42 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Fires on South Korean Ship!

  1. Keep your eyes on Jerusalem! More important is how Pres. Barry Soetoro Indonesyian citizen aka Barak Husein Obama treated PM Bibi Netanyahu during his visit to DC in the last few days. God will treat us in direct measure as to how we treat Israel!
    All in God’s timing and Jerusalem and Israel are God’s timepiece, watch them
    I don’t believe this N. and S. Korean naval incident will bring on WWIII, rather it will increase global tensions.

    • Dear Cathy In WY~
      Interesting that you should bring the WWIII topic into play! I just posted a three item list (on another thread) regarding same. The whole idea came to me like this:
      (1)U.S. and Israel talks break; relations strained
      (2)Russia and Iran talks break
      (3)N. Korea fires on S. Korean ship
      Whether any of this is “true” or not remains to be ascertained. What is clear though is that all three points are now touted as news by a global media. Yepiree.
      Blessings sister. Yahweh is with you:^D

    • Hey Moment, thank you for blessing me with your affirmations and encouraging words. What beautiful and insightful gifts you have and use to bless others.

      You and I have seen much in our lifetimes. Ipray we both continue to move forward in Jesus’ compassion, mercy and love looking toward to finishing the race and gain the praise spoken about in Phil.4:13-14!

    • Wise counsel cathy. Thank you for the reminder to keep our eyes firmly on Yeshua and know that YHWH is in control.
      May He bless and keep you dear sister!

  2. 40 feared missing after South Korea warship sinks—Yonhap

    Agence France-Presse
    First Posted 06:03:00 03/27/2010

    Filed Under: Defense, Security (general), Conflicts (general), Maritime Accidents
    SEOUL—About 40 sailors are believed to be missing after a South Korean warship sank near the border with North Korea, Yonhap news agency said early Saturday, quoting unidentified military officials.

    The corvette sank Friday evening with 104 people aboard after an unexplained explosion tore a hole in its hull. The military said earlier that 58 people had been rescued.

    A spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff told AFP he could not confirm the Yonhap report, but indicated that many crewmen were missing.

    The news agency said a special navy team would dive after daybreak to investigate the cause of the sinking and possibly retrieve bodies.

  3. All wars are contrived. Incidents will be downplayed until those in control of power, the world’s money and masses, decide when the next war will begin! Above all, God is in control and all His prophecies disclosed in the Bible must be fulfilled prior to the second coming of His Son Jesus of Nazareth.
    We are told in the End Times,’There will be wars and rumors of wars, let not your hearts be troubled.’ We must place our trust in Jesus and Father Creator God and keep it there and not in men!
    We’re involved in a spiritual battle as well as the physical.

    • What a wonderful testimony to the POWER of YHWH’s WORD and the Good News it contains:)!

      I get so sick of hearing people bash Muslims and Arabs.

      Not all Arabs are Muslims.

      Not all Muslims are Arabs.

      I tell everyone now:
      I lived in the Middle East for 12.5 years. Some of the loveliest people I met were Arab Muslims. They were kind, generous and giving.
      Whilst living there amongst the expat community – one which has the nasty habit of thinking themselves above others because of their wealth and privilege – I was persecuted to a point of wishing I would die. YHWH sent angels to me in the form of some Arab Muslim friends who looked past the rumours and gossip that almost killed me

      I love the Arabs and Muslims. YHWH has given me true love in my heart for them. So I urge others to see them as PEOPLE whom YHWH loves as much as He loves anyone else on this earth.

      The polarisation in the West, of Muslims and Arabs sickens me beyond measure.

      I’m not saying all Muslims or Arabs are beautiful and nice people. But I AM saying they are no different to you, me or anyone else on this earth. We are ALL sinners, in need of Yeshua’s shed blood and forgiveness. And I just find it amazing how, in my darkest hour in my life, that YHWH saw fit at that time to show me LOVE through a people I had previously thought all wanted me dead because I didn’t embrace Islam.

      I tell you the Truth. Many Muslims want to serve GOD/YHWH. They simply have NOT had the CHOICE to choose whom they serve. Unlike us in the West who take for granted our freedom to CHOOSE.

      YHWH is amazing, powerful, loving beyond measure, patient, kind and His arm is not short to save all those whom He loves. I now know His love is measureless and He really means that He does not wish one to perish.

    • God is very amazing and with that said I don’t know any Muslims personally but I know alot of people that don’t believe there is a God or people that believe there is one but don’t believe IN him. And while we are told to love everyone I do love these people but the fact remains that they aren’t Christians so there MUST be distance kept to some degree. This is how I feel about the people of Muslim faith. Actually even more so about the Muslim faith because to my knowledge the godless people that aren’t Muslims and simply aren’t born again are not the ones screaming to kill the infidels and crashing planes into buildings and committing non stop acts of terrorism. I know that dosent include every Muslim, not even close but they are Muslim just the same. I don’t holde a grudge against these people but I fit one WILL not turn a blind eye to what they continually do and while I hope they change and really get to know God it’s unlikely on a large scale and they will probably just keep hating us and be a large part of the coming hardships against Christians

    • Gordy,
      This you Tube clip was a true blessing to see just now. I thank you and LA for having it on here!
      How edifying and encouraging to see what is happening there, where the cost of becoming born again believers in Jesus of Nazareth can be one’s physical life, yet they know and count the cost and come to Jesus!
      JESUS IS THE WAY , THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. John 14:6 resonates so strongly within them and radiates out from their hearts!Praise the Lord.

  4. On a totally different note, I would like to bring up the topic of Chemtrails not just here in the U.S. but worldwide. Those of you old enough, do you remember when we were kids, teenagers even in our early twenties, our beautiful skies would some days be filled with huge billowy clouds? Remember? The kind where you lay on the cool grass in spring or summer and watch the various faces you could make out and pretend where in the clouds?

    No more. Not for a long time. My three children have rarely if ever seen those clouds here in Texas. The only time we get an opportunity is when the chemrtrails are not being sprayed over our region for at least a week. That just doesn’t happen. There are days when the sky is filled with NOTHING BUT CHEMTRAILS…and then they fan out to make FAKE clouds. After that, higher up in the atmosphere they will spray another grid layer when they know a front is coming in that will bring either rain…or this year in Texas, record snow fall. And all the chemicals up in the atmosphere come literally raining down on an unsuspecting populace.

    Here are a few links I want to share with you. If you are new to the subject of Chemtrails, I pray your eyes will become wide open. The first link is a recent post from earlier this month titled, “What in the world are they spraying”. http://www.countercurrents.org/murphy030310.htm

    The second one is from seven years ago but very informative about what is called “Operation Cloverleaf”. http://www.lightwatcher.com/chemtrails/playing_god.html

    Lastly one of the best to SHOW you exactly in detail why so many of us have been ill and the continued threat that the powers that be are to us is from this site loaded with excellent pictures and articles. One word of warning: There is a ton of content on this page so it may take a while to load but please trust me, it is well worth your time: http://imageevent.com/firesat/strangedaysstrangeskies

    If you are new to the chemtrail phenomena then you will probably at first be shocked. Next you might be a little scared. Finally you could be very angry if not filled with out rite righteous indignation over what is happening to the world’s people without their knowledge or consent.

    If you have Satellite TV, specifically Dish Network, go to channel 212. It is called “Dish Earth”. Remember how our school textbooks showed and talked about our planet being the “Big Blue Marble”. Not any more my friends. Sadly, it is now the “Big Cloudy Marble”. I look at it almost daily and the entire Northern Hemisphere is covered in clouds at least by 60-70% if not more. This is truly sickening. Go look at those OLD photos of the earth. We truly were blue. No longer. Dish Earth is LIVE video of the Dish Network Satellite or some other one in geosynchronous orbit giving us a live look at the planet we inhabit.

    Just a heads up to you my brothers and sisters in Christ as together we fight this Good Fight by being knowledgeable citizens who do not go to war in this spiritual battle uniformed.

    Sola Christus,

    Jeff D

    • Thanks for your words and the info links. I also learned more about Chemtrails during the last 2 years at Steve Quayle’world.com Click on links on left side of his webpage page. Also Steve’s book on Weather Weaponry.
      I have noticed a huge letter ‘A’ like for’ Anarchy’ as a masonic illumunati symbol in the sky, triangles, grid patterns and other designes, too. some days I have noticed burning eyes, chest, throat. During heavy days/nights, I stay in and keep windows and doors closed.
      We used to be cloud watchers for hours on hot lazy days in Virginia and midwest and Rocky Mountains. I remember the billowy pure white coulds and blue skies without hazy muck ( nor smog, too!)
      Glad to know others are looking up and seeing all this, too.

    • Ya know, winter out here in the Rockies, when it’s clear it’s colder. When snow clowds cover the sky overhead it ‘warms up’ to snow! Cloud covers keep the heat radiating outward fromt he earth between the earth’s surface and the clouds, so it’s warmer (I think smog must do the same thing possibly). The scientists and others intentionally mislead telling us the chemtrails ‘protect’ us from too much sun coming through to us. I say hogwash! Glad their fake science which they intentionally mislead us with was finally exposed. Unfortunately not enought of use have risen up to effect change for our own good yet, so they go ahead without us on their own depopulation agendas. See ‘Georgia Guidestones.’ Also see Alex Jones at infowars.com or You Tube for more info and links.

    • Remember Bob Dylan’s (old 60′-70’s)hit song, “The times they are a changin’.” well ACCELERATION IS HAPPENING AND WITHOUT HOPE in Jesus of Nazareth, I’d have no JOY! My JOY comes in celebrating His soon return. Look to Bible Prophecies in several OT and NT books in the Book for prophecies give disclosure and which point the way to Jesus and through him, the path to Father Creator God (YHWH).

  5. My ex-navy husband doesn’t believe the ship ran aground or that it was a ‘weapon mishandling incident’ by their crew. Early reports of a torpedo was launched by North Korea’s against South Korea’s ship causin yhe explosion, could be more accurate. So many were killed or wounded. I tend to look more seriously at the initial reposrt (before coverups and ‘official reports can be compiled and released). They have downplayed this incident for now and increased ‘drama’ with Israel. They’ve kept the focus in DC on ‘Healthcare’ thus creating a different ‘front page story ‘ which kept other news off the fron page. The spin the stories to control the news the public sees.
    Interesting how other nations are disclosing UFO ‘classified’ docs and giving disclosue–even the Pope making statements, but not Barry Soetoro Indonesian citizen, aka Barak H. Obama. The powers that be aren’t allwoing him to be scripted to release it yet!

    • Hi Cathy~
      Not at all surprized about what your hubby feels. The best policy (for the most part) is to adhere strictly to the first breaking story. Uh huh…I think we learned a big lesson about that from the Roswell incident! Allegedly BHO is a 32nd degree Prince Hall Freemason. Also there WAS a youtube vid (it got pulled, imagine that) that accorded folks the view of his Masonic ring. And I wouldn’t doubt that the oath-taking debacle at his inauguration was a deliberate flub due to availability problems of a Masonic “Bible”. And yes, yes, yes…so true about the busy spin doctors spinning us all into dizzying confusions about anything that’s supposed to be considered news worthy. Bah!
      In full agreement and confirmation with you. Our Lord is not far away…………

  6. Moment,
    Yep–I was thinking Rozwell, too! also many events in WWI & II, Korea, Vietnam and other wars have deceptive and gross errors in media releases to the public.
    I’ve seen pictures of B.O. making symbolic Masonic signs and gestures known to Freemasons to other masonic leaders and those in other occult secret societies. Bushes, Palin, their families among others. Also Putin is possibly a Freemason, Chavez, Ahmadinajhad, some in all branches of our govt at the highest levels, some tv evangelists and top mega church leaders (down to bottom).
    We are involved is a spiritual battle between Satan/Lucifer and Father God and His Son. Isn’t it wonderful that God in His goodness has revealed to us who wins in the end and we can stand with him now?

  7. “Going beyond personal opinions and feelings, most Americans are ignorant of what the ISLAMIC POLITICAL SYSTEM WHICH ALSO INCLUDES THE MUSLIM FAITH. WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE, the majority of DEVOUT MUSLIMS WILL UPHOLD THE QUORAN ABOVE ALL
    ELSE unless converted to Jesus Christ. The words of the Quoran speaks for itself, just as the Bible speaks for itself.
    Are Muslims being taught th love or to hate if another does not convert to Islam. Remember they are being taught to kill the infidels! We need to know and understand about their religion and political system with a plan in place for world domination by them over judaism, and Christianity and other political systems.
    They go out to colonize and subdue other countries and to take control.

    “HMMM back to power, control (by any means no matter how evil) and money.

  8. Anyone who cannot see that the majority of Muslims are CAPTIVES,
    that they do NOT have a choice in ‘religion’,
    will NEVER see them as people. Human beings made by YHWH, in need of the shed blood of Yeshua.

    The ideology of Islam does NOT define these people who are raised in that religion without ANY choice BUT Islam.

    I testify the Truth – that I met many Muslims who love “GOD”, despite not understanding WHO YHWH really is. He loves them as much as He loves the rest.

    The West have been completely conditioned to hate them, fear them, think all of them are raised to be jihad johnnies, when that is simply a distortion of the truth.

    I lived amongst Muslims for 12.5 years. My husband lived amongst them for 25 yrs.
    Both of us had many opportunities to discuss religion and politics with them.
    What we found is NOT much different to what we found amongst ‘Christians’.

    Some (a small minority!) are fanatically religious.
    A big chunk say their prayers 5 times a day, fast at Ramadan and know LITTLE of what the Quran really says. This group abhor violence – and think the West wants to kill them. They also believe zionists are to blame for the ills of the world. In some ways they are right, but they *mistakenly* think all Jews are zionists. I have shared with a few of them that NOT all Jews are zionists and not all Jews hate them, though admittedly some do.
    Another chunk of Muslims pretend to fast at Ramadan, drink alcohol, party and generally hate religion and just want to live their lives. (Amongst these, many don’t even give the pretence of fasting or praying – they just wear the national dress and keep up appearances to avoid upsetting their parents).

    I could testify to MANY good qualities of these people.

    I can also tell of a handful of fanatics that I met, who frankly, unnerved me because I could SENSE the evil influence of a demonic or familiar spirit behind them.

    To say we should keep a distance is sad. I will go wherever Yeshua leads me, speak to whomever He calls me to speak too. He had me living in a Muslim country for all those years for some reason. I’m white, Anglo-Saxon – you’re run of the mill middle class woman from America. I learned a lot living out there.

    I do not and will not any longer fall for the tricks and cunning devices used to manipulate us into thinking that other people groups are our collective enemies. Communism, Fascism, and many of the other ‘isms’ are pure EVIL. So are all the alternative religions — including Islam.

    Joeb, would you keep your distance from not only Muslims, but Bhuddists, Taoists, Zionists (not genuine Jews who follow Torah!) who follow the Talmud (evil!!) and sacrifice babies to gain power from their master Lucifer, amongst many of the other religions? Or is it just Muslims. I’m not asking you to answer me, I’m attempting to get you to stop and think about what you said – and how you came to that conclusion.

    Cathy – Very few Muslims are ‘devout’ or ‘fanatical’. There are pockets of them around the world. Just like there are pockets of other fanatics from other religions living around the world. Yes, their ideology is wrong/untrue/twisted. These are lost people, CAPTIVES of satan.

    I tell you sister, I was in a situation in that Muslim country where I ended up in an Islamic COURT – UNDER SHARIA LAW (I will not divulge details here because it involves too many people who could get hurt). I was terrified they would be prejudiced against my white AMERICAN skin. They were not. They were fair and just.

    I want to make it VERY clear. I am NOT defending Islam. I am NOT defending Sharia law.
    I AM testifying these people are freakin CAPTIVES, NOT OF THEIR OWN CHOOSING. The majority of them want NOTHING to do with war, killing and hurting anyone. When I found myself in one of their religious courts, TOTALLY at their mercy? They. Were. Fair.

    And that’s a damn sight MORE than I can say for the American ‘justice’ system, which only seems to deliver justice to those who can afford to pay high priced lawyers to help them.

    A hard pill to swallow, but that’s MY experience.
    Those are just some of my thoughts. YHWH have mercy on us ALL.

    (LA, I have ALL my court documents, and can and will verify this testimony if need be. Again, I’m not defending Islam or Sharia Law…but I am challenging the ideas people have about ‘Muslims’, because I believe we have all been lied to about so much and my experience out there bears a totally different witness. It’s not to say atrocities don’t happen in Muslim countries, because they do — but they also happen worldwide.)

    • Wow! absolutely phenomenal testimonial, Lisa– it needs to be heard. Thank you from the depths of my heart for sharing.

    • They DO have a choice, just not a very easy one. I’m kinda wondering how long ago your dealings with them were because it seems like they really ramped up their hatred of us after the 9/11 cowardly acts and bin ladens fiascos, either that or the news almost completly ignored them before that

    • By choice I mean I would rather die than serve satan, which if you put it in a vacuum and take the politics away, they are a false religion with false teachings so they are serving satan.

    • Moment, you are most welcome.
      Yeshua meant it when He said to love our neighbours and to love (and pray for) our enemies (real or perceived).

      You wonder how long it’s been since I lived there?
      I lived there until late 2006/early 2007.
      So, I was there when 9/11 happened. I stood in my bait (house) watching the horror unfold over satellite. Arab friends reached out to make sure my relatives were not harmed. Western friends never thought to ask……..(how self absorbed we are in the West).

      Heck, I was there when the 2nd Gulf War started. I was there when planes landed at OUR airport on the way to the war, despite those airplanes not having clearance (american forces are bullies).

      My children went to school with all sorts of children (multinational school).
      Never once did I feel threatened or unsafe.
      I never ONCE witnessed one Arab applaud what happened on 9/11. I knew rich, poor, & in between.

      I did, however, witness a barrage of propaganda being spewed at them (just like happens to us in the West on our crappy, controlled news media!!) to try and fire up the masses (through al jazeera and other Arab news outlets).

      Most people who have some desire to follow Our Creator (YHWH), even if they don’t personally know Him yet, were repulsed by what happened. Condolences were expressed to me, openly.

      That’s more than I can say for my fellow Western ex-pats who never once asked each other if they had friends or relatives affected by 9/11. They ALSO never expressed horror over Arabs in Afghanistan or Iraq being killed. It makes me sick, the double standards and the arrogance and pride that people carry because they have a privileged life, and AVOID abject poverty (it’s sooo unpleasant!) and have stuidply FALLEN for the lies of the media (hence, my pleas to everyone to step away from the teLIEvision and stop watching it. If you watch it, you are being programmed. Look up NLP! Do the research on WHO and WHY the technology of the t.v. was invented in the FIRST PLACE…it’s ALL CONNECTED……all evil intent).

      And Joeb, forgive me, but honestly, they do NOT have a choice. They have NO choice in their countries, which religion they follow or practice. They are forced to follow Islam.

      Get real with your statement where you said:
      “By choice I mean I would rather die than serve satan, which if you put it in a vacuum and take the politics away, they are a false religion with false teachings so they are serving satan.”

      MANY people end up serving satan WITHOUT KNOWING IT.
      MANY in the West serve him without knowing it.

      Your logic is elementary at best, and flawed with many holes.

      Somewhere in your mind, you have deduced that Muslims know they are serving satan?

      Listen, they think WE are misled – they simply think that anyone who follows Yeshua as SAVIOUR (born of a virgin, died and resurrected and Son of YHWH) is deceived.

      And guess what else? Many Muslims know WAY more about Yeshua than Christians.
      THEY are deceived, brother.

      The spiritual WICKEDNESS – the powers of DARKNESS that REIGN in that REGION have weaved a web of subtle lies that has taken centuries to achieve what is has thus far. (hello, think of Gabriel who took 21 days, and had to call on Michael to help him battle the Prince of Persia, to reach Daniel. The Prince of Persia is a powerful fallen angel/demon over that VERY REGION!)

      satan is organised. He’s smart. Cunning, SUBTLE. Comes as an angel of light. And he appoints princes (powerful demons) over various regions around the world. Just step back and look at how SUCCESSFUL his deception has been with ISLAM! And in other parts of the world using DIFFERENT methods to suit the different peoples’ weaknesses. Almost all Arabs (not all, but most) are raised Islamic. NOT. BY. CHOICE. There is no freedom of religion. There is no freedom on many levels there.

      The news MANIPULATES EVERYTHING. You don’t know what it was like before 9/11 because the news didn’t show you. You ONLY know what you know from the news – and that my fried, is a distortion, to manipulate you into thinking those dear people – PEOPLE – FLESH AND BLOOD – who are deceived, are your enemies.

      The REAL enemy are the people running the govts WORLDWIDE….spiritual wickedness in HIGH places…read Psalm 2….because it sums it UP to the tee.

    • And Joeb, forgive me, but honestly, they do NOT have a choice. They have NO choice in their countries, which religion they follow or practice. They are forced to follow Islam.

      Get real with your statement where you said:
      “By choice I mean I would rather die than serve satan, which if you put it in a vacuum and take the politics away, they are a false religion with false teachings so they are serving satan.”

      MANY people end up serving satan WITHOUT KNOWING IT.
      MANY in the West serve him without knowing it.

      Your logic is elementary at best, and flawed with many holes.

      Somewhere in your mind, you have deduced that Muslims know they are serving satan?
      You always have a choice, just not very pretty answers sometimes, I dont consider my logic to be that elemetary, they have tv’s and the internet, which is very slanted in their country I’m aware, but christian material is not nowhere to be found, if they don’t agree with it, why not research a little about christianity, the thing they hate. I understand they are raised to believe islam, but I have friends that were raised to not go to church, not know the Lord but they did even though they were never taught it. I know there are alot more influences pushing towards learning about God in our country, but its still not impossible. I didn’t say they knew they were worshiping satan, but if they tried a little they could find out. Even in the bible God ordered the destruction of nations that were evil and did not know better. All I’m sayin is, if they are really good people, and their religion is pushing their KIDS to blow people up via suicide you should really think about what your doing. I understand your pretty convicted about your stance on this, but there is no need for you to be so hostile at me. You had a good experience but others also weren’t that fortunate. I know the news is slanted and only shows the bad things those people do but I also personally know soldiers that were there, alot of the people were nice to them, but there were also 5 year old kids shooting at them. Believe me, I dont like the war we have with those people at all, I’m not a racist guy all im sayin as a whole, muslims do not seem to be very good people, I’m happy you got out of the trouble you were in safely but like I said, many were not that fortunate at all….

    • by the way, yes I would and do keep my distance from Bhuddists, Taoists, Zionists (not genuine Jews who follow Torah!) there is a huge difference between me and them, I’m christian and they are not, God said you are either with me or against me. There is no middle ground there. He did not say if you don’t know better or weren’t raised to believe in me its ok, he said your with me or against me. No I wouldnt give these people a cold shoulder, I would talk to them and try to get them to know God. But I also wouldn’t fraternize with them and give satan a chance to get under my armor, we are told to keep our guard up. I do not believe all of these people from these religions are evil by a long shot, but their religion is and I’m not ok with that.

    • See, Joe – you automatically assume Muslims ‘hate’ Christians. No doubt some do. But it’s not that simple. Because, many do not.

      Again, I’m not defending Islam. It is pure deception. Just as all other religions are.

      I’m merely trying to communicate that we cannot continue to lump all people groups into simplistic categories. It’s just not that simple.

      As JohnB put it – “We all have choices, but with some people choices are bound within the “perimeters of strongholds”.

      The strongholds of that region are indeed very strong. They are captives. Yeshua came to set the captives free. We are His servants – his workmen – and if we don’t have a living, breathing relationship with Him, He cannot and will not use us to reach ALL captives!

      YHWH’s Hand has moved, as one can see, through many testimonies of individual Muslims who’ve come to the saving knowledge and grace of Yeshua. Some of them through people, some through visions….

      Yes, YHWH ordered the total destruction of some peoples/tribe/nations. If you investigate further into many of those situations, YHWH knew certain groups had to be done away with because they were giants or nephilim. It wasn’t that ‘these people didn’t know better’. If that were true, YHWH would be an unjust Elohim punishing the ‘ignorant’! And that is NOT SO. Rebellion was king with certain people groups — and many of them were tainted with giants/nephilim in their bloodline. They were beyond redemption.

      YHWH does not want one to perish. One must ask and investigate WHO that is talking about. I would recommend you have a look at the story of Esau and Jacob….then read Obadiah and ask the LORD to show you.

      Indeed there are places where some Muslims would use their children to blow people up via suicide. But this is NOT the majority of Muslims. Again, items like this skew the whole picture of a people.

      Have another look from another perspective.
      Muslims abhor abortion, and they view this atrocity and the FACT that it is legal in the West, to be a huge indictment of our ‘lack of any moral value’ and they are duped into believing that this is lumped with Christianity. You can cry all you like that YOU don’t agree with abortion as an individual – but they will then point out that ‘enough of you do agree or it would not be law’. And that is true. We, in the West, have JUST as much blood on our hands as other people groups. We all use different means to achieve our evil goals (collectively). And YHWH WILL punish ALL who do not repent and seek Him. Look at Revelation who speaks of the Whore who has made the nations drunk on the wine (false doctrine) of her inequities.

      My testimony is a hard pill to swallow in the face of all the manipulation of the media. But it is NOT hostile Joeb. If you take it that way – please re-examine. Being direct is not hostile.

      I’m convicted that Muslims are PEOPLE. Their ideology is evil. TWO SEPARATE things. We are to pray for them and love them. Above all? We are to seek FIRST, the Kingdom of YHWH and ALL His Righteousness…….and go WHERE EVER the LAMB leads us. Even to break bread with an enemy, IF He calls us to do so. That means walking by FAITH that He has a plan and we are to obey Him. That’s what walking with Him means…obeying Him and not leaning on our own understanding, directing our own paths based on our LIMITED understanding of how things work.

      I did NOT have a ‘good experience’ out there Joe. It was not an ‘easy ride’. I had a shocking experience (on many levels). See? You fall into that trap of simplifying thing downs to black and white. And it’s not that simple. The Truth IS that simple, but we live on this earth, in this flesh for the time being – and until Yeshua returns, we see through a glass darkly.

      I have love and compassion for all the babies who are killed over there. Do you? Or do you feel nothing for those innocent babies who are ‘casualties of war’? Or do you go so far as to cheer with the forces who got another kill?

      NONE of us are supposed to spill blood. None. And by all counts? EVERY single nation on this earth has blood on their hands.

      Lastly, Joeb – as you grow in Yeshua, you will find He will take you places you previously thought you should not, could not go — but if HE is leading you and you obey — then you will discover how immeasurable His love is – and how He really does not wish one to perish. His ways are above our ways and we cannot always understand how He works. If Yeshua leads you to

      I’ll try to give you a concrete example. I used to think I should not have anything to do with certain people. What I’ve learned with experience in my walk with Him, is that things are NOT what they always seem. And that sometimes He leads us into an area where WE think we should not be – but if we trust Him, He shows us what we could not see before.

      I hope that better explains where I’m coming from Joeb. I have no desire to argue or debate with anyone. I simply shared my testimony on this because I felt pressed in my Spirit to do so. Do with it what you will, but if I were you, I’d pray and ask Him to confirm, deny or reveal what it is He wants you to learn/see.

    • I was not taking offense from what you were saying only the low blows you are trying to mix in with your reply such as my reasoning is elementary and asking if I cheer the forces on that kill each other and if I feel nothing for the babies and think of them like casulties of war. I said absolutky nothing to incinuate that I feel nothing fir these people or our own in the conflict over there. I also understand that they are people just like us but as long as they claim to be a Muslim then that’s what they are. I do believe it’s right to defend ourselves but I would never suggest killing them. I understand you befriended alot of these people but that don’t change the fact they are not for our God and we have invaded their countries but not under massive rebel factions claiming to be warriors of God. They might not have freedom
      of religion in certain countries but they have freedom in their hearts and the Muslims in USA and various other countries do avd they still choose to follow Islam. I don’t know how much clearer God can be when he said your either with me or against me. There were NO stipulations on that whatsoever. I do pray alot, and I don’t wish harm on these people bit I do wish they would quit tryin to harm us, even if it’s not all of them(I got the point not all of them are hardcore like their Quran teaches them to be the first time you said it). I’m not arguing with you. You stated your opinion and I’m fine with that. And no maybe you didn’t have a “good” experience bit you came out alive, that’s what inwas referring to unlike alot of “infidels” that were executed in the name of Allah.

    • Joeb, They were simply questions to ponder/consider. I have witnessed professed-Christians speak one way (with compassion and horror) about people from certain people groups being killed, and in the same breathe dismiss or even justify (no love or compassion for) the killing of other people groups. In the name of what? Pride? Blindness? This was not an indictment of you personally. I believe it is called a rhetorical question. No hidden arrow of accusation or insult intended. There was no intent to imply anything about your personally one way or another. It was food for thought. My apologies for not being able to communicate better.

      This is NOT about how I FEEL. And it should not be about how you feel, Joeb. Rise above allowing a message or communication to provoke you into reacting in your flesh. It was never my intent to accuse/condemn you. I cannot know your heart just as I have learned I cannot truly know anyone else’s heart. I can ONLY appeal to Yeshua to lead me. I’m relaying my experiences – and my attempt to sum it up without writing a novel is not easy.

      I seem to offend many people. Take EVERYTHING I communicated, to Him in prayer. Obviously, I’m not the perfect communicator.

  9. Calling Lisa in UK~
    A tidbit of info for you: I gave up my TV in 2007! I only watch DVD’s on the “box” or my PC…you know, stuff that I choose for educational or entertainment purposes. If I opt to view something a little “heavier” (and I’m REALLY picky with that) in content it’s only for educational –spiritually and intellectually– purposes. Kinda like how Derek and Sharon Gilbert use the term “Peering Into Darkness” and “watching the watchers” so we can keep a one-up on the wicked ones’ agendas. Similar to how this blog works for us. Oh well, you catch my drift.
    I like your term “teLIEvision”! I also am glad you brought up NLP. Several posts back I mentioned it as it relates to mass communications and the re-education of Westerners. No one commented. I s’pose it’s too “out there” for some folks. Too bad though….it’s more than helpful to know about it. Thanks again for your most gracious fervor:^D

    • I picked up ‘teLIEvision’ somewhere along the way. It is not my original idea, lol:)… Yeh, NLP (neurolingusitic programming) is kind weird and freaky stuff. I was introduced to it about 10 years ago (while I was still living in the ME — by some friends in the West). It was introduced as a way to help patients overcome bad habits and low self esteem…. I had a wariness about it and after reading about it extensively, I came to the conclusion this was simply a way to ‘programme’ people…a conditioning method. As with any knowledge, I’m realising it can be used for good or evil. For me though, this is not something I would want to use on anyone, because in my view, influencing someone in that kind of way carries a huge responsibility. Heck, every word we speak influences for that matter – and we will give account for every one.

      I also have a t.v., but we no longer have a t.v. licence so we cannot and do not access regular t.v. programming (interesting how they use the word ‘programme’ so openly…..hidden in plain sight, huh!). We sometimes rent dvd’s like you….. So, yeh, I totally know what you mean:)!
      YHWH bless!

  10. Joe.b & Lisa; We all have choices, but with some people choices are bound within the “perimeters of strongholds”
    The pharisees were a good example of that! Even “Saul” before he became “Paul” thought he was serving god by killing Christians. God shall have mercy on whom He wills. We should love our enemies and Muslims are our enemies, they just don’t know it.

    john B

  11. Lisa,
    Yeshua often calls us to minister out of our struggles and life experiences, beyond ‘reason and intellectual,’ christianity utilizing our relationship with Him from our hearts (not head knowledge) and from the depth of our experiences. Ask Jesus if you are to share the gospel with the Muslims, for they do not know the Love of Jesus Christ and Father Creator God for them! their flase and idolatrous god called Allah and his false prophet Momhamed are of Lucifer?Satan and teach abuse, destruction, violence and many false doctrines wrapped up into their religious/political system of oppression and domination. When they are told that Father God (Abba) loves them so much that he sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross for their salvation–‘freedom from bondage to sin and enslaved by men,’ which is freely given to them as a gift through Jesus, they also embrace that he arose an(resurrection) and is alive today for them to be in relationship with! they recognise the true and pure value of Jesus’s gift of laying down his life for them because He loves them!I see your passion for this people group. Ask Jesus if you are to serve Him through ministry to them by telling them of the Gospel of the Good News of Yeshua Messiah and God’s Kingdom here on earth and that Jesus (who is alive with Father God) and not in a well!) loves them is offering them FREELY (not by works) the Hope of Eternal life and freedom through Him.
    Ask Jesus. The population of Muslims is growing so fast in UK, Jesus may have been preparing you fo rthis calling and assignment all along. For we are all called and sent out to “Go and Tell the Gospel (into all nations and people groups in this world!) This can begin right where we live and go outward from there. So what people groups are near you?
    Take the Hope of Salvation to them! Go to them with the compassion, mercy and love of Jesus (which is communicated in your words in these posts from burning in your heart passionately).
    In Jesus,

    • Thanks Cathy — I am praying – asking Him to prepare me for whatever He wants me to do. It’s not clear to me, yet, how He will use me. Perhaps it will be to minister to Muslims. Perhaps part of that is relaying what I relayed here, to appeal to others who claim to follow Him, that Muslims are also captives and that we must look at them as such, and go by HIS lead and avoid the folly of relying on our own understanding and that of other mere men.

      The people group around me are white, old, farmers, rural in the middle of nowhere. I believe He has had me in the wilderness for 3 years now. I don’t often get out, see anyone (aside from my immediate family) or speak to anyone (again, aside from my immediate family). That may change. I do not know. I just wait on Him to open and close doors no man can shut.
      in Yeshua,
      YHWH bless you dear sister,

  12. Lisa,
    I have also been separated and out in a rural area which is so different because I have always been accustomed to living in a city–whether a large city or a small town. For the last 3 years I’ve not had anyone to talk toother than my husband and 3 grown sons, so now we’re ’empty nesters.” But God in His infinite wisdom sent someone here to film my ‘deliverance by Jesus Christ’ testimony and it has been broadcast internationally on Christian tv. Jesus did that, by His design! Interesting that I don’t watch Christian or any other tv! God has separated me unto himself for strengthening and time with Him. I encourage you to keep a written journal(daily) and also you may consider writing flyers and other articles to reach the lost, or children or even the old farmers around you may be far from the Lord and need to hear the cry , “Repent! Return or turn to Jesus of Nazareth and hear the message of Hope, Salvation and joy in the soon coming of Jesus at His Second coming. The Kingdom of God is near!”

    • Cathy, that is SO edifying, uplifting and exciting to me:)! It’s so similar to what I’m experiencing….
      except for being interviewed about how Yeshua delivered me from darkness that threatened to kill me.

      I would love to be able to listen to your testimony. Is there a place I can find it online that you know of?

      I will pray more and more (I have been) to seek what He wants me to do on the local front. I do pray for my village and the surrounding area. But sometimes, I wonder if He wants me to do more. He called me out of the local church almost two years ago (dry bones was the word He gave me and it was after coming out of her completely that the learning really began to ramp up).

      Let me know if there is way to hear/listen/watch your testimony…?

  13. Lisa,
    I don’t think they’re airing it now. It was aired for 2 years.
    I’ll have to check and get back to you. At the same time it was being made I came out of my church, tried two more , then realized that I was to ‘come out’ of the World’s organized religious Babylonian system. After production, they misused my ‘pure of heart’ deliverance testimony to try to manipulate viewers to trust a tv evangelist and send in more money to him and to their network because they were building a grand new headquarters and buildings and name for their mionistries and themselves. By the Holy Spirit’s wisdom I saw through it all and stayed under the shelter of the Lord’s Wings! My focus was wanting to tell the world by a real person’s testimony of our HOPE of Salvation in Jesus and His mercy, love, healing, deliverance which is freely given to all, not earned nor bought!
    I am no longer associated with the national and international ministries I was before! I urge you to:
    “GO OUTSIDE THE 4 WALLS! IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS NOT ABOUT THE CHURCH BUILDINGS! LOOK TO THE MODEL OF JESUS–OUT IN THE OPEN AIR! HE WALKED THE LAND SPEAKING OF THE GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD (HIS FATHER!) HE MET THE PEOPLE WHERE THEY WERE AND BROUGHT THEM LIVING BREAD AND WAATER (SPIRITUAL FOOD AND SPIRITUAL WATER). God is the same yesterday, today and forever..so He has not changed since then! Prayerwalk the Land and take it back for God (like Joshua and Caleb) with every step you take. In your lifestyle model Jesus for your daughter as she is your legacy! This is a beginning. Consider a bible study, prayer group oand/or worship meeting in your home. Many home groups are being started now all over the world! Time is short. Time to take action Now–ask this of Jesus!It’s all about Him Not us!
    In Jesus,

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