Acceleration Radio: He Is RIsen! + Prophecies of the Passion!

Last night the History Channel hit a home run,  with their two hour program on the enigmatic Shroud of Turin. I thought it was a stunning expose that left the NatGeo presentation looking shoddy and self serving. I was especially captivated with the what may be the actual face of Jesus. Barrie Shorwtz and Russ Berault, both who I have interviewed on Acceleration Radio made numerous appearances! Hat’s off to all involved!

Tonight on Acceleration Radio, don’t miss a special two hour presentation! The first hour will be a presentation of He Is Risen. This a fully orchestrated one hour musical interpretation of the passion of Jesus. He Is Risen has been performed live throughout Southern California to sold out crowds and standing ovations! The music is intense and will captivate you as it weaves the story of the last hours of the death of Jesus. Afterward, in the second hour I will talk about the prophecies that were fulfilled during the 24 hour period of Jesus’ arrest, trial, scourging, crucifixion, death and finally three days later His resurrection! You wont’ want to miss this special edition of Accceleration Radio!

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New! Listen Live”The Acceleration” featuring L.A. Marzulli Every Wednesday 7 pm PST Ways to Listen:Ku Band Satellite Free To Air (FTA): Galaxy 19 (formerly Galaxy  25) Transponder 5, Frequency 11836 Symbol Rate 20.770, PID 559 Left Side AudioNetwork Streams:Stream#1 – WM – 8k – mms:// – MP3 – 16k – – MP3 – 24k – –  WM – 32k – mms:// – MP3 – 56k – – MP3 – 64k – go to: or

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36 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio: He Is RIsen! + Prophecies of the Passion!

  1. Hi Lynn and All:

    I caught the show on the History channel last night about the shroud also. WOW!! There were several things that made me think and question even. Like, they are trying to figure out if this is the face of the “Real Jesus” but do they know He is GOD?? When they were speaking about our ability as humans to only see 2D with each eye but when both eyes look at something we see it in 3D, it made me say Wow!!…How can anyone believe in evolution after an explaination of how our eyesight works like that??!! Isn’t it obvious that this ability of sight didn’t come by evolutionary chance?…Isn’t it obvious that the very One they are looking at on that burial cloth is the Messiah, The Creator??? And then when they showed how His body was so scouraged and beaten and the person speaking became emotional and said what was done to Him was vicious…it made me cry and also say to myself…do they realize it was Our sin that did that to Him and that He took it willingly to save us…Hallelujah!! How great He is!! And when they showed what He may have looked like and the eyes opened and then had a sad look, it made me cry but I felt how beautiful is Our Lord!! The Word says He was nothing to look at and that we didn’t esteem Him, how blind we all are…He is Wonderful, amazing, lovely. The world sees this as just a Spring Holiday but let us remember this is about Our creator, Our Lord, Our God who not only came to die for our sins but in His great love, also rose for us as well. Great is the Lord and worthy to be praised. Let’s not let the rocks cry out, let’s rejoice together at His Glorious Triumph and love. God Bless everyone on this blog and may His great goodness envelope you this time of year as you seek Him with all your hearts. I thank Him for all of you, my brothers and sisters. Amen

    • Lisa,

      Amen to that wonderful expose and hallelujah – Jesus is Lord

      One day … every knee WILL bow and every tongue WILL confess … that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD !!!!!

      People get ready … Jesus is coming … soon we’ll be going home.

      Lynn and everyone who reads this blog … have a wonderful and glorious Resurrection Sunday.

    • God bless Ken,

      The other thing I forgot to mention is that even with that wonderful presentation on the shroud, this is not His present look, as He is Glorified, with skin like burnished bronze and hair as white as wool and eyes a flame of fire!!! We will all fall down before Him as He is Lord of All!! Again, blessings this ressurection Sunday and let’s keep looking up, soon and very soon…Amen

  2. Actually Jesus rose this coming Thursday night on the Hebrew calendar the 17th of Aviv or Nissan. Easter comes from EASTAR; it is Pagan (Sun God worship). Jesus was cruxified on Passover the 14th of Aviv at 9 a.m. and died at 3 p.m. in the afternoon and was buried before sunset . Churches have the calendar all wrong. Good Friday to EASTAR Sunday does not equal three days in the grave. You have to look at Passover and the Hebrew calendar to get the timing right.

    • Passover in 2010 will start on Tuesday, the 30th of March and will continue for 7 days until Monday, the 5th of April.
      Believers should observe/celebrate this GOD ordained feast, rather than pagansim.

    • I guess if one went all the way back (seeing as to how Passover falls on different days every year) one might find the exact day HE died and rose.

    • No one has said which Day is the Lord’s day!!!

      It is not about Jewish Feast days or pagan days The reality is about the “Apostolic record concerning the death burial and resurrection of our lord”

      A day in Jewish Time chronology begins at Sunset and ends at sunset So; Sabbath Begins sunset Friday ends Sunset Saturday (One Day)

      Jesus is Placed in The tomb Before Start of Sabbath ( women don’t Have enough time on that Day to prepare body for Burial. women Leave before Sabbath begins) This Is day ONE (Friday) Jesus is In The Tomb.

      Sabbath Finishes Sunset Next evening (Saturday) Day TWO. Jesus Still in Tomb.

      First Day of the week begins on Sunset. Jesus Still in Tomb Day THREE (Sunday).

      Resurrection Takes Place Sunday Morning. Therefore; According to Jewish Chronological time frame, Jesus Is In The Tomb for THREE days.

      He Did Die Friday 3PM The women rest on Sabbath(Saturday) wet Back Next day (Sunday morning)

      Early Church meet with Apostle in Troas On First Day of week to Break Bread, meeting goes unto Midnight Acts 20:7.That Tradition Has always been kept from Apostolic days. It was On “The Lord’s Day” That the Revelations of Apostle John occurred Rev1:10

      The Lord’s Day is The First Day of the Week (Sunday) The Day Of The Resurrection. The Lord’s day is Not The Jewish sabbath. If one Wishes to Rest on Saturday good on You.

      Sunday meetings has Nothing To Do with “Sun worship” The Word Sunday In French Is ‘Dimanche’ that word Has No implication With The Sun at All. The French word For Sun Is ‘Soliel’ And I am sure that this is Also Applicable In Many various Languages around the world.

      Let Us Throw Theology Out, get Rid Of it!!! The Renewing Of the Mind includes The Disposal of Accumulated Concepts foreign to the Apostles doctrine.

      John B

    • According to Scripture Jesus rose on the first day of the week, so? Is not every day the Lords day: this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice…
      Sabbath rest-Hebrews 4. Today is the day of salvation… Personally I do not know what John meant when he said he was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day. It is possible he was referencing to something other than Sunday. This next section I copied from Wikipedia
      Passover begins on the 15th day of the month of Nisan, which corresponds to the full moon of Nisan, the first month of the Hebrew calendar, in accordance with the Hebrew Bible.[1] Passover is a spring festival, so the 14th day of Nisan begins on the night of a full moon after the vernal equinox. To ensure that Passover did not start before spring, the tradition in ancient Israel held that the first day of Nisan would not start until the barley is ripe, being the test for the onset of spring.[6] If the barley was not ripe an intercalary month (Adar II) would be added. However, since at least the 12th century, the date has been determined mathematically.[citation needed]

      In Israel, Passover is the seven-day holiday of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, with the first and last days observed as legal holidays and as holy days involving abstention from work, special prayer services, and holiday meals; the intervening days are known as Chol HaMoed (“festival days”).

      Could it be possible that for Mary Magdeline the first day of the week when Passover ended was a Tuesday?

      I wont split hairs on which day is the Sabbath day. According to Pastor David Meyer, Saturday or Sunday just happen to be more preferable days to worship corporatly, but that our true sabbath day started when we came to Christ.

      One thing I will not do is mix paganism with Christ. You will not hear me saying, ‘Happy Easter’. Check out some pagan websites and investigate how they celebrate Easter.
      Blessings and peace to you,

    • Hi Dee; In the King James Acts12:4 The word Easter is used Instead of Passover. I do agree that there is A pagan concept involved with Easter, look at all the bunnies.
      I also Agree that our “sabbath rest” is in Christ. The Reality is that it is not about days, Seasons, festivals Col2:6. It is about Christ being Our All and our worship in Spirit and in Truth.

      blessings and peace to You as well.

      john B

    • Lisa Uk, So the passover was superseded by The Easter fertility Pagan festival I agree. That does not annul the fact that Jesus rose On The first Day of The Week. I myself don’t celebrate that season as most christians do.
      I do break Bread with My Wife on Sundays in remembrance Of that special Passover of the Lamb of God. It seems that Christendom has takes a simple truth bearing upon our daily walk of Faith and made A once a Year celebration out of it. I don’t judge people who celebrate Easter as Such Because I don’t Know Their hearts.
      One thing I do know however is That Occultists and hethens ridicule Any resemblance of Christianity Be it Easter Or Christmas.

      John B

  3. Off topic, but it just popped into my head as i was looking at some stuff about our Lord and the shroud and just other things associated with Him.

    Is there any thought or evidence for what and where Jesus was from 12 – 30? My thoughts are that He would be learning Torah and scriptures, but there are a number of crazy ideas out there. Theres one in particular im thinking of, but i don’t want to mislead anyone down that rabbit trail, plus i disagree with it.

    • Frank, I believe you have answered your own questions:^D As far as anything else….well, that’s just not for us to know at this time. Not imperative to maintain our faith.

    • Miss Moment,

      I believe you summed up the answer quite succinctly. As always thanks for your insightful input.


  4. My brothers and sisters in Christ:

    This is a very personal request. I am humbly coming before you in this early morning hour asking your help. I won’t get into many details except to say that the spiritual attacks against and in my family are now at an all time high. So much so my wife is about to have a nervous break down I believe. I will tell you it seems to center around my oldest child who will turn 16 this coming Saturday, April 4th.

    This has been going on since 2002 when I began working at the ministry where I currently serve. There are many parameters involved but I will tell you I am pleading the Blood of Jesus over our family right now. Satan’s emissaries are trying to literally tear my family apart at the seams.

    We all struggle in these last days. This is to be expected. I have personally been called to the front lines in this spiritual war since I surrendered my life to Christ in 1983. I have seen how the enemy works and how he uses people to achieve his purposes. Right now I am seeing my own family seemingly being torn asunder from the inside out and it is breaking my heart.

    As the spiritual head of my family (5 total including me) it is my responsibility to see that we are strong in the Lord. I have admitted to my wife and children that I have failed them miserably. This is very painful to say the least.

    I have already said way more than I intended when I began writing this. I have been on this BLOG long enough to know many of you are called to be spiritual intercessors. I am asking you to please just take one minute and intercede on behalf of my family. I am asking this for my wife’s health and for the overall well being of my three children who are constantly being attacked in various ways and in turn attack my dear wife.

    With me working nights, it makes it very hard for my wife to handle two teenagers and one 9 year old alone. Please pray for her that God will open her eyes to see the areas she needs to surrender to Him and pray the same for me.

    There is so much more I could add. Please pray that I will personally become the husband to my wife and the father to my children they need spiritually. With the little time I do have with them each day, I need to be able to show them how to live the victorious Christian life. I have tried…am trying, yet the spiritual warfare has suddenly ratcheted up several notches.

    I will say I believe the intensity of this began the very minute I wrote on this very BLOG that I would love to try and see if I can help get Dr. Lynn to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for a conference. No sooner had I written the words did I hear a still small voice say, “Spiritual warfare is about to increase dramatically”. I believe this is connected to the Prince over this region. Having Dr. Lynn come to the DFW area is one of the LAST things the enemy wants to worry about. Maybe I am reading too much into it. I just know that my family is on the brink of what would seem self destruction. But I know it is more than just the flesh fighting against the flesh. This is from the pit of hell.

    I am sorry this is so long. I just ask that those of you whom God may lead to pray for my precious family will take just one minute and intercede on our behalf that we may be victorious in Jesus Christ.

    I thank you in advance. I thank Dr. Lynn that we have this place to share our thoughts and hearts regarding all the spiritual warfare that is happening all around us. I know this is WAY off topic but I am desperate.

    May Jehovah Yahweh richly bless each of you who took the time to read this and act on it. I pray I can do the same for you as we are all part of the Body of Christ.

    In Christ alone,

    Jeff D

    • Jeff,

      there must be some issues. my last post lost everything and now i must retype. the enemy must not want you to have encouragement.

      I want to let you know, i have prayed sincerely to the Lord to break and trample the demonic powers over your house and for the specifics you asked for. I will also pray for you periodically today as I am able.

      Stay strong bro, we all must endure trials, and I pray the Lord pour His peace and presence upon your family. May the blood of our saviour cover you and protect you and your family.

      The Lord is with you.



    • Father, please be with Jeff D and his entire family! Father, we are all facing attacks lately and it is hard. You said, when we are weak, You are strong. Lord, please be our strength! Father, Psalm 68:1 May GOD arise, may His enemies be scattered! Father, please place Psalm 91 over Jeff Ds family. Please protect them, rejuvinate them. Please give them clarity of mind. Lord, please forgive us of our sins and have mercy on us. May the name of the Lord be praised!


    • Jeff, I’m praying for you now. I hear your cry. I’m experiencing much the same in our house, except with an unbelieving husband. I can feel the oppression lift when he leaves the room (even without him saying on word).

      YHWH bless and keep you and your family, and give you each the strength to endure, the clarity of mind to reach out to Him with each assault by the powers of darkness, the determination to keep turning to Him, and the wisdom to know how to handle each little situation as it arises.


      totally unrelated….
      p.s. I’m putting UK after my name since someone else keeps posting as ‘Lisa’, and is different from ‘me’. (notice the icon difference..mine has pink flowers and green leaves)

    • Hi LisaUK:

      I think I am the 3rd Lisa writing on this blog. There is another Lisa I think I’ve seen here corresponding with you and the bloggers here. I’ve been coming to this site for almost a year and sometimes share when feel lead of the Lord. This is a wonderful site and I thank LA so much for all he does and shares with us and it is a blessing to read what you and the others share here as well. I look forward to fellowship here with you all. Thank you in the name of the Lord. Amen.

    • Thank you Father for your grace for Jeff D and his family. I pray the blood of your precious son Jesus over them. I ask that as he seeks to lead his family for you, that he not only cover them in prayer in spiritual warfare but he teach them how to cover each other in prayer as well and that they will know that they are under attack from a common enemy and that they would turn their sights together on your deliverance. I pray that they band together in your spirit to cover each other in prayer daily and vanquish the enemy. Even if it is to just whisper your name and ask for help for each other or if it is out and out bold warfare, I pray they hold each other up…and I know you will answer them. You love them and they have already been victorious in you because the victory has already been won. I also bind the strongman over his regional area that may be trying to hinder any work you may want to do there through LA. Thank you Father that you hear us and thank you that in time, we will hear praise reports about this situation. You are forever faithful. Amen

    • Jeff – Prayers your way. The Blood of Jesus over your house, mind, finances, marriage and family. No weapon formed against you will prosper. Let’s all hold Jeff and his family up the remainder of the day and watch the Lord work. The Lord’s peace over your house and mind. Peace to your wife. Peace to your children, in Jesus name…. L.A.

    • Brother Jeff D,

      I am a born again Christian one month today. The Lord has recently pulled me out of hell, and I am not kidding. He used several Christian soldiers to help and one of them was Mr. Marzulli. There were many words Mr. Marzulli wrote to me but two sentences stood out to me more than anything during that time. I will share the latter: “The Lord has you in the palm of His hand and He will not let you go!” And I know this to be true.

      To share one recent experience, demons pulled me out of my body one night and I was looking down at my physical body. A moment later I was back in my body. I could not move. Before fear could set in, my Bible was shown to me before my eyes. I screamed out, “JESUS!”, and everything stopped. The Lord spoke in my ear, ‘Sleep with your Bible’. He is real. He is with you now as I write this. He will not let you go!

      I shall say prayers for you and your family.

      Your sister in Jesus Christ,

    • TO JeffD~
      Prayers sent.
      ((“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds…”)) 2Corinthians 10:4 (KJV) Be patient and remember that He is faithful in His promises and that we are victorious in Him alone. May the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit abide with you and yours.
      So be it.

    • Sorry too that I had taken a few days off from the internet. Jeff D., you have ministered to all of us so it is natural for us to lift you up.

      We know that you have forgiveness of sins, which is the foundation to all else that God has for you. The Christian life is a finished work of the Cross.

      Christ’s atonement is finished, God’s word is true. We know because of this that God wants to restore and rescue your family.

      So, I am in agreement with you in prayer that God will raise up your family and build a hedge of protection around all of you. The fear that you feel is not of God. The attacks you face are evil and we rebuke these attacks, in the name of Jesus!

  5. Jesus died on a Thursday afternoon at 3pm. Friday was a high
    Sabbath that was observed during the week of the Feast of Un-
    leavened bread. Saturday was then the regular sabbath day. This
    is why the women go not go to the tomb for two days. The Lord’s
    Day was Sunday the day of resurrection. This fulfills Jesus’s
    prophecy of 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth.


  6. speaking of great deceptions, I occasionally check out the galactic channelings board, mostly for recon on the enemy and to occasionally pray for the channelers and today i found a special message “are the channelings true?”

    in the message, someone wrote the webmaster for the channeling page and asked a most astute question, the writer wants to know how we can tell that these “light beings” aren’t really “lower” beings (ie, demons i guess) masquerading as light! Here is one quote from this person and he is spot on “The messages you publish are consistant, but what if this is build up to yet another great deception of mankind?”

    here’s the link if anyone wants to read it and pray for this individual in Holland to find the truth about our Lord. This person is sadly misled, and deceived and is seeking some truth, please join me in praying that this person sees God’s truth and that the Lord break into his life showing him the real truth.
    (please pray not to be mislead if you choose to read any other section of this site, it is full of lies and half truths)

  7. Jeff,

    You are a precious child of God and He will sustain, protect and deliver you. I pray that the Father will give you overwhelming victory and peace. Blessings, Brother, in Jesus Name.

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