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  1. Pyramid UFO filmed landing in Spain and captured in Japan

    Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

    Over the last year or so hundreds of people around the world have been witness to what appears to be a new type of UFO (see video clips below). Enormous pyramid shaped UFOs have been seen from Colombia to China, from Russia to France.

    UFO experts have debated as to whether these are the craft of an extraterrestrial race that has just chanced upon earth and its humanoid inhabitants-or are these the spaceships of a civilization that has interacted with humanity for millennia, inspiring the building of ancient pyramid structures from Egypt to Central America.

    Cynical commentators have suggested that all of these images might simply be computer generated graphics.

    In the last month these two sightings, one in Japan and one in Spain, have come to light. In one clip the UFO is seen landing.

  2. Dr. Lynn,

    I just finished listening to your interview on blogtalkradio.com.

    As always there is a new nugget found from your research. I live just an hour north of Glen Rose, TX. I have been to the Paluxy River and have seen the dinosaur and human prints. However, until you mentioned it on this program I do not recall ever hearing of the 21 inch human prints. I thank you for mentioning this.

    I looked it up and found a good article for any who are interested. To my knowledge the area where these prints are located are not made available to the public.

    Link here: http://www.icr.org/article/81/

    Thanks as always for fighting the Good Fight.

    Sola Gratia,

    Jeff D

  3. i said this elsewhere, but LA, loved your Future Quake interview. as always i think we just scratched the surface!

    As I listened, it made me think about more and more how I should be serving the Lord, but He hasn’t shown me anything specific yet. With your knowledge and the stuff I’ve learned from FQ and Russ Dizdar, the Lord has given me alot of knowledge about the reality of spiritual conflict. But I have yet to find other Christians (outside of here) to speak with about it, or use it as a way to witness non believers. Same thing with UFOs, and the birth pangs we’re seeing everywhere.

    Not complaining, just saying you’ve challenged me to think about what i should be doing with this knowledge and how to share it.

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