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I want to talk about my world view. It’s based on the prophecies found in the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible. It is also based on my experience as being a born again and spirit filled man for 30 years. We are living in unprecedented times. It would appear that there are “signs” all around us. What I mean by this is that we are told that there will be signs that indicate we are living in the last days. One of the most dramatic is the return of Israel to its ancient homeland. There are those who post on this BLOG who believe that somehow Israel was the work of the Illuminati. I couldn’t disagree more. A careful study of how Israel became a nation negates this position totally. Without getting long-winded about this here are some facts. Hitler almost succeeded in wiping out every Jew from the planet. An exodus followed after the war ended and European Jews migrated to what was then Palestine. The British, who controlled Palestine left and the Jews fought for the right to have a nation. They won the war, and shortly after the sate of Israel was voted as a nation and only passed by one vote in the United Nations. If we take the position that Israel has no relevance in prophecy then we will never be able to understand what is happening on this planet. The re-birth of Israel was a miracle as no other nation that has ever existed has ever been taken from their homeland for almost 2000 years and then returned. Yet, the God of the Bible is clear – read Ezekiel 37 – that in the later days I will gather you from the four corners of the earth and reestablish you in your ancient homeland. So this starts the prophetic clock ticking. Having established that we now see the signs that Jesus tells us would happen shortly before His return.

The picture is the genetic manipulation in the creation of a fetus. The DNA used to create this human is from one man and two women. This is a first. From  my viewpoint it is a sign that we are near His return. Others may shrug their shoulders and say so what. But I believe we are now tampering in areas that we were never supposed too.


Here we have the “meteor” that lit up the sky in five states as it flew across the sky! The picture above is of the event. Was this something more? People heard an explosion and the ground shook according to witnesses. Taken with everything else that is going on, in my opinion it is another sign.


Then we have the Icelandic volcano that is spewing so much ash into the atmosphere that airports all across Europe are closed and planes have been grounded. How long will this continue?

Of course there is the 7.1 earthqiake that happened early this week and killed  600 Chinese men and women and injured another 10,000. It appears that we have an earthquake that is over 6.0 every week. Are these the birth pangs we are told will happen in the last days? What of the saber-rattling that is going on in the Middle East? We are told, once again from the Guidebook, that in the later days a confederacy of nations would go up against Israel. Are we looking at that prophecy being fulfilled?

There are two ways of looking at the events above. The first is that all of these events are just natural phenomena and that Israel coming into her ancient homeland doesn’t mean anything. There is no god, no prophecy, no supernatural. There is only what we can see, hear, taste, smell and observe using the scientific method. Then there is the other worldview, that of the Guidebook to the Supernatural, that takes the opposite stance on all of these positions. There is a God and He is good. There is the supernatural and it is manifesting. There are signs that those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can point to and say that His coming is soon. There is going to be an end of history and He will come again. The skeptic asks, where is the promise of His coming for all things continue as before? To my way of thinking, based on my world-view, we are seeing the birth-pangs. It would appear, from my view that prophetic events are accelerating! I could be wrong and only  time will tell, however I believe we are seeing the signs that warn us of what is coming on the earth….

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  1. Hi LA,
    Thank you for this new post.
    I agree with you that Israel is is ‘the Land’ and the people of Israel God’s chosen people whom He set out the boundaries clearly for and recorded in His written word. I do believe that some of the tribe of Judah (Jews) who are now in control of their government are members of some secret societies (hidden vows and allegiances, which the word writes about as ‘those who say they are Jewsa nd are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan). I do believe God has blinded the eyes fo the Jews to Messiah until His appointed time for them to receive the revelation of Jesus Christ as their Messiah, since they knew not the hour of their first visition! I place my trust in FatherCreator God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ regarding this. I am teachable and if in alignmentwith God’s inspired Holy Bible shows me to be in error, I will repent and turn to Jesus, asking His forgiveness and cleansing by His Blood! I wish to be a servant of Jesus Christ and His Friend, too.
    I thank you for your reports here and in your books, and faithfulness to our Lord Jesus, His instruction and help you bring to us in alignment with His word, ‘The Book.’

  2. I agree wholeheartedly Cathy, excellent post!

    Over the last couple of days I have run across something that is very alarming, and disturbing, however another indication that the end is near. There are three audios on “The Byte” show and there is also an audio round table with L.A. and Stan Deyo on this site as well, these audios are interviews from Nephilim Mothers. These women are coming our of a horrible life, but these audios are quite compelling. The Nephilim have been bred for many years now and have integrated into society. One woman tearfully claims…”people can stop looking for the anti-christ, he’s already here he just http://www.thebyteshow.com/DouglasRiggs.htmlhasn't been revealed yet” this is mind numbing, gut wrenching material, but in order to understand all that is going on around us I listened to all three. Oh, and the round table of course!
    Here is the link to Doug Rigg’s show;


    Warning: Not for those who are squeamish, may God help us!

    Thank you for your ever watchful eye, L.A. it is greatly appreciated, may God continue to bless you!

    • On a further note, I heard, and perhaps someone has an up-date on this, that there was no impact point found for this “meteor.”

      I commented on Steve McHenry’s Facebook page that the video looked more like some sort of orb than a meteor. I view it as perhaps another of the “fearful sites or signs from heaven.”

      Kevin J.

    • KevinJ,

      To me, this was a ‘lying sign’.

      I saw a bright light in the sky and it made me ‘sit up’ and ‘take notice’. This light I saw was apparently a large street lamp. No matter, it made me notice. Next day I read about this fireball and it happened around the time I saw the light.

      And, you mean to tell me that with all the available technology today, NO ONE from NASA or the Hubble telescope or whatever could see this thing coming?

      Also, I believe it was you whom posted a You-Tube about HAARP several days ago? In there I saw black lines. While driving through Illinois, Indiana and Ohio the other day, I saw 5 black lines ‘inside’ of chem trails –they were shooting straight up. These were in various places in those three states. When I see these black lines, I also have a noise in my ears which escalates and it did.

      I feel ‘someone’ is messing around and this was a ‘lying sign’.

      Your sister in Jesus Christ,

    • I have a theory about what are called chemtrails. No one can possibly believe that these are atmospheric occurrences called contrails, because they are so much more prevalent and act differently than contrails have ever have in the past. However, these all still could be the makings of contrails if the atmosphere contains a significant amount of water vapor than it ever has before.

      So take these facts below and then I will follow up with a conclusion:
      1) HAARP is an ionosphere heater (they say for weather study)
      2) heating the ionosphere would create higher levels of evaporation of that area when done over water, hence more contrails
      3) evaporated water increases the salinity of salt water, because the salt remains
      4) the salinity in Mediterranean is near epidemic. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f7/WOA05_sea-surf_SAL_AYool.png
      Salinity in all the lower oceans is increasing while it is decreasing at the poles
      5) the Straights of Gibraltar feed the Mediterranean from the Atlantic, which affects the salinity of the Mediterranean
      6) the are plague levels of Jellyfish in Spain and France, i.e. they like salt water
      7) there have been ice chunks, some the size of 100 lbs. fall from clear skies in Spain, i.e. water vapor in the atmosphere has to go somewhere
      8) All of these phenomenon are blamed on Global Warming (I mean Climate Change 🙂 This is a cover.
      9) Salinity of water affects the buoyancy of that water.
      10) The lost island of Atlantis is thought to be in the Mediterranean Sea, namely between Italy and Greece. check the map and see the highest salt water levels

      CONCLUSION: They are trying to raise the lost island of Atlantis, which is really a mothership of the Fallen angels, aka, leviathan, aka the beast of the sea “once was, now is not, and will come up out of the Abyss”.

  3. Kevin: The first thing I noticed when looking at that picture yesterday was the chemtrails. I wondered if anyone else saw that. I live in VA and they were spraying the skies Easter Sunday, Monday and Tuesday–then again one day this week. I seldom get really angry, but this does anger me because I see people all around me getting respiratory illnesses and other symptoms that I have come to believe are caused by this spraying. Thanks for that link: maybe if people I know will look at that, they won’t think I’m so crazy.

    Maranatha! Barbara in VA

    • Thanks for sharing on ” what you saw and see” everyone…whew… I saw the “lines” also and wondered ,plus, the meteor did a spin thing at the end . Made me think of Norway.
      Also, the interviews on the byte show are beyond description… I am still listening to ” The Day of Visitation ” ( Pts.1 &2 ) and am receiving so much from what Doug says.
      Great interview w/ the round table LA !Also the one w/ just you and Doug Riggs.
      I am looking forward to the second part r.table.Hope you all can get together again and do that.
      Thanks for all you do… it is not in vain…
      In Him,

  4. Lynn. Something struck me with the news story about the child being conceived in the test tube with dna from ONE man and TWO women-could we be seeing the introduction of Nephilim here?

    • It is creepy. This was the scenario which gave birth to the antichrist in the Left Behind series. I know that series is controversial. M y point is that in the series, Nicolae Carpathia, the character of the antichrist, was ceived from one mother, and 2 fathers. Just niting similarities.

  5. Lynn I’m a big fan of the blog and have been blessed by some of your insights, but as your brother I would only say there is no reason whatsoever for you to apologize for your Biblical worldview or preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. The end of the age is clearly arriving and we must use the signs in the sky as witnessing tool. He’s coming very soon!

    For I am not ashamed of the gospel; for it is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes. Romans 1:16

    In Christ,

  6. L.A., I missed hearing about the child with dna from 2 mothers and 1 man, where did this happen and why the strange dna line up?

  7. I agree Lynn. Jesus Christ is at the door, the clock is about to strike midnight!! The beginning of birth pains are all around us now. God is giving us the signs, He is faithful!! The rapture is about to happen!!

    Your work is a blessing!!!

    Thank you!!

    Glory to God!!

  8. I hate to say this;

    The first thing that comes to my mind about the strange ‘light’ is a Tesla-sort weapon.

    On June 30th, 1908, an explosion with the equivalent force of 2,000 atomic bombs rocked the region of Tunguska, Russia, destroying over 2,300 square miles of trees, and throwing shepherds located 400 miles from the blast 20 feet into the air. Eye-witnesses said that they saw a large object, emanating an unbelievably brilliant light, fall from the sky immediately prior to the blast.

    Can anyone else come up with something better? I hope so, because I wouldn’t want to believe, or experience, a ‘mission accomplished’ attack.

    • http://www.thebyteshow.com/DouglasRiggs.html

      Hey Gordy; there are three audios on this site that are called “Nephilim Mothers” but I must warn you, this is really difficult material to listen to, because it is hard to believe this has already been going on for years!!! They have been breeding and are integrated into society already. It is as Russ Dizdar has written “The Black Awakening”, and it has amplified to a shocking degree. May God Bless you!

      There is also a round table discussion with L.A. and Stan Deyo which is excellent.

    • Thanks Dori,

      Here is another report from S. America:

      Chile: Post-Earthquake UFO Terrified Bus Passengers

      This case could be dismissed as “sensationalistic Internet journalism” were it not for the fact that in the early days of UFO research, Latin America was known as the main source of reports of towering UFO entities – 2 and 3 meter tall beings, not always sanguine. There were numerous reports of UFO activity following the February 27th earthquake — SC

      Source: Prensa Escrita.com & Planeta UFO
      Date: 03-17-10

      Chile: Post-Earthquake UFO Terrified Bus Passengers

      In the early hours of March 1, 2010, passengers aboard a bus driving through Iquique were witnesses to a terrifying situation.

      A woman’s screams wakened all of the passengers, who joined her in looking out the window.

      “A vertical cylindrical object appeared on the coast, resembling a fluorescent bulb. At the same time, a top-shaped structure appeared out of the sea, surrounded by lights. Suddenly, they saw a long-armed, humanoid entity standing nearly three meters tall, issuing light and walking toward the highway. This caused panic,” said Enrique Silva to Publimetro. Silva is a UFO expert and is researching this case along with retired Chilean Air Force General Ricardo Bermudez.

      These were not the only witnesses to the event: other locals saw the same phenomenon. “We are still gathering background information and eyewitness accounts. Some students we interviewed told us that the driver and his assistant took photos of the event, which would represent very valuable material. This is a very interesting and well-documented case. I haven’t had anything like it in Chile in at least 20 years,” said Silva.

      Journalist Juan Andrés Salfate said: “There are two theories to explain the apparitions of UFOs after a catastrophe. The first is that they live among us, underground, and engage in operations to lift off, thus becoming visible. The other is that they live in a state of vigilance, and follow our procedures and reactions.”

      Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo D. Giménez – Argentina

  9. Dr. Marzulli, I believe as you that Israel is the fufillment of the prophecy spoken about in Ezekiel and of Christ himself. Even the one vote margin in the United Nations speaks to me in a way as I’ve seen the hand of God work before. The great author Leon Uris wrote an epic book titled Exodus that maps out the birth of that nation with great historical accuracy. I am moved at the sight of the Mighty Hand Of The Most High God moving after satan thru hitler did the holocust! This was stuff of epoach times and Biblical proportions!

    Also, I live in a state that saw that fire ball and every body was a-buzz about that thing the next morning. The mitrea has been running television commercials on cable tv here in my town lately talking about seeing a light in the sky as a sign of his return and that everybody should be looking for it. Every time I see something like this occures I think about those commercials.

  10. I agree with you that it was GOD who rebirthed the nation of Israel again. I do however think that the plans and arrogance of the zionist “synagogue of satan” played their part in it as well. What the enemy intended for evil GOD intends for good,(at least the good of Israel)We have the playbook and we have the spirit of “The” Living God to lead us into all understanding. The unrepentent zionist, thinking that they are chosen of GOD, yet unwilling to acknowledge his merciful provision of salvation thru the person we know as Jesus of Nazareth, have no spiritual discernment. At least the angels had the sense enough to long to look into the matters that these arrogant men spurn!

  11. Lyn, what are your thoughts on the volcanoe in Iceland? It appears that the ash plumes are now affecting all air travel across northern europe from London to Murmansk, and if the clouds continue in their southeasterly direction, this could possibly affect air travel in the middle east. Thoughts?

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    • Hi Matt and all,


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      ‘protecting and providing ENFORECEMTN for health care (ie mandatory vaccines which harm us and mandatory implantable chip).

      Results in loss of our freedoms under the US Constitution and Bill or Rights,m and more control for larger Centralized Federal Government with an army under the President’s control. He will be the one to commission officers within the corps.

  13. Lynn, I totally agree with you.
    Thanks for the blogg and your heart for Israel.
    You are a brother after my own heart.

  14. BHO’s Civilian Corp and it’s funding is NOW law. He said he wants a civiliam corp army stronger than the military. At present our military is 1 million in number. The Civiliam Corp numbers are NOW projected to be 7 million!

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