Everything is Connected…. Trust Me!

The vote for the Health care bill may happen by Sunday, if house speaker Nancy Pelosi deems she has the votes. By the way Pelosi’s approval rating is 3% and yet, this is the person who is running the House of Representatives. It’s a sad day…. According to FOX News poll 56% of Americans do not want this monstrosity of a bill passed as it will take over 17% of the nation’s economy and put it in the hands of the government, which is incapable of managing anything. I’ve pointed to this before, but all one needs to do is to look how long it took the US government to construct a border fence. It still isn’t completed and now “officials” are saying that the so-called virtual fence isn’t working. That costs the tax payers millions. These are the same group of folks who are trying to ram this bill down the throats and wallets of the American people. Here’s a great article on the Health Care bill. It would appear that President Obama doesn’t know what’s in the bill and yet he wants to pass it. We have given the keys of the asylum to the inmates! http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704207504575130081383279888.html


Last night I watched Glenn Beck on the O’Reilly factor. I like Beck. He’s a straight shooter and he loves the principles that this country was founded on. Beck stated that he believed we are close to a global economic melt down. I couldn’t agree more and have BLOGGED in the past about getting our houses in order. It was clear from the interview that O’Reilly was not going to address that issue as he immediately redirected Beck. Here is a link to a story about the collapse of the tiny country of Latvia. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704207504575130081383279888.html

This country has unemployment running over 20%. Latvia, however is not the only country that is hitting the skids. Greece is facing its own financial meltdown and Mexico and  Australia are on the bring as well. If Health Care passes it might push the fragile US economy over the cliff….

Here’s the link: http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianpress/article/ALeqM5hiL2TvgNpzwpxXsixuJsrpaPI3tw

My guest this week on Acceleration Radio was Bill Salus. We discussed a lot of issues regarding prophecy and the state of the Middle East. I suggested a possible scenario that Bill agreed with. Here it is again for those of you who might have missed it. The United States has moved Bunker-Busting bombs to the Indian ocean. Here’s the link to that article: http://themedialine.org/news/news_mideast_daily.asp?Date=03/17/2010&category_id=8

We know that Iran is in the cross-hairs of Israel and while it appeared that there might have been a regime change in Iran, the hope of that was quashed by the Mullah’s who run the country. Adding to this is Russia’s insistence to provide Iran with the technology that they need to complete their nuclear ambitions.  The Israeli’s will not sit by and allow the Iranians to get the bomb. So what are we left with? If there is a preemptive strike on Iran, we might see Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria – all of whom recently signed a pact with Iran to go to war if she is attacked – strike back at Israel. We might also see Iran retaliate by creating a radiological blockade at the Straights of Hormuz. I discussed this before and if the Iranians were successful in doing this they would greatly impact the west by driving up oil prices to perhaps $10. per gallon. I believe this could trigger a full blown war in the region that then might lead to the revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence….

All of this is connected. It’s all part of a plan that has been working for thousands of years. It is supernatural in origin, it is the mystery of iniquity, which is at work. The Luciferian force that moves, pushes and drives all of this is hidden and is a secret. Make no mistake. It’s coming and I believe it’s coming soon. Get your house in order, brace yourself. The signs are here…. Of course you can always ignore all of this and watch American Idol.

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114 thoughts on “Everything is Connected…. Trust Me!

  1. Thank you for this reminder. Those of us who are watching, not only the spectacle in D.C., but the unfolding of events worldwide can only conclude that we are truly witnessing events that try men’s souls!! I thank the Lord that my eyes are open and that my trust is in Him alone! Isn’t it amazing that the majority of people seem to think that it is “business-as-usual?” I’m praying for members of my own family…that their eyes would truly be opened, that the Lord would place conviction on their souls, and draw them to Himself. We have tried as best we can to prepare for what’s coming. I challenge everyone to heed the warning while there’s time.

  2. I read a report by those that predict such things. Some were ministers, others secular and other just economical gurus. Around 50 in all.
    They were all pretty much expecting a meltdown and a world wide economic catastrophe sometime in the last six months of 2010. Some were considering it God’s judgement on a hedonistic society that would not turn back to repentance.

    One can say, we have all heard this before, but….this time there are economic teeth showing unlike any time in history including the Great Depression and you can’t argue with numbers like uncountable trillions in debt load.

    The present administration is pushing it’s socialistic doctrine forward, playing the proverbial fiddle as the fires approach.

    It doesn’t take much of a prognosticator to see that the US and much of the world could be hurled into the hands of dictatorship of autocratic power without much of a shove.

    Enter the Antichrist……and all of Satan’s power, signs and wonders.

  3. wow, i hadn’t even considered how the HC bill may play into all this. I suppose it too has a part to play, why else would they railroad it through so quickly. Im with you on the comparison to the border fence, they can’t even build a “virtual” fence! how can they give us healthcare!

    LA, I’ll have to disagree with you on Glen Beck though. Im not saying you agree with everything he says, but I have heard that his loyalty to a cause is as restless as the desert sands. Plus, 6 major corporations own ALL of the media in America, Fox news is one of those. not to say they don’t report good data once in while. And i certainly don’t mean that msnbc, abc, cbs and cnn are any better, because they are also owned by 1 of these 6 corporations. I wish i was making that up.

    About beck though, he not only changes his stance on issues very frequently, but my gut feeling is that he is playing to the agenda of those who fund him. I also feel he and maybe Alex Jones are trying to stir the pot to foment severe unrest and disatisfaction with the Gov’t with the intent to create chaos.

    Maybe that chaos will play a part in bringing about the antichrist?

    We must be watchful.

  4. I’ve got friends who are retired bankers from Chase and B of A who are telling me that their conjectures are that the U.S. economy may tank out as soon as this October. According to them, China is the player to watch, aside from Washington, D.C.’s medical “buy-out.” We’ll all just have to wait and see what happens. A lot of variables are at work here.

  5. With all due respect Dr. Marzulli and I can’t think of someone I admire more for your faith, courage and tanacity Glen Beck is not a good person. He is part of a triune of of individuals who are rich, privledged men with microphones who are ripping this country apart. Barak Obama no matter how much hatred is cast at him is only doing what Franklin Roosevelt did to provide social security and Lyndon Johnson did for providing medicare to people who are getting sacked by huge health care corporations and their lavishly paid CEO’s and lobbiests. According to a Harvard study 45,000 americans die each year because they have no health insurence. Hundreds of thousands more cannot get insured or are dropped because of “pre-existing conditions”.

    Why are we protecting multi-national health conglomerates who only want priumums from the healthy? The United States spends more money by many-fold per person than any nation on earth for health care yet we are only 19th in ranking when it comes to health quality. Equador is overall a more healthy country than we are. Where is all the money we spend on health care going? Doctors themselves only get 10% of the total take. One of the admonitions of our Savior is to heal the sick and that is what public health care like public education is trying to do.

    Its so strange to me how people will generally accept the loaded pajorative “socialiosm” when it comes to bailing out huge banks like Leman Brothers and Citi Financial who simply walk away with the public’s money but will fight to the absolute death to keep someone poor with no health insurence because they can’t afford it from seeing a doctor.

    But there is a darker side to all of this. Yesterday I watched a tape of people who looked healthy and very well fed and they were mostly men yelling in vicious anger, protesting over this issue. There was a man who couildn’t walk with parkinson’s desease on the ground with a sign who seemed to be in favor of health care. A well dressed man in a white shirt and tie was leading a group of men who were heaping derision on this man on the ground. They were call him names and the guy in the white shirt and tie in sunglasses started mocking him and throwing dollars on his head. The scene was disturbing and disgusting. For those who hate the president and intend to whip up lawlessness and chaos…there the lawless one is near by.

    And in the darker seams of the angry tea parties and birthers a man walked into a Unitarian church a few months ago and killed and wounded some people. He shouted his hate for “liberals” while he killed and maimed. At his home they found books and articles by Limbaugh, O’Riley, Hannity and etc.

    A man a few months ago walked into the Holocaust institute in Washington and shot a security guard and killed him with the intent of killing many more. He was fed up with the government and an avid watcher of Fox and another devotee of certain radio and media programming….a man flew a plane into the Internal Revenue Building just three months ago killing two people and himself and injuring others. A anti-government rant which included quotes from Glen Beck was published on the internet by him. I thought this was interesting because this guy was the equlivant of a suicide bomber.

    All of this government hatred is whipping up a lawlessness in certain of our population and they are talking about suceeding from the union in Texas and hanging the president at Sarah Palin ralleys and some are even acting out on their hatereds with violence.

    Might the spirit of the anti-christ arise in a moment we were unaware, from a place we were not looking? Remember George Bush coined the term “New World Order”.

    • Wilson, the real debate on healthcare has nothing to do with the Republicans versus the Democrats as the controlled media would have us believe. The real debate that’s taking place is from the special interest medical groups (i.e. Pfizer, Merck, etc) who are trying to ensure that they are the ones who will be granted the future fat government contracts.

      Much in the same way Lockheed, Bell, Northrop-Grummon, etc, all are private companies who make billions of dollars from government defense contracts, so too, is the healthcare system being modeled after beginning with the current legislation. It all comes down to money for these companies. The government merely wants further control of the commoners, aka, us. And if Uncle Sam can utilize the fat cat medical companies to help get that control, they have no problem with the rich companies getting richer while they do it.

      The insurance companies at the very top echelons, are controlled by the British lords which–therein lies the problem. All of the other excuses being used by the media to cram this new legislation down the American public’s throats, is merely a pack of sideshows to keep the people in the dark from what’s actually taking place.

      True, media spokesmen and women in front of the camera are being used to promote the shadow government’s agenda, but most journalists have no clue that they’re being used as pawns.

      The healthcare bill will and must be passed in order for government to eventually enforce the people to take the solution for the coming new “issues” that are about to unfold. Yes, there will be mandatory vaccinations for “new viruses” (that were more than likely created by the dark ops projects) that will come forth. And eventually, enforced “marks” which will be required for people to take, in order to “protect them” from, whatever. There are many variables that are going on here and there is no simple answer other than, “Lord, Your Kindom come, Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

      In Revelation, it says that those who take the mark, they will develop sores on their body from God as punishment for taking the mark, but the people will repent not. We however, we will have been raptured into heaven during this time and we will not be put through the time of Jacob’s Trouble, thank the Lord!

    • I respectfully disagree with you Wilson.

      I don’t think POTUS cares about anyone’s welfare or health: I think his deceptive , so-called Christian front is just that: He doesn’t attend any church now that he can’t find one just like his church in Chicago: The by-laws of that church stated that if God was against them (the congregants) then they must be against God!!! What kind of Christian would feel that way. If you need I can back that up with sources.

      His agenda is only, and totally, with Soros and the creepy nwo who talk with forked tongues. Health care for everyone sounds great on the surface until you discover:

      The govt will have direct access to your bank account so they can withdraw their ‘fees’ from you. It aint free!

      Decisions about your health will be made by a govt run beaurocracy, not your doctor, who will decide whether you need/receive treatment for whatever ailes you, and you will be treated as you are considered ‘important and feasible’ (my words) according to how old you are, how much time you have left or how long the govt wants you around or is willing to pay for you.

      According to some reports, Insurance companies make a whopping 3.4% . Obviously that is enough for those who are in the industry, yet all we hear is how awful anyone is who makes alot of money.Taking over health care is stealing. Congress has an abysmall approval rating, the lowest ever, yet they continue to vote against the will of the people. Why is that?

      I know a woman who had a prolapsed uterus and no insurance. She bragged to me that she received not only one, but two, surguries to fix her. I am glad she got better, but she paid $40 in application fees for 2 $20,000 surguries. There are plently of safeguards in place for those in need.

      This whole thing is a scam to control every aspect and level of our lives. The RFID chip has been discussed repeatedly as a means of conveying all of our medical information with a simple scan. I did not get any of this info from Glenn Beck but from many sources over the years. The sheeple will easily be led to their demise so long as they cannot see the evil inherent in this administrations use of class warfare, with every change and new law needing to be right now right now right now without allowing people to read the bills. What is worse is when a watchdog does find the fine print right there in black and white they are the ones who are labeled liars, fearmongers haters and tea baggers.

      Guess what? My family and I have no health insurance, my life is not easy and we always worry about how we will live from week to week. That being said, I know it is wrong to covet my rich neighbors things and money, I don’t think people with $$ owe me a thing, and I am hopeful for a better future. I actually believe that if we all ‘stood in solidarity’ with all our poor brothers and sisters out there in the world, quit working and started looking for a handout for them and me too, who’s going to work to have the $$ to donate and be charitable? ‘For those who have more, more is required’. I just don’t think it should be stolen from them!!

    • Class warfare?????? Handouts???? The wealthy world corporatists don’t “earn” the billions. There is actually a World War II type Nazi tie to many modern coperations where satan rules.

      The bible promises us that one day we will work and we will earn what we have made instead of many greedy fingers taking pieces of it away before we see it.

      Many of these same arguments were made about socal security but after it was enacted, it is much of what my parents now have for income.

      I pay thousands in my taxes for bombs and black projects and subsidies to corporations and big banks. I would glsdly pay a little more so that you and your family could have health insurence. Its not class warfare (that propaganda is psy-ops from the wealthy promulgated in verbage by Rush). I want more for your family to be healthy than anything. I so hope you are wrong.

    • i couldn’t have said it better wilson. the talking heads on all stations are trying to get people all riled up. that’s why al qaeda is “on the run” they don’t need an external threat anymore, enough internal ones are manifesting.

    • thought the others also have valid points as well.

      let’s not get too divided on the issue as we don’t want to lose focus of the Lord and who the true enemy is.

    • Wilson, you hit the nail on the head, I used to be a faithful viewer of fox news and Hannity, until guess what? I came to the conclusion that a person can only stand so much doom and gloom. I didnt vote for Obama, but now that he’s in there, I hope he does suceed in being the one to help turn things around, because our country cant afford to fail. Yes, Im a christain, and ready whenever the lord is ready for us, but until then, we all have to live here! Im praying for the best and for economic recovery for us all. this economic failure started before this current president, and its going to be a hard road back for everyone. All the anti government talk you hear from these types of news shows just rubs me the wrong way, they know that fear can domminate and it does. and it inflames fanatics and thats dangerous and wrong.

    • Truth to that Sandra. I don’t want anymore anger thrust apon us… If the president is successful America is a better place.

      Like the spirit of Daniel, who served and loved Nebenchadezer. God did bless Daniel…he did not encourage him to hate the king even though the king was judged.

    • You want the President successful to whom? If he is successful at implementing his socialistic agenda, then no thank you. If he is successful at keeping the country together until the next election and we kick him to the curb, then I will consider that a success.

    • USA is already bankrupt. Corrupted electronic voting machines already acknowledged–which throws the elections in favor of the powers that be. They might do away with ‘term limits.’ We might not have elections again. the Republic is no more. The US Constitution and Bill of rights are in shredds. We have an llegitimate president who is not constitutionally elligible to be Pres of the US. the executive orders are not constitutional. SFor a sitting President to be serving as the head of the UN Security Council is unconstitutional.

  6. I know this video has been out for a while on youtube, and I can’t help but wonder if this case is a medical problem with the pregnancy of the mother more so than a “Nephilim.” At the same time, perhaps this was an experiment gone terribly wrong. In either case, the look of this baby is very disturbing.

    To view, copy and paste the above address in your web browser.

  7. This healthcare bill is nothing more than the biggest TAX increase in history.I used to like Glen Beck,but in my soul there is something wrong with him as well as the other very filthy rich men.He tells 90% truth and 10% rubbish and would margialize those who feel 911 still needs investigation.He is also a Mormon which means he would be doing secret maronic,i mean masonic rituals.His boss who owns Fox news owns the rights to the satanic bible,puts out most of the worlds pornography,name is Rupert Murdoch.Mr. murdochs pastor is none other than Rick Warren an apostate.btw you get to pay for this healthcare now and it doesnt start until what 2014!!!!!UNBELIEVEABLE.I have prayed about this and i do not care it isnt gonna happen.My Savior is going to decide.

    • Laura,
      Are you prejudice against people who have been blessed with resources or as you label them here as “filthy rich”? My understanding is the Mr. Beck grew up with very humble beginnings – his father was a baker. Glenn was a DJ in AZ (where I grew up) on a pop radio station back in the day. It would seem to me that any success he’s experienced is due to hard work and perseverance. As he states over and over – he’s a recovering alcoholic and through his faith, yes, it is LDS, he was able to straighten out his life. I pray often that he will come out of the Mormon faith into Christianity – there is a group called Concerned Christians in AZ that are former members of the LDS church and there entire purpose it to reach out to Mormons with the love of Christ – the biblical Jesus – not the Book of Mormon’s version of Him, which I agree is incorrect. As a regular viewer of Mr. Beck, I believe his heart is in a good place – he loves his country, he’s very charitable, claims to be a little ADD which is evident in his energy level – wish I had a fourth of it myself as he’s written like 4 books in the last year, does a radio show and tv show plus does theater. Is he perfect – nope – but I have learned a ton about our founding fathers and the constitution – things I never learned in school because our books are written by progressives – now those people are truly scary and he exposes many of them who are in the president’s administration – what is their end game, I wonder? I don’t believe it’s anything even resembling what our founders pictures for America and that’s knowledge worth having. What to do with it? Pray and speak the truth with boldness!

    • Gidget,
      Beck is a government plant media controlled mouthpiece controlled by his network’s owner. He sold out for $40-50million annual salary so he speaks w with the bias he’s told to do to protect it.
      He is a provacateur! Fake tears on demand, come on, he’s an actor playing on people’s emotions with fake on demand tears. He’s playing mind games, programming for mind controlling of the masses through entertainment & media complete with visual aids!.
      He hooks people in with some truth and then near the end of the show does a 180 reversal, leaving viewers confused and divided on what’s true. The devil, who is Satan/Lucifer himself is the author of lies, confusion and division.
      In gross error, Mormons believe Lucifer is the brother of Jesus Christ by the SAME Father–NOT!
      Blessings on all who are willing to examine him on a deeper level than surface!

  8. I live in Missouri. OUr state is planning to amend our state’s constituiton to outlaw National Healthcare within our borders and make it against the law to coerce anyone to participate. In addition to that there is a proposed State LAW here in Missouri-it is Missouri HB 2176-which if passed will STOP the IRS from being able to fine people who do not participate in Obamacare. Do a google search for Missouri HB 2176 if you’d like to know how.

  9. There is strong sentiment on both sides of the healthcare issue as with all of politics. However, there seems to be some real disturbing rhetoric being spoken on this board which I can understand considering the emotions behind these issues. I guess I am just tying to say that we all must remember that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Keep in your heart the admonishment that Dr. Lynn continues to give…”get your house in order.” Love one another. Pray for the best, prepare for the worst and seek to be and stay in God’s perfect will.

    The End Time Deception will come in stages and in many guises I believe. If our soul’s enemy can get his target focused on all the side issues, he might just be able to get our doors open enough to get a foothold so that our focus is taken off of Christ and instead on these issues that are intended to confound, confuse and divide. If our focus is not on Christ and what we as Christians are put on this earth to do…carry out the Great Commission, then the enemy has already got a leg up on the Church. We need to remember why we are here.

    Debate is a GOOD thing. We need it. However, let us not allow it to take our focus off of why God put us where we are in such a time as this.

    Sorry for another sermon. Please know it is meant in His Love.

    May the Lord come quickly.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Hi, just noticed this. Thank you for your blessings. May God’s favor rest upon you this day Miss Moment.


    • Perhaps along the lines of ‘get your house in order’ that would include doing the things the LORD has already commanded us to do: feed the hungry, clothe the naked etc. The enemy expects us to be scared and hide. Do the opposite: give to ceasar what is ceasars, and give to GOD what is GODs–that would be everything. Forget about the amount of money you have or dont have. Give! Set some of the brethren free. If they have debt, pay it. If they are out of work, hire them. If they can’t pay their medical bill, pay it for them! Start to give generously. Love immensly, forgive quickly! Say good bye to material things. The LORD knows how to provide for us! Weird as it may seem, we are living in a bigger house on a bigger property, that GOD is providing for us. None of this is about the money, its about Who we are going to trust and serve.

    • Oh Dee,

      I so love this post! You are right. The more the enemy moves, God accelerates at a much faster rate. Nothing surprises God. No evil, the Nephilium, the Bilderberg group and it’s agenda, Hollywood and it’s efforts at grooming us to what’s ahead to get us “familiar” with the unfolding. Nothing! God is sovereign and I refuse to live in fear. Yes, abundance is ours in the poverty of this place in this time in history. Not just abundance of wealth but of spirit, of His love, His miracles, His abilities. His plan is bigger all in alignment with His love. It’s all good. He’s in control.

    • Yes Kelly,
      His plan is in alignment with His Love and is written in His Word, The Holy Bible for full ‘disclosure’ to us pointing the way to Jesus. We are to be in alignment with the written Word of God, for God cannot lie nor can the HOly Spirit reveal anything contrary to the written word of God. Jesus points the Way to His Father — and not about ‘religion.’ In John 14 Jesus says, “I am the only way (path) to my Father in Heaven. Bible prophecy is accurate and over 300 prophecies in the OT about the coming of Father’s Son, Jesus Christ came true. Therefore, we can trust Father that the prophecies regarding the end of days pointing to the second coming of Jesus Christ are also true.

  10. This is NOT about health care!

    Its about controling the masses! They want to say who will live and die. The next step will be euthenasia! After all, they are killing babies so why not kill old people!

    And while they are at it, there are lots of people in the middle between infancy and old age that are very troublesome too. Out they go!

    People wanted change, they got it, but they won’t like it!

    This change is nothing compared to what God has planned for those who are left behind after the rapture!

    • Right they want to decide who lives and who dies. Euthenasia will be next for this with handicaps. Including mental handicaps. Then after that, people who refuse to accept the mark of the beast will be deemed mentally handicapped and for our own good, we will be chosen to die…

  11. True, it is about control and it appears with intentions to bankrupt America. We are already mutiplied trillions in debt and this is going to exacerbate the situation.

    Social Security? That’s got to be a joke. It is government run and is going bankrupt even as we write.
    The question remains is Why?…..I have my own ideas, but reading some of these letters is discouraging that people who consider themselves Christian are still in dreamland.

    When it passes on the Lord’s Day, you won’t see anything at first, but give it a year…..

  12. Hard to know what to believe in the media today. I know there are those who capitalize and bring viewers to their shows through fear mongering, but there does seem some truth to what they say. The biggest part about this healthcare issue is that there hasn’t been full disclosure. If Obama and friends are so set on it why not spell it out and allow the American public to read it and decide for themselves?

    I have my own opinions and views on what is taking place, but I also realize that things will unfold as God has intended. It’s just scares me that government would control not only healthcare, but the banking institutes aswell. With the Euro and the American dollar in a steady decline and on the verge of collapse, a one world currency seems closer then I would have imagined.

  13. Ummm…..during the interview about the HC bill between Bret Beiber (sp?) and Mr. Obama, our President admitted that he is not up to speed about what the bill includes. WHAAAAT? I say as my jaw drops! If this is true, then how are others getting the information about what’s in it? Talk about chaos and confusion. Maybe, just maybe, the TIMING on the bill being rammed through (a “deem and pass” move) is also functioning as a diversionary tactic for American eyes and ears; some worse case scenario looms on the horizon. Won’t we be surprized. Just a thought.

  14. The question is: Is abortion health care, or is it not?
    God’s Judgment upon this nation will be swift and strong if abortion is included in this health care bill.
    I do not get into political debates, but I feel Obama along with his cronies and attorney hench men are a curse to this country. Under the Obama administration, this country will become weaker; this is the only way to usher in a one world Government. This President will be the knock out punch to this country most of the world has been waiting for.
    Just look at the position they have taken with Israel if you want further proof.
    In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 12, Verse 1-3, we see what God says about His response to how people treat Israel:

    “And I will bless those that bless you and curse the one who curses you. And in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.”
    Never before in the history of this country have we been at such odds with Israel, just a coincidence? I doubt it….
    There are evil forces driving the political landscape in this country right now. Anyone that dare speak up is labeled a racist, not in touch with the people, and even in some cases mentally unstable. Just some of the many tactics used to make you walk the political line and not make waves. It’s hard to sit back and watch a country that you love so dearly fall apart at the seams, and spiral into something you can’t even recognize anymore but as I mentioned, this country must grow weaker to bring on the one world government.

  15. To quote Dr. Lynn from today’s post: “All of this is connected. It’s all part of a plan that has been working for thousands of years. It is supernatural in origin, it is the mystery of iniquity, which is at work. The Luciferian force that moves, pushes and drives all of this is hidden and is a secret. Make no mistake. It’s coming and I believe it’s coming soon. Get your house in order, brace yourself. The signs are here…. Of course you can always ignore all of this and watch American Idol.”

    In spite of these words of wisdom and admonition, we are still too easily caught up in the hyperbolic speech that wants to be heard over the main message which in many cases is keeping the Body of Christ from seeing the forrest because of the trees. Again, I am not saying we don’t need discourse and debate, but I (speaking solely for myself) am seeing a division within our own ranks here on this page and I can’t help but wonder what our enemy thinks in times like this.

    Yes, there is much we disagree with in our current state of politics but don’t we need to look BEYOND our visceral interests and focus on the real topic at hand? Please understand I am not seeking to undermine any person’s posting on this BLOG today, I am simply asking if we shouldn’t take a step back and remember that politics aside, we have a real war in the unseen realms that is raging as we speak. If God were to open our spiritual eyes to see the battles taking place all around us…even as we write on this board, I believe we would be humbled into submission before our Great Creator and seek His forgiveness for not running the race as He intended.

    Part of the real war is indeed what is being discussed today such as where we are (in the U.S) as a nation. But what about all the other nations of our planet? Our enemy is using us against ourselves many times and we don’t even know it. We forget we are not the only nation on earth with major political problems whose ramifications are beyond our comprehension if they go the way the enemy desires. However, we ALL know we serve Jehovah Yahweh. He is the Great and Awesome God of the universe and NOTHING that man or Satan plans will happen except on His time table.

    Again, we as the Body of Christ MUST get our houses in order as Dr. Lynn continually and rightfully exhorts us to do. Right know it is just that…an exhortation. I pray it doesn’t become a rebuke. We are all soldiers of the Army of the Lord. Let us please be careful how we choose our battles and let us remember that it is GOD Himself who fights our battles for us. We are called to be ready to be used by Him. We are His vessels to use as He sovereignly chooses. He works THROUGH US…not us through Him as some would have us believe. We must put on the Spiritual Armor of Ephesians 6 and then doing all we have to stand…STAND.

    Satan is indeed creating a very deceptive web of deceit that is continually shrouded in an enigma that we must take a stand against but we must do so wearing the armor of God, otherwise we will fall victim to the con game of playing spiritual detective whilst running down rabbit trails the enemy has made to distract us from the real crime…the great falling away of the Church that is about to befall us. When we are weakening our own ranks by dividing ourselves over issues that are just that…divisive, we cannot stand for long.

    Stay strong in His Truth though the Love of Christ as He will soon be riding on a White Horse with a white robe dipped in blood. He will come to claim those that are His and banish those who are not. Satan, his agenda and all who had followed him will then be cast into the Lake of Fire for all eternity. Time is indeed short. Let us not be caught with our guard down but with a shield in one hand and the Sword of the Spirit in the other. Our head fastened with the Helmet of Salvation, our feet shod with the Gospel of Peace all girded together with the Belt of Truth.

    God’s Peace to us all during these trying times.

    In Christ’s Love,

    Jeff D

    • As I understand it, Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright’s “Black Liberation Theology’ is communist in nature and not Christian. Alsotheir church doesn’t require a Muslim to renounce their vows to join their membership.

    • To Spiritually Check out the ‘Fruit’ of Obama, use the standard fo the Holy Bible, the written word of God. I urge you to especially take notice of this past year while heand his relatives have been in the White House. Also the unGodly voodoo ritals and other unGodly rituals which have been conducted in our White House which are idolatry and devil worship and an abomination to God.

  16. I personally think the healthcare bill goes against everything America was founded on and us a large scale ripoff. I’m not a rich man but I ding expect people that are rich to pay for my healthcare that’s not fair or equal. If they want to donate to a healthcare fund our if the goodness of their hearts then good for them but it should not be mandatory. Sure medical prices are too high and I think that should be the focus, lowering them not concocting more ways to spend tax payer money. Health insurance was always a luxury until now, now it’s a right I guess. I don’t mean to get off on a rant but I believe this bill is nothing more than the government getting more control as L.A. Put it.


    • I also think Glenn beck is a little over emotional about some things but if you listen to him everyday (not that I do anymore but I listen sometimes) he makes what seems to be sincere claims to be a Christian and seems to really love the lord. So I think he has good intentions and puts some truths out there

    • Joe B.
      Confirmation of ‘In a Moment’s ‘ reply. I actually heard and saw Glenn Beck say he’s a Mormon on TV (while I still had one!–cathy).

    • To Joe.b,
      I live in Utah. I can tell you I have observed the Mormon church for 30+ years trying to pass themselves off to other Christian denominations and to the ‘unchurched (nonbelievers) as mainstream ‘Christian’ which they definitely aren’t. They teach the lie that Lucifer is Jesus Christ’s brother with the same Father. They are worshiping another Jesus and a different (false) Gospel on which their false religious system is based. Beck is trying to do the same thing. All the Mormons will back Mitt romney for Pres. blindly, just because he is Mormon, just like what we saw with Obama and blacks behind him! Freemasonry is also predominate among Mormons.

    • Wow, you know I’m starting to feel like I live under a rock. I had no idea that mitt romney was a mormon either. I’ve read some of the mormon beliefs, enough to know I didn’t want to listen to any of them, I just had no idea whatsoever either of them were morman. Thanks big time.

  17. All I have to say is please read up on and investigate what has and is happening in this world now. Don’t be so naive people. People lie, governments lie, mass media and politicians lie and so forth. Please take what they are saying with a grain of salt. Believe and trust only in God and ask him to show you his truth.

  18. This is all about man striving for a “perfect world” by his own effort in rejection and denial of his Creator.

    The Devil uses it all, even what looks good and promising (remember the fruit in the garden) Health reform sounds good.

    The devil hates man created in the Image of God. “The Whole world is in the Power of the evil one” said Apostle John.

    The Devil don’t want people to be Healthy, He wants them in pain and misery. The deep Hatred of God is his motivation, and the Beast system (governments) his agency. It was used To crucify The lord.

    Since when do politicians tell the Truth! All they care about is the lining of their pockets with The riches Given them by being Good servants of the devil.

    “Trust in the lord and He Shall supply all your needs in Christ Jesus”

    John B

  19. You should all get rid of your telievisions.


    You might, at first, think I’m nuts – but think about it. We’re not supposed to put vile things before our eyes. We’re supposed to guard our hearts and minds. We’re supposed to take EVERY thought captive to Yeshua.
    Why? Because we are NOT equipped withOUT Him, to fight this battle that is raging RIGHT NOW. We war not against flesh and blood.
    Technologies are being used on people. Step away from the t.v. Research the technologies used in those nifty new digital telievision sets.
    Ask yourself WHY all the freakin govt’s (including here in UK) have fallen ALL over themselves ‘helping’ everyone ‘switch to digital’.
    Then do some research on the pineal gland.
    Take every thought captive to Yeshua. Or? Be captive to all the distractions.
    satan is subtle. Beware.
    YHWH bless.

    • I agree. When you watch bad things you get crazy ideas in your head. I didn’t have a tv for about 3 years and I didn’t miss it. I have one now but I still don’t have it set up so I can watch tv on it. I do watch tv sometimes but not a whole lot I do listen to the radio though

    • By any chance is the digital technology a part of our PC’s and/or within the overall cyber networks?

    • In A Moment,
      I believe it is. But someone with a more technical background could probably expand on it more than me.

      It has occurred to me, we probably need to pray when we get on our computers…and just ask the Holy Spirit to guide our every click…..to tap us on the shoulder, as it were, if we’re straying to a website that’s dangerous.

      I can share something that happened recently along these lines, that made me sit up and take note.

      We have relatives in South Africa. We’re in UK. We received a call from one relative (I’ll call him George), who professed to believe in ‘God’…had gone through the whole ‘confirmation’ thing (via the Anglican church)…went to church for weddings, funerals and the odd ‘christening’….but that was ‘it’.

      Recently, his grown son (let’s call him Rick) shared with him that his (Rick’s) wife (let’s call her Cathy) was into some weird stuff. By weird, he meant witchcraft. Cathy became aware that her father in law (George) had become privy to the darker side of her activities, and was (understandably!) showing concern, beginning to question her ‘influence’ over his grandson (Mark).

      Remember, the grandfather, George, was ‘nominal’ (described above…Anglican background with no real encounter or relationship with Yeshua).

      Anyway, it transpired that the Cathy started adding a bunch of distant relatives onto her facebook account as ‘friends’.

      Around the same time, George had begun doing research to find out what certain pictures meant that she had hanging around the computer station (new age, witchcraft/goddess kind of pictures/illustrations hung on the wall where her 9 yr old son spent hours playing violent computer games).

      He also discovered she was frequenting websites, under her real name (he googled her name), that were straight-up witchcraft sites — ‘white’ witchcraft, but we know there really is no difference….sites that had info about celebrating ‘samhain’ and other occult holidays.

      At that point George was in conflict. One on hand, he was concerned about what he called ‘the weirdness’ in dabbling in such ‘silly things’…but when discussing it with him, he also brushed it off as harmless. Frankly, at this point, he was more concerned that Mark was playing extremely violent (with overt sexual overtones) computer games.

      Seeing as spirits can hear and see pretty much everything we do? Well…some very strange things began happening. At first, George brushed them off as coincidence. But after weeks of strange phenomena, George began to realise these were no mere coincidences. The people that Cathy networked with, had begun threatening George, by sending him messages on his computer WHILE he was online. Weird messages would just pop up out of nowhere – bypassing his anti-virus and firewall protection. At one point, George’s computer had to go into the shop because it was riddled with viruses. The computer tech guy could not figure out what virus it had — but it had definitely been hacked and thoroughly messed up.

      George began receiving weird messages on his blackberry too (text and email). He received specific messages about who he was – where he lived and that he better ‘back off, or else’. Weird, threatening stuff like that.

      One day (just a few weeks ago) he was paying bills. Computer was off. Blackberry was nearby, but he wasn’t using it. He wrote one check for a particular bill – then inserted the check and the invoice into the envelope, ready to post the following day. The second he sealed the envelope – he heard his Blackberry go off – indicating he’d received a message. He checked the mail on the Blackberry and it was an email purporting to be from the company whom he’d just written the check too – saying THANK YOU FOR PAYING YOUR BILL. He got chills, and the distinct feeling this was no ordinary ‘spam’. And no longer another ‘coincidence’.

      Anyway, I say all that to say this:
      During all this – at the point where George realised he was confronting something supernatural in terms of ‘battle’, (although he did not use the term ‘battle’) – George contacted me in UK, knowing that I follow Yeshua (despite kinda just ‘putting up with me’ in the past..he was always polite – but dismissive of my belief and faith). George asked me to pray for the situation – especially his son and grandson. I cautioned George that this is real, and dangerous if one is not spiritually equipped.

      More to the point? George asked me to help him research some sites he said that he could no longer visit because every time he went to them his computer would crash, or freeze, or he would receive another threat. So, I agreed to look at the list of sites for him to find the information he wanted. (He sent the links through his Blackberry, which did not appear to have been messed with). Whoever was messing with him, seemed to target his computer directly (probably had is ip address…who knows).

      Anyway, so here I am..I finally received the batch of emails with all sorts of weird sites..and I start researching stuff for him. Before entering one site, a very heavy, oppressive sense came over me. Then, as the page seemed to be taking forever to load, something in my Spirit said “STOP” – so I pressed stop (closed the tab). It was as if the Holy Spirit was cautioning me not to go into that one particular website. So I didn’t. I ALREADY had the ‘creeps’ from visiting some of the other links.

      I now believe the Holy Spirit was cautioning me for my protection. I don’t understand why one site would be more dangerous than another site. I just stopped and did not enter that particular site.

      Then shortly after that happened, I was listening to some video (or perhaps it was in an article I read) that some sites are actually cursed or hexed to bring harm to those who visit. I felt this was an explanatory confirmation, from the Holy Spirit. Praise YHWH.

      I understand that by opening any given site, that I give a sort of legal opening to spirits that may be attached to that site to enter into some kind of ‘exchange’ with me that could harm me spiritually, if I’m not directed BY the Holy Spirit to go to that site for a specific purpose.

      So, I do not surf the internet without caution. This experience (along with some other experiences) has made me very wary of where I surf. Even seemingly innocent sites, are not always what they seem.

      This whole experience has really highlighted to me how much we need to take EVERY thought captive to Yeshua…and what it really means to guard our hearts and minds, thinking only on the good things (Him) and not letting our eyes or ears be open to the vile (which comes as shiny, cute things often).

      Sorry this is so long, but I felt led to share that in answer…
      YHWH bless.

    • p.s. I left the facebook comment hanging…sorry…
      I mentioned that because, at one point George warned me that Cathy had added MY OWN SON (who is only 12) to her facebook ‘friends’. My son had NEVER received an invitation from her. My son has his settings ALL set to PRIVATE. YET, there was my son’s picture on her facebook account! We quickly went to my son’s facebook account, and lo and behold there was NO TRACE of her being listed as one of my son’s ‘friends’!

      ANYONE who uses facebook knows this is not possible.
      If all your settings are PRIVATE.
      If you do NOT receive an invitation from someone,
      THEN, they cannot be added to your friends!

      Plus? My immediate family have never actually met Cathy (she married into the family…being so far away, we just haven’t met her).

    • I think tv, Internet and radio are all important for us to watch out for. But so is everything else on everyday life. I don’t believe in websites being cursed but I do believe in them being loaded to the gills with viruses. I gave gotten one that crashed my computer in about 5 minutes and all I did was click on a text box. But when I read sites with overtly bad/negative tones I do get a creepy feeling and the sane when I play video ganes. I think we should stay away from openly demonic things equally in the digital world and in real life. When I was back sliding pretty far I liked to read about haunting stories and ouija board stories, it always made me feel creepy bit now that I’m striving to get close to the lord I can’t even visit places like that. I don’t even have the desire for it, and I’m a very curious person, same for tv shows of the like.

      Btw I re-read alot of my posts and I have alot of typos, sorry for that as I’m posting from my iPhone most of the time.

    • Lisa, your account is exactly what I am talking about in my post under this signed on as “Standing Firm”. We MUST discern the times and what we are involved in. I can tell you from personal experience from witnessing to those in WIcca (witchcraft) and many forms of Satanism that we WILL enter into personal spiritual warfare. I will not go into all the details of what happened to me here because I don’t want Satan getting any glory from some of his victories over me but I will tell you that it is REAL. To this day, I am still in battles that are ramifications from fighting in the spiritual realms when I did not at that time believe it was as tangible as it really is. The occult is nothing to play around with even if you are in battle with good intentions.

      If you know with absolute certainty that God has called you into these battles, you better know that it is HE who wants to fight the battle…not US. Again, we have to be willing to be used BY Him, FOR Him as HE works through US. I cannot amplify this enough or repeat it enough. I am sorry if I sound redundant.

      Please do keep your eyes focused on Jesus, the author of our faith. Indeed place the armor on whenever you access the internet and make sure you have a prayer partner whenever you are in places of battle. This war is REAL. As Dr. Lynn keeps warning about the supernatural, “It is real, it is burgeoning and not going away”. Rarely are truer words spoken.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

    • JoeB –
      you said:
      “I don’t believe in websites being cursed but I do believe in them being loaded to the gills with viruses.”
      you also said:
      But when I read sites with overtly bad/negative tones I do get a creepy feeling and the sane when I play video ganes. I think we should stay away from openly demonic things equally in the digital world and in real life. When I was back sliding pretty far I liked to read about haunting stories and ouija board stories, it always made me feel creepy bit now that I’m striving to get close to the lord I can’t even visit places like that. I don’t even have the desire for it, and I’m a very curious person, same for tv shows of the like. ”

      You don’t believe curses can be cast? And you think we should just stay away from OPENLY demonic things (only)?

      The thing is? satan is SUBTLE. He comes as an angel of Light. The more overt, openly demonic things will NOT appeal to the masses. It is the little things we must be diligent about. I’m not talking about living in fear. I’m talking about living in a way that we literally cast EVERY thought we have at the feet of Yeshua. Otherwise? We LEAN ON OUR OWN UNDERSTANDING.

      You yourself said that you got creepy feelings. That was probably the Holy Spirit cautioning you. HOWEVER, when your walk with Yeshua grows stronger and closer – the demonic spirits amp up their efforts to snare you off the path! They will TAILOR their efforts around each individual person, to ensnare them.
      So, don’t be so sure that’s something is innocuous, or harmless, UNLESS you’ve sought Yeshua on the matter. It can be as simple as just pausing for a moment and asking the Holy Spirit to let you know in an obvious way, if what you’re about to do is okay with Him or not. He SO does not want us to stray off HIS path – that He will answer everytime you reach out to Him.

      That’s what I’m talking about.


      I hear you. That’s exactly why I posted this account. To warn others that this battle is REAL. It is HAPPENING to ALL of us, whether we realise it or not. Those of us who do not realise how serious this is, will encounter troubles and some very hard lessons. I personally, did not approach the situation I described above by leaning on my own understanding. I prayed, asking the Holy Spirit to give me the words to speak to my relative – and the scriptures to share with him. Being no bible scholar and not having a great memory – I am always amazed how He comes through, giving me the most hard hitting scriptures to share in a time of need like that.

      People definitely need to realise that if YHWH calls one of us to battle like this – it is HIM who battles THROUGH us. I totally agree with you! We can’t just go out warring with spirits without His appointment for us to do so….we WILL get burned. The road to hell is Paved with good intentions.

      I, too, have experienced some supernatural battles (ongoing)…thanks for the words of exhortation brother.

      (p.s. JoeB – don’t worry abut the typos…I have an [old] iphone too….and I know whatchya mean about typing on it, lol)

    • Thanks Lisa and may the Lord bless you.

      One other thing I wanted to say is that we must also remember that the Spiritual Armor has one side…the front. We have nothing covering our backside for our faith is to be STONG IN THE LORD. Our armor is designed to take the enemy head on to PROTECT US with God Himself fighting that battle THROUGH US. However, “You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the LORD will be with you.” (Paraphrase from 2 Chronicles 20:17)

      Fighting the Good Fight with you all, on Spiritual Defcon 4


    • What I meant was more along the lines of, yes I believe curses can be cast, but as a christian only the things you invite and God allows can happen to you. It dosen’t matter if there are a million curses on something, if God dosen’t want it to affect you, it CAN’T in any way. I understand satan is VERY subtle, I could do something that is out of complete innocence, and wouldn’t effect someone else, and it might get me on the mental path to sin. Satan attacks our weaknesses, and everyone has weaknesses that someone else might not have. I believe if we stumble across something that is cursed or something that is “inhabited”(for a lack of better terms) by evil, we will not suffer with attacks from demons or the devil unless God allows it to happen. If I was a follower of Voodoo or some other magic type culture, yes I would be very afraid of curses. But as a believer of God I do not believe their curses can affect me unless allowed by God. Yes I stay away from openly demonic and sinly websites, people, and other things that don’t feel right, but if I accidentally get into some of them, I’m not scared because I have faith the Lord is watching out for me.

    • Lisa,
      Thank you for sharig that story. I wanted to add mine.
      I belong to a small “christian” home school co-op. I am relatively new and getting to know many of the parents.
      The LORD has made me very aware of one particular woman that goes there. Over the course of weeks I took note of things the woman spoke of, and did. I kept having a check in my spirit about her. Two weeks ago she asked what size clothes one of my daughters wears (that she might have some things to hand down to me). Immediatly the Holy Spirit told me, “do not recieve any gifts from this woman”. Well, when I got home I recounted that I had heard somewhere of witches infultrating churches and giving gifts was one of their ways to curse! Then I saw on her facebook (we had become fb friends earlier) profile pic was that of an avatar with a wand. On March 15 her status was ‘beware the ides of march, especially when they land on a monday’. I felt immediatly in my spirit that this indeed was a curse. (Mind you I was kindof hard core before I came to Christ, so I am not chicken of every thing that comes down the pike). I deleated her as fb friend. That afternoon one of my daughters wrecked pretty bad on her bike and our whole family was cranky, yelling and hurting each others feelings all day. We all knew it was too unusual for us. That evening, I kept wondering about monday. What the heck is so big about monday. The word monday comes from the word moonday. Something witches celebrate. While I was on the internet, the Holy Spirit brought to my mind that this woman likes to knit. I thought for a moment ‘this is nuts!’ because I too love to knit. But the thought wouldn’t leave. So I typed in knitting witches. The Father is so awesome! Indeed witches have used knitting to meditate on their curses. And some colors of thread are used to cast certain spells. Yes we really need to be discerning and pray the Holy Spirit gives us discernment and protection.

    • PS the place I got the knitting info was from a pagan website. I believe the Father wanted me to know it is what ‘they’ believ and not something made up…

    • Thank you SO much for sharing that Dee!!!!!!!!!!

      This kind of stuff is SO REAL. People laugh at me (even my husband….sadly), but honestly, it’s happening. It’s the same kind of stuff that’s been going on for years. I’m really careful who I open my door to these days. I’m also careful who I speak too, and who I interact with.

      When I say ‘careful’, I mean MINDful that there is a war going on, and I ask the Holy Spirit to give me checks in my Spirit if I’m in a situation where I need to do something, or extract myself. He NEVER lets me down, hallelujah!
      Praise His Holy Name for giving you those checks in your Spirit, Dee.
      I hope and pray He will provide you with clear guidance on how to handle being in the same homeschool co-op with her. Pray for her:).
      He may have you there for a reason…just remain ever close to Him and ready to obey. Even if it means having to move to another co-op. It’s awesome to realise He DOES use us when we make ourselves available and willing to do His Will. (sigh…I’m striving to crucify this old flesh and be what He wants)

  20. May God help us all DISCERN the times while we still have time on our side. May He open our eyes to the wiles of the Evil One…and there are more than we can even fathom and ways in which he seeking to implement them. May God grant us all peace, wisdom, grace, forgiveness and most of all love.

    Let us fight this Good Fight together as the Body of Christ and run the race set before us as those who are called to a higher calling and let us do so with perseverance as the days ahead are going to be rough on ALL true Christians. Those who are “Religious” are going to fall away. Let us stand for Christ and be ready for whatever is in store. There will be land mines, traps and snares set ahead of us.

    May we know the signs.

    In Him,

    Jeff D

    • My apologies,

      I didn’t see my son was signed in as Standing Firm. The above was written my me, Jeff D. Please forgive any confusion.


  21. Record number of UFO sightings reported during Chilean earthquake

    Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

    UFO researchers are warning citizens of Chile not to panic in light of numerous UFO sightings that occurred during Chile’s recent devastating earthquake.
    It has been reported that no less than sixteen reports of UFOs have filtered through that allegedly occurred on the night of the tragedy.

    Researcher Rodrigo Fuenzalida told reporters that the highest concentrations of reports appear to be from the Las Condes, Peñalolén, Providencia and Colina regions.
    “We have eyewitness testimony from a couple that refused to sleep in their apartment on the night of the earthquake, choosing instead to spend the early morning hours in the street. They were able to see an object that looked much like the moon, but immediately realized that the moon was on the other side. This event may have been seen by residents of other communes,” said Fuenzalida.

    The most dramatic sighting occurred in the vicinity of the city of Iquique, already a well-known UFO hot-spot:
    An entire busload of passengers travelling near the city, along the coast, first saw a luminous, cylindrical UFO emerge from the sea and after that saw a three meter luminous humanoid being standing on the highway. The event is said to have left many of the bus passengers terrified.

    Retired General Ricardo Bermudez of the Chilean Air Force is now studying this case.

    Source: http://www.inexplicata.com

  22. HI LA,
    When they switched all TV receivers to HD we our cancelled Cable and Satelitte TV subscriptions. The receivers can way. Also aware that home receivers can spy and transmitt two is another privacy concern. Also HD Receivers can send into our homes signals resonating at different frequencies and also subliminal which can alter or affect moods, emotions and behaviors- this is mind control. TV is mind control packaged for the masses as entertainment. We no longer view TV in our home and our lifestyle has changed!

    Glen Beck is an actor, entertainer and provacateur and used by the owner of Fox and the govt to promote their bias. He is also Mormon…and interjects some of their spiritual worldview into his programming. He is paid handsomely $40-50 million/annually for what he says and does on air and will protect his income at all costs! The ruler of this world has set up another mouthpiece for himself.
    Tune into Alex Jones at infowars.com and Dr. Stan Monteith’s Radio Liberty.com, they are well researched, Christians and are presenting the whole truth “The Rest of the Story!” There are others online, too.

    LA, just before the Cheyenne meeting where we met you, Dave gave me a new CD by Christian artist Susan Boyle, who was discovered on Idol-British version. It’s called “I dreamed a Dream.” She is a Christian single woman with an astounding voice, who has never married and God has blessed her, raised her up and used her in the entertainment industry. In her first album she praises and worships Him singing old hymns (no rock music). She is thankful to God and humble. I am always happy to have an inspired worship music album to praise God together with.

    Since I do not have a tv I had not heard of her. After Dave gave me her CD I put it on as praise music and to have more peace in my house. I also looked her up on You Tube to see her there. I found her story encouraging and am happy to see another blessed expecially in these times.

    I too read Peggy Noonan’s article about the Baier and Obama (Pres. Barry Soterro)interview. It strongly had the appearance of the David Frost? Nixon interview set in current times! The obsfucation, deception and lies of Pres. Barry Soterro are more observable and yet many still aren’t awake enough to rise up, repent, prepare their hearts and take action!

    Nancy Pelosi called a ‘closed door’ secret meeting of women in congress last week. After that Rep. Louise Slaughter, Chairman of the Rules Committee, presented her proposed amendment which allows Congress to shove this bill through without having to be accountible to their angy constituents as their votes will remain secreted and they’ll vote for the amendment to the HC Obama death care government takeover bill. This Bill will ‘SLAUGHTER’ millions more innocent babies and ration unto death seniors over 60 yrs. “The old and the Young are definitely impacted unto death by this bill.
    Today they need only 1 more vote to pass, it is said.
    Pelosi has said “The are kicking in the door with this HC bill and much more ‘reform’ will follow!” She also said “You will find out what is in the Bill after it is passed.” and “After it is passed this bill will be RE-written.”

    Health Care bill is totally unconstitutional, not legislation, and brings in tyranny and dicatorship to replace our former Republic and Constitution. It is later than we think!

    The way to control and bring down a country or ’empire’ is take control of it’s economy and its military (military industrial complex). The Powers that Be now have control over both.

    Sunday, Tea Party members will be in DC in a peaceful demonstration against the Health Care Bill. They stand against the Abortion part and mandatory chip implanting among many other things in its thousands of pages.

    Also Sunday,La Raza and the Catholic churches here in Utah have bussed in illegals to DC to protest Sunday for their rights and to be given free health care without their having to prove citizenship or ID. They are in support of increased entitlements and this healthcare bill which our country cannot afford.

    Also Obama, Mr Nobel Peace Prize is ramping up the war in Afganistan which protects the poppy fields there for The Powers That BE and supplies drugs to USA! A nation which is already bankrupt, which USA is, can’t bring on more massive entitlements to illegals nor their own citizens, and can’t fund new wars by printing unbacked fiat currency which is unbacked paper dollars! The Dollar is being devaluated into nothingness by the illegal criminal printing by the Fed Reserve Bank, (which is a private institution owned and operated by the Powers that Be and is not a govt agency of the USA which most people wrongly believe).

    I’m so glad God is in control and I can go to the Bible for disclosure about upcoming prophecy written in the Bible and know God will certainly fulfill his words and none will fall to the ground void. For He has said it and recorded this by the inspiration of the HOly Spirit.
    I call all to repentance and to turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Prepare yourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally.
    Pray first and take action as our Lord Jesus Christ leads!

    • Cathy in WY: You said in your second paragraph that Alex Jones was a Christian presenting the whole truth. Normally, I would not make a negative comment about someone. However, a year or so ago I started listening to Alex Jones and really learned a lot about things the NWO has planned that I was definitely unaware of. However, as time went on I became more and more uncomfortable listening to Mr. Jones. What really settled it for me was hearing him go on a rant one day about “pre-tribbers”. He called them “false” Christians. I think he believes in a post-tribulation rapture, which would be OK with me if that’s what he really believes. However, his whole rant was a diatribe against “pre-tribbers”. Also, I had heard him several times make very critical remarks about Israel and their policies. From his statements, I would guess that he believes in replacement theology. I finally quit listening to his radio program.

    • Barbara, The fact that Alex Jones would rant about pre-tribbers, calling them ‘false’ Christians is just another example of how he has an agenda to create division and strife.

      I am NOT a pre-tribber. I USED to be.
      After I left the church, the LORD began to teach me. It’s been 3years of, I guess you’d call it ‘a wilderness’ experience. He took apart so much false doctrine and showed me how it some of it was put in place, slowly, subtly over the years.
      I’m not trying to convince you. But I would urge everyone to seek Him and test EVERYthing you were taught in church. That’s what I did and when I went to Him, on my knees, in utter despair – all alone – He answered me.
      YHWH bless and keep you sister.
      p.s. one of the things He showed me was that His Name is not ‘God’….that’s His title…His name is YHWH…or Yaweh (and of course, there is much flap over how to say it and how to spell it but He knows my heart, and I now understand the importance of knowing and calling on His proper name as best as I can utter it. I came to a knowledge of Yeshua’s saving Grace under the name Jesus – so I do NOT judge anyone who uses that name. I use it when He leads me too:).

    • I used to listen to c2c sometimes when I worked at night, I rarely do now. But I heard a month or 2 back that the current host, George norray (spell?) was supposed to play a ouija board or something of the like on air with one of his guests but backed out. Im happy he backed out but I was let down by the attempt, I really havent wanted to listen since. It also felt like it had alot of fluff and nonsense last time I listened to it anyway, or maybe it was just me.

    • Cathy and Barbara, if you do some research (and pray about it) – you will discover that Alex Jones is a trained jesuit. He’s a disinformation agent for the illuminati. Sound crazy? Well – ask yourself how much you might have been programmed and conditioned over the years to react a certain way to certain ‘buzz words’…

      From my own extensive research (for years) – I can state categorically that I do not trust Alex Jones. He mixes 95% truth with 5% poisonous lies.
      A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

      I’ve got questions and a nagging reservation about Stan Monteith. However, I have not to date, been able to categorically find out if he is a tool/shill, or not. When I listen to his show, I do so prayerfully.

      You gotta ask yourself HOW Alex Jones came out of NOWHERE, has a very successful show, ‘exposing’ the NWO and it’s evil agenda and he’s NOT harassed or threatened. And he magically is able to ‘infiltrate’ places like Bohemian Grove? I don’t believe it. I believe he is directed to release certain information that is ALREADY available! My dad researched all that Alex ‘reports’ about and MORE – back in the 70’s and 80’s. Others like my dad have been targeted, harassed and some killed for their efforts to tell the WHOLE truth about what’s happening in the govt, media, etc.

      So, yeh. ANYONE who has a huge successful show like Alex’s? Makes ALL sorts of alarm bells go off for me. Plus, like I said – if you dig – you will find that Alex lies, twists the truth when it suits whatever agenda he’s got going at the time. He makes a crapload of money scaremongering people. He’s a paid alarmist who CONTROLS what is discussed on his program.

      Call his show. Bring up the jesuits and ask him if he thinks they are in ANY way involved in what’s going on around the world. He will cuss you out, possibly threaten you – and then hang up on you.

      Discernment is needed when listening to ALL these people who are claiming to know the Truth.

      LA Marzulli, so far as I’ve been following his blog, and even in one phone conversation I had with him – has proven to me that he genuinely loves Yeshua – and genuinely desires to warn people about what the LORD has shown him. I pray for LA – that he stays on the path with Yeshua. I don’t agree with every view LA holds, but then he would probably not agree with every view I hold…and the cool thing is – Yeshua meets us WHERE we’re all at – and HE leads us into all TRUTH (Isaiah 28).

      So, I try to approach all people with love, but also discernment to be able to see who my brethren are and who the wolves in sheep’s clothing are. I believe people like Alex Jones are WOLVES IN SHEEP’s CLOTHING. Beware. And don’t believe me….pray and ask the LORD:).

    • Greetings Lisa~
      You have certainly been busy posting today; I’ve read and re-read them all. So glad that you took the time to share so much in testimony and Holy Spirit insight.
      The fact that ‘God’ is YHWH’s title is a good thing to bring to everyones’ attention…although I doubt that even most brethren will have a tough go at it in remembering to call Him YHWH (you know, the “old habits die hard” routine.) Still, it is more than reasonable to use His Name as the title ‘God’ is far too general…accepted by even new agers and those of other “do-gooder” religions. By saying “Yahweh” we are calling attention to the Source!
      On to the topic of media talking heads. David Icke and Jeff Rense are quite popular (even with some of the household of Faith.) They are also anti-Israel. Because of that (and like Mr. Jones, a horrid ratio of truth to lie) I quit reading either website a long time ago. I also quit listening to C2C (many years ago) after I began feeling a strong “creep factor” emanating from Art Bell. I know nothing about the current C2C host except his name.
      Regarding the claim from U.S. President Obama that he is in the dark about what is contained in the controversial healthcare bill. Now I find that over-the-top strange. If he is clueless then how is anyone else getting all this information about what’s in it? Let’s look at this for a minute: (1)the President is lying (i.e. disinformation) OR (2)what we think is in it is really NOT what’s in it!
      How can the grass roots be correctly informed when the President says he is not??
      As far as your exhortations to steer clear of all things occult…by way of personal experience and the highest Laws of our most glorious Yahweh, I must concur. Satan has had eons in which to refine his corrupting methodologies for influencing people; his most dangerous are the seemingly innocuous and subtle plays of light. “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 ((KJV)) We do well to heed this truth.
      The glory and grace of our heavenly Yahweh be with you, Lisa.

    • In A Moment,
      I, too, am wary of C2C….. though sometimes, I do feel led to hear an interview from time to time. I don’t often visit Rense…..but again, sometimes I’m led to read something specific.
      I never read Icke’s stuff (read very little of his stuff in the past, though I’ve seen a few videos of him)…he’s just out and out into the New Age and unless the LORD led me to listen to something for some reason, I just don’t visit his site.

      Yeh, that stuff about the healthcare bill is beyond the pale. It’s astounding how arrogant the politicians are about passing the bill….just bypassing every rule and law, using whatever twisted ‘loophole’ they can find to achieve their ends. But then, this sort of thing has been happening a long time in America. Heck, old Nixon signed some dubious executive orders…Reagan..then Bush Sr… they’re all crooked and sold out to the dark side.

      Obama’s just openly speaks with a forked tongue….at least it’s obvious to those who can still
      think critically and aren’t under a mind-numbing spell. I personally think a lot of people are not only conditioned by mass media, but also by pharmaceutical drugs (do a word study….you come up with magic potions, sorcery…it all equals witchcraft).

      The Truth is a hard pill to swallow. But then Yeshua said His sayings are hard.
      YHWH bless and keep you sister!

  23. Lisa and Barbara,
    Thank you both for your responses. I have been praying to receive increased discernment and seeking those in alignment with the written word of God, The Holy Bible, and have also been seeking reliable news sources who are trustworthy. Throught my life I have been trying to find others who value the truth in alignment with the Bible. I do believe sin leavens the whole lump. who are some of your trusted sources in addition to LA, whom I might listen to to learn more. I have left my former churches years ago because of their mixture and false doctrines of men. I am yielded to Jesus Christ. I live in the wilderness of rural Utah. Looking forward to your responses.

    • Hi Cathy: I am an “OLD” oldtimer who has been following Bible prophecy for about 35 or more years. The old standby’s that I rely on are SWRC (Southwest Radio Church Ministries with Dr. Noah Hutchins and others); Hal Lindsey; J. R. Church; and one of the “newer” ones along with LA is Bill Salus. There is a website called: hearkenthewatchman.com that uses some of LA’s blogs, plus others. I’m sure there are many other ones that I have not “discovered” yet. One other place I like to go is lookupfellowship.com. I too have just more or less “dropped out” of the church I have been attending for quite some time. My prayer has been that God will direct me to a fellowship of like-minded believers. As Lisa said: God will lead us to TRUTH. I have recently rediscovered Psalm 46 and find it a great comfort.

    • Bless your heart Cathy. I also left the church a while back, when the LORD called me to come out of her (dry bones was the word He gave me..and it took me a while to connect the dots, but that’s just testimony to how slow i was and how patient and loving He is!).

      What kind of sources (topics) are you looking for?
      I can only tell you what I do.
      When I go on the internet, and read news – I ask the LORD to show me what’s going on – -whatever HE wants me to understand/see. I really believe He leads me. (Sometimes I get curious about something and forget to ask..and then chastisement of some sort comes to remind me that I gotta keep seeking Him. (He’s so patient and I’m such a wretch sometimes).)

      I try to steer away from the main news sources, knowing they are thoroughly controlled and corrupt – but do occasionally look at an article on CNN or BBC or Fox.

      If you’re looking for information on the history of what’s been going down – it appears to me you’ve garnered quite a bit from the sources you mentioned before.

      I guess it depends on the topic.
      For example, if you want to understand the roots of pagan religion (going further back than theosophy/newage)- and how it came about and how it’s connected or linked to what you find in the Old Testament….Bill Cooper did a fabulous series called Mystery Babylon. I can give you a link to download all the mp3’s if you like. It’s a long series. I downloaded them all – saved them to my computer and uploaded to my ipod. Bill is dead now…..and I don’t follow his old program (Hour of the Time, carried on by his old sidekick)… (Incidentally, Bill did a show about Alex Jones that exposed some problems and asked some questions about his motives…it certainly got me thinking more critically and spurred me on to question everything more..and he did it quite nicely – not nastily…you can find it on youtube).

      As I’ve delved into all the sources my dad shared with me (about NWO, illuminati, etc)- I had to pray and ask the LORD’s guidance with *each source*. This has been a process for me, though. I didn’t start out that way. I got confused along the way too…I could have saved myself much heartache and confusion had I just asked the LORD if something or someone was trustworthy or not.

      What I’ve found is that everyone who is following Yeshua/Jesus – is at different places in their walk. This realisation brought me to a further realisation that I can *only* rely on the Holy Spirit to help me sift from good from the lies or misinformation, and keep my feet from the snares.

      I basically pray He will show me if someone is a brother or a wolf. Once I know someone is a wolf, I will not listen to them, unless the LORD leads me to hear something in particular coming from them.

      Michael Heiser is a really good source for Hebrew/Ufology (I know – it sounds like an oxymoron but it’s not, lol). I trust Michael as a good, honest source of information. I think Guy Malone is very good as well. Of course, LA:).

      I believe Fritz Springmeier and John Todd are both good sources in understanding the illuminati, if you feel led to investigate that.

      Interestingly for me? Many of the sources I believe are honest, are either dead, or in jail. This only occurred to me a recently. At one point, I googled Fritz Springmeier and found all sorts of stuff trashing him…..the people discrediting him were ‘christians’. At the time, I wrote him off, without asking the Holy Spirit about it. A couple of years later, I realised I’d made a mistake. Same thing with John Todd.

      Someone might recommend World Net News Daily (WND.com). It’s okay…but even there, I’ve found some dodgy stuff. I guess it really boils down to asking the Holy Spirit to lead you in every thing:).
      YHWH bless and keep you sister!

  24. Lisa and Barbara, thank you both for your honest responses from your hearts and life experiences.
    Tonight I just got off the phone on a national prayer call for the unborn babies, seniors over 60, disabled and all who will be ‘slaughtered’ by what’s in this bill, paid for by our taxes without our voice or permission. I believe in the ‘sancty of life’ for all are created by our Father Creator God. I ask all who are willing to ask Jesus and are led by Him, to rebuke The Powers That Be in the name of Jesus and cover us all and LA in the Blood of Jesus in our prayers. Come against the dark forces in this dimension and any other, in this earth and upon it. May the evil that is hidden in the hearts of men be exposed by the light of Jesus. I send the evil sent our way to the firey lake in the name of Jesus. I ask for God’s mercy to be upon us in this dark time and have hope in Jesus and the disclosure of the prophecy in the Bible. There is resurrection power in the Blood of Jesus and in His Holy name. I thank you Father for your strength and provision you have given us and the blessings of this day.

  25. Cathy, I will pray about that as you’ve requested. I’ll be fasting again soon (with another lady)…and will include this!
    YHWH bless and keep you!

  26. Thank you Lisa for your prayers for my urgent request for prayer this weekend especially for the Health Care vote is Monday morning. (and goes on from there!) May the peace of the Lord be upon you and all on the blog, LA tonight.
    Also if anyone heard LA on the edge radio show tonight I hope you weere encouraged to hear him speak on the radio again! It isstill being rebroadcast there on a loop.

  27. Thanks to In a Moment,
    I’ll visit the sites you reccomended today.
    Sometimes as a watchman who is crying out what one sees coming, it is easy to be misunderstood because the truth of what we’re seeing may sound harsh to some. Yet we are called and our assignment is to cry out what we see, otherwise according to the written word of God in the Bible, the blood of others is on our hands. If we cry out honestly what we see, and they do not receive it nor act upon it, their blood is upon their own hands. (Ez.33:6-7). Sometimes seeing the ‘urgency’ of a message and desiring to wake up the sleeping church and others, a watchman is passionate and intense in his or her warning and this might not appear ‘gentle as doves.’ My heart is gentle as is LA’s and other watchmen on the wall. We deeply love God and others. We perceive the urgency of the hour and the time of warning drawing to a close for the events are unfolding even now!
    Thank you for your insights. May God grant wisdom and discernent by His Holy Spirit to all who hear the messages and watchman’s crys and ask our Lord and Savior Jesus for help. I declare Jesus Christ is alive and NOW sits at the right hand of our Father in Heaven’s throne making intercession for us. what joy we can have looking forward to his soon coming again!

    ps. Time is our most precious gift from God and most precious resource. It is time to throw out the TV, or at least stop the mindless watching–like LA was referring to re: American Idol and sports, and “BE ABOUT OUR FATHER’S BUSINESS.”

  28. First we hear that Mr. Obama is a Christian. Then we hear that he is actually a Muslim. Now I’ve discovered an article that provides much information regarding his background– ethnicity, religion, AND politics. For reals? I have no idea. But I’m going to post the link http://www.watch.pair.com/synarchy-3.html only because it deserves to be scrutinized as much as any other information we are fed about him on a daily basis. Heads up, this article is a slight departure from some of what we’ve already heard. How much truth resides within its paragraphs, well, only Yahweh knows. ((**The particular website I don’t know a lot about. I’ll check it out, prayer hands and knees first, and who knows…maybe we’ll get into another discussion about that. One never knows.**)) Pray for discernment.
    Yahweh smile upon you:^D

    • Well done Moment,About “Synarchy’. I have stated here before that Zionism is a masonic invention, My Ex family member referred to the Great Architect As The God Of Abraham, Isac;and Jacob. “Henry Mackow” also has information in relation to this.

      john b

    • So John, what is the difference between political Zionism and the land/people of Israel as being called by Yahweh?

    • Moment; It would be to Lengthy for me to post an answer to your Question. However Here are something to ponder!

      Consider This: There are Jewish people by Race all over the World in every nation. what makes the ones in Israel special?
      A Jew is a Jew. A Gentile Is a Gentile. Are all Jews outside of Israel Zionists?

      Does a Geographical locality effect the condition of a man’s heart?

      Apostle Paul said That “God Bound All men in disobedience that He might show mercy to All” (Rom 11:32)

      Apostle Paul said That All Israel shall be saved Rom 11:26, Is it Just Jews in The Land or does it include All Jews? or was he Referring to “The commonwealth of Israel”? Eph 2:12

      If As Apostle Said; “Not all Israel Is Israel” Rom 9:6. Then Who is Israel, That Israel of which all are to Be saved according to Paul’s Knowledge?

      I have all of these Answers On blog Archive at http://www.myspace.com/no_Hell you are most welcome to browse.

      John B

  29. The day America died.
    They should remove the word “Representative” from the House. They do not represent the majority of America anymore.

    Over 16,500 IRS jobs will be created the first year to ensure that those that are being mandated to buy insurance have actually done so.
    If these agents average $50k per year in salary, that is $825 million per year more of our money being spent, and that doesn’t include cost of those employees benefits. It is my understanding that the expense of these additional IRS agents is not included in the CBO number that has been released.
    More slight of hand tactics by the Dems to hide the true cost of this behemoth.
    This is all about the legacy of these politicians. They want this feather for their cap at the expense of most Americans. They are buying the votes that they need with our money. This is politics run-amuck.
    Pelosi is being less then honest. She said she would run the most ethical Congress in history, but i’m not seeing much that is ethical in the methods that she and BO are using to get this done.
    If a big corporation used these tactics to secure business, these same Congressional leaders would hold a hearing for that company to explain why they used extortion in conducting their business.

    The way to break the back of the US is through its economy. This health care bill will bankrupt The United States, opening the door to a One World Government. Spiritual forces are definitely in play here. There is no other explanation as to why this bill that most Americans opposed vehemently has passed.

  30. I just wrote my Congressman Al Green (unfortunately the politician not the soul singer, although the soul singer would probably do a better job)
    I told him I was disappointed in his Yea vote and reminded him of the consequences of his vote…not that it matters now, but I had to vent and since he is my ““Representative” I just had to tell him I don’t feel represented, that I live for the day he is voted out of office.
    There, I feel a bit better now. 🙂

  31. Hey Matt,
    The USA is already Bankrupt and in massive extreme debt, so much that it can never be repaid. Now they’re putting the people into the hole so deep they can never dig out of it! Total slaves. This will destroy the middle class as by the design of the Powers That Be (Dark Forces and the World Banks). Our leaders at the top are scripted puppets. Wall street is controlled by the World Banks and Wall Street controlls DC and the Federal Reserve. Congress and the Senate and Judges are bought off. The Pentagon is also controlled by them. Now when a country’s ECONOMY AND MILITARY are under someone or something’s controll a country or an empire can be brought down without a shot fired! Our ‘republic’ is no more! Look at history. All of this has been done with intentionality by design, not by blundering politicians who don’t know what they’re doing!!!!!! The plan is to bring down the USA (the world’s ‘superpower’) and the rest of the world will fall into a depression worldwide–only they’ll come out of it quicker and we will fall into total economic collapse, the $$USD will be worthless and out of chaos, we’ll have martial law, govt takeover, stronger centralized vastly expanded Federal Govt and control and an extended depression of possibly 10-15 years (depending on when Jesus Christ returns!) The standard of living in the US will be reduced to Third World levels. We might be invaded by other ‘superpowers’ and their communist allies and Muslim religious/political system due to our perceived weakness.
    Also some say aliens have been working with the US govt (including a top official from the Canadian govt)in exchange for spacecraft technology given to US. Pres. ‘IKE’ warned us to beware of the military industrial complex with good reason!

    Who needs to make up anything, for indeed the truth is stranger than fiction! Much of this all falls right into line with Bible prophecy for the end times in several books in the Old and New Testaments fo the Holy Bible! The prophecies in the Bible have proved accurate int he past and all will come to pass according to the Father Creator’s plan as disclosed in the Bible, His written Holy words!I urge everyone to repent, pray and prepare your hearts daily and ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit to strengthen you for the difficult days ahead. May God the Father have mercy on us!

    • Wow…you managed to tie in every conspiracy theory I have ever heard of…bravo! But how do you sleep at night?

      (pssssst…I heard every one of these in the 1960’s…that was 50 years ago)

    • Hi Wilson; “the mystery of iniquity worketh”. Time constitutes it’s framework. Evil must run it’s course as the Cup of God’s Wrath borders overflow. The beastly powers are energized by Babylon to exercise the Satanic wrath which will ultimately be directed against us Christians.

      That which seems for prosperity is part of this end time deception designed to ensnare all who love not the truth. Destruction will be the outcome.

      Please understand that I am not being Negative, nor am I saying that there is no Good in this world. I am only reflecting the biblical claims as I see it in relation to current events.

      Let us press on towards the Goal even in the face of adversary, for greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.

      The Lord reigns! John B

    • Wilson, maybe we think somewhat alike, I take conspiracy theory with a grain of salt, some are valid, some simply are not. And, logicaly, how can we know for sure unless we’ve actually been involved and have first hand knowledge? I dont know, but I do know that despite the healthcare vote, the sun rose again today. theres got to be some good news somewhere, right??

    • I prefer WYO cathy’s scenario to your glib sarcism , Wilson.

      While I can’t prove any of this, neither can you disprove.

      Cathy’s heartfelt responses on this blog ring of truth, or at least someone who is being led by the Father. “He who has an ear to hear, let him hear.”

      We are all (hopefully) searching for the truth, prayerfully in God’s name. Unfortunately, without Godliness, age does not equal wisdom.

    • I think elements of our political system are in much more control than we want to believe. The truth is that we have no idea what is really going on. With that said I would rather be in the boat with Cathy, suspicious of the government than a blind sheeple making fun of us that don’t approve of big, controlling government.

  32. Hey Boomer Wilson,
    A pause to consider,

    the ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll’ high flying and free wheelin’ HIPPIES OF THE SIXTY’S are now the ones leading our govt, courts, churches, businesses, communities, science, medicain and big pharma, philosophers, psychologists, social services etc. A scary realization indeed!
    They’re assisting in taking Father God, His Son and the Holy Spirit out of all areas of society and promoting the GREEN ECO religon or paganism of the ancients or the Eastern false religions!

    I’m up into the wee hours each night as a watchman, researching and in intercessory prayer. You’re right in that I don’t sleep much in number of hours!
    It’s because I lived through the 60’s and survived it, that I am watching and praying now! The hippies were always wanting and willing to “SHARE” all the stuff they could find–AS LONG AS IT BELONGED TO YOU! Ask Father Creator to remove the scales from your eyes thay you may see and open your ears that you may understand the noise you’re hearing around you clearly by the revelation of the Holy spirit in alignment with the Holy Bible.

    Read and study it to show yourself approved according to the Bible. If more Christians would learn what’s in it and make it a lifestyle NOW, they will be prepared for the time when we will not be allowed to have one in our possession!

    True watchmen cry out what they see. Often they are misunderstood and often ‘the messengers are attacked for their message is not liked.’ Often we are alone with Father Creator God and Jesus. Look up and keep your eyes on Jesus! ‘Prepare the way of the Lord!’ as cried John the Baptist!
    LA is a watcman also crying out in the wilderness. He and I both know it is a lonely assignment. I exhort you to ‘Cry out and prepare to lead others,’ when the message you see and hear is in alignment with the Word of God.

    Ezekiel 33:6-7 “But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.’ So you, son of man: I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me.”

    With the urgency of a watchman, in humility having repented of pride, I call for all who see and hear my voice to ‘Repent and call on Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Pray II Chronicles 7:14-17. I pray for the people in our families and in our nation. Return to Jesus Christ, there is hope and salvation in Him alone.

    Whether we live or die in our physical lives, those who seek God’s face, draw near to God through Jesus and are true believers in Jesus the Son of God can have eternal life with Him.

    • I’m not sure it’s just all the ol’ hippies running things. I have a thirst for truth and I was reading things a few years back when I kept hearing about the Skull and Bones group and discovered ties to both Bush presidents which led me into looking into what happened to Johnny Gosch and the whole sex trade cover up/mind control programming that was going on in Washington in the 80’s and the Republican party and Satanic elements was involved with that. When things don’t add up I get a gut feeling and I go with it and do some research. I’m not sure what happened with 9-1-1 but I can tell you we were spoon fed some kind of lie by our government and the media as so much just doesn’t add up. I read about the Bilderberg group last year and discovered some interesting involvements in that group of old money which also has ties to Satanic power and pretty much leads this country. I was raised by hippies in the heat of the 60’s in Chicago who taught me to love all people and for that I am appreciative. My mom gave her life to Christ and in her wheelchair (from MS) shared with tons of people how we are all handicapped but some handicaps you can’t see because they are on the inside. She used to say that Jesus is a crutch but not a bad one when one is crippled. I always loved that. I guess my point is that so many things have to be in place for the prophecies to be fulfilled and darkness has been brewing for some time. It should not suprise us. And we are more than conquerors in Jesus Christ. Maybe I’m not a watchmen. Maybe I haven’t “arrived” at some place that needs to be arrived at to get the “watchmen” status. But I am a lover. And God is my savior. And He was the savior of my hippy parents. 🙂 And onward I grow…

    • Hi Kelly~
      I was just turning 17 when Woodstock music festival happened…yes it’s true, I was a teenage “hippie”. I also received Christ Jesus about 3 months post Woodstock! Yahweh’s Holy Spirit caused a mighty wind to stir among the hippie sub-culture at that time. What a phenomenon it was:^D Next thing I knew was that all us former hippies who had become born-again were now being called “Jesus Freaks”.
      And now, simply put, I am a Follower Of the Way ((Believers were called this before they were ever called “Christian”.))
      I am what is known as Retired-Disabled, requiring my Social Security benefits and Medicare to see me through. You’d think I’d have a lot to chime in about on this healthcare issue…but I don’t. It’s like the Holy Spirit has put tape on my mouth. Lol!
      At any rate, yes indeed…onward we grow:^D Yahweh bring joy and peace to you.

    • Kelly…I do have ears that hear. I also have no great massionic mission beyond the great commission given to be my my Lord and Savior Jesus to love others even as he has loved us. I see myself as common and I boast of no specialness in anyway. Thanks for your post.

    • YES KELLY,

      My comments re Hippies were in response to Wilson’s reference to the 1960’s. I graduated High School in June,1967 (Israel was fighting the 6 day war), then on to college. My response about being a watchman was to tell him why I don’t sleep much at night. Not to say “I ‘m special because…!”
      Renee has dreams and visions which keep her awake. She has a clear understanding, too. God is speaking to many through dreams and visions night and day! I watch the news and pray into current events and look to the Bible to understand Bible disclosure about where we are according to Bible prophecy.
      We’re all called to the great commission by believing in Jesus! We’re all called to watch and pray and study the word of God and treasure it and our relationship with Jesus Christ in our hearts. As we grow and develop as disciples of Jesus Christ we gradually and the mind and heart of compassion and love of Jesus in our hearts and minds . In the Great Commission, we are all to “Go and Tell!’ to the nations of the whole world. They may not all accept Jesus and the Good News, but we are told tod to Go and tell, for sure!
      I am also encouraged by Wilson’s comments that he has ears that hear.
      We are to study the Word of God, Pray and tack action by going and telling others about the Gossd News of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and about Jesus, God’s Son, who died for us on Calvary’s cross and arose again and lives today, seated at the right hand of His Father, until he returns at His Second Coming.
      We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and by our testimony! May we all be strengthened to endure to the end! Amen.

  33. Moment~~love your posts. Azuza Street from what I hear was powerful wasn’t it in the 60’s? God sure is/was passionate about us. And Wilson bless your “common-ness.” I’m with you. He’s faithful to show us what we need to hear and see and gracious enough even when we didn’t want/need to know. It’s all about the heart and I just don’t think we are all gonna be left in the lurch if we are truly seeking truth.

    • Ya know Kelly, I wasn’t involved in the famous Azusa Street Revival so really don’t know anything about it. But in the early 70’s I was involved with Youth In Action (got baptized in a swimming pool) and then the Hollywood Free Paper and all the “Jesus People Concerts” that the HFP sponsored at the Hollywood Paladium. Wanna see something really neat? Go to http://www.hollywoodfreepaper.org/ for a lovely view of what I’m talking about. Holy Spirit history, oh yeah!
      Btw, just for fun, if you click on “Our Photo Album” go to page 4 of 5 and enlarge the photo that says “Printing the HFP”. There’s three guys there and the one on the far left is the guy I married at one of those big ol’ Jesus People concerts in 1971. And that’s another story…but not for here. Thanks for listening to an old lady reminisce:^D
      May Yahweh bless you abundantly.

    • Moment! Really fun pics. Thanks for sharing them. You aren’t old. You are seasoned and marinated nothing short of a fine sauce. (Can you tell I love food?) Would love to hear your story sometime. I wasn’t at Azuza Street either but have heard tons of stories. Gotta love those days…in some respects anyway. Bless you moment~~

  34. Cathy, Actually in full agreement with you and lovin’ your passion and your fire. I just think it’s important to remember that we serve a God who is striving for us so we don’t have to. I don’t think praying hard enough changes God’s mind really. I think He’s a God who’s not dependent on us to get His work done. He died on the cross to save us without a single movement on our part outside of accepting it and He even died before that. He uses us for sure. I mean this is a guy who threw the stars out in space and set the sun up. Does anything scare Him or surprise Him? Does He want us to be scared and surprised as events unfold? Prayer changes us! It brings us into deeper fellowship/intimacy with Father but for so many years I thought I could control/change God if I just prayed hard enough and long enough. I just got so tired. Tired of striving so hard. And I’m tired of all this drama and fear and escalating nervous energy with the end days. I’m open. I see. I hear. And I pray. Either He’s sovereign or He’s not. And we don’t have to “perform” at a certain level to be saved from it all. God have mercy on me but I am just human. All I can do is call out for his light and grace and mercy. Anyway bless you as you seek His face.

  35. Is it true that buries in this new healthcare bill is a REQUIREMENT for implanting microchips in everybody????….

  36. Grant,
    In answer to your question about the implantable ID chip I suggest you contact your Senator and Congressmen, your state representatives and your State Attorney General’s offices. Yes the chip is in there… So I’ve heard on Christian radio and read in articles.
    I can tell you in 2700 pages there’s alot ‘hidden’ in it yet to be disclosed.Some hosts have had time to read part of the bill. Those in DC didn’t have time to read it before signing it. They are still ‘REWRITING IT’ even now and it will get worse rather than better!
    Another question, “Who is exempted from paying into it? I have heard of an internal memo leaked out (the public wasn’t supposed to know, but someone on the inside highly placed believed the taxpayers had a need to know!) The incarcerated and the illegal immigrants will receive healthcare free and not have to pay into it. The illegal immigrants will be given amnesty soon and then the numbers and costs of all this will surely at least! Some estimates are that we already have up to or beyond 30 million illegal immigrants here. Amnesty will bring in a sudden flood and the number could be up to 100 million easily within a few years. I have heard it said, that unlike natural born citizens, they will not have furnish a national ID card or chip to get work or healthcare and entitlements. The dems want to allow them amnesty now for the votes. Then BO will end term limits and could be reelected for many years. Then we will have a tyrannical Marxist dictatorship. Can you say Eddi Amien? This Bill is huge and has emboldened them like never before! Lady Liberty has been struck down and brought to her knees!

    At least Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Steve Quayle and many others are trying to sound the alarm and get information out for the public toread and digest! Go to many sources ( and pray asking for more discernment from Father God) while we still have the internet! Help wake up other sheep who are asleep, apathatic, complacent and overwhelmed by all this!

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