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You may remember last year when the  History Channel announced, This Changes Everything! Then after all the hype we were shown the fossil of an animal and told that this was the missing link in the human evolutionary chain! I Blogged about this and called it a hoax. Now,  little more than a year later a team of “scientist” have declared that there is no link between the fossil and human beings! Of course the damage was done and millions of people including young children, who have yet formed a world-view, were the victims of this hype. The History Channel has not invested one pixel of advertising to correct the error. You know what? I don’t think that we’ll see or hear anything more about it from H.C. Here lies the rub for me! Our children are told in our schools, that evolution is what produced human beings. That billions of years ago, by chance, random mutations occurred and presto, the first knuckle dragging, humans grunted and groaned their way into existence. Of course what’s just incredible is random chance produced a male and a female so they could reproduce! Isn’t that amazing! BUNKO! Evolution is a theory and as yet it has not been proved and don’t hold your breath folks as in my opinion it never will be! Like Climate Gate, and Ida we are told evolution is what happened and then are given some examples of fish becoming birds, and birds becoming primates. Yet, not one single example of any transitory species has ever been found in the fossil record, and the researchers, who are desperate to prove Darwin’s’ theory, have uncovered millions of these things. DNA which is the building block of life was only discovered in the later part of the 20th century. Darwin had no knowledge of its existence when he penned his theory about century earlier. We know from DNA that it is a very complex code that instructs trillions of cells to become a horse, eagle, flounder or human. We also know that there is a species barrier that cannot be broken. In other words we don’t see eagles becoming men and vice a versa. However now that humans have discovered the double helix i.e. DNA they are tampering with the code. I once spoke to a geneticist who worked at AMGEN. He told me that they were able to splice the genes that make a fire-fly light up into the DNA of a frog and guess what, the frog lit up like the fire-fly. This is trans-humanism and in my opinion is what happened in Genesis 6, where we see the fallen angels not only having sex with the women, but perhaps creating what now has come to us myth, in the stories of centaurs and minotaurs. No one knows where and how life began, in spite of the scientific community force feeding us with Darwins theory. I have stated this before but when the “space brotheres’ show up, they will claim to have formed all life on this planet. In other words these so-called aliens provided the DNA and manipulated it to create humans. Ah yes, Darwin’s missing link found! I’m not making this up as the RAELIANS, who number about 70,000 world-wide embrace this idea completely.

In closing, we are told that the God of the Bible created all life ex-nihilo, from nothing. We see an example of this when Jesus creates fish and bread, “from nothing” and feeds the 5000. The bottom line is this. Science and religion separated centuries ago, as it was the church who impeded scientific progress. An example of this is Galileo who was almost excommunicated because he believed the earth revolved around the sun. However, the pendulum has swung the other way, as it is now science who is foisting it’s “truth” upon the masses and this is the same intellectual fascism that keeps everyone in the the new dark ages! There is a God who created all life on this planet including human beings, which are the crown of His creation, and are fearfully and wonderfully made!

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  1. I don’t have kids but it’s always been one of my biggest fears to have kids and send them to public school and listen to garbage like this. I hope if I ever do have kids I can teach them enough at home so they will know not to listen to the lies

    Btw it’s off topic but I just read there was a big quake in turkey

    • Joe.b,
      Our boys are in public elementary school and you’re right, it is scary at times to consider some of the things that are being taught as fact. Of course, when it comes to creation verses evolution, we teach them Biblical fact and say that evolution is an outdated theory from 100 years ago that doesn’t make any sense now that we know about DNA. And, that this theory is actually more like a religion because its followers are required to take a huge leap of faith to believe in it as there is no proof – nobody has ever witnessed an animal evolving into another one.

      So far, that explanation has totally made sense to him and he marvels at those who could believe such a thing with no proof, however, I agree with Lynn that the alien agenda may try and offer “proof” through some hybrid, etc… That is when we followers of Christ best know what we believe and live it out!

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Top notch brother! As you say the proverbial “missing link”, or transistional life form in the fossil record has not been found, and like you like I don’t believe it ever will be. In fact, when it comes to Darwin’s theory, I believe the entire chain is missing!

    I was speaking with a gentleman last week who was espousing theistic evolutionary non-sense. He believes that God was the “first cause” of the evolutionary process. However, as I pointed out to him, there is a vast difference between MACRO and MICRO evolution. Macro-evolution of course says that higher life forms evolved from lower life forms, and in the process one species became another.

    Mico-evolution, on the other hand, recognizes changes and adaptations within a species, while never crossing that species barrier set in place by our creator God.

    Kudos on the blog sir. Thanks for standing for the truth.

    Kevin J.

  3. Lynn,
    I think you need another appearance on C2C. This is on tonite. I wonder just what “crisis” he will be talking about. Could this be the crisis that causes the motherships to appear in the sky?
    10 pm – 2 am PT

    ET Encounters
    Director of the Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Assoc., Jim Moroney will discuss his profound ET encounter, and how aliens are waiting in the wings to save humanity from a crisis that awaits us.

  4. I think Kurt Vonnegut said it best in regards to evolution. Here is a paraphrase from Timequake:

    “The odds of spontaneous evolution occurring from random chemicals, all the way up to what we have now is as ridiculous as a tornado ripping through a junkyard of loose parts and coming out of the other side with a fully functional automobile”

    that’s not exact, but it’s a prime analogy.

    I remember in 10th grade biology, i wasn’t a Christian yet, but believed in God and the Bible. when they started teaching us evolution, i recall questioning it and more or less just zoning out. When the teacher described that slowly over generations things happen and change. and Human speech is one of those changes! crazy, so i asked him, using that line of logic, that within some period of time we would eventually have say talking dogs. He tried to explain that is not likely, but from my view it’s just as likely as apes gaining this ability randomly. sorry for the ramble.

    This transhumanist stuff is scary, they’ve also made other glowing animals and I would bet money that someone, somewhere has already created a transhuman. i have no proof, but the technology is there.

    PS any thoughts on the Turkey Earthquake?

    • The bible is a result of an explosion in a printing shop and in chronological order as well!
      The essence of a lie is the denial of a truth and it can appear with many faces.

      The truth is that “God has set eternity in the heart of Man, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end”. Eccl3:11

      Time passes man creates his idols of wood and stone to satisfy the spiritual void caused by Sin.
      Now he has reached a place in time where his Idol is the intellect in complete rejection of the God who created him.
      This is the worship of Self in the face of impending Judgment.

      John B

    • I can also remember a a kid in school thinking how unbelivable the thought of evolution was to me. I just didnt buy into it, because , like why dont monkeys ever evolve and talk?! even kids know better than that .

    • Hi Sandra!
      I am SO glad you said the bit about why don’t monkeys ever evolve and talk :^D I also pondered on that as a kid; I still think about that today…and wonder what “excuse” the Darwinists use in response to this. You know they’ve got to have one because that little bit of logic is just too powerful. Obviously it is a big, fat “Duh” that throws pie in the face of evolutionary theory! I don’t recall ever hearing any scientific response to that. Have you? Anyone else?
      Yahweh bless you.

  5. I had a 3/4 public and 1/4 private christian education. I wasn’t going to
    give in on biblical creation but when presented w/2 supposed truths I didn’t
    have the knowledge to refute Darwinism. So then what does one do? Typically
    combine them. God “may have” used evolution in His design process.

    I have been straightened out since then….Praise God !……..Now we have so many great
    Christian ministries that equipt us to defend the truth of God’s Word in this regard.

  6. Actually “science” has its roots in the dark arts and is a gift to mankind from the fallen angels in exchange for what? The fallen taught man metalergy, astrology (now the science of astrology with further roots in complex geometry), alchemy (now the science of chemistry), wholistic healing and divining (now combined with chemistry/alchemy to form the roots of medical science).

    That was the great trick too because cleaverly, knowledge for its own sake is not evil in and of itself. It was an excellent lie…the serpent telling Eve, “You shall be as gods knowing good from evil.” because if you look at it from a certain perspective Eve did not know at that time but God did know. But the end result was still death.

    Science has helped mankind in a lot of ways but the pride of knowledge can pump up the ego (which always exalts itself aginst God) and lead people down a road of atheisim, agnosticisim, and worshipers of the creation rather than worshipers of the Creator, God our Father.

    And I have seen it many times over,…
    “professing themselves to be wise they became fools.” This is why when I was reading a manafesto supposedly channeled by a contactee on an exopolitical website supposedly from a space alien watcher…always weaved into their appeal to humans was…”use your knowledge to understand….”…..”reach out…imagine…don’t just trust these words…use your knowledge!” It was so brilliant and seductive it gave me the creeps.

    • Excellent point Wilson on how science is the cure that has become the curse. No one ever thinks technology is bad in and of itself and I certainly would not want to live as the Amish, but in the end it may have shot ourselves in the foot. We have become the most secure independent society with more free time than any generation in the past. And do we search for God in that free time? No, we watch TV and play Playstation. It is sad sad.

      This scripture really captured it for me one day. We have forgotten the Lord our God.

      Deuteronomy 8:10″When (A)you have eaten and are satisfied, you shall bless the LORD your God for the good land which He has given you.

      11″Beware that you do not (B)forget the LORD your God by not keeping His commandments and His ordinances and His statutes which I am commanding you today;

      12otherwise, (C)when you have eaten and are satisfied, and have built good houses and lived in them,

      13and when your herds and your flocks multiply, and your silver and gold multiply, and all that you have multiplies,

      14then your heart will become proud and you will (D)forget the LORD your God who brought you out from the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.


      Deuteronomy 8:17″Otherwise, (A)you may say in your heart, ‘My power and the strength of my hand made me this wealth.’

      18″But you shall remember the LORD your God, for (B)it is He who is giving you power to make wealth, that He may confirm His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

      19″It shall come about if you ever forget the LORD your God and go after other gods and serve them and worship them, (C)I testify against you today that you will surely perish.

      20″Like the nations that the LORD makes to perish before you, so (D)you shall perish; because you would not listen to the voice of the LORD your God.

    • You know this will be a great thing if they stick to truths. But having read where they said that they got most of the info from genesis I’m willing to bet it has alot of extras added and alot if stuff taken out. But we can hope. If this film is a sham and is filled with lies it will hurt the unbelievers worse than anything we have seen in a while IMO.

  7. Galileo was almost excommunicated because religion did not see the truth of the fact that everything revolves around the SON…and always will.

    L.A. has been writing and talking about things that religion would probably excommuncate him for if it were possible because once again it refuses to see truth. There are probably more Christians who are willing to accept the idea that God may have “used evolution” than who are willing to accept the Biblically based ideas that Lynn has presented through his blogs.

    As for the evolutionists, they miss all the truth, including the fact that “the heavens declare the glory of God”. The glory of the Father is the Son…the heavens declare the Son of God…and indeed they do, which is why all things revolve around the Sun of righteousness…Malachi 4:2.

    When I asked God for biblical verification in black and white that the sun was created to be symbolic of the SON, he directed me to a verse I had never read before…5 verses from the end of the old testament…Malachi 4:2…and there it was in black and white. Starting with that fact, all the rest of his symbolism that he was revealing just fell into place. The moon…that great “comforter” in the sky, which appears in the midst of darkness when the sun has left…but the moon does not give its own light…it reflects the light of the sun as does the Holy Spirit of God…and the symbolism goes on and on, right down to today and the reclassification of the planet pluto and the solar minimum that we have recently experienced.

    The heavens do indeed declare the glory and the Son of God. If evolutionists truly saw this, they wouldn’t be evolutionists, for there could be no random chance involved.

    • Steve, thanks for posting that. It was encouraging.
      I know theres been debate before about this, but just had to bring it up: the KJV says “Sun of righteousness/healing in his wings”. The NIV says “son of/healing in its wings.” The NIV does cross ref to Rev 22:2 giving credit to the LORD.
      Just wondering about this out loud…

    • sorry! “sun” in lower case letters.

      I am just curious (if anyone cares to post their thoughts on it) why, the difference. “sun”- refers to something. “its” like a thing. Whereas Sun makes it personal, and his: who is “his” if not the LORD?

  8. Lynn,
    Perhaps now would be a good time for those who name the Name of Christ and claim to be His child to decide this matter of creation once and for all. John 5:46&47 state: “For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me; for he wrote about Me. But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?” It gets down to this that if you claim to be His and insist on believing evolution inspite of knowing the Genesis account then you do not belong to Him and you are deceiving yourself.

    When disclosure finally occurs it could be the greatest deception and hoax ever played on humankind—we’d best be about deciding which side of the fence we are on.

    • Darrel – you’re reading my mail. Darwinism is a set up for the great deception with the so-called aliens providing the missing link! Check out the Rael web-site that I linked to and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

    • I actually read about the raelian movement about 4 or 5 years ago I want to say in an interview in a popular magazine. At the time I was in some severe backsliding and didn’t have any pieces of this puzzle put together bit the idea still seemed to me really far out. I guess even though I was no where close to walkin the with the lord and not really trying to he kept me from being blinded by anything like the raelian movement and for that I’m very thankful.

    • Lynn, I used to think that evolution was not going to have much of a role in the last days deception other than simply being a false teaching but over the last 5 years my perspective has changed and it now appears that evolution is the deception or at least the basis of it. It would seem that the powers of the air are already using it in more ways than one and are subliminally preparing humanity for their lie…however it will be packaged.

      The above link is about a Reverend Fulton and his wife Linda who took a picture and thought they saw all kinds of angels in the photo. When this was first published on the web the photo was available in a larger size and a number of news outlets ran stories about it. It caught my notice because I had taken some similar photos and was rather surprised at what I was beginning to see in them…in short I was seeing a lot of ape like creatures and didn’t know why.

      I downloaded a larger size of Rev. Fultons photo and found about 4 apelike faces in it. I can understand why he and his wife thought they were angels because if one had never seen such facial clarity in the sky, what else would you think? However, God had been pointing out some things to me and when I saw the photo I knew what they were. What was interesting was that non christian people were foolishly commenting on a number of websites that they thought God must be an ape because the main facial apparition in the photo looks alot like Cornelius from the planet of the apes. What they didn’t realize was that they and the entire world are being subliminally attacked and deceived by the powers of the air. The lie of evolution is not just in the schoolroom…it’s in the air and it’s being subliminally implanted into people’s minds.

      I found this hard to believe until God urged me to study a photo that I took , and then he showed me what was in it…the evolutionary chart…from ape to caveman. I isolated the caveman and made a separate photo and then simply asked a few friends what they saw…their reply was Fred Flinstone.

      God was showing me that his symbolism is about Jesus and his gospel and that Satan’s symbolism is about the lie of evolution. God’s symbolism is there for all to see, in the sun, moon, stars, and planets while Satan’s symbolism is used in a subliminally deceptive manner that cannot be seen until God reveals it.

      I found this all to be very interesting considering the fact that I have never liked learning about symbolism… and then God led me to your website Lynn, where I began to see the role that evolution is really going to play. Amazing…and praise the Lord that he takes the time to reveal things to such slow learners like myself.

    • I wonder how the full disclosure ties in with ideas found in shows like Caprica and the movie Avatar, where one has the ability (or it could happen by accident like in Caprica)to transfer their consciousness into something else (computer, avatar, cyber space and then of course the Hindu version: animals, other people, bugs).

    • it does make sense, now that you mention it. Evolution physically is a lie, as is the theosophical and ET view that there is also spiritual evolution.

      I guess i’m not surprised.

  9. Does anyone have any comment/-ary on the PC game “Spore”? ((not based on what you’ve heard but based on if you have seen it in action and/or have actually given it a go.))

    • Joe.b~
      Go ahead and check on it! The evolution theme to this post is why I mention it. There is—> and a slew of other sites and blogs about the game. With hope you’ll get the gist of what I’m talking about. I really would like to hear some viewpoints from believers here. Thanks for responding. God bless:^D

    • I am new to this site and have not posted here before. I am checking out LA’s material and have been introduced to the idea of the alien agenda thru Chuck Missler some years ago.

      I just wanted to comment on the game Spore. I am a part time player of PC games and have played Spore before. The whole theme behind the game is the “aliens” as creators in a fantasy universe. It would be harmless entertainment to those well aquainted with the alien agenda as described on this blog. The fantasy universe in the game is too far from reality to be convincing. However, it does reflect the growing theme in secular thinking (aliens as creators) and pokes some fun at a biblical belief of God as creator. Hope this helps.


    • I’ll check that out and let you know what I think. I got a playstation 3 as a gift fir Christmas and I have been pretty shocked at some if the things I have seen in some of the games. It’s really changed alot from when I was younger and played alot of video games

    • For Joe.b and GT~
      Thank you for the input on “Spore”. To hear what believers opine about this PC game is part of some information I am assessing. And welcome to this wondrous blog “GT”! Yahweh is here :^D Joe, you are not mistaken when you note on how the games have changed since the days of NES etc. Really must be choosy anymore. Well, I’ll be waiting to hear from you (and any other folks about the “Spore universe” thing.
      Maranatha indeed!

  10. Jred ran into this site which looks pretty good to me so far.

    Scroll down to:

    “Creme Says Aliens Among Us” (March 2010 Share International Magazine Overview) March 01

    Definately some interesting “Highlights”. Here are a couple:

    “Creme claims there are 2000 aliens living on the planet right now. He claims some of them have arrived on this planet as adults while others are raised as children by families.”

    “Creme says that these aliens on Earth would look like any other ordinary human unless they want to be seen in their true form. This is almost a dead giveaway by Creme that aliens are low-level fallen angels as Paul warned in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 that Satan’s ministers can pose in different forms, including as ministers of light.”

    • Lisa,
      A couple years back, we were having devotions about the end times, when a drunk guy crashed into the light pole across the street, knocking all the lights out in the neighborhood.
      We went out there to help him and kindof direct traffic. At one point I was waving a flashlight and this car was coming and just kept coming. I waved it harder and yelled at the driver to stop! He did stop and I directed him to pull into my drive to back up and turn around. While the flashlights were on this vehicle so they could see the driveway, you could see the people inside: an older man and woman (60s). The looks on their faces were weird. Like void of any emotion whatsoever. In short, they looked like zombies. Dead. My husband and I were taken aback by this look. We’ve also noticed it before on others…..

    • Dee, Thanks for sharing this experience ! Several years ago I too started seeing this …It was like I would have binoculor vision and could see people’s faces up close and ( you know while I was driving ) and how you described it is exactly how it was to me ! Zombie/no expression/and my spirit would always be on high alert when it would happen.All of this is soooo freaky to me and although that particular thing isn’t happening any longer I am still, well, exhausted by everything in the world these days.And the church?… sigh……
      Thanks for relating the story

  11. Lyn,

    With all the talk about hybrids now possibly living among us (as Creme has declared), I can’t help but wonder…are there going to be female hybrids who will specifically go to bars and nightclubs in order to lure men into having unprotected sex with them in order to continue to pro-create.

    Just another thing for people to be aware of especially for people who have college-age kids who are going out and about. As bizarre as that sounds, I still can’t help but wonder.

    Aside from that, parents should remind their sons and daughters that the rates of STDs has climbed phenomenally in recent years even with so-called “protected” sex. This leads to another problem if hybrids are among us which is, if they do start incorporating into our social structure and lure men and women into sex, will we start to see even stranger more deadly versions of STDs?

    In any case, these are certainly dark times we’re beginning to enter. I pray Jesus rescues us from this corrupt world soon!

    • that would make some sense. That’s kind of what happened in the Hair of the Alien book. that would also explain the jump in STDs. The local college by me boasts that about 1 in 4 students graduate with an STD.

      interesting thought.

    • Ewwwww….that thought is horrendous. I work in public health and see yuck being transferred to one body to the next as it is. Yuck. Don’t really like to think of dealing with alien STD’s along with everything else. I’m going to don a big prophylatic every day. 🙂

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