Wake Up Call!

This picture is from my friend and artist Doug Chaffee. Doug was the artist of the Alien Interview cover. This picture, in one frame, represents what I believe is about to happen in the Middle East and elsewhere. Yesterday I gave out links to stories that could have come straight out of my book, Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. I have been writing almost daily in this BLOG for going on two years. I have watched it grow from a few hundred visitors to over 3 thousand a day. In all of that time I have never seen a cluster of stories that echoed what I wrote in P.P.&S. I have never seen on the same day, in the our news media, stories about dirty nukes being apprehended, the possible war in the Middle East, terrorists using nukes and finally great photographic evidence that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away! When I sifted though those stories I thought to myself, that this was a wake up call and yet most people remain ignorant of not only what the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible tells us what will happen in the last days, but they are also woefully ignorant of what is manifesting in our skies with impunity on a daily basis. The church remains asleep. Then there are those outside of the church that are completely clueless in regard to what is coming on the earth. One dynamic that all of the speakers at the St.. Louis conference agreed on, was that time is getting short. The enemy grows bold and he is finalizing his plans. The coming war in the Middle East is almost a certainty. Something else here that I would like to mention. When Obama snubbed Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu, it was what would be considered in the Middle East, the highest degree of insults. I believe that this one act may have set the stage for an all out war in the region….

Many people throughout the Middle East, especially Arabs, take great pride in shows of hospitality, never failing to at least serve coffee and a snack such as figs but preferring to present guests with a lavish choice of expensive delicacies in abundance. To refuse such hospitality can cause offense.

In my opinion this was a deliberate snub on the part of Obama. He knew exactly what he was doing. Here’s another link to the story: http://rupeenews.com/2010/03/25/obama-snubs-netanyahu-walks-out-and-didnt-invite-him-to-dinner/

I believe that the reason for this may lie in Obama’s leaning toward his Muslim roots. Is he a Muslim? I don’t know, but his actions with Netanyahu are alarming and speak louder than words. For Obama to get up and leave for dinner without inviting Netanyahu is a first for the US. Israel has been, up until now, our ally in the Middle East. This is now changing and it would appear that Israel has been left dangling in the wind. I maintain that the player to watch is Russia. Was the Polish air plane crash over the weekend some sort of conspiracy? Now we are hearing that the Russians may have orchestrated this by not allowing the plane to land, what is really behind those tragic events? I cite this because the Russian bear has not changed. Please remember that Putin was once head of the Russian version of the CIA, the KGB. He is godless man and perhaps now that he sees that the US has backed away from its alliance with Israel will throw his support behind the Iranians and aid in an attack.

Obama is naive when it comes to global politics, as Iranian president Im-in-a-Jihad stated last week. The tension is mounting and why it would appear that this is just another of the endless skirmishes and border wars that we have seen in the Middle East for decades, we may be looking at the fulfillment of prophecy with the Ezekile 38 scenario in full swing. It’s time to wake up and realize that when we are told by Jesus himself that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible, and that men would faint from fear from what is coming on the earth, these are statements are not to looked at lightly. Wake Up! The enemy grows bold!

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  1. Mr. Marzulli, U.S. troops have been on the ‘march’ out of Afghanistan on their way to Poland and Ukraine since January/February of this year. These troops were to install or whatever the word is, a stronger anti-nuclear shield. More on this later, have to go…

    Your sister in Jesus Christ,


  2. Spring is when Kings go to War. Watch out it will be nuclear this fall during the “day of atonement” only Yahweh will be able to stop this war.

  3. more news on exoplanets


    I would agree that things are certainly in powder keg mode, seemingly looking like the stage is set for something to happen. I’ve been trying to tell some of my Christian friends that these EQ lately are all signs He is returning, but not getting much response.

    I pray that the news is wrong with all this talk of Nuke terrorism.

    Also, please be in prayer for me, I am working on an article for my local Christian paper, please pray for wisdom, the right words to say, discernment and protection from the enemy. And also that the people can be made right with God through my words.

    thanks guys!

    • Almighty Father, Sovereign Lord, in the name of Jesus and by the blood that He shed for us, lend this, your servant, your knowledge and wisdom through the power and presence of Your Holy Spirit, that he may be a beacon of Your light, Dear Jesus, to a lost and dying world, we give praise in advance for answered prayers…selah

  4. Surely there will be the great and terrible war as prophisied in the middle east. But not now. I am affraid that some people are persuaded by their own fears and bias and this set of blinders is posining their judgement. All of these world conspiracys that President Obama is accused of are more roumour than fact…more fear based than fact based. The evil one is whipping up these fears in hopes of causing bloodshed in America. Something we never could have predicted…the horrors could come from a place where we were not looking. At a time we didn’t think. In the comming weeks for example there is to be a massive “Timothy McVey memorial” march on Washington. Sworn participants are claiming that they will get as close to washington as they can with their guns. I fear greatly for what could come as the hatreds that are plugged into even the civil war times surface with the ugliest of faces.

    As far as the middle east goes the tensions continue…but I can tell you this…and I am no prophet…(far from it)…but I can tell you this. The summer will come…no big war…the fall will come ….no big war…the winter will come….no big war…no nukes…saber rattling but no nukes…In fact we will be reading the same stuff this time next year. And again bunches of people will be predicting “any day now…..” But I think there is still more to come first.

    But all of the fear stuff does have its utility…The evil one is using the hatred of Obama…the hatred of south vs. north…the hatred of types and groups of people…the hatred of governments…hatreds, hatreds, hatreds stirring the pot plus a thousand guns…plus angry men who yell on the radio and tv daily stirring the pot….stirring the pot.

    • WIlson – I hope you’re right, I really do. But from my position it would appear that we are ramping up toward a war. This is not something that I relish or want to see happen. However, when you see the handwriting on the wall it becomes hard to ignore it. By the way, I don’t focus on Obama, he’s just like Bush in my opinion…. L.A.

    • Wilson,

      Like Lynn, I do not want to see all this “EVIL” come to pass, but it is happening and I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that prophecy is being fulfilled daily. It is better to be prepared then o walk with “blinders” on and no is just singling out what Barry is doing, but what all the world leaders are doing, because their actions and decisions are most definitely written in the scriptures and bringing this evil upon the world.

      Jesus commands us to “WATCH” and to always be ready, for He will come at a time when you think not…

      You speak as one that does not know the scriptures, if you have a Bible, read 1 Timothy 2:15-16

    • Make that 2nd Timothy 2:15-16.

      My cursor keeps jumping around and keyboard appears to be screwed up. But I put the wrong Book in myself.

      Sorry for the typos, the NWO does not like my posting comments and participating in threads. Lynn I hope you are getting my emails and I thank the LORD for protecting you over there in CA. My prayers are with you. I listen to your broadcasts and read your blog daily.

      I feel comforted when I listen to a real brother in the LORD speaking His word. Not many around anymore. :o(


    • The Magnitude of Evil upon the earth calls for Wrath From a Holy God.

      The ever increasing depravity surrounding us as a Holy people makes Judgment and retribution at hand. The Day of mercy is coming to a close and Great darkness covers the Earth. The enemy will attempt to put out the Light of Christ in The saints of the Most High. The Markings Of The Cross We bear offends him.

      Take courage brothers and sisters for the Lord is with us Amen.

      john B

  5. I happened to be listening to a prophetic preacher the other day….who said something in regard to the United States having certain paralells with ancient Egypt, and of course the Roman Empire. What he said about Egypt was that the citizens of the United States are about to be enslaved by; “A Pharoh who knew not Josheph”. Referring to the Jews being enslaved by the Pharoh that came to power in the book of Exodus. We have a president who does not know his bible, he does not know prophecy, scripture etc…in essence, “A Pharoh who knew not Joseph”. This is a big, big problem, and we must not cave in and let it happen to us!

    Then there are a couple of let me call them conspiracy theorists who believe that Mr. Obama may indeed be a clone of Pharoh Akhenaten. These three individuals are; Dr. True Ott, Dr. Bill Deagle, and Freeman Fly of the “Freeman Perspective”. Freeman has done some extensive research on many of the hidden controllers agenda for mankind, although he is not a Christian, he has been on Dr. Deagle’s show, Dr. Gianni Hayes, and Dr. Joye Pugh’s radio shows because of the extensive research he has done. Thought since you were on Dr. Deagle today, it was an appropriate time to mention this. It’s a big stretch, maybe, but if you look at the pics Freeman has of Pharoh Akhenaten….well, it’s http://www.freemantv.com….he also knows about Albert Pike, and the Georgia Guidestones, and space wars. Happy trails down the rabbit hole.

    Your sister in Jesus Christ,
    Oh, and your request of me is forthcoming….look for it in your mailbox in the next day or two! God Bless You!

    • Dori, by chance would the prophetic preacher happen to be Perry Stone? I dont know if he’s authentic or not, Ive heard him before, but sometimes he gets into subjects I dont always understand. I dont belive in reincarnation, nor do I belive that Obama is the antichrist either. Anyway, I was just curious as to what preacher you were talking about.

    • I follow Perry Stone’s ministry. He gets into some edgy stuff that is for sure, but I believe he is orthodox theologically.

      My concern with Perry is his association with the two-house theology movement and extremes in Hebrew roots. If you look at the statement of faith at his web site it is quite sound , but again my concern would be more in associations.

      Kevin J.

    • I don’t believe in reincarnation either, nor do I think Obama is the Anti-Christ. However..the powers that be do move in the spirit of Anti-Christ.

      It just really hit me that our president nor any of the administration appear to really know what is contained in the Word of God.

      I look at many sites, and many different people like L.A. that look deep into the Word of God. Chuck Missler also has some really great bible studies available. So, having said all of the above, I try not to follow any man but look at all that is being said, and go into prayer myself as to what appears authentic and can be backed up by scripture. I do believe it was Perry Stone that said “…there came a Pharoh that knew not Joseph” and I think this scripture is in Exodus. I do see paralells with Egypt, I do see paralells with the Roman Empire before its fall, along with other empires that have fallen, there does seem to be a pattern, and it looks like the U.S. is in it.

      I’m just a fairly new, born again Christian, looking to older Christian brothers to learn, and am always praying for discernment. I’ve clipped the edges of many a precipice on my way and try earnestly to stay on the straight and narrow path. As I also understand from scripture there will come a day when the door will be slammed shut, and it is more than past time to-WAKE UP! This blog is awesome, and I really appreciate the insight and passion of Mr. Marzulli!

    • Kevin, I belive you are referring to the parts of his ministry that I just cant figure out, would you say he is a true prophet, though? Im just not sure. He does have alot of intresting, “out of the ordinary” teaching and theories.

    • Dori – look ONLY to the Holy Spirit, and God’s word to teach you. Don’t follow man — especially in the times we’re living in. Take whatever man testifies and TEST it through the Scriptures and praying for the Holy Spirit to show you if it is so or not.
      God (Yah) bless, keep you protect you! He loves His little lambs and woe to anyone who tries to gain a following instead of leading the lambs to Jesus (Yeshua) in every single matter.

    • Lisa; God Bless You, and keep you, too! Thank you so much for the kind words and great advice…..this is what I strive to do every moment of the day. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ!

    • Hi dori,
      I don’t believe in reincarnation hosever they’ve been taking samples of tissue and bone from Egyptian mummies (in egypt and those elsewhere) and could have used the the DNA to make ‘clones.’ The technology to do this ‘probably’ is further along than released to the public!

      A true brother in the Lord will be bringing a message which has Jesus Christ of Nazareth at the CENTER of the message and also the Cross. “Jesus said, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by [through] me.” (John 14:6).

      Test all spirits using the Written Word of God, The Holy Bible. False teachers, unsaved Christians and the world, and spirits of darkness and demons cannot say Jesus Christ came in the flesh and is coming again!

    • Hi Cathy! I don’t believe in reincarnation either. From what I understand the Nazi doctors and scientist like Josef Mengele did have the technology to clone people as far back as the 1940’s! Yes, apparently in the mummification process they are able to save a viable cell, so is it possible that we do indeed have “…a pharoh who knew not Joseph”? I don’t know, and I’m not following the doctrine of any man, although the research can be very, very interesting! This is why I enjoy L.A. so very much! Yes, testing the spirits is in 1 John 4:1-3, I’ve already had to do some spirit testing, and it’s true, they cannot answer, they hate it, and they flee! Praise Jesus Christ of Nazareth! The spirits also have an aversion to the blood of Jesus!

      Thank you so much for the advice, I deeply appreciate it, Cathy! God Bless You!

    • Dori,
      You’re very welcome.

      I want to encourage you and tell you that we all help each other along the way, sharing our insights and understanding by the Holy Spirit and in alignment with the Written Word of God, The Book (as the Muslims call it)!The Word, The Holy Bible–the truth of our Holy and Righteous God’s Word written down, must take precedence over prophecies given to us by people.
      God’s plan is to send His truth down to sinful man through His messengers (pastors).

      True pastors are messengers sent by God to His people, bringing God’s truth and message to the people, ‘regardless of whether it is what they want to hear!’
      Deception: seduction, bewitching spirits, and “angel of light.” We must repent of prophecies taking precedence over the Word of God. Repent of spirit of unity ‘at all cost; sphere of feeling; repent of blaming the devil and demons as Instigators of/for all problems shifted to communal sins.
      The goals of witchcraft/occult in many forms is to transform minds and masses, take possession of planet, exercise authority over the people as SLAVES.
      Beware of the New Age Movement, witchcraft & sorcery, Unitarian beliefs for they teach that “All pathways lead to God. This will lead humanity into great deception Luciferian worship.”
      People need to be convicted of personal sin and unrighteousness. Stay true to the Gospel of the Redeemer, and HIs revelation of scriptures. Honor and glorify the Diety of Jesus Christ, Messiah.

      REVIVAL IS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL WE ‘RETURN TO THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH, from the one true God. The heart of the Gospel message holds Jesus centeral and the message of the cross is centeral to the preaching of true pastors.
      Unfortunately many unGodly pastors teach from the pulpit, that Jesus’ brace and love are emphasized, His DIETY minimized and the fact that He is a RIGHTEOUS JUDGE is avoided.
      I encourage you to continue to learn by the help of the Holy Spirit and to, “Study the Word of God, so you will not be deceived by the deception and strong delusion in many of the organized churches and religions of today in the West!”
      Many Blessings from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  6. Referring back to the opening post by “Mary”……well, there are certainly a number of present scenarios that accord us several connect-the-dot adventures regarding Poland and Afghanistan. ((**During a span of time in March 2010, Prince Charles popped in to visit British troopies in Afghanistan then went on to a three-day “tour” of Hungary, POLAND, and Czech Republic.**))

  7. In a Moment,
    To see one opinion of who Bablyon the Great is, you can go to this link http://www.tldm.org/directives/d64.htm . This site is dedicated to spreading the directives from Heaven, as dictated by Veronica Leuken, a devout Catholic, for over 20 years.

    Would take to much time to explain here, however, Veronica was told of:

    Invasion by Russia and China
    Ball of Redemption (Look up!)
    Our country to be taken over by a despot
    Media corrupt and in league with the Anti-Christ
    Blood will run in the streets, millions will die in US
    Look for wars very soon when the US resumes normal relations with Cuba
    People will faint and die from fear before the Ball of Redemption hits Earth because we will be able to see it for weeks before it strikes
    UFO’s are diabolical, and their crew (Demon, aliens) are fallen angels from hell, do not follow them
    The Peace symbol is evil filth, have it no where near you or in your home when Jesus returns. (Not specifically the Mark of the Beast)
    Russia does have scalar technology they pretend they don’t have, and there will be many ‘accidents which are no accidents’
    Communism is the scourge of Mankind
    There is so much more! Heaven wants us to know there is a Hell and that many souls will be going there soon because of sin loosed upon earth, america’s biggest sin is abortion, which first became legal in NYC, where the UN also resides. The Bayside Prophecies refer to the UN as a ‘group of vipers’ who should be thrown out of our shores, they are also part of the AC’s intentions to destroy Christianity. These prophecies and visions started in late 60’s, early 70’s long before signs of today appeared. I don’t think we can stop the escalation of time and events leading to Apocalypse, but I do believe we can have our souls right before God, which ultimately is all that matters.

    Thank you, LA, for hosting this blog. We are at odds with the Marian apparitions, I believe fatima and Bayside to be authentic, not Medjugorje. However, I agree with everything else you ascribe to and espouse. Your courage to speak boldly is indicitive of your sincerity of heart and search for the truth. God bless you and your work, and may he lead you to all the answers you seek.

  8. lynn,

    yes, i was just commenting to my wife that the polish presidents plane not being able to land because of fog just doesnt add up!

    these days, those planes can just land by computer alone! the pilot never even has to touch the controls!
    theyre trying to tell us a presidential plane didnt have that capability?

    the kgb bringing that plane down makes a lot more sense….

    • Hi Renee,
      USA, Russia, China and other nations have high tech ‘secret’ weapons which can fire intense ‘beams’ that can bring down an airplane when the plan flies through the invisible beam.
      These weapons can load up a fault and cause earthquakes. They also have weather weaponry.

    • Cathy, do you think that these “star wars” weapons may be responsible for many (if not most non man-made) crop circles?

  9. Hi LA,
    BHO is directed by the powers that be who control al US Presidents. He is scripted as to what to say and do. It has been said of him that he is an extreme narcissist and ‘out of control and this is problematic for his ‘handlers.’
    The DRAMA between BHO and BIBI Netanyahu may have been all staged as a ‘distraction’–they are both Freemasons! Dr. Lindsey Williams’ Builderburger source told Lindsey they don’t want war with Iran before a year –though it could happen sooner. They’re trying to have the economic collapse and war with Iran(beginning of WWIII)happen close together so the war will appear to be the cause of the US collapse so US citizens won’t blame those who are truly responsible who did it all by their on pure evil design and after collapsoing the USA, then the world so NWO can rise up like the ‘Phoenix bird’ out of the ashes!

    • The scene between BHO and Bibi certainly smells like staged to me…..since day one the story broke. You’re just the first person I’ve heard bring it up. There’s always the chance we could be mistaken and that’s fine by me. It’s just that a snub of this caliber, on this high of a level, is waaaaay toooooo over the top. Know what I mean?

  10. to LA and In a Moment,
    Remember Clinton’s handlers were masters of ‘spin!’ whenever they wanted to keep something about to break off the front page news, they had a ‘contrived & scripted story’ ready to replace it! They want to keep the focus on the drama of the leaders involved, rather than report on what’s really going on behind the scenes which they want to keep hidden and not brought to light.
    Think multilevel CHESS game by highest level masters hidden from sight. think CONTROL. Follow the money to the top of the world power ‘hidden’ structures in power, control and money–Luciferians/Satanists hidden from view of the people yet still holding the reigns! It’s a spiritual war between God and Satan (Lucifer). I do believe as LA does that the exterrestrials are fallen angels (demons) and part of the great deception causing the great apostacy in the the world– disclosure soon to come!

  11. United States offers Europe an interfaith model


    (“America” is thought of as an “interfaith experiment”)


    Lee Penn, a Roman Catholic writer and author of the 2004 book “False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World Religion,” said the URI, whether or not it intends to, provides the basis for a coming global religion. “Under President George W. Bush and President Obama, American civil religion is now interfaith,” encompassing what Mr. Obama in his inaugural address called a “patchwork heritage” of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers, Mr. Penn said. “Officially, Christian America is no more.”

    “The interfaith movement is growing worldwide and the United Religions Initiative is one of its leading organizations. The URI, in time, aspires to have the visibility and stature of the United Nations. “In short, global governance and interfaith are now normal and accepted ideas for secular and religious leaders worldwide. The new world order is not science fiction; it is being built now. The question is not whether there will be a new world order; it is who will control it and for what ends.” ……

    • A portrayal of the ideal of ecumenism was presented to the world at the beginning of the new millennium.
      millions of people were given a preview of the great drama that is to be played out at the end of the age.

      it was the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth game, the stage filled with with illuminated figures and structures representing the many different religions of the world.

      There were moslem Minarets, hindu temples, christian cathedrals, a statue of Buddha,a cross A bishops Crook, candles, the blue mosque, the golden temple of the Sikhs, stone tablets of the 10 commandments, dove of peace byzantium style churches.
      There on that day was presented to the world the realm of the Whore of Babylon.

      The Great Apostate Man of Sin will control It, And its Satanic objective will be The attempt to finally Eradicate the Seed of the Women from the Face of the earth. It’s a truth That most christians are not ready for…….

      John B

    • Bayside Prophecies #12 – ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT/RELIGION
      “Who is a liar, but be who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son.” – 1 St. John 2:22


      “You have allowed the evil to grow strong in your country. You will remove from your country this seat of evil [U.N.] that grows strong in your city. The mark of the beast has labeled your city Babylon! Open your heart and eyes now to the truth, before it is too late. You are being blindly led to your own destruction. The brood of vipers [U.N.] within your city must be removed at once!” – Our Lady, February 1, 1972

      “There are masters in the world, grand masters in the world, who now seek to govern the lives of every man, woman, and child. They are gathering together to bring mankind under servitude.
      “My children, you are aware of one arm of the octopus that you know as communism. I assure you, My children, that is but one small arm of the octopus that is reaching out in all directions upon earth to engulf man and enslave him. These arms reach out to promote a one-world government and a one-world religion, a religion that shall not have My Son as its head. The greatest harm to mankind is being promoted through the channel of My Son’s Church. Many who wear the red hats have not turned to My Son. They reject His Divinity; they reject Him as part of the Godhead. They reject Him as their God, and they have joined forces with the prince of darkness and his consorts.” – Our Lady, December 28, 1976

      “My children, remove the blindness from your hearts and your eyes. Can you not recognize what is happening?” – Our Lady, December 7, 1977

      “No man shall set himself to rise above his God and command the power of his God.” – Jesus, February 10, 1977

      “My Mother explained to you the plan for the takeover of the Seat of Peter by a select group. In 1975 a message of truth was given to mankind of the great length the evil ones will go to capture the Seat of Peter. There is working throughout your world a group We have called ‘the octopus,’ a web of evil consisting of principalities, powers, all seeking to destroy Christianity and to bring your country and all of the nations of the world under the rule of one-world religionists. It will be a political machine to enslave the world.” – Jesus, June 18, 1978

      “The state of your world has been reduced by the immorality. The state of your world is capitulating now to all of the forces of the octopus that will seek to bring about a one-world religion and a one-world government under a supreme dictator of evil.” – Our Lady, March 18, 1978

      “Because of the major role the city of New York plays in the world governments and the governing of your nation, the United States, My child, it is for this reason that satan chose that area for his start to bring into your country a full overthrow of Christian belief. It is his endeavor now to replace the Church of My Son with the church of satan.” – Our Lady, October 1, 1977

      “When the world and My Son’s Church becomes one, know that the end is at hand.” – Our Lady, December 6, 1975

      “Your country must send from its shores the coalition the United Nations… I must warn you at this time, as your Mother, that you must remove yourself from this gathering of world churches. My Son has given you His true Church upon your earth. All others have left it, as they could not follow the rule. As protesters, they have cast aside the truth.” – Our Lady, September 13, 1975

      “All of you who now plan in conspiracy in My House to bring about a new world religion, a religion that is not of the God you know, but a religion that is coming up from the depths of hell! Deluded you are, O pastors. A delusion has been set upon the world so that those who are evil shall be cut down, and those who are lukewarm shall fall. And those who persevere to the end shall be saved.” – Jesus, February 1, 1977

      “We have theologians who now consider themselves as gods upon earth. They are setting up a new world religion, a one-world religion based on humanism and modernism. This will not continue much longer, My children. It has taken many earth years to develop these theories. And those who have their heads in the clouds, though they wear the purple hats and the red hats, those who have become blinded from the excessive love of luxury and materialism, shall be lost in the chaos.” – Our Lady, September 27, 1986

      Our Lady – “He will be covered as a sheep with robes of purity, but look into his heart, My child…”
      Veronica – Oh, I see a horrible, black-looking, ugly thing that was down there in the, in the pit. It’s inside of this man who–outside he looks, he looks holy and human; but he’s actually one of those things–he’s actually a creature of hell. – Our Lady, April 13, 1974

      “Many priests, bishops, cardinals in My Son’s House need prayers from the laity that they may be strong enough not to fall into the plan of the third worlders, who are also known, My child, as the one worlders. They seek to destroy My Son’s Church and build one on the creation of man.” – Our Lady, October 6, 1976

      “There is a man who hides behind the mask ruling your country! He will soon approach and reveal himself. He is the man who compromises your country for the love of power. He has affiliated all of the money powers of the world–joined them for unity of a one-world government. Step down and reveal yourself, the leader–”
      Veronica – Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! The man behind the mask, Mr. Rockefeller, the man behind the mask! – St. Michael, September 13, 1975

      “My children have lost their way. Like sheep they wander to and fro looking for My Son. They do not have the Spirit. They cry out in groups called Charismatics, and that too has been promoted with an evil reasoning. My children, understand what is happening now. It is the work of Lucifer using human agents to remove all institutionalized churches from your world and unite all of mankind in the name of peace and brotherhood under one roof–and it will be a one world religion and a one-world government.” – Our Lady, November 25, 1978

      “The leaders of your country and the rulers of your world are faster and faster plunging forward, bringing in the reign of the evil one whom you will know as the Antichrist of one world. The plan for his rule has been set for many years.”- Our Lady, August 14, 1974

    • Rene,

      Let’s get something cleared up right away.

      Mary is dead, and dead people don’t come back and appear/talk to people. And just like EVERY other sinner, needed a savior, according to Scripture. She gave birth to Him supernaturally while still a virgin, according to Scripture. She then went on to have other children who were sinners like she was, and therefore, needed a savior too, according to Scripture.

      The Bible does tell us that the devil and his demons do masquerade as angels of light to decieve people. I can tell you with the authority of Scripture (as L.A. has pointed out on this blog before) that these ‘prophecies’ you listed are not from God but from Satan.

      Is there some sprinkling of truth in them? Sure! That’s what makes them so affective at deceiving people!

      Stick to the innerant, infallible Word of God (i.e. Bible) when trying to determine what the future has in store.

      By the way 1 John 2:22 mentions nothing about a ‘mother’.

      Bill Lonas

    • Thank you Bill, I could not look at these “prophecies” I had to rebuke them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      Anything “dictated” to someone a human someone from “heaven” or from “Mary” or from “Angels” or any other source is CHANNELING. This is Satanic communication no matter how you angle it. If Ms. Veronica had known about L.A. she would have “Rebuked first, asked questions later”! Very good advice. 1 John is also the book where we learn how to “test the spirits”. So, thank you very much for your comment in pointing this out…this type of message is an open invitation to letting demons into your life. From personal experience; I don’t recommend it. God forbids us to communicate with “familiar” spirits.

  12. In John 14:6, JESUS SAID, “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life, no one comes to the Father except by [through] me.
    All true pastors are messengers sent to bring the Truth of God’s written Wrod, The Holy Bible to us. Jesus is the center of the message and is His Cross! All true friends of the Bridgroom lead the Bride of Christ to Jesus Christ!

    • dear Cathy in Wy

      Thank you for your sweet and kind statement.

      This is true. i guess since being attacked I am not sure whether you are disagreeing with me or agreeing, I have always liked your posts so I hope this is meant in a positive light!

      But do you not help spread the good news of the Lord? Do you not post here to open people’s eyes to the truth? Do you not pray for others to turn their lives over to God? Were it of no use since only Jesus is the way, wouldn’t it be completely in vain for you to guide anyone with love and kindness and the spirit of compassion for the sake of their eternal souls?

      We are all called to an apostolic church, to spread the Gospel to the 4 corners of the earth. Belief in Jesus is the only way to Heaven, but it is through us that his word is taught.

      Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, always points to her son and his suffering as our salvation in the Messages from Heaven. Here she is repeatedly warning us of the evil surrounding us and our coming chastisements. There is nothing unscriptural about her appearances or warnings. She is constantly helping us seek the Lord. Our Saviour, St. Michael and other angels and saints also appeared to veronica and others.

      Mr. Lonas and Dori, really? Jesus ‘died’, I don’t think he is ‘dead’. Jesus ‘saw dead people’ when he was visited on the Mount by Moses and Elijah, do you think he was ‘channelling’? The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and said, “Hail Mary, thou art highly favored, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women.” Was she ‘channelling’? She was to give birth to the son of God and I am surprised you haven’t used permanent marker to blot out this verse from your Bible. And Ruby, in my Companion Bible, in Luke 1, v. 43, Elizabeth tells Mary,”And whence is this to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” My Bible says Mary is the mother of God! Thank you.
      Mary, also concieved without Original Sin, found more favor with God than anyone except her Son. And you debase Jesus’ mother as just some shmo, I guess any old broad would have done.

      Joshua, Daniel, Tobiah and Tobit were all visited by angels

      By the way, all of the above is scriptural, quoted from my Bible, yes I own one and know it well. Heavens, the Book of Enoch is constantly used on this blog as a source of knowledge and wisdom, which wasn’t chosen to be in the Bible, and yet the name Mary is mentioned in scripture and sends some into a tizzy.

      Please understand I am only defending my position, which I believe to be true for Heaven’s sake. LA refers to the Bible as the Guidebook to the Supernatural, and he is more right than he knows. Only God Almighty knows all, of things that are seen and unseen, the ways of Heaven are supernatural and will continue to mystify us, especially in these wicked times. Maybe when Jesus returns and he walks among those pure enough to inhabit the earth will he show us more.

      Once again Dr. LA, thank you for this blog and allowing me to post.

    • Wow, if I said Jesus was dead, I didn’t mean that at all, obviously he did die, but was resurrected or we wouldn’t have the conviction of the beliefs that we do…Mary died, was what I thought Bill was saying and I was agreeing.

      As far as I know only Enoch and Elijah did not experience physical death.

      As L.A. points out, those in the bible who did have encounters with God’s Angel’s were knocked flat on their faces. Many people are communicating with angels these days and the Word says even satan appears as an “angel of light”, so we are back at testing the spirits in 1 John 4:1-3!

      It was the lady Veronica that was doing this channeling….not Mary so I was just pointing out that many humans like Veronica have hundreds of books out right now that are messages channeled from various sources. One person is even claiming to be getting messages from Elijah, and I’m sure someone is getting messages from Enoch! Once again, test the spirits! “Rebuke first, ask questions later!” to use a quote from one of my favorite authors!

    • So what if Mary died?! My point being Moses died, yet he appeared to Jesus on the Mount. So he can appear yet Mary can’t? And to say she is ‘dead’ is, sorry, a lie.

      Lk23:43 Jesus to repenter on cross “Today, you shall be with me in Paradise”

      Eccl 12:6-7″Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.
      Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God Who gave it.”

      I believe the Messages from Heaven you don’t. That is OK with me, fine. But Mary, like and in common with all souls who have walked the earth, is alive, she is well and in Heaven, others are not but Jesus died so we may have eternal life.He descended into Hell upon His resurection to release the souls there. The 2nd Death may not be popular theologically but at the end of time will be the Final Judgement. I do not believe in ‘soul sleep’ or laying in the ground for thousands of years to be magically ressurrected. Our souls live after physical death.

    • Rene; Yes, I think this is one of those situations where, on my part..I will agree to disagree. I don’t know what “Messages from Heaven” is so I don’t know that to which you are referring.

      I hope we don’t just go to sleep for thousands of years after we die, I heard some guy talking about that on a video and it made me sad. I think the resurrection gives the message of eternal life in Heaven, and not being asleep until the last day. I don’t know…whichever way it is…I love Jesus Christ and whatever He wants or does is what I want too!

    • Hey Cathy!

      No, but I watched the live stream that weekend. I did just come back from the conference in St. Louis where L.A. spoke, and it was awesome and amazing! I cannot believe there were not more people there! I’d love to go to Tennesee too, but my schedule won’t allow it. I would encourage everyone to try and get to one of these conferences!! They are well worth the time and the cost for them is very little!

  13. Rene; I use to kneel before a statue of Mary and pray the rosary, just as the photo’s portray multitudes doing on the Bayside site. That was my upbringing. As I moved on in my spiritual journey After the calling of the LORD.
    I understood that Jesus is revealed By The Holy Spirit and not by His Mother.
    His Blessed Mother was not conceived without sin, she was as human as you and I, Born of the seed of man in original sin.

    She underwent the Mosaic purification ceremony after giving Birth to Jesus, She referred to God as her savior, Jesus referred To John the Baptist as The Greatest born of women among man and Not His Mother.

    The woman or revelations Ch 12 giving birth to Christ and other offspring’s is not Mary, it is the Jerusalem above the mother of us all, the True Israel of god. I can provide you with the Apostles documentation in the Scriptures if you so desire it.

    One thing I know; the Enemy is cunning in producing counterfeits! To use the Blessed name of the Lords Mother is the height of his deception not Only among Catholics But It will also be part the “Ecumenical link” to Bring forth the one world Church and Son of perdition.

    I am not Anti Catholic, My own mother Is What you are into , (the Marian devotions) as far as I am concerned it Is Just another Stronghold of the Enemy which needs to be broken as is the many various theologies of other denominations.

    Jesus is the Way, always has been! “There is no other name Given under heaven by which we must be saved” said the apostles.
    The Marian doctrines held by the Roman & Greek orthodox Church were never Part of the Faith of the Apostles as recorded in Scripture.
    But The Roman Church places It’s Authority Above Scripture, such a concept indoctrinated From the catechism in early childhood is what I Have received freedom from. I minister To many Catholics and I understand Their predicament. The Lord Knows those who are his Amen.

    The Lord bless you Rene.
    John B

    • Thank you John B

      And Dori too

      I will agree with you both that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Light, we cannot enter Heaven without belief that he is the Christ and no other.

      I really don’t want to argue but I still (wow, tenacious) want to reiterate my point: You and I share the gospel, spread it to other, and by planting seeds we can help turn people to a life lived in Christ. We can probably remember someone special who helped to build our faith.

      Whether or not these apparitions are authentic, Mary I am sure would help her Son in any way he needed, same as we help our children and others in the faith. It isn’t for our own sake but rather for the glory of God. Heaven is so wonderous that with God, anything is possible. If the Father wanted to send Mary as a messenger for Christ, it would be so.

      I would like to add that I believe personally that the Father never changes, yet I do think that more is revealed to us as the Father sees fit.Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened, ask and you shall recieve, God will reveal His Love to us when our hearts are open.

    • HI Rene – this is an area that we disagree with. That’s Ok. It’s not up to me to change the way you think, you know my position. I’ll leave that up to what the Holy Spirit shows you. Nobody on this planet has it all right, nobody. This is why we need grace and mercy and love toward each other. On the other hand you know that I believe the Marian apparitions are that of deception. You are always welcome to post here! L.A.

    • Good enough for me. Thanks a million for maintaining this BLOG and allowing the open exchange of ideas.

  14. Dear Renee,
    No I’m not attacking you. I bring a message of God’s truth in alignment with His written word, The Holy Bible, King James Version 1611.
    Quoting the scripture for edification and instruction for all in John 14:6, which clearly states that Jesus is the ONLY way to Father Creator God in Heaven. Everything Jesus says and does points the way to the Father for us! He told us He (Jesus) only did what He saw His Father say and do in Heaven! Thus, by knowing (being in intimate relationship with) Jesus, we can know our Heavenly Father.
    It is also written, Jesus is our mediator and high priest and is alive and seated at the right hand of the Father on His Throne in Heaven making intercession for us. I trust the scripture (King James Version– 1611 as the most accurate and not other versions).
    We are insturcted to pray to Our Father in Heaven thgough Jesus Christ (in his name) and no other. I do not esteem nor diminish the Diety of Christ in any way. I do not pray to other people dead, alive or whatever, nor esteem them on the same level as Jesus Christ. The most important message and hope I have in Jesus Christ is for others to know Him as their Savior, redeemer, deliverer, restorer and lover of their soul! I encourage all to come to faith and obedience to the scriptures for we are to serve a holy and righteous God and His Son Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Our Father God calls us to the fear of the Lord God, which is reverential awe and respect and love. By faith we learn to obey God because we love Him. My hope is to see all move froward from Salvation through Jesus and his cleansing Blood which washes us from sin and gives us spiritual garments clean and white that we may stand without our sin in the presence of Almighty God, who is HOly, righteous and without sin! We are to take up our cross daily (prepare our hearts daily) to walk with Jesus Christ. These are those who overcome!

  15. Renee,
    Dear Renee and all,
    My heart’s desire is to point the way to Jesus, for I DO believe the inspired written Words of God where Jesus said He is the ONLY way/path to His Father! We are to allow the light of Jesus within us to shine to lead others to Jesus Christ of Nazareth (not ot ourselves nor any other human being alive or dead.O

    As a Watchman, LA is faithfully sounding messages of warnings to us all regarding the hidden ‘Alien’ agenda to deceive the masses. They will come saying they created us NOT our Father Creator God in Heaven! With their false disclosure Lucifer (ie Satan) desires to deceive many with his lies and falshoods. us withing us to shine to lead others to Jesus and not to ourselves nor anyone else!

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