8 thoughts on “L. A. Marzulli on Set the Captives Free!

  1. LA, good luck on SCF, love that show!

    Im listening to the Dori Etheridge episode right now, powerful stuff!
    it kind of helped me through a spot ive been thru in wondering about if i lost my salvation due to considering and pursuing the occult after becoming Christian.

    • Hi Frank, this is Lynne dickie from SCF. if you ever want to talk about what you wrote in your comment please email me at
      mylittleoso@msn.com. and if you would like to talk to dori please let me know as well. Thanks for listening to SCF.

      lynne dickie

  2. Dr. Lynn,

    I read a review in one of our local papers yesterday about a book called, “Angelology” by Danielle Trussoni. I was wondering if you knew anything about it and if you had read it. Here is one of the reviews from Amazon.com:

    Beautiful, powerful, cruel, and avaricious, the half-human, half-angel Nephilim have thrived for centuries by instilling fear among humans, instigating war, and infiltrating the most powerful and influential families of history. Only a secret group of scholars, the Society of Angelologists, has endeavored to combat the spread of evil generated by Nephilim. Now, a strange affliction is destroying the Nephilim, and the cure is rumored to be an ancient artifact of great power. Sister Evangeline of the St. Rose Convent discovers an archived letter regarding the artifact’s location and is thrust into the race to locate the artifact before the Nephilim do. She uncovers her family’s past as high- ranking angelologists, and their secrets assist in her dangerous hunt. Trussoni, author of the acclaimed memoir Falling Through the Earth, makes an impressive fiction debut with this engrossing and fascinating tale. With captivating characters and the scholarly blending of biblical and mythical lore, this will be popular for fans of such historical thrillers as Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth or Katherine Neville’s The Eight. Sony Pictures Entertainment has purchased the film rights.”
    –STARRED Library Journal

    Here is the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Angelology-Novel-Danielle-Trussoni/dp/0670021474

    It sounds like someone else is finding the Nephilim topic something more than just another genre.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

    • wow this is alarming. it’s like they’re listening to revelations radio and acceleration radio twisting it and turning it into a novel.

      maybe people are trying to make it all look like fiction so noone will believe it’s partially true.

  3. Frank I agree with you about trying to make it LOOK like fiction as a type of misinformation. Did you watch the video interview? Methinks the author is not coming from a Christian point of view about the Nephilim in the least. Also, in the newspaper article I read, it said that Will Smith has already purchased movie rights. Not to star in it, but to produce it.

    It is amazing how the world JUMPS at Biblical truths when they are twisted to fit their constructs by taking a square peg and trying to fit it in a round hole. Taking the peg and fitting it into its proper alignment…well, that just wouldn’t do now would it?

    I thank God for Dr. Lynn’s willingness to craft such a great trilogy from a Biblical world view as he has done. We need to continue to pass along our copies to others. That is what I have been doing and those copies that haven’t been returned I pray are being read by someone that never intended to.



    • didn’t get a chance to watch the video, but ya, i agree Ms. Info is working hard!

      i wish someone would buy the rights to LA’s trilogy and film that.

      btw, i gotta get a new copy of PP&S i loaned it out and never got it back. i don’t think my friend read it either.

  4. AWesome! i have book 1, i’ll be picking up the next 2 then. still gotta get dad the Alien Interviews.

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