Warfare and our Spiritual Discernment

I start every day by taking the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible and reading from it. My wife and I then have a time when we pray together. It’s a great way to start the day. Every night I pray out loud for protection. I thank the Lord that the Blood of Jesus covers my house, family, ministry, finances, health and everything else. To the skeptic this might seem like superstition. Here, in the west with Darwinism and the scientific method reigning supreme all things that are supernatural, or that are of the spirit have been dumbed down, and that’s exactly what the enemy of our souls likes. We are told in the Guidebook that Satan roams about like a roaring lion seeking those he can devour. Again, to the skeptic this seems like superstition! There is no devil. There is no supernatural. There is nothing that exists outside the empirical! I remember all to well when I became born again, when the spirit of the living God entered into me. I had been involved in the occult for years and the Lord took me from the camp of the fallen one and when he did it was a full-on battle. I thought I was loosing my mind as the attacks were relentless. The fallen one, the prince of the power of the air, or commonly known as Satan, hates us. He hates when we begin to get free of the bondage of sin – that which keeps us from being all that we can be. He hates when we come to the Lord and begin to worship Him, the lover of our souls.

There is a battle that is raging all around us and occasionally we see it manifest in our time/space domain. The battle is fought for the souls of men and women. Last night I was awakened around 2 in the morning. A certain person was on my mind and I knew, from countless past experiences, that it was time to pray. Why I didn’t  know the specifics, I went to prayer, then I went back to sleep. This morning in the comment section there was a post by Jeff. (not the person I prayed for last night) He is going “through it,” as the enemy is attacking him on all fronts. He mentioned that the moment he began to think about having me come to the Dallas/Fort Worth area he knew the spiritual warfare was about to begin. I would like to think that what I do is causing a stir in the enemy’s camp, but it is certainly not me it is the Lord’s doing. It is He who has led me and taught me and continues to protect me and my family. We are in a battle that will soon bring about the greatest deception that mankind has ever dealt with, that of the revealing of the so-called Extraterrestrial. When, not if this happens it will cause the great falling away that we are told will happen in 2nd Thessalonians. Millions of people will believe the lie, the deception. We have been prepared for it for the last hundred years or so with Darwinism and the New-Age spiritualism that is rampant in our schools and culture. We have ben told that there is no God and that everything we see happened by chance. That man evolved from apes. When ET shows up he will provide us with the missing link, that ET created all life on this planet.

There is a war that is going on and Jeff is certainly experiencing it. Let’s pray for him today! Without trying to sound self-serving, I live on the front lines. This is all I do. I didn’t ask for this post, but after I was fired from my last “church position”  –  because I confronted the pastor as to why he would censor my book WITHOUT reading it first, and this was called insubordination  – I started this BLOG and worked on getting The Alien Interviews book finished. Now Acceleration Radio airs for two hours every week and there are more speaking invitations coming in! I continue to research and speak out boldly on countless radio shows and Pod-casts. More and more people are realizing that something is going on and it takes spiritual eyes to discern it. The natural man doesn’t have a clue in this regard.

The enemy grows bold, we need to be bolder still. The warfare is real….. Prayer and the Blood of Jesus are our weapons!

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  1. Praise and worship are mighty weapons as well. Also, it’s a special time for the body of Christ to remember and celebrate how our Lord vanquished the enemy at this time of year and the last thing the enemy wants is for people to see the true meaning of this time. Let’s praise and worship and pray more and more. It’s hard to do this when being attacked, so let’s remember to lift each other up all the time. When you’re being hit, I’m in the trenches for you, when you’re not being hit, be there in the trenches for me. He is more than able to help us and it is a time to get more and more excited, as we see Him approaching. It’s hard not to get discouraged when you are being attacked, and to even not be able to see what is going on…but when He reminds us it is a battle, let’s get excited and praise Him…it’s not much longer and we’ll be home. Amen!

    On an ongoing basis I ask Jesus to grant me (and us) increased discernment and Godly Wisdom through the Holy spirit! Through the Holy spirit and the written word of God we are given our tools and weapons of spiritual warfare, ‘the Sword of the Spirit’ to rightly divide. this is scriptural andevery prayer warrios needs to know and reiew the written words of Father God, His Son Jesus Christ, and inspired to be written down by the Holy Spirit.

  3. Hi Lynn,

    I would say getting fired from that last “church posistion” was probably a promotion in the Spirit. The hierarchial (sp) structure in many churches can actually be traced back to the third century when Constantine “legalized” Christianity and brought the world and paganism into the church.

    I continue to stand with you and believe the Lord for many open doors, protection by His blood, boldness in the Spirit to uncomprimizingly continue to sound the alarm, and provision and no lack for you and your household. Bless you dear brother I am so appreciative of this blog, your books, and the monthly newsletter.

    Kevin J.

  4. Mr. Marzulli,

    You certainly are on the front lines and are so appreciated. Since the Lord pulled me out of the enemies camp, the demons are continually trying to attack, and everyone here was up most of the night last night for various reasons. When I broke the soul ties, things have begun to ramp up even more.. Praise the Lord Jesus for keeping them away! I’m doing what He told me and I clutch my Bible tightly all night long. I’m not getting much sleep, but I’m okay!

    I pray for you and your family every day. I prayed this morning for Jeff D and will go and pray some more.

    Your sister in Jesus Christ,

  5. Huge V-Shaped UFO Emitted Beam On C-5 At Vandenberg AFB


    by Linda Moulton Howe

    “The big V-shaped craft was in its silent hover position
    and it turned on a beam of light … and directed it like a laser
    beam onto the C-5, like it was aiming the beam right towards the cargo
    bay area.” – “Steve,” former USAF Airman, Southern California

    V-shaped aerial craft, completely silent, at least 800
    to 900 feet in length vertically and about 300 to 400 feet in width
    emitted greenish-blue beam onto C-5 Galaxy in late 1969
    at Vandenberg AFB, California. Illustration © 2010 by “Steve.”

    • http://www.examiner.com/x-8698-Sacramento-UFO-Examiner~y2010m3d25-Massive-UFO-hiding-near-the-sun-emitting-beam-of-light-on-March-25th-2010

      Massive UFO hiding near the sun emitting beam of light on March 25th 2010

      March 25, 4:50 PMSacramento UFO ExaminerGregory Brewer

      Has the sun been hiding planet size UFOs?
      To who or what alliance do they belong?
      Welcome again readers, enthusiasts and watchers of the night. This goes out to those of you who have been keeping an eye on the strange activities that have been going on with our sun. From impacting asteroids and unusual solar flares to planet size UFOs, we have made it our business to keep you informed. With that in mind we want to bring you the latest in wild activities happening near the sun.
      The following video shows an image that was taken on March 25th 2010 at approximately 8PM from SOHO.

      Disclose.tv soho object with ‘beam’ mar 25 2010 Video

      Is this a massive UFO shooting a large beam?

    • Brazil’s chupa-chupa UFO phenomenon http://levelbeyond.com/2008/08/21/brazils-chupa-chupa-ufo-phenomenon/

      21 August 2008, JellyBean @ 8:41 am
      A bizarre and frightening UFO phenomenon has become the talk of Brazil. The locals call it “vampire lights” or “chupa-chupa” (which means the sucker). The phenomena started appearing in the Para region of Brazil in the months of October, November and December of 1977, and during the first half of 1978. Since then reports have come in from all over Brazil and there are even reports of it as far north as Utah in the USA.

    • Think this has anything to do with Maitreya’s “stars” that have to go to the sun to be recharged??


      I have been told the four ‘stars’ will be in place until the Day of Declaration, in the North, South, East and West, so that wherever you are in the world your area will be covered by a ‘star’. All you have to do is keep looking for them; they don’t appear all the time. People imagine you just look up and suddenly see them. It is not that simple. They are gigantic but they do not fill the sky. They are larger than planets and stars and they move.

      Each ‘star’ is about the size of five football fields put together. They don’t appear all the time because they have to recharge their batteries. So they move as close to the sun as possible to recharge their batteries that way. That takes time and then they return to position and move around. That is the thing about the ‘star’ – it moves around. Sometimes, they move about if asked: when you see one you can ask it to move; they have been known to respond to human thought.

  6. We are all “Bright Morning Stars” under construction. Nothing is going to break our stride. Keep on truck’n Lynn the Bride is right behind you.

    Any idea when the podcasts wil be up to date? I can’t get the show live and they (podcasts)are almost a month behind.

  7. That reminds me- I was under a recent series of spiritual attacks @ the time I was reading that Spiritual Warfare book- “Blood on the Doorposts”.
    (I learned about “soul ties” in that one.)

    It was done mainly though family but it was so “in
    my face” & an extremely strong & direct attack. I just
    wanted to look @ the person & say like Jesus “Get behind me Satan!” I bit my tongue but ran to the Lord ASAP as in “S.O.S”.

    I have a feeling that more are planned to head my way- no doubt.

    The awesome part is that I can see the Lord working on the hearts of some of the people I’ve been talking to about God & spiritual matters. People I’ve befriended who know I’m on fire for the Lord – yet- they still accept me “as is”- Jesus and all.

    If you click on my blogger name you’ll see a new post titled: Shepherd Idolatry. It’s something the Lord has put on my heart recently.

    • Oops! I forgot my name doesn’t go red here. It’s not under a WP-Word Press account it’s in Google Blogger.

    • Ummmm, Way too many listings in the blogs…maybe you could write the addy here? I would be interested in what you had to say. Thanks H.

    • LNLISA,

      Did you buy the book “Blood on the Doorposts” online?
      Do you recommend it?


    • Yes, I bought it used off Amazon. Personally I liked it. The title states that it’s an “Advanced” course in Spiritual Warfare.

      The authors used to actually be practicing Satanists so reading some of the info is not for the light hearted.

      It goes into SRA- Satanic Ritual Abuse cases-& experiences w/casting out demons.

      It’s more along the lines of Russ Dizdar-more heavy duty- if you know what I mean.

      At this point I don’t feel called to go into the deliverance ministry but in case something ever came up I gained more knowledge on how one should approach such things but for practical application it gave me a clearer picture of how demons attack the body/mind/spirit & how to combat their attacks.

  8. To Dr. Lynn and all my dear brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ:

    I cannot thank you enough for the outpouring of support for me and my family. All of you who took time out of your lives to post a comment or prayer, or both I say with every fiber of my being, “Thank you”.

    Thursday was the beginning of a new day as is each day. God gives us a gift each time we open our eyes from sleep for He has granted us another opportunity to serve Him. As I mentioned in my post God called me to the front lines of spiritual warfare when I surrendered my life to Him back in 1983. He has always put on my heart those who are of the Occult and seeking answers outside of His paradigm for us.

    I can tell you that there have been times at the ministry I serve now that I would be walking through our lobby and would suddenly feel an incredibly sharp pain in my upper back. It felt as though someone just put a dagger in between my shoulder blades. Sometimes I would suddenly be smitten with a migraine that would greatly alter the effectiveness of the ministry God has entrusted to me overnight. ( I am here alone each night) I am telling you this because I believe these are physical manifestations of curses placed upon me by those in the Occult.

    At the time I would be heavily involved in ministering and witnessing to those in Satanism and Wicca (Witchcraft). As a teenager I dabbled in the Occult and was showing interest in the “dark arts” but God was merciful and never let me get into it more than I did. I will forever be grateful to Him for that. As a result, when I became born again, it was this crowd that God laid upon my heart more than any other. I also witnessed to teens and young adults as the whole time I was also teaching those ages in Sunday School and special classes on Apologetics since 1985.

    I say all that to say this: God has called each of us differently. The ministry where I serve is involved in reaching out to hearting hearts. I host a radio program that plays praise and worship music through the night during the week. I call it “Refuge Radio” though that is not the official title. Due to privacy I cannot say here exactly where that is. When I began serving here, the spiritual attacks on me personally went to an all time high and it seems every year when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord they are at their most extreme. My post last night was an example of how bad it has gotten. As Dr. Lynn said, I and my family are being hit on all sides. That is no understatement.

    I can guarantee you Satan does not want Dr. Lynn coming to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to bring the Truth about the “Alien Gospel” and how Matthew 24 ties in with Genesis 6:4, UFOs, supernatural manifestations et al.

    I know I have been a broken record on this but I cannot be more sincere when I say that we must ALWAYS be on spiritual Defcon 4…as corny as that may sound. I believe it and say it because I daily experience it as do all of you whom God has called to serve Him. WE ARE AT WAR! This war we are in will NEVER end as long as we inhabit these mortal tents.

    My oldest son that I spoke about last night and will turn 16 on Resurrection Sunday (I misspoke and said it was Saturday) We watched Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” yesterday, Thursday. It was the first time either of us had seen it. I am praying that God will use that movie as an engine to the starter kit your prayers provided for the protection for him and my family. Your prayers have already made a huge impact.

    But know this and please understand I am not saying this for selfish purposes…because of your kind and generous prayers the battles are only going to increase in strength and severity AND because YOU willingly chose to stand in the gap for someone who is targeted by the enemy, you too will find more attacks coming your way than you are already experiencing.

    We are in this together. I can tell you my family at this hour is much safer than we were 24 hours ago. If we had the spiritual eyes to see the warfare that is going on I believe we might just faint in fear from the awesomeness of God’s Heavenly Warriors working through the Holiness of our Mighty God to protect those that are His children.

    I daily pray for Dr. Lynn and will gladly pray you each of you. I owe you so much. I do believe something happened last night and throughout the day Thursday in the spiritual realms. I try to never speak subjectively but this is something I can sense in my spirit.

    When I mentioned the curses earlier, I know there may be some that scoff at that idea. I can tell you I didn’t pay them much mind either when they literally prayed a curse on me on their internet sites. I had my armor on…what did I have to worry about, right? Again, if we had the spiritual eyes to see, how much more would we be sobbing on our knees because of the reality of the REAL WAR we are daily engaged in. There are very real casualties in this war. We see families torn apart, people hurting others and taking their lives even. Lies, adultery, fornication, stealing, deception…on and on it goes. And this is not just our flesh warring against our flesh as Paul talks about. This is very real spiritual WAR.

    Dr. Lynn I thank you for allowing me to make that post last night and the witness of God’s people coming to aid a brother who is hurting is such a powerful testimony to those skeptics that question our faith. What you are doing each day to be on these front lines goes way underappreciated I believe.

    I pray we can get as many people as we can to turn to this BLOG for insight they cannot find anywhere else. I pray God blesses and protects you and everyone that takes part in helping defeat the armies of darkness by shedding Light where the enemy doesn’t want their plans exposed.

    I thank God for this opportunity to share my heart with each of you. Please forgive the length of this post. There is much on my heart that needs to get out.

    May God have His hand on us all as we seek to carry out His will.

    Blessing to you all.

    Sola Christos,


    • Jeff,

      Thanks for sharing your trials with us and allowing us the chance to pray for you. I will gladly pray for you anytime you need it. I hadn’t considered attacks against me will increase for interceding, but knowing that now, i still will do it cause our Lord is stronger.

      I appreciate you as I had a similar interest in dark things at a young age, and only now can i see how dangerous they are. It’s a long story, but you are not alone in this background, and i am sure several of us on this board have that background. kind of “coincidental” that all of us with this kind of background are drawn to a place with others like us, don’t you think?

      Maybe I’m crazy, or thinking too much about some of this stuff, but I had a weird dream last night, and i think maybe it’s cause i prayed for you. In my dream i was in an apartment by myself, and then I was paralyzed and pressed against my couch like the time when i had sleep paralysis. I prayed the blood of Jesus and the authority of Jesus and it stopped. not sure if it was just a dream, or something more.

      Peace and blessings to you Jeff

    • Brother Jeff D,

      While the Lord was pulling me out of hell this past month, I have to say that reading Mr. Marzulli’s blog and ALL the comments as much as I could (when the demons weren’t messing with my computer), I remember reading yours –others too, of course. But there was just ‘something’ about your words that I tended to read yours over-and-over again. They brought me comfort. I just wanted you to know that and to say thank you.

      I just came off satan’s battlefield and have entered into the realm of God’s with eyes fully open (but I have a tapioca thing bouncing in front of me) and my ears fully open (but I have a constant ‘cricket song’ in my ears) and it greatly saddens me to see the state of His earth. It’s hard to look at and listen to. Truly there is a war going on and everyday when we awaken and spend time with Him, we do have another opportunity to pick ourselves up, forgive ourselves and battle on. We can never be ‘good’, but we can keep standing up.

      You ‘sound’ a little more at peace with discernment and understanding today and I am very grateful to read this message from you. I spent several hours in prayer for you an your family yesterday. As a very newly born again Christian, not sure if I did it ‘right’, but my heart went straight to Jesus and I sat at His feet while I prayed. All glory to God!

      your sister in Jesus Christ,
      P.S. Write as long and as much and as often as you like, I would listen to you all day!

    • Jeff D,

      The “Blood on the Doorposts” book sounds like it was written for you!

      It goes into detail about Satanic Curses & explains exactly what you have been dealing with.

      How timely is this? Now I know why I came under such a heavy attack from reading it.

      It probably wasn’t mainly because of a threat from me personally but because I could tell you or others who are in the midst/front lines of such things.

      **In fact I would be happy to send it to you if you can’t get a hold of one.

  9. For Christians this is Holy Week, and we’ll no doubt be treated as we are every year to stories about whether Jesus really existed, was really crucified, and so on. But will these reports be internally consistent? Let’s hope that, for once, they will be.

    I still have the audio of an interview I heard on NPR’s “Fresh Air” several years ago, where an academic was asked what he thought about the historical (ie: supposedly non-religion-tainted) Jesus. Here’s what he said:

    The gospels’ presentation of Jesus and the tragedy of his death does not necessarily reflect the historical reality of Jesus’ own lifetime… You know, it’s impossible to know what actually went on in the 1st century between Jesus and other Jews of his time. We certainly know that Jesus had no intention of starting a new religion. He wanted to simply live Judaim and to find God through the Jewish faith and to bring other Jews to God.

    To rephrase the scholar: “We really don’t know anything about Jesus. What we do know is that the church’s understanding of who he was is wrong.” Which would be like me saying, “I really don’t know anything about health care. Now let me tell you how we need to fix it.”

    Our academic has, of course, dismissed the gospels and epistles of the Christian faith as being a historically unreliable source for information about Jesus. Without agreeing with that premise, let’s assume it for the sake of argument. With what information are we left to form an opinion about whether Jesus existed, and what if anything he believed, taught or did?

    We have certain (sometimes disputed) secondary sources, disputed mostly because they mention Jesus and Christians. Otherwise, who would care?

    We have manuscripts of a book written by one Josephus, who in this book called “Antiquities of the Jews” (c. 93 AD) mentions the existence of a “wise man” named Jesus, who was condemned to die and crucified under Pontius Pilate. He also reported that some people believed he had appeared to them after his crucifixion. Some versions of the manuscript go further than this, but all manuscripts contain these basic statements about Jesus.

    There is the correspondence between a Roman official, Pliny, and the Emperor Trajan, likely written in the very early 2nd century. In one letter Pliny writes regarding the sect of Christians in his area, describing their offering of worship to one Christ “as to a god,” describing their beliefs as “depraved, excessive superstition.” Of course some scholars have also disputed the authenticity of these letters (again, mostly because they mention Jesus). But others, such as the Provost of Georgetown University, find no reason to doubt their historicity.

    Tacitus in his Annals of the history of Rome (c. 116 AD) described the persecution of Christians in the capital city. He wrote:

    Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus, and a most mischievous superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in Judaea, the first source of the evil, but even in Rome, where all things hideous and shameful from every part of the world find their centre and become popular.

    Then there is a reference in the Babylonian Talmud to a call for the arrest of one “Yeshua,” who ended up being “hanged on the Sabbath of the Passover.” The charge was that he “practiced sorcery” and “seduced Israel and led them away from God.”

    There are other sources, but most of them have so much controversy surrounding them that they are not worth considering.

    Given this evidence, one could conclude a great many things. Perhaps the authors of these texts were writing only what they had been told “second hand.” Maybe they were quoting authoritative sources that actually recorded the crucifixion of a man named Jesus. Or then again, maybe the worldwide Christian conspiracy was hard at work modifying and inserting their faith into historical texts after the fact.

    But it seems to me fairly clear than one cannot conclude, on the basis of this extra-biblical evidence, that “Jesus had no intention of starting a new religion,” that he “wanted to simply live Judaim and to find God through the Jewish faith and to bring other Jews to God.” Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. But if the bible is excluded as a source of information about Jesus, and all we have is the extra-biblical evidence, one can only conclude “it’s impossible to know what actually went on in the 1st century between Jesus and other Jews of his time.”

    If that’s what you believe, say it, and leave it at that…
    Even if one discounts the Gospel narratives what cannot be disputed is that many men went to a martyr’s death claiming that they had seen the risen Lord, when recanting would have spared them. Just a few frightened people in an upper room suddenly went out and boldly proclaimed the good news.

    Something clearly happened to change them so dramatically, although some may argue,that it is interesting that the closest thing to an eyewitness account of the events of Christ’s life(excluding those in the Bible) comes nearly a century after the event. And even the Gospels were written decades after the events. Are there no contemporaneous Roman or Nazarene records of Jesus? I have heard this many times from my non Christian friends.

    All I tell them is The best historical evidence which is beyond dispute is that Christianity spread like wildfire across the Roman world. The only rational explanation for this phenomenon is that many believed the accounts of the first generation Christians who claimed that they saw the risen Lord.
    Happy Easter everyone!!!!

    • Greetings, Matt!
      Being a “student” of history I would like to thank you for taking time to share some of the NT records. A most wonderful briefing indeed:^D
      Do have a blessed and joyous Resurrection Sunday.
      Your sister in Christ Jesus,

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