • As did I Jeff. Wanted to add something to your list of observations, as I ran across this last night. My 13 year old son is an avid reader. I have always been very grateful for that, as his reading skills are excellent and kids hardly read anymore. However, I went with him to the book store last night and walked through the teen section with him and was horrified. Just about every book in that section was paranormal, vampire, occult type themes. It gave me a sick feeling. I talk about the books my son reads with him, but it really struck me that due diligence, even with things you believe to be wholesome at first is an absolute must. The book I try and talk the most with him about is the bible. Thankfully, he enjoys those talks.

    • Hopeful Watcher, I first noticed this a few years ago, and even today in large chain bookstores, they have whole little sections for teen wicca and stuff like that. It appalls me. now a good ghost story, or scary book, I dont really have a problem with, and I think the vampire and werewolf thing is about something on televsion right now, but wicca is a serious thing, it seems like a cheap shot to me to target kids, but thats what the devils all about I guess.

    • Sorry Jeff but the devil doesn’t have anything in the bag. He has already lost.

      We will find in the end that there really was no plan. He was not so stupid as to think he could somehow out do his creator. He feared the Most High God. In fact all demonic entities and fallen are affraid constantly. Fear is what comes in in the absence of love. He was simply arrogant and self loving and a good talker. He was driven mad by his own self love, thoughts, jelousies and musings.

      And that has been his greatest gift to humans. Like the serial killer who is caught in a loop of blood lust, or the genocides where whole populations are slaughtered for “ethnic cleansing”…at its base there is no reason. It is pure, cold frightening madness. Of all evil madness is the most hard to understand. It has no reason…sure there are plots and schemes but in the dark cold heart of it is nothing.

    • Sandra and HW, thank you for your kind remarks. HW, I knew there was something I was leaving out. Thank you for bringing up the bookstore. Your insight hits the bulls eye. Here in TX, there are two major national chains (which I will not mention) that as you have both already said cater to teens with wiccan and other occult books.

      They indeed have an entire section labeled, “Occult” and in there you will find any and all types of tools from Satan’s poison wrapped in packaging that looks “Educational” and even harmless. I pray for protection each time I go in there and pray specifically in that section that Christ would rebuke the evil spirits that truly can and do possess these books. This is nothing but evil incarnated into book form, passed off as either educational or get this of course, “Entertainment”. After all who doesn’t want to travel outside their body via astral projection? Anyone? Anyone?

      I know if these bookstores would have been around during my days of dabbling in the occult, I would have been totally sucked in because the marketing skills these publishers use today makes everything that God forbids FOR OUR SAFETY seem so rational, cerebral and intellectual. As I am sure you know, many colleges today are teaching classes on Wicca. After all, their creed is, “If it harm none, do what thou wilt”. So many kids today are lured in by the lie that they are not hurting anyone by casting spells for love or healing. It is our job to be on these front lines fighting this Good Fight and telling them in love that in fact they are opening themselves up to the spirit world…and these ain’t the kind of spirits you want to mess with. So yes, someone is being hurt and that someone is them.

      I am constantly telling my 3 kids the dangers of these topics and they are not areas you want to get involved with. My 9 year old daughter is having a hard time understanding why “Fairy books” are harmful. I am trying to teach her that checking these books out at the school library doesn’t mean that just because it is from school means it is OK. Of course these fairies are “cute” little creatures albeit a bit mischievous, but that is the nature of fairies after all. Little does she know yet that there are adults all over the world who contact these fairies or wood elves, sprites, gnomes, goblins, gremlin, hobs, imps, leprechauns ad nauseum and believe in them because there are very real spirits that will manifest themselves into these entities and have communication with them. The only problem is they don’t believe they are evil or of Satan. My daughter at this age doesn’t fully understand this yet but we are trying.

      Now, I can tell you there are people that read that last paragraph and are saying I am a judgmental jerk. I went up against this all the time when I was witnessing to people in Wicca…adults who communicated daily with these “Spirits of the woods” and such. These same people who stand on a soap box and scream tolerance is what they are all about…except in the case when someone like me tries to tell them what they are doing is wrong. Then I am being intolerant of their views, therefore I am a hateful, close minded bigot. Yet when I ask them why they are so intolerant of my views…well…you can imagine why I got cursed so often. It’s not that I was trying to be a jack ass. I was sincerely trying to be logical with them and show them love, even if it was tough love.

      This IS A WAR. It is fought every minute in the spirit realms. I know I am a broken record. But so many of us have been there and back again and we know what it is like coming from the dark side into the Light. We must never back down no matter what we are labeled, no matter what we are called, no matter what threats or curses are sent against us. We serve the King of the Universe. Our Father is Omnipotent and His love never fails. We may come across as crass or even rude in our love for those who are in darkness but it is because we are so passionate about our Lord and Savior.

      We must never allow Satan’s schemes to keep us down after he has tried to knock us out. if you haven’t been knocked down yet you will be and trust me, it is not anything you want to go through but when you are in the type of front line spiritual warfare that so many of us are in, you will go through it at some point. When you do, bring it here and let us know so we can pray for you. Please. This place has become a refuge for me personally as there are so many like-minded brethren who have come out of various phases of the Occult as I have and it is here I find daily nourishment.

      Thank you again Dr. Lynn for allowing us the freedom of speech and conscious. Wowsers, I really didn’t mean to get off on such a tangent but that book thing got me rolling. There is so much to discuss and I am grateful to have the Body of Christ right here to do just that…discuss. Thanks for hearing me out.

      In Christ,


    • Wilson, yes Satan has ultimately already lost. But every day he claims thousands of victims. With all due respect your response sounded a bit trite. I do pray I am wrong but methinks you underestimate the power of our spiritual enemy to steal, kill and destroy.

      Again I hope I am wrong and am misinterpreting your input.

      Blessings to you Sir.


    • Hey Sandra

      A FYI

      Don’t underestimate the “Vampire/Werewolf” indoctrination…it is very real and very dangerous. When a Luciferian gets to a high enough level in the Masons they are given a choice to become either a Werewolf or a Vampire. Most choose the Vamp rout because the Werewolf one is very painful. If you want much more in-depth info on this google video for “bill schnoebelen”, he was a real Vampire. Not the phony ones who play at it but the real deal. He also speaks at length about the Werewolf and those he personally knows.

      I just listened to an audio on this topic (sorry I can’t remember who it was)and the man speaking was telling of how Hollywood is in the “know” about all of this. One particular ‘Werewolf movie’ was discussed (I can’t remember the name of it either…too much input) but he stated that the animators for the film could not get the ‘werewolf morphing’ correct and believable (It was an older film it seems, pre CG)…so…they brought in the REAL DEAL and the guy they used transformed on screen for real. The speaker said this scene was at the ‘end of the film’ (if that helps…I may remember if I heard the name of the movie again, I’m not a WW fan so I’m not up on the many films)…that is scary.

      Also the Vampire ‘Twilight series’ is just a warm-up for the youth of today. I have read the entire series and noticed right off the bat a few things.

      First of all it is very poorly written (I am an avid reader since youth) and thought the editors and proof readers should be fired for such a poor product. Not only in the massive type-o’s, broken, poor use of sentence structure, but the sloppy disjointed plot. Then I realized…it is a poor fourth grader reader and must have been purposely structured this way. No major publishing company would put their name on a compiled literary work this bad.

      Most of our youth have a barely functional reading skill. Just weeks ago statistics came out claiming the US average reading level for adolescent to ADULT…is a POOR SEMI-FUNCTIONAL 4Th GRADE reading level…well, how about that.

      Secondly, it is romantic based…the thought of ‘living forever’ even though you are knowingly “damned” is alluring to many young today. What does this “Omega Generation” (last generation)have to look forward to…nothing…they have no future as they see it, and they know it. They live only for today and everything goes.

      Lastly, and this caught my attention right off. The young male vamp character cannot stand the sunlight. Not because he would be destroyed by it, but because he would be very much ‘noticed’. The young vamp must conceal himself from sunlight because his skin ‘sparkles’ “like many faceted diamonds” which produce a luminosity to his skin. I have heard abductees and those who have had demonic encounters relate the very same especially when referring to the “Greys”….”their skin seemed to sparkle with a luminosity. Interesting…

      I see this as a deliberate setup for our youth and adults alike. It seems the writer of this series either fell into this particular ‘oddity’ she writes about or she ‘knows something’…that’s for you to decide. But personally I quite believing in coincidences long ago.

    • Sandra

      I love that name…=) My sister’s name is Saundra…so pretty.

      I was in that boat too. All of this high strangeness is hard to accept, but accept we should.

      I think a time is coming when unbelievable, genetically made, monsters are going to be sent forth from government funded bio labs. It will be a real ‘jaw dropper’ for sure. The Lord did say “men’s hearts will fail them for what is coming upon the earth”. They will literally have heart failure right where they stand.

      The reports from divers people of late about this issue is growing. These here mentioned are apart of the SRA genre and are slated to be “turned loose” upon the people. Just another genetically modified chimera to account for. When others are reporting real life “dead zombies” attacking and eating people , WW’s seem rather tame.

      I have decided on the mindset (since I insist on always being ahead of the curve) that all we are told to be myth or make believe, i.e. science fiction, to be considered in fact truth, then I won’t be taken by surprise if I have to face one down.

      Like, what do you do when suddenly faced with a possible WW? LOL…silver bullets ain’t gonna do it…=)…hehe


    • In this first segment of the series did they claim yet that the biblical “Ancient of Days” is not God at all….but a “machine”? If not, it is slated to be discussed.

      I guess if that be true then none of us are real…just figments of ‘somethings sick imagination’…stuck forever in a giant ‘computer matrix’…and living out our puny lives in a MMRPG. Oh well…and I had such hopes….=)

    • Debie, actually, I never put much stock into the whole vampire, werewolf thing, I just wrote it off as a perversion. I guess its no more far fetched than other incredible things, I just never considered it. I wonder what other opinions there may be on this subject? anyone care to put your two cents in?

    • Many writers have theorized that werewolf legends started as attempts to describe serial killings. Some modern day serial killers cannibalize and mutilate their victims in much the same way as the werewolves described in legend.

      It has also been suggested that ergot poisoning was to blame for werewolf stories. Ergot is a fungus that grows in rye grains. Poisoning from this fungus is known to cause hallucinations, convulsions, mass hysteria and even death.

      Modern medical thinking attempts to answer this question using conditions or diseases. Afflictions such as rabies, porphyria or hypertrichosis are purported to explain the origins of the werewolf story. Sufferers of porphyria exhibit unusually hairy face and hands and red teeth. Hypertrichosis causes excessive growth of hair on all parts of the body. Is it possible that victims of these conditions were mistaken for werewolves?

      Lycanthropy is a mental disorder where the person believes they are changing into another animal, but not usually a werewolf.

      Below is some examples of Hypertrichosis

  6. Watching that show on the history channel made me sick yesterday. It was two hours of alien gospel and chariots of the gods all over again.

    Although I must admit that stuff did intregue me when it first came out in the seventies and eighties but listening to Eric VonDankien now it just sounds contrived, wild-eyed and stupid now.

    • What baffle me are the air strips in Peru. What’s that all about? Erich von Däniken was saying most religions have a central figure head that claims they will one day return.
      As I was watching this, I felt more and more it was pure propaganda. While they do make some interesting points, in my spirit I felt a certain heaviness, and decided to turn it off. After I saw them show a painting of Jesus raising in the sky to meet a UFO I had enough. They were suggesting Jesus was an alien…pure bunk. We have to be careful of what trash comes in; Satan used doubt and confusion to his advantage.

    • I missed some parts so I must have missed the part where the painting of Jesus was raised in the air. That probably would have sickened me further had I saw it.

      I am going to see the whole series though and I’m going to be particularly tuned in on the forth installment to see how they treat Dr Marzulli’s inputs.

    • Hmm, I know I am going to get myself in some REAL hot water with you two right now. I hope you hear me out with an open mind and don’t shut me down right away. I think there is some merit to Jesus being taken up in a UFO, as well as Moses, Elijah and Ezekiel (perhaps others may have too).

      Does that mean I believe they are aliens? No, far from it. But it does mean I am open to the possibility that what we call angels or cherubim are intelligent, spiritual beings who have free will like us… and those beings may have had craft.

      I am not just saying this. I can make a good case using scripture!!

    • Well, I actually find your comment humorous. Not in any hot water with me. I don’t agree with your theory but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. All we really knew for sure is what is in the bible and even some of that is open to interpretation.
      I must say though, an actor playing Jesus in an episode of Star Trek would have been something to see, I suppose that would make the transporter pretty much useless after that.

    • Its just that I think this episode of the history channel ancient aliens deal was really trying to put forth the alien gospel scenerio.

      Putting the face of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ our Savior seems like trying to beef up the theory with images and get some esteem through association.

      But the fallen ones and their nephilim are an abomonation I think. Christ is not glorified by putting his image there. I would be affraid to even see such a junxtaposition of blasphemy.

    • Please do not take my previous comment as supporting the History Channel’s use of Jesus as any way appropriate. I didn’t see the show, but I do know that if the message deviates from Jesus being our Lord and Savior, then I think it is a negative portrayal.

      One final comment. I agree that we may be afraid to view such a juxtaposition as blasphemous, but we must be aware and ready for Satan in the final days to FORCE such a juxtaposition upon us. He will push the world into anarchy so that the world as a whole will be desperate and begging for a savior and then he will swoop in and give the world one.

      So if we don’t at least entertain such scenarios, we can very easily be led astray by the deceiver. This is why Jesus is so crucial. Satan can and WILL emulate many things (even Jesus), but one thing he can’t is BE Jesus as the savior. WE must see through this deception.

  7. Hopeful Watcher and Sandra, I know whereof you speak. There used to be a store in the mall across the street from where I live called Ravenswood. You guessed it. Crystals, books on witchcraft, tarot cards intermingled with greeting cards, stuffed animals, jewelery and such. Thankfully, it is not there anymore. As I write this an old memory comes back from the time almost 40 years ago when I was at a music camp in California. One of the campers was sitting all alone at a picnic table and I went up to her and asked her what she was doing. She appeared to be reading. She told me she was trying to do a spell. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked off not understanding then what she was trying to accomplish. I understand now. Apparently, she failed as I don’t remember anything odd occuring during the time I was at camp. But it amazes me that even 40 years ago, some teens were into this stuff. Creepy.

  8. I was only able to watch a small part of the Ancient Alien program last night, so I went to the History.com website this morning to see the schedule. While there I ran across a comment section about the show listed on the Ancient Alien page under “Talk about Ancient Aliens” ( http://community.history.com/topic/6422/t/Ancient-Aliens-and-Jesus.html ). OH BOY – here we go – right off the bat one of the comments was about Ancient Aliens and Jesus – was Jesus an alien, the commentor was asking. PLEASE, Dr. Lynn, or Jeff D or SOMEONE, could you go there and help these people with your great comments!! They are being so deceived – SO SAD

  9. On the History channel web page that have a photo of a ” ancient stone figure, found at the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala, looks early similar to a modern-day astronaut in a space helmet”


    It can also be a deep sea helmet, such as the examples below. My point is, you can imagine the stone figure into whatever you want it to be. Who is to day that’s not they had in mind when carving this figure.

  10. I apologize for my typing skills tonight…

    From the history channel web page “In the Book of Ezekiel, part of the Hebrew bible, a prophet has a vision of a flying vessel accompanied by fire, smoke and a loud noise. Some ancient alien theorists have argued that the vehicle’s design closely mirrors that of a modern spaceship”

    “Has a vision of a flying vessel accompanied by fire, smoke and a loud noise”

    If I didn’t know any better, I would say he had a vision of my 72′ Ford Pinto. It does everything listed except fly. (fire, smoke and a loud noise)

    • LOL, Matt, I had a vision of many many vehicles i am familiar with!

      And I also think what Ezekiel saw couldnt be modern-day Ufo’s. which aren’t clunkers at all but are so quiet and stealth. Another mystery.

    • you have me cracking up Matt! Bless you for the funny image of the ford pinto! Whenever they talk about Ezekiel’s Wheel, I always found the drawings to be klunkly and forced, stretched and bent and torchered logic to fit their scenerio. Even back in the 80’s with that Lenord Nemoy documentry show “In Search Of”…I always felt that way about that.

    • Ezekial describes a wheel within a wheel with eyes all around. You look at what is described as a modern UFO from the bottom, then what you see is a circle. Put lights around the outer perimeter and you get eyes all around. Place another opening on the underside and you have what looks like a wheel within a wheel or two concentric circles.

    • Gideon also overheard a dream by a Midianites describing the coming of the Lord as a round loaf of barley bread that came with forceful wind and struck fears into the hearts of men. That is an odd way of describe the coming of the Lord, don’t you think? Bread is not very scary!! Judges 7:13


      The coming of the Lord has also been described as a hornet. A hornet flies and stings. This sounds very craft like to me. Dueteronomy 7:20 and ALSO Joshua 24:12

      Ezekiel was taken up by the hand of God that grabbed him by the hair. Odd way to describe an interaction with God.

      An angel also takes credit for what are deems works of God in a first person account. Judges 2 He is described as an “Angel of the Lord” which clearly delineates the two as being separate and then the Angel progresses in taking credit the interactions from releasing them from Egypt to delivering them across the Jordan.

    • For the record, I do NOT support the alien gospel. Aliens did not create the human race NOR are they to be worshiped in any manner. What I do believe is that what we call angels or cherubim are spiritual intelligent beings with free will… and for that reason, some of them fell to Earth. Now we are in spiritual warfare with those demonic forces until Christ returns with his legion of angels to destroy them and save us.

    • Hi Everyone~
      Thank you Matt, for such a wonderfully funny image. Lol!! And yes, those ancient “astronaut” images could most certainly be those of ancient dive-onauts :^D Moving on to the subject of Ezekiel wheels and cherubim. Several months past I came across the fascinating study of such and was absolutely astounded to learn this http://www.throneofgodstudy.info/WordPress1/?p=7

      Get ready for some spiritual “eye-poppers”!
      In His Service,

    • Here it is, my 1972 Ford Pinto Runabout, don’t let the racing stripes fool ya; she can go 0 to 60 in 6.25….minutes 🙂

  11. Many of the carvings, drawing, paintings, can be chalked up to just good science fiction of the artist who created the work at that time.
    I’m sure those that lived in the 7th century and beyond had imaginations, just like anyone else today. To say they didn’t, is selling them a bit short. Who is to say they didn’t have dreams of space flight, and decided to put it on a craving or on a painting like other fictional work of art?
    For instance, Flash Gordon was first published on 1934, imagine if you will that centuries have past, history has been lost for much of that time period,, then a Flash Gordon book is unearthed,
    It’s discovered it what was believed to be a place of worship, what would this discovery possibly mean? Where they visited from outer space? How did they have knowledge of rocket ships? Who gave them the technology for laser weapons? Then they get some crank, masquerading as a scientist who may have his own agenda, to say, “Yes, I believe the people of the 1930s were visited by aliens from outer space, there is no doubt about it!!!! He sells millions of books and everyone falls in line with this belief like little sheep.

  12. Hopeful Watcher,

    Yes you are onto something. Jesus was taken up to heaven in a
    cloud of Heaven and is coming back the same way. This cloud of
    Heaven is not a mere fluffy chuck of water vapor but a real living creature of the angelic order called a cherubim. There is
    scripture to back this up. Ps 18:10 And He(God) rides upon a cherub,and did fly,He did fly upon the wings of the wind. Also
    Isa. 19:1, 2Sam 22:11, Ps 104:3. and more. Very interesting. Praise God for showing us this, Satan does has conterfeits.


    • Hi Ruby~
      You may be interested in checking out the link I posted above for information on this very topic! Good to see you mention this as well. YHWH bless you abundantly :^D

    • Glad to hear I am not alone in my thinking thoughts out of the mainstream. It is a bit lonely here.
      1 Corinthians 1:27
      But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

  13. Greetings to Hopeful_watcher~
    In one of your reply posts above I noticed that you mention the “Angel of the Lord” from Judges 2. You may already be aware of this so I apologize for sounding redundant if that is the case. But if you’ve not heard, then here is an excellent (and brief) glimpse at who this particular “angel” may be. There are several Biblical Scriptures addressing this at http://www.executableoutlines.comangel/angel_03.htm ((btw, this website is excellent for Bible studies etc.)) Have a most wonderful, Holy Spirit filled day :^D

    • I didn’t notice this response, because it got buried in the other posts. Thank you very much for this link. There were a lot of new ones that I was not aware of. Angels surely are miraculous creatures. One of my favorite references to an Angel tells us something we never knew before about how our relationship should be with Angels.

      This is John talking to an angel
      Revelation 19:10
      At this I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

    • Hi Grant,
      After reading that article, movies like “War of the Worlds”, “Signs”, the “Aliens” and “Predator” (that says it all) series and “V” come to mind. Real bunch of nasties. If you think back to all the space monster movies we saw as children and later as adults, the aliens always had nefarious intentions toward the human inhabitants of earth.

      In “The Day The Earth Stood Still” and “The Abyss” we were able to talk them out of wiping us out after we promised to mend our ways. Of course, in “Knowing” they gave up the ghost on the current batch of humans and only saved a worthy few to start over elsewhere.

      You know, maybe some movie makers inherently knew contact with aliens wasn’t such a good idea. And here is where Lynn brings us “the rest of the story”.

    • I just thought it was interesting that this information is coming from Stephen Hawking-the man considered by most to be the most intelligent man alive and thought of to be smarter than Einstein. Interestingly enough While I’ve never heard Stephen Hawking profess Christianity, he has STRONGLY hinted at a belief in a deity-closet Christian perhaps?

  14. The History Channel and History International in my opinion are Propaganda Channels. They have so many shows on Aliens and so called History of the Bible shows using just enough science and twisted archeological facts to present Aliens as our true creators or ancestors.
    Its scary to think how many people are being brain washed through what are considered credible and main steam media through very educational and entertaining programming that all ties neatly together. I actually can see a correlation with world events and the programming happening on both these channels,very scary and so hard to explain to people who haven’t researched what I have been for 2 years now. Thank GOD I can see beyond the lies and find truth where it was hidden for so long. Lets all pray Lynn’s words will reach out to people who watch the show and the truth be revealed to as many people as possible. AMEN

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