Rael: A look into the Alien Gospel!

Here is an excerpt from an email that was sent to me last week – thanks Pierre! It is announcing what Rael will do when he comes to Las Vegas. I have highlighted, in bold the parts I would like to discuss.
This is happening in real time folks. I have Blogged about Rael before, but for those of you who are new to this BLOG here’s a thumbnail sketch. Rael was once Claude Vorlihorn, a race car driver. He had and encounter with beings who called themselves the Elohim. He was told that he and Jesus had the same father and that they were brothers – I’m not making this up. The Elohim then changed his name to Rael and ever since he has been promulgating what I would call the Alien Gospel.
This year we have a very special event at the end of the seminar. One of Raelians’ four annual “holidays” is the first Sunday of April. These “holidays” are the only days of the year where one can have their cellular plan transmitted (aka: Raelian baptism). The 1st Sunday of April commemorates the creation of the first human created on earth by the Elohim. This year, that Sunday is April 4th, and is the day just after the Happiness Academy ends. So we will all be together for that special day – following an amazing week together. That Sunday will also be even more special for those people who, after reading the Messages given to humanity through Their Messenger, Rael, wish to officially recognize The Elohim as our Creators.
We read that the first human created on earth was by the Elohim. This begs the question who are the Elohim? It is not one of the names of God – Elohim – that is mentioned in the Bible. It is, according to Rael, a race of beings who created all life on this planet. When you land on the Web-site  www.rael.org you will see the introduction and plug for Rael’s new book, Intelligent Design. I find it interesting that the Raelians are using what I would consider a Christian term. In doing so they obfuscate creation by the God of the Bible and substitute the Elohim, a race of extraterrestrials. Here is an excerpt from the web site. This is verbatim what I call The Alien Gospel and, in fact I wonder if they stole it from me! (Just kidding)
He (Eloha – E.T.) told Rael that:
“We were the ones who designed all life on earth”
“You mistook us for gods”
“We were at the origin of your main religions”
“Now that you are mature enough to understand this,we would like to enter official contact through an embassy”
We can’t have it both ways can we? Rael and the Christian good news both can’t be right. Someone has to be wrong. In the first video (below) people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity come forward proclaiming that they are not fathers, men, women, Asian, there’s even a transvestite, but are HUMAN BEINGS. I agree, but these people state the obvious. What do we do with all the nasty stuff that human beings inherently do. Here’s what I mean. Have you been angry, jealous, or envious? Have you lied or cheated, or cursed someone who cut you off on the freeway? Have you been adulterous, or coveted what your neighbor had? Have you falsely accused someone, or stole from a widow, or been bitter toward someone who hurt you? The list goes on and on and so, this is part of who we are as human beings. Yes, we have great potential and we do some wonderful things, but underlying it is this sin nature. Why are there 37 wars going on this planet at this time? Rael’s underlying message is this. Do what ever you want because there is no sin. You will find that the renowned Satanist, Allister Crowley said pretty much the same thing.
The message, or good news that the Guidebook to the Supernatural, i.e. Bible tells us about is really very simple and it is this. Believe that Yeshusa/Jesus was sent from God and that by his death are sins are forgiven. That’s it. By doing this our sins are forgiven and we have eternal life. Not a bad deal and yet people run from this like it’s the plague. Why, because of the sin issue. We do not want to be told and held accountable for the actions that we do that are “wrong,” like the ones mentioned above. It takes a deliberate act of humility to come to Him, who is the saviour of our souls and admit that we are in fact, sinners. Rael and others of his ilk avoid this at all costs!
In closing, the image on the Shroud of Turin shows the horrific scourging of a man. He was brutally tortured with over 100 whip marks on every part of his body except over his heart. Had the Roman flagrum – the whip with three metal prongs on the end of the cords – touched that area he would have had a heart attack and died, never making it the crucifixion. The image shows how he was pinned to a cross and pierced in his side, exactly like the prophecies said would happen. That was the price that was paid for all of us, every man, woman and child, every human being on this planet. By faith we are saved lest any man should boast!

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17 thoughts on “Rael: A look into the Alien Gospel!

  1. For the record, some who have read some of my posts here might think I am dangerously close to believing this non-sense of the alien gospel. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know that God created man and that Jesus is our savior. I do believe these misled people, including the Rael group, have been given snippets of a perverted truth, but that is so they take the bait hook, line and sinker. A good magician knows that it is what the audience does not see that creates the illusion and what they DO see that makes it so damn believable. This is done through theatrics and misdirection, two things Satan excels at.

    Glad I cleared my name 🙂

  2. This guy claims in that video to be “Maitreya Rael” and he is also European. Are we looking at a candidate for the Antichrist? Honestly I am unsure how he will taken all that seriously since he walks around like Captain Kirk, but who knows?

  3. My LORD, this guy is hoping for an economy collapse, which will usher in one world government, currency AND religion. Everything is one. This guy is promoting Satan’s plan right in broad daylight.

  4. Benjamin Creme has to be referring to Rael as the Maitreya. It all fits together with the burgeoning UFO phenomenon which many of believe will be utilized to usher in the ends of days.

    How about this scenario? Wars escalate on Earth even to the point of nuclear annihilation. UFOs come down and (according to the Raelien alien gospel) the Watcher space beings are angry at their creation and how we mucked everything up down here and that they will destroy their creation because we are no good anymore. Then Rael steps in and says “No-no, we were going to create an embassy for you and we were going to be peace loving humans. Please do not harm us.” Then the “merciful” aliens declare that we have another chance and then starts the world government, peace unification under a one world government process that will demand total obedience and worship, i.e. join the NWO or you will become an instrument of servitude to the NWO. In other words you will become a slave to the NWO. Remember, Rael states we will have no money (dollars that is) because all goods and services will be created by robots and nanobots. Since I don’t see those things around, who will create these things? Enter in the slaves of those who don’t conform.

    And like the Israelite’s being slaves to Egypt, so we will be slaves to the NWO. But now the good news!! There will be a passover!!

    • It even worse than you think.

      In the “Raelian gospel” if the humans are stupid enough to
      create a nuclear war, The Elohim will come to “take away”
      (rapture) those who have work for peace and love, including
      people from ALL religions. The rest will “stay on the earth to suffer a final furnace”.

      Rael also wrote that christians will say his message is
      coming from the devil and that when Jesus will come out of
      a UFO with YAHWEH, they will want to crucify Jesus again.

      This is clearly written in the book : “Intelligent Desing”.

      Wake up Christians churches and invite L.A. Marzully to warn
      your congregation before it is too late…

    • Wow, haven’t read his book, but if it is as you say, then it REALLY is worse than I could ever suspect. He basically outlined the entire Revelation prophecy, but with the Antichrist in the position of being ‘demonized’ (appropriate word here I think) by Christians and the inevitable return of Jesus Christ. No one takes the Raeliens all that seriously right now, but if UFOs start dropping out of the sky and Rael steps forward and successfully communicates with them on behalf of human civilization, he would become a demigod over night (by those who are lost sheep that is).

    • What if for the sake of arguments, the guy Rael REALLY did meet a spaceship with aliens who “claimed” to be Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, etc.? That would change a lot to this scenario. It would also fit what makes for a good illusion, which is things that are unseen mixed with a distorted truth.

      I believe it possible, this guy met beings from outer space, but they fed him a load of garbage that may set up a fairly sinister end game scenario. It goes back to that Ronald Reagen youtube video I posted that says if the world was attacked by aliens that we would unite for humanities common good, i.e. New World Order literally over night.

  5. Hi L.A. and group! Satan/Lucifer is the author of lies and deception, division and confusion!
    It’s sad to see so many gullible people fall for this kind of delusion and deception,recycled and reused over and over, isn’t it? Yet I do believe it’s happening–sad to say. When you go through the promotional outreach program at the Mormon’s Salt Lake Temple’s Visitors Center, they tell you the same perverse lies intended to deceive, “That Lucifer and Jesus Christ had the same father in Heaven and they are BROTHERS!” (At that point, we’d had enough–our curiosity that had led us there to view it for ourselves was now gone and we hurridedly ducked out through a nearby ’emergency exit!!’ Would that others would ‘see through the veil of deception and lies promoted by Lucifer himself!


    Thank you for so clearly calling our attention to this and revealing God’s truth as revealed in the Holy Bible.
    The CROSS and the Resurrection power of our Risen Lord is the Good news of God the Father’s and our Lord Jesus Christ’s Gospel.
    As we accept our sins being paid for by Jesus’ death on the cross, we can know of his resurrection (Shroud of Turin evidence of this. Jesus is alive and risen. As our Lord and Savior Jesus holds the hope and promise of our Eternal life in Him alone!

  7. LA,
    Thanks for exposing the lies of the wicked one. It has always been the desire of satan to alter the words of our Lord any way he could. The lies to Adam and Eve in the garden; the killing of Abel by Cain in the hopes of stopping the blood line to the Messiah (this attempt continued for thousands of years and countless murders). His greatest effort was to kill the Lord Jesus Christ. He doubtless thought he had won the final battle and would gain access to the throne of God where he would sit as the “new” ruler of the universe. Thanks be to our Savior there was a totally different outcome. Col. 2:13-15 spreaks of how our Lord made a “public spectacle” of the devil and his hinchmen.

    The effort continues and increases even today. The dilution of the real Gospel grows more insidious by the day. The onslaught against creation is never ending.

    This is all a prelude to the coming of the Day of the Lord. II Thes. 2 deals with these issues. It speaks of the “falling away”, the rebellion, the final apostasy. Most agree that the general tone of this “falling away” is going to be in one singular event. One event so overwhelming that only the elect of God will be able to see through it.

    It is conceivable that “disclosure” would fit the bill. If it does, then I welcome such disclosure (lies, all lies) for it is likely that the Rapture of the Church will occur shortly thereafter.

    Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

    • Satan had noooooooo chance to take GOD’S almighty, all seeing, all knowing omnipotence. He was a created being like everyone else except the Word and the Spirit. and satan was neither of these.

      It was sheer madness for satan (driven mad by the sight of his own brightness and beauty…”vanity, its his favorite sin”….) To even contemplate this insanity.

      and you know what…madness is the dogmatic confluence of being caught in a loop doing a thing over and over and over again for its own sake…In other words, at the heart of it madness has no reason….it is the absence of reason! It is crazy! That’s right, there is no real goal…nothing to be acomplished, no endgame that benifits anyone…like a serial killer who just kills like a machine for local pleasure but thats it…its all death anyway. And in the end I think we are going to be astonished to find that it was basically all for nothing…it was sheer madness. Satan knew all along that there was no way the created could usurp the Creator no matter how many fools he convinced to go along with him.

      And God in his most excellent and loving manner let it run its course and also got involved to show his love for us.

  8. Hi L.A.
    Interesting the Rael has capitalized the idea of “We are HUMAN BEINGS.” so strongly. Wasn’t it back in the movie “Little Big Man,” when the Native American elder character int he movie whom Dustin Hoffman’s character called “Grandfather” spoke about enlightened people of the tribe being HUMAN BEINGS on more than 1 occasion in the movie. This presented this New Age Philosophy to the viewing audience. Hmmmm… That movie was filmed in the 1970!
    Reused and recycling around again. “Nothing new under the sun. The old lies continue to be used by Satan/Lucifer down through the ages…’round and around and around!

  9. Bizarre connections:
    The Who made a title song called Rael. Here are the lyrics.
    The wretched in their millions
    Will overspill their borders
    And chaos then will reign in our Rael

    Rael, the home of my religion
    To me the center of the Earth

    The Red Chins in their millions
    Will overspill their borders
    And chaos then will reign in our Rael

    My heritage is threatened
    My roots are torn and cornered
    And so to do my best I’ll homeward sail
    And so to do my best I’ll homeward sail

    Now Captain, listen to my instructions
    Return to this spot on Christmas Day
    Look toward the shore for my signal
    And then you’ll know if in Rael I’ll stay

    If a yellow flag is fluttering
    Sickly herald against the morn
    Then you’ll know my courage has ended
    And you’ll send your boat ashore

    But if a red flag is flying
    Brazen bold against the blue
    Then you’ll know that I am staying
    And my yacht belongs to you

    Now Captain, listen to my instructions
    Return to this spot on Christmas Day
    Look toward the shore for my signal
    And then you’ll know if in Rael I’ll stay

    He’s crazy if he thinks we’re coming back again
    He’s crazy if he thinks we’re coming back again
    He’s crazy if he thinks we’re coming back again
    He’s crazy, anyway

    If a yellow flag is fluttering
    Sickly herald against the morn
    Then you’ll know my courage has ended
    And you’ll send your boat ashore

    And a second song called Rael 2:
    What I see is all I’ve seen,
    In my sweetest sleep in dreams,
    What I feel is all I’ve felt,
    When by newborn babes I’ve knelt,
    What I know now is all I’ve known,
    That has been good while I have grown,
    Bless the thoughts that made me sail
    And the God who made Rael.

  10. I wonder if the moniker “Rael” is a simple conflation of Ra + El? Also the symbol pictured on the cover of Rael’s book (shown in the above video clip) are actually two of the main symbols included in the Theosophical Society logo. Which leads to the presumption that Rael, like Benjamin Creme, is no more than a pawn of theosophy’s brand of kabbalist gnosticism. With a giant helping of sociofacist soup.

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