There were lot’s of comments about the show we did Wednesday night on Acceleration Radio and subsequent BLOG the following day. I want to make a point here and it is this, before I was saved, I was immersed in the occult. When my girlfriend died in a car crash at 16 – I was 18 – this sent  me into a tail spin, as I had never encountered death up close and personal before. It lead me to search for the meaning of life. I read lot’s of books, dabbled in New Age mysticism, took a course in Silva mind control, which essentially opened me up to spirit guides and finally joined an ashram after my third eye was opened and I received special knowledge, from so-called Guru Maharaj ji. What is interesting to me is that all of these experiences while being very real, never got to the root of the problem and that was/is my sin nature. Some of you who are reading this are already rolling your eyeballs, but here’s a cogent point to consider. What do we do with the actions that we engage in that are wrong like lying, cheating, saying hurtful words, stealing, giving the one-finger-salute when someone cuts us off on the freeway? You see what I mean? Although my third eye was opened, it never did anything for my sin nature. It never freed me from the bondage of sin and never gave me eternal life! That is what Yeshua/Jesus did for me when I came to the Lord 30 years ago. I want to make it clear that I’m not talking about religion, I’m pointing to a deep spiritual experience that was given freely to those who followed Yeshua/Jesus 2000 years ago, and to those who come to Him today! This is what stood the ancient world on its head. Being “born again” is life changing, literally. Now, having said that, I came out of the occult and so I know of its deception. It’s why I write about the things I write about, to sound a warning to all who will listen! While on my run yesterday I ran into Jim – no pun intended – who called me over and informed me that my X-guru, Maharaj ji was going to be speaking in Santa Monica this Saturday. I launched into a 5 minute diatribe why this so-called guru was nothing more than a charlatan, and could never provide him with eternal life! I then proclaimed to him the good-news about Yeshua and that by His blood and our belief that He was sent for us, we are redeemed and have the free gift of eternal life. He nodded and smiled and then invited me to dee Maharaj ji again! We need to pray for this guy. His name is Jim and he has been deluded for decades, by the false teachings of Maharaj ji.

In closing today’s post, we need to be aware of the enemies machinations. We can be bold in our rebuking of him in these last days, for he is defeated and he knows his time is short. However, let’s not underestimate him for he is a formidable foe and is a master deceiver. There are times when I do  not want to hear about another UFO or Nephilim or end times stuff. When that happens I know I need to get refreshed, to renew my mind and so I dive into the word, go for a run and spend sometime with the guardian of my soul. We are living in tenuous, treacherous times. The enemy is ramping up for the greatest deception that mankind has ever faced. We need to remember to put on the full armor of God, daily. For our enemy Satan roams around like a roaring lion seeking to devour those he can. Stand fast, knowing that the Lord of all will give us the victory!

We got all the money to pay for Airfare & Hotel accommodations for the ST. Louis conference! Thank you one and all for your help!

Remember if you have an encounter, rebuke first and ask questions later!

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  1. Way to pull together, everybody! This is how we need to support Lynn in the future. When we see a need, let’s take care of it and help this man get THE WORD out!

  2. I did not roll my eyeballs once :p I think if anything this makes you more credible in what you do now. You have experienced the other side of what we talk about here and many of us have not. I for one am thankful you gave up that lifestyle and came to the good side to be a good example to all of us like you are and also that you try to get what you believe out there no matter the criticism from “Christians” and other people.

    Btw a 6.8 earthquake just hit Sumatra

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Thank you for boldly standing for the truth, and clearly presenting it on a daily basis. About a year ago I sensed the clear urging of the Holy Spirit to ramp up my teaching and research on eschatology. An increasing number of Pastors and Bible teachers never preach on prophecy and what is coming on the earth in these last of the Last Days.

    We must sound the alarm! Time is short. The Messiah is coming soon to receive us unto Himself. All hell, literally will soon after be unleashed. Everyone reading these words I promise you DO NOT want to be here when the wrath of God is poured out. Heed Lynn’s words today. Receive Him (Jesus) and receive the FREE gift of eternal life. (John 1:12; Acts 16:31; Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23; Romans 10:9, 10)


    Kevin J.

    • first, sorry for the long post.

      LA. Go and preach the Word boldly, your background i feel gives you great credibility. I think between you, Russ Dizdar and Future Quake you helped reel me in from the path i was on.

      Kevin, similar to you, last summer I got into the works of those i mentioned above which helped renew my relationship with God. And after that time I felt called to not only keep an eye out on Eschatology, but to study the Word as well.

      Since then, I have been listening to the great podcasts by these ministries, and getting to know the Lord better by reading the Bible more. I don’t feel like i’ve grown, but some evidence of this was that 3 yrs ago, I watched Chappelle’s show alot, and thought it was hilarious. I rewatched a few episodes and didn’t laugh nearly as much as i used to, and was almost disgusted by some of it. So, i can tell the spirit of the Lord is working in me.

      Anyways, lets all keep watching for our King to arrive, for it may be sooner than we think.

      (PS, if you missed the Future Quake episode about the Georgia Guidestones, download it immediately and listen to it. It is as timely as ever! The enemy may have something going on sometime this month, the guest on FQ thinks maybe even the building of the 3rd Temple. it may be a stretch, but still worth checking.)


  4. Great post! Thank G-d for bringing us out of the occult and into His arms, and praise Yeshua for His blood that reconciles us to out Abba! Jim will certainly be added to my daily prayer list. Bless you LA and an early Shabbat Shalom to everyone out there!

    *our rabbi is currently leading a tour in Israel, but we plan on talking to him about having you come speak!

  5. Tammy,

    You’re rambling on again. This time talking about a ‘Christ conscious’ – very New Age of you.

    Remember, even a little leaven ruins the whole lump. You sprinkle in bits of truth while pouring out your New Age mystical lies.

    I understand and appreciate the fact that you have the freedom to post what’s on your mind and L.A. is gracious enough to allow you that right. However, I also have the freedom (not to mention the commandment from God’s Word) to rebuke your false teaching.

    L.A. Sorry if I seem a bit ugly in my reply. I really enjoy reading your BLOG daily but I just can’t sit by quietly and listen to this person post this garbage without being corrected – for the edification of those who might still be ‘babes’ in the faith.

    Bill Lonas

  6. can you guys be in prayer for my friend? this friend is interested in UFOs, possibly into new age and he asked me about UFOs.

    So i gave him a number of the good secular sources, Vallee, Jacobs, and Jim Marrs but also threw LA and Joe Jordan into the mix.

    please pray for my friend. I have told this person several times that the Bible is the way, and to read alien interviews but it apparently hasn’t sunk in yet.

    • What about if you were to get him one of Lynn’s books to read? I wouldn’t mention it being Bible-based. Just hand it to him and tell him that, since he expressed an interest in it, you thought he might like the book. Pray for him and see what happens.

    • 🙂 great minds think alike. Since he’s really interested, I gave him a list of UFO books that I think have good evidence that it’s real. I especially told him that Vallee, (MSGR of Deception, Revelations), One of David Jacobs’ book and the one that convinced me and is a good history, Jim Marrs’ Alien Agenda. Plus a few others.

      I guess i did this so he can look at the evidence of some good sources. I then threw in Alien interviews (which i have emailed him once, and he probably never read) and also told him about Joe Jordon’s book. I told him that these books show more or less the whole spectrum of the phenomena. I told him to save the Jordan and LA’s book last, mainly in the hopes that he will realize the truth after seeing Jacobs’ and vallee’s work.

      I don’t know if that’s a good strategy or not, but God can use us despite our poor abilities…

    • Oh, he was heavily leaning towards reading Urantia. I told him that is not gonna help him understand UFOs and ET’s.

      i also sent him guy malone’s website a while back. Between Guy, LA, Russ Dizdar and Joe Jordon God showed me the truth.

  7. Dr Marzulli

    Its too earily for my check to have arrived (it went snail mail) but when you get it use it for any other trip you may need for.

    My eyes sort of popped when I read the name Maharaj ji because in the late 1970’s after I read Hal Lindsay’s “Satan is Alive and Well and Living on Planet Earth”… I started speculating on who the anti-christ might be and that guy, who was just a boy then but making a big splash in the tabloids was one of my first picks. Never heard from him since so its interesting and small worldish that he pops up again in my history.

    Also you have spoken before about a third eye. We have no third eye. Isn’t that some kind of demon philosophy designed to psych people into meditating and consentrating themselves into trances so that they make themselves available to the wierdo spirit relm?

    • it’s a “spiritual” eye in the middle of your forehead. having it spiritually opened allows you to see or experience the spirit realm in greater detail.

    • why isn’t on the back of your head or in the palm of your hand? Why don’t you have 4 eyes or 5 eyes? Why is it an eye at all? Why isn’t it an extra hand or another brain? Wouldn’t that be more useful?

    • If you read about the pineal gland – you will find some very interesting information.
      Also – in Revelation – you’ll find info on being sealed in the *forehead*….

      Personally, I think there is a connection to the pineal gland and being sealed. If we’re not sealed – we’ll be **turned over** to the coming DELUSION. Who does the turning over to the delusion? YHWH!

      I find it interesting that the ‘third eye’ is not anything new to many religions.

      Is there a correlation between the so called ‘third eye’ – the pineal gland – and being sealed (whether it be by YHWH or the A/C)?
      I think there very well may be.

    • So if we keep sealed we will not be turned over to the delusion (ac) in your opinion right? What is your opinion about the hand?? So it seems the more that are open to the new age and opening their “Third Eye” the more will believe the crap from the a.c. huh? It said that even the elect may be deceived, so by that it seems possible that some of this new age stuff may be leaking over into the churches all over…very disturbing times.

    • WILSON – The third eye is part of occult initiation. It’s a doorway into the lower astral i.e. the second heaven. We are warned not to go there as we are not equipped to deal with the entities that inhabit that realm. It’s Satanic and should be avoided at all costs. another end-time delusion! Thank God he set me free from all that nonsense 30 years ago!

  8. I am not familiar other than what I read here, however I beleive LA said his third eye was previously opened. After his conversion I assumed it was closed. However, I think it was in Tammy’s comment which aluded to the eye being open and not LA. I may be wrong.

  9. Shove a sock in it Tammy!

    You need to close your mouth and open your ears!

    Bill and Late Night Lisa were being kind, but you didn’t get it!

    If you are legitimately interested in Christ, you must be teachable. The spirit of contention and New Age are all over your very convoluted writing.

    You are either 12 years old or you are here to make trouble. Either way, you need discipleship.

  10. Now ,Now,That’s no way to talk to a Lady,as far as the legitimate thing goes .Some Lady came up to me and my children and asked me if I knew who my son was? I said yes I do [when my son was born I heard Isaiah’s words about a son being born a son being given., then she asked him , what he’ll be doing when he’s 21 and she proceeded to point up through the skylight and tell him he will be ruling up there.Just like the annunciation angel did. So who do you think my Son may just be? We even had the white dove that would sit on his shoulder all the time.

    • Tammy I’ve been patient, but it is clear that you are a distraction. I’m not sure who you are or what I’m dealing with, but you will have to limit your posts on my BLOG to one a day. L.A.

    • I must say that her comments gives all of us an insight in the new age mind set on how The devil uses scripture … may the lord be merciful. I think it is Good of you LA not to remove her off the blog as the lord may be involved in her salvation via. the lord’s will be done Amen.

      john b

    • You mean I’ve become a stumbling block for you.I meant no harm .My name should explain who I am.Tammy means palm tree, tree of life.so if you don’t want to eat of my words anymore fine but don’t say I didn’t try.Your King is my son so ya, I do have alot to say but I’ll take myself and my so called new age teaching and post somewhere else John B thank you for your kindness your name means Yahwah is gracious and you live up to your name I’ll put your name in the book of life which is my son.Thanks for the time guys But i guess its time to brush the dust off my feet and move on.Jesus said you can’t put new wine in old wine skins.Now I know what is really in your hearts.

    • Tammy – I’m not sure who you are, but you are confused about Jesus, that’s for sure. He is not a mystical force or your son for that matter and you will not put anyone’s name in the book of life. To argue with you is pointless and I won’t take the bait. The Lord rebuke you. I have stated that you are welcome to post once a day and you still are. L.A.

    • _

      as I was reading your post(s) I couldn’t help to look at the way you type and spell your words(grammar)and have come to a conclusion. now I believe I am not at liberty to post my conclusion do to the fact that it might offend you. but I will say one thing. God does Love YOU more than you can ever imagine.

    • What is in our hearts is Christian love, even if it hard to hear, for I know for a fact it is hard to say. Tammy, if I may offer this in fellowship, from a man who as recently as last year was cursing God’s name and in a course of a week became born again. Humble yourself before God and stop with the self-aggrandizing in relation to His word. Spend more time asking Jesus’ spirit into your heart and less time proclaiming your self worth in His name. Everyday is a new opportunity to come to know Jesus and a new challenge to drift from the path. You need prayer, not censorship.

  11. Ernest Gregorie, (Oops- There are two Lisa’s. LNL-“Late Night Lisa” & then just “Lisa”.)

    All I can say is that if anyone could drive me to the loony bin it will be from me reading Tammy’s posts. It’s almost more than I can bear.

    It’s simlar to L.A’s friend Jim who calls him over to “remind” him of his X-guru, Maharaj ji. In my case I have to tame my tongue into submission & give every “contrary” thought captive to Christ. (Of which are too numerous to mention!)

    The devouring lion makes sure to test our current & former weak points. Great warning L.A.


    A prayer for You Tammy.

    John b

  13. Following is a link to the best video on the New Age Movement ever made. An eye-opening film of the Yoga Meditation, Eastern Mysticism, PsychologiaI Therapy, Self-Help, Mind Control and much more… Expores the eerie world of ego-maniacal gurus and their western counterpats, New Agers. The definitive work. Explores its birth, its invasion, and its effect on western society. It explores the pagan roots of eastern mysticism, meditation, yoga, and more. An eye-opening expose of the New Age movement. Shows how it was conceived in the early 1960’s at a planning session by Hindu gurus in India as a means of converting Americans to Eastern mysticism. The seemingly innocuous devices used range from Yoga meditation to a belief in reincarnation. We are given an extraordinary inside glimpse into cult mentality and mindless obedience, and we see how an outright attack against traditional American beliefs has been successfully launched, not only from Hindu missionaries, but from unsuspecting Americans who have accepted the surface manifestation.


  14. The Best Video on the New Age Movement ever made. An eye-opening film of the Yoga Meditation, Eastern Mysticism, PsychologiaI Therapy, Self-Help, Mind Control and much more… Expores the eerie world of ego-maniacal gurus and their western counterpats, New Agers. The definitive work. Explores its birth, its invasion, and its effect on western society. It explores the pagan roots of eastern mysticism, meditation, yoga, and more. An eye-opening expose of the New Age movement. Shows how it was conceived in the early 1960’s at a planning session by Hindu gurus in India as a means of converting Americans to Eastern mysticism. The seemingly innocuous devices used range from Yoga meditation to a belief in reincarnation. We are given an extraordinary inside glimpse into cult mentality and mindless obedience, and we see how an outright attack against traditional American beliefs has been successfully launched, not only from Hindu missionaries, but from unsuspecting Americans who have accepted the surface manifestati…


  15. Dear brothers and sisters,

    Unfortunately, Tammy is an example of what happens when the enemy places one of his emissaries in the camp of the Church. Let me first make one thing clear though. I am not saying Tammy is an agent of Satan. I am saying this is the type of thing that happens when an agent of Satan is sent to target a specific group. These are people who appear 100 % Christian on the outside…but then doesn’t everyone in our churches? The reason I do NOT believe she is an out rite agent is because in the ministry where I serve, we do have what I in fact do believe are co-horts of the Evil One. I believe Tammy is one in whom the enemy has trapped and she needs our prayers to have her “Spiritual EYES” opened.

    This is why Jesus told us to be wise as serpents and innocent and doves. He said in Matthew 10:16, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves”. In this same way, we are to be as wise as serpents when we deliver the Word of God to others, yet do so as innocent doves. In no way does that mean we cloud the message of John 14:6 or any other of Jesus’ teachings. What it does mean is that we should always be discerning of false teaching and when we encounter them, call them out in love…but call them out we must. Just as Dr. Lynn did with his friend Jim, so we must do with these like Tammy.

    It was her posts I was alluding to a few weeks back when I asked if spamming was allowed on this board because I kept seeing post after post such as the ones she is making today, albeit not nearly as forthright. Tammy needs our prayers and we need to ask Jesus to rebuke the Evil One who deceives her as well as those from whom she gets her teachings.

    Those who are true agents of Satan could also be on this board…for the purpose of using cleverly marked posts to bring in just enough confusion to muddy the picture. Again, APPEARANCE of a Christian is 100% but with discernment, you will begin to see how they operate. When they subtly refute sound doctrine with phrases like, “I’m not sure that is what Jesus would have done” or always questioning what or if things are being done in a manner that best uses the MONEY we have to its’ greatest purposes. Obviously I am not even scratching the surface regarding this topic but I pray that at least a point is being made.

    And that point is this: When we have someone like Dr. Lynn proclaiming the Truth of Jesus Christ, coming out of the back ground of the Occult such as he has, Satan or at least his emissaries ARE going to target him and his audience. This is fact. If it hasn’t already happened at this site, it will at some point. Again, I am not saying Tammy is this person, but I am saying she is a great wake up call.

    We need to keep Dr. Lynn in our prayers full time. We have no idea the spiritual warfare he is constantly battling. Because of the corporeal abundance of work he has done and is doing for the body of Christ, we must all be on our guards for him and for us because all involved WILL come under attack at some point. If you haven’t already, you will as long as you are trying to get Lynn’s message of Truth about the fact of the Nephilim/Alien/Fallen Angel/Demonic Spirits out to an unbelieving world and an apathetic church.

    It is in our churches where Satan’s agents have their stronghold and please trust me when I say they have strong holds. Here in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area, getting Lynn to this area is going to literally take an act of God with much fasting and prayer. The world needs more like Dr. Lynn who are willing to put their reputations on the line for the Body of Christ.

    I am sorry for the sermon. I just felt compelled to get this out. Please know it is sent in love.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Jeff D. Thanks for your support and prayers. I agree we never know who someone really is in Cyber space and we must be careful!

    • A few months ago when I first started frenquenting this blog I defended one of tammy’s statements thinking that she was being a light hearted down to earth Christian. I haven’t said anything about it or Tammy since on here but I have came to regret that and do not wish to be put in a league with her because of that in my fellow believers eyes on here. May Christ be with you all.


    • Brother Joe,

      No need for regret in my personal opinion. It is obvious by the sum of your posts where you stand and you stand shoulder to shoulder with Dr Lynn and the rest of us wanting to fight this Good Fight. We know Who’s side you are on.

      May many blessings be yours this day.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

  16. Hi L.A.!
    Hope you’re again enjoying the WARMTH of Cal. while it still snows out in the Rocky Mountain West! Thank you for your kindness and the caring love and compassion of Jesus Christ which is part of our countenance and shines out from you. Thank you for being an example of Christ in love and action in your personal life and ministry. My husband and I learned and had alot confirmed by you at the Cheyenne seminar and in your book, Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural. I am a truth seeker, too. “The Prophecy contained in the Bible is 100% accurate, and NOW God is indeed calling the churched and the unchurched to “Come out of (spiritual) Babylon!” I am standing with you in prayer and study of the written word of God, The Holy Bible which is about ‘DISCLOSURE’ rather than ‘religion!’ In response to your question you asked in Cheyenne, “Yes, I will interceed in prayer for you and your ministry. Our Lord Jesus knows your heart attitude and He delights in you.”(Cathy you met in Cheyenne, WY!)

    • HI Cathy – Thanks for attending Cheyenne! It was great to meet you and your husband. All the best to both of you! L.A.

    • :.A.–We’re glad we came to Cheyenne from Utah to be with you. Seeing and hearing you in person definitely strengthed God’s message through you. Dave really benefited from being there in person and was more open to the message. It definitely comes across more concrete and less abstract and helps awaken those who sleep through reading and listening to the radio, etc. Awesome! I’m praying for ALL listeners, readers, viewers EVERYWHERE who have seen or heard the message you presented to “COME OUT OF BABYLON (SPIRITUAL WORLD CHURCH SYSTEM) and to have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Lord Jesus and Father God are bringing forth as prophecied in the the Written Word and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.” Sad to know (I groan in my spirit)that the majority will not heed the warnings of God’s watchmen. I give thanks unto God for all those He has given Jesus Christ, for it is written that none whom the Father has given to the Son will be lost. Cathy

    • That is a great urgency upon the people of God To come out of this Spiritual system… That means to relinquish the various doctrines associated with it. Coming is much more than disassociation with certain denominations.
      It in tails a sincere review of Doctrines accumulated from them, which is causing division in the body of Christ!

      Let all who come out of Babylon lay aside the Loftiness of formulated theological concepts ingrained in the mind and start afresh on the “pure Milk of the word” Of God….

      John b

    • Yes, John B. I agree.
      NOW is the time for the Holy Bible to be raised up as the ‘standard against which all else is tested and measured’ and for Christians to move forward in discipleship from the ‘pure milk’ of the word’ to the meat of the written ‘!As it is written, “We must read and study the word to show ourselves approved unto God.”
      Also critically important in the life of a true believer is spending time with Jesus Christ in a deepening and growing relationship with him through prayer, meditation on the scriptures, fasting and prayer. We are called to draw closer to a righteous God in a deeper and fuller commitment than doing the stuff ( and church activities, etc). This is part of our PREPARATION for what lies ahead and also PREPARATION OF OUR HEARTS PRIOR TO SPIRITUAL WARFARE.
      Jesus tells us you will know a man by his fruits. A true believer is ‘sanctified and consecrated’ to God and out of love for God and Jesus Christ desires to obey his commandmsnet and walk in a lifestyle of holiness and purity made possible by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit within us. Men of flesh cannot live this lifestyle of holiness on their own!–Cathy in WY

  17. L.A. Thanks again for coming out West to us with your message of the truth and of the infallibility of God’s written word, the only book of 100% correct prophecy, The Holy Bible! Even standing on the written word of God has separated us out and unto Him. Like you, we do find ourselves alone–often! Our faith and declaration of Jesus Christ as Messiah also separates us out, just as it did Jesus from the religious leaders and teachers of his day. On Jan.1 2010 a few of the leaders of the Catholic church worldwide called out to Pope Benedict XVI to raise Mary the Mother of Jesus to the title of ‘Spiritual Mother of the World,’ and also ‘Co-Matriatrix.’ I believe this is blaspemy and heresy which we must address in spiritual warfare NOW, as it is a VERY BIG AND BOLD MOVE On the part of thses Cardinals!! The APOSTACY in the church of the World (Babylon) grows! It was and is great to see you stand for the truth–no matter what it cost–for I too, also truly believe anyone with a prophetic voice who is concerned about pleasing all churches, who witholds truth in alignment with the Bible so as not to offend is a false prophet/teacher/preacher. Standing on the truth may cost us everything in this life, but the greatest treasure Eternal Life in Jesus will remain ours. Cathy

  18. The usage of scripture by New-agers is a common thing that I have encountered before.
    Many New-agers were once members of churches and have since moved on to “Greater Light” that is what they say.

    Their belief system is an ecumenical one where Knowledge and enlightenment is available at the smorgasbord of
    multi-cultural Faiths christian included. I do not know if Tammy was ever a member of a Christian Church!

    It is very difficult to bring these people Back to the Faith as a result of their departure from It.
    It is the spirit of Antichrist at work “They went out from us” 1Jn2:19 . It is trampling under foot the Son of God Heb10:29

    This is a bondage of the Mind In “denial of the Father and the son” all the whilst using His word to further their objective of unification.
    It presents itself in an “Exalted manner with an attitude of Pride” and it cannot Hear.
    There are also many in churches today who are not new-agers and suffer this “Exalted Cannot hear mentality” as a result of narrow minded theology.

    John B

    • I studied with the Jehovah witnesse for 8 yrs until I heard a small voice tell me to “get out of her my people “then I left and they hung me out to dry.Now I go by faith alone.

    • Well, I won’t defend a “church” and say that it is the way to go, but perhaps you have jumped from the kettle into the fire. How about not by faith alone, but by the word of God as well? Its one thing to quote scripture, it is quite another to hold fast the truth in your heart. Not a fabricated, self-exalted version of it. Personally, Tammy, I hate to see you go. I believe there is something we could learn from you, if you would only allow some of the things we say to penetrate you about how new-age thoughts lead down the wrong path. But if all we are involved in is a spiritual fist fight, then I am afraid that kind of thing is a distraction to L.A.’s discipleship and message here.

    • I am a repented sinner like the rest of you.NO better than anyone else ,when the person told me my son was gonna rule ,you wouldn’t believe how humbling it was ,I was scared because when I told people they would say well then your son will die at 21 ,I would tell them that some are not going to taste death.They cast demons out of me ,they shunned me ,but the true friends I have stand by us,I went to the catholic church and told them to take the images down of him on the cross because it disturbed me ,they wouldn’t.I told them if their son died in a car accident would they hang there son all mangled up on the wall hanging out of the car .no they wouldn.’t.My son has heard from God ,his hairs stood on end, just before I almost died from blood poisoning,he said “don’t worry your mother will be fine.”please understand I am in the middle of this not for glory all glory to God.If someone came to you and told you about your son wouldn’t you investigate like I have.My birthday is march 25 1974 and I did conceive my son on my 18th birthday he was due on the 25 of December and in the fullness of time he was born January 26 by c section he was over due, [lifted out of the water.] hopeful watcher thanks for your concern.You know that all that was left at the bottom of Pandora’s box was HOPE.Please everyone be gentle with Simeon’s sword I don’t know how much more I can take.

    • I dont know what to say or add to all this that I keep seeing here with you, Tammy, you need to fall into the Bible head first, and really begin reading and trusting in God alone. everyone needs to pray in overtime for Tammy, and her son, because what if the poor kid ends up beliving this tale shes been telling us? you certainly seem sincere in your beliefs, but you are WAY OFF! your kid is just a regular person, like anyone else, but you are setting up a dangerous sitiuation, if youve been filling his head with blasphemy like this.

    • he didn’t believe it at first,but he has had experiences in his life that point out that it just might be the truth.His new name is Billy Christopher Lewis means protector ,helmet,Christ bearer,sounding house warrior..His nickname is cave man.He don’t fear man that’s for sure.He was given a staff from the woman by the well.The churches disgust him.He said once that to be a king, one has to help others first.There was a wise man by a few time too he said he has come bearing gifts for our children and so on.

    • Tammy – you are being deceived, trust me. I think you have opened doors that have led to either possession or at the least oppression of demonic forces. As with all of their lies, they suck you in by making you feel that you have a special mission and that you are the chosen one, and are of great importance. There have been many others who have gone down a similar rode as the one which you are on. In the end it leads to destruction… There is only one Christ and he was here 2000 years ago. By His blood we are set free from our sins. There is really only one way to peace and salvation and it is by placing faith in Him. Your son is not the Christ…. I’m sure everyone who comments on this BLOG is praying for you… L.A.

    • Dear Lynn and all bloggers:

      I think we need to see that not only may Tammy be deceived but there may also be true psychiatric problems as well that need to be addressed…so we should pray for her that the Lord will heal her mind and protect her from the enemies deceipt and lies. Arguing with her or trying to make her see the light or hear any sense will not prevail…we must pray in love for her as this is a battle of spiritual and mental and possibly physical issues as well. Hopefully the Lord will have the proper medical intervention come into her life and with the prayers of everyone here, I am sure the Lord can and will help her. God bless you Tammy and everyone that blogs here.

    • I have been accessed by many Dr.s ,and they gave me a certificate of wellness in the end. ,I knew I shouldn’t of told God “Here I am sent me.”I should of known better.thanks for washing my feet guys.

    • I agree. Tammy appears to be delusional suffering from disorganized schizophrenia with grandiose features. I work with these people day in and day out and yes, she does need prayer. These folks are often victims of extreme abuse as children and sometimes even satanic ritual abuse. They are often challenged to “ask their Jesus” to save them while being tortured to get them to disbelieve but it often has the opposite affect and they become believers. But they still are wounded and need our love. It’s a broken world people. Jesus isn’t all about nice pristine churches where everyone says the right things or believe everything the way we think they should. Sometimes I think Jesus feels more comfortable walking the streets ministering His love than he does in churches. Loving isn’t always easy but it’s the most powerful force we’ve got.

    • Kelly I feel like Eve and Mary all rolled up into one ,I know how Mary must of felt and how bizaare it must of been.I also know that I am a sinner like Eve.

    • Sounds confusing and somewhat lonely Tammy. I think talking to a real person outside of this blog would be helpful to you in sorting it all out. I live in Montana. Depending on where you live, we could probably get you hooked up to someone to work it all out. Isn’t it great to know we don’t have to go solo on this journey? 🙂 God Bless you and hold you close to His heart.

    • Hi Kelly~
      What you say is true; I am “officially” retired from Human Services but still volunteer in that field. Thank you so much for speaking to the mental health issue (the “word salad” commentaries alerted me awhile back.) But Yahweh’s timing had to be in place before anyone could step forth with spiritual discernment. His will be done. And keeping Tammy in our prayers is the righteous love thing to do. So be it.
      Yahweh’s peace and wisdom be with you.

    • In a Moment, thanks! Nice to be validated. You know prayer is such a powerful way to reach people. I hardly have to correct my children or get in too many battles with them any more. I just start praying that God will touch their hearts and clarify His will to them. It’s great. It really works and I’m sure when I feel a need to do something I think would please God more it’s because prayer has gone out for me…probably from my kids. Haha. Anyway bless you back brother or sister. LOL.

      I keep telling myself I shoulda used my given name on this particular blog. Pretty soon though most regulars here will know that this Biblically derived screen name belongs to a female ((most folks here guess I’m a guy. No worries though :^D)) So good to know that your kids trust you to our Lord in prayer! Also good to know you have a sense of humor. Tee hee.

    • Jim Jones also suffered from disorganized schizophrenia with grandiose features, and look where that lead. Im not suggesting Tammy is on a level of Jim Jones, but I am suggesting this is where Satan wiill lead you if you open yourself up to the lies, and as LA says “suck you in by making you feel that you have a special mission and that you are the chosen one, and are of great importance”
      This only leads to death and destruction.
      John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
      The devil is out to kill you! But you can resist the devil victoriously and consistently. … Never lose sight of the fact that the devil has an unending desire to steal, kill.

      My word to you Tammy is simply this. Stay close to the Lord each day through prayer and the Word. Jesus loves you and wants you to enjoy a life of peace, joy, and abundance. Satan wants to kill, steal, and destroy you, while God wants to give you His peace, joy, and abundance. The choice is yours. You are free to live your life in rebellion to God, ignore His Truth, and allow satan to destroy you, or you can follow the Lord and live in accordance with His Word and enjoy God’s blessings. That is what our life boils down to, consequences or blessings. I will be praying for you to choose to follow the Lord and enjoy His blessings!!!

    • I agree Lisa, no need arguing with her.
      You cannot make a truce with the devil. He is and will always be, 24 hours a day, “your enemy the devil” (1 Peter 5:8).

      (Im not saying she is a devil, Im saying she may be oppressed by a demon spirit or under he influence of a suggestive spirit)

  19. I had something really odd happen to me yesterday so thought I would share. I was sitting in my car in the parking lot at work facing a house across the alley. I’ve seen that house daily for a few years now and sometimes don’t even pay attention to it but I was sitting in my car facing the back yard and noticed the dogs that normally greet me weren’t out. Then I realized there were no longer curtains on the windows or cars in front and wondered if the house was vacant. I was sort of gazing at a window on the 2nd floor and noticed an image that looked identical to alien face images I have seen staring directly at me. Big eyes and grey (not green). I kind of laughed to myself thinking how all my perseverating on aliens last year has tainted my ability to see clearly. Then my cell rang and as I answered it to speak to a client,the image backed up and I swear I saw the head and the body turn around. I can honestly say I have backed away from all of this alien/end times stuff. I was getting a bit depressed and it was taking away from what I need to give to my life. So this event totally and completely was unexpected but I saw what I saw. I almost got this feeling that these aliens are everywhere. It’s like they are just waiting for permission to expose themselves or something. Anyway very wierd. I’m hoping my eyes were playing tricks on me.

    • Thanks for responding. I don’t think this has anything to do with my not “being good enough” as a christian or not “reading the word” enough. I can always get into the word more, trust me! And I can always be better I suppose but not enough to get to heaven Jesus went to the cross before me eons ago before I could start impressing Him. Nope, this has to do with aliens/fallen angels/the demonic amonst us and I just caught a visual glimpse. The dark has no power over me. I know who my savior is and they know that I know. He was rebuked, trust me. But hey thanks for the encouragement.

    • Kelly,
      Here is a common thread which L.A has confirmed in his book, Politics,Prophecy and the Supernatural, and other christians have confirmed: when you experience paranormal encounters with evil entities of the earth or other dimensions (which some call ET’s), you rebuke using the Lord Jesus Christ’s name (ask questions later!) and also plead the Blood of Jesus. When the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth has been used the abductions and other demonic evil manifestations of other types have ceased. We are told to read the Word and learn it not for good works nor to ‘be good enough,’ but as Hosea speaks and instructs, so we will not ‘perish due to lack of (Godly) knowledge.’ Hope this helps you. (I have left organized churches and home church myself! Jesus in his ministry, yet he kept the Sabbath in a synagogue, and God’s Holy Feast Days and was outside the 4 walls teaching, healing and delivering the people who came to him. Remember as a child and young man, he was schooled in the scriptures and known as a Rabbi in his day among the people around him.
      Cathy in WY

    • Kelly my son came home today and said he’s been seeing things he said it sketched him out a bit he said a face appeared on the wall and that other things keep appearing to him too, just in the last day or so he said he feels weird .Almost like if on acid trip he said and no he didn’t take anything .

    • Tammy – there are things going on in your life and they appear to be manifesting with your son. Where are you located as I know people in different parts of the US you might be able to see in real time. Let me know if that is something you would like to do. This BLOG just isn’t the place to solve these kinds of events that are going on in your life. Faces on the wall are not a good thing, period. May I suggest that you rebuke first and then ask questions later. L.A.

    • Kelly,
      There is power in releasing the sound of the spoken word alout. In the name of Jesus Christ we rebuke these evil entities and manifestations(supernatural, paranormal or whatever!)We need do deal with our fear factor now–because when frozen in fear or fearful it’s very difficult to speak, even scream! This is why L.A. also has written and spoken to people about confronting this now and preparing ourselves, rather than later! The Bible is a book of disclosure not religion! Jesus Christ points the way for us and is the only path to God as is written in the Book of John Chapter 14. Blessings.

    • Hey thanks for all of your responses. I really appreciate them. I do believe we are dealing with the demonic on a daily basis in our world. Because it is a fallen world. I think we encounter the demonic more than we think we do. Now and then I have had a supernatural glimpse into that. Sometimes with people I work with I know they are controlled by demons and as I counsel them as I work in a psychiatric crisis center, I pray in my spirit. I know who my redeemer is. I know His power and I am not afraid. I always rebuke and I always pray the holy precious blood of Jesus over myself, my family and people I know love Him and are so deeply troubled. I lived all of last year completely blown away and on an adrenalin rush learning about the end times. I’m not sure it really prepared me as much as controlled my life with trepidation and fear in a way. I don’t think I have to know everything that is to come to be “prepared.” Surely I need to know as I need to know if that makes any sense but I trust Jesus (yes I say His name this way). We are called to bring peace to a world just full of fear. God is still in control. All things have to happen for His will to be done. He has never once been out of control. I like to be reminded to say the scriptures out loud. I’ve always believed in the power of that and appreciate the encouragement.

  20. I just posted on something very odd I saw yesterday but looks like it got lost in the heap with all the Tammy responses but it is there. It was really a strange experience in the midst of a fairly normal day for me. We haven’t really had many sightings or anyting UFO- ish in Billings. It really gave me an alarming almost emergent need to really pray. Long and hard.

  21. Wow, I just read an article that made HUGE red flags go up. I really hate being cynical and thinking everything is nefarious lately, but I just can not help it.


    This link tells about a new online game that was funded by World Bank. Right then and there, it gave me serious pause. The game is a social networking site that makes a game (with a point system) out of collaborating and creating innovative solutions to real world problems. There was a time in my life that I would think this kind of technological tool would be supremely cool and helpful. But now, at this point in time, I am just not sure. Depending on the missions they create for the group, it could be a propagandists dream come true to indoctrinate and get “buy in” from large groups of eager people, who want to “change the world for the better.” Who could possibly think that is bad, right?? :-0

  22. I encourage all to keep your eyes on Jesus in the midst of our circumstances. I exhort all to ask the Lord Jesus’ forgiveness for all and for Tammy. Forgive Tammy and pray for her. Finally remember to forgive yourselves and keep your eyes on Jesus Christ. May our Lord forgive us and cleanse us by the washing of the water and His Blood. The Blood of Jesus cover us all and cleanse us. Then let it go and give the burden back to God. Jesus has told us to exchange our yoke which is heavy, for His which is light. The Holy Spirit breaks the yoke of bondage to sin and the Blood of Jesus shed on Calvary atones for our sin when we repent and turn away from it back to Jesus. The whole Bible points the way to Jesus both His first and second coming. Jesus points to and is the only way to His Father as is written in the Book of John! This is the Good News of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God! We are to go and tell this to all the nations!
    Cathy in Wyoming

  23. A call to FOCUSED Spiritual Warfare! Today I received a message saying that witches around the world are speaking and directing focused curses against all pastors, intercessors, leaders and believers in the body of Christ. It also spoke of the infiltration of Satanists and witchcraft in our churches at all levels. Please prayerfully take this to the Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit in prayer and follow as He directs you. You may be led to pray, rebuke in the name of Jesus, and Plead the Blood of Jesus– at 6:00pm daily in your own time zone, breaking all curses, cancelling all assignments and evil spoken and directed against the Body of Jesus Christ and send the evil to the firey lake! Cathy in WY

  24. Definitive proof: Clearest UFO ever filmed in China

    Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

    What is being hailed as the clearest ever UFO footage (view below) and final and definitive proof of alien visitation to planet earth has been filmed in China in the last fortnight.

    ON January 28 at 8.40am multiple witnesses saw a giant pyramid shaped UFO briefly hover above the city of Xi’an.

    The UFO was seen for no more than two minutes and one witness, Mr Yu managed to film around 15 seconds of footage of this historic event.

    Mr Yu described the UFO as being covered in uneven patterns and shapes as well as having glowing purple light coming out of its underside. Another smaller UFO was seen at one stage move in the vicinity of the larger craft.

    Both UFOs were seen by more than one witness despite their brief appearance.

    ‘This is astonishing, landmark footage’ one Chinese ufologist noted.

    it is generally agreed that this footage is not computer generated and the event occurred although some are claiming the object was a giant kite that briefly appeared from behind fog.

    Most viewers doubt that explanation and see this footage as definitive proof that a civilization that travels between worlds using pyramid shaped craft are about to make open contact with humanity.


  25. Matt,
    I saw the article you mentioned as well, regarding the Catholic exorcist in Spain and his disclosure of infiltration of Satanists and dark forces in the highest levels of the Catholic Church and the Vatican. The Vatican is considered to be like a nation-state unto itself–ruled by their Pope. Thank you for providing the link for us.
    The infiltration by Satanists, witches & Luceriferians has gone into all areas of societies, governments, churches and organized religions (true and false) throughout the world. Their singular emphasis is ‘to take God out of all society’ and aspects of physical life on this world and in the spiritual as well in order for Satan to rule and control all through his possession of his own AntiChrist. The Satanists and Luciferians are into thir dark writings, The Bible of Satan etc all the time and know them well! We cannot do any less as true believers in Jesus Christ and children of Father God! How can we weld the Sword of the Spirit and the written word of God as our spiritual weapons if we do not know what’s inside, how to use it and speak it in the authority of Jesus Christ as he gave his authority to us. We are ‘bought by His Blood’ and need to ‘stand with him in truth’ in alignment with and as revealed to us with the help of the Holy Spirit! There may come a time when we can’t possess a Bible nor read from it like other persecuted Christians in the world today. Therefore we must study and learn and ‘feed on the written word of God’ daily to prepare for time is near however remember all propheciesof God written in the Bible must be fulfilled prior according to God’s revealed plan in the Bible, before the Second Coming of Jesus. What a wonderful guidebook of prophecy and revelation Father God has given us! Above all, Keep your eyes on Jesus,on Jerusalem and Israel!
    –cathy in wy

  26. Anyone still looking in here today?

    We all are probably aware of a 6 – something – earthquake in Turkey

    • Hi Frank: Nothing to worry about with all these earthquakes… right? This is totally normal…. sure it is! NOT!

  27. someone once asked my son who he is? he said, I am who I am.All your medical terms don’t effect me,remember what is on that medical sign two snakes intertwined and you guys say I am in the league with the devil. I told my kids what you said and they said they just don’t know you mom.I asked God once if I was Eve’s seed that was going to crush the serpent and an omega rainbow appeared on my living room ceiling , I went outside and on my front lawn was a dead hawk with only a teardrop of blood by it’s eye when I looked up there was three hawks and an eagle and a crow and a white dove circling above my house for at least an hour .It was so surreal.

  28. Tammy,
    The Lord rebuke the devil in you for ‘the devil is a liar. He can only create countereit, copying God’s truth only it is mixture, some truth mixed with lies from the pit of hell! In the mighty name of Jesus, I say, “The Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you Satan! You know your time is short. I cancel the assignment of the enemy against Tammy and her family. You and your lying spirits and demons must leave Tammy and her family.”
    Tammy, I say to you We are not God. He alone is the “I am that I am!” This is one of His names…the name of the One True God–not ours as Oprah and her new age have been throwing out in the media and all over the world by various means. Satan biggest lie and deception was to tell Eve, “Eat this, You shall become as God!” That lie from the pit of hell has been used by Satan since the beginning of time with man! I send the evil from the pit of hell, which has been directed to you and spoken by you and your family, to be destroyed to the firey lake! Repent of sin! Come out of Babylon (the world system of false religion) and turn to Jesus Christ who shed his blood for your and your family for your salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ alone is the ‘only path to God the Father in Heaven.’ ALL deceived and delusional to believe otherwise.

    • let God’s will be done unto me.Thanks for the prayers.The snake left me along time ago ,I woke up and seen a striped king snake slither out from me and disappeared after I asked God to forgive Adam and Eve That night my c section bled [It had been years since the c section }.I said the curse has been lifted.If he enters me again I’m gonna eat from the tree in the garden and kill him off.Because if he’s in me he will most surely die.

    • Tammy, I have never met anyone who needs an exorcism, but you fit the bill girl. I believe I speak for all here (and if I don’t, my apologies), but no one wants to hear your personal testimonies anymore unless they are about how you found Jesus and are following HIS word and not bastardizing them to your own. You blaspheme His Holy Word!! If God has something important to work through you, then let him do it and be quiet about it. If he chooses to exalt you and lift you up to show us the way, then we will be given signs, wonders and dreams about you. If this sounds like I am not being intolerant, then so be it. It is not important how I feel about your relationship with God. What is important is your “ACTUAL” relationship with God. That is between you and him. Keep it that way!!

      Acts 16:17 This girl followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved.” 18 She kept this up for many days. Finally Paul became so troubled that he turned around and said to the spirit, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!” At that moment the spirit left her.

    • Tammy, I won’t give you the attention you desire any longer.

      “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!”

      This is how I will address every post from you from now on and suggest others do the same. We are just feeding your demons by giving you attention.

  29. Hi L.A.,
    REGARDING TAMMY,IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH I SAY’ENOUGH! ENOUGH!’ Tammy, ‘the line is drawn in the sand. Which will you choose? Choose life through Jesus Christ!’
    Leave the past and the new age philosophies behind. Turn to Jesus. It is that simple. Let go and let God! Jesus is at the door of your heart knocking. Will you let him into your heart and enter into new life in Christ? In this new life you will let go of the past, old habits and be looking back no more. Christ is calling you to forward movement with him through trusting him, faith and obedience.
    When you choose to continue on in your new age discussion of new age symbolism, you are attempting to control, manipulate and distract from a position of rebellion to God, which is the sin of witchcraft and from Satan, not God. I break the spirit of Jezebel and plead the blood in the matter.
    I pray others will stand in Matt. 18:19 prayer agreement with me in dealing with this now. In the nighty name of Jesus Christ and his resurrection power, I say “Enough!”

  30. I just talked to my spiritual adviser .The woman by the well.she has a message for some of you. A woman by a well ,unto Tammy’s judges;* perfect love casts out all fear.*Let which ever one of you that is without sin,cast the first stone.*Go back,and learn what the scriptures mean.These are her words after I told her what you guys had to say.

    • Tammy,
      The Written Word of God stands on the truth of God. God cannot lie. I Bible says what it means. I believe the is the infallible Word of God.
      Use the standard of the Bible as the test of all spirits and all things, and measure of the fruits of a man or woman. We have directed you to the Word of God, The Holy Bible is about disclosure, not religion. It points the way to Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only Way to the Father. He speaks this in John 14:6. Go to Jesus directly and develop a personal 1 to 1 relationship with Him yourself. Place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and He will show you the Way of truth and life. After meeting Jesus personally, ‘the Samarian woman at the well ran back to her village and became one of the first evangelists of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah. Because of her belief in Jesus, her witness and personal testimony Jesus her whole village was saved! Her eyes moved away from herself and onto Jesus. She changed! She pointed the way for others who had known her most of her life to bekiueve and know Jesus themselves. It’s truly ‘all about Jesus–not us!
      I know L.A. stands on the truth of the Written Word of God–the Holy Bible, and its prophecies which are 100% accurate in all that has been fulfilled thus far.

    • the Samarian woman does live in a village still,the village of BibleHill Nova Scotia which the templars call New Jerusalem.she said she was hiding under her bed and said to God that she probably could be doing something more then I knocked at her door ,we were like long lost sisters she calls me Tamar like the one in the bible that Jesus raised, he said arise damsel and arose she did .They said she was dead but with God all things are possible.

    • You didn’t hear a word Cathy said, did you Tammy? I am not going to judge you and say you don’t have “actual” physical connections with biblical entities, but I got to tell you it should be a huge red flag for you. If you are truly interested in being saved, you should read what the scriptures say and NO MORE. Apply the biblical principles to your life; do not make up new scenarios with yourself interjected into the story line. All you are doing is exalting yourself in the name of the Lord and that act alone tells me that these events are evil. This is because God will exalt us to his will, if he so chooses.

      To put it bluntly, less talk more action. If you you have some kind of prophetic importance, than we will all know very soon, because GOD will exalt you and let us know. Not because you come here and spout off that it is so. That is pride, plain and simple.

    • Hopeful_Watcher,
      Well said! I stand alongside with you in Matt. 18:19 prayer agreement. Thank you for standing on the word of God and the Rock, Jesus Christ.–Cathy

  31. This whole Tammy thing is quite disturbing due to running into someone who truly believes things similar to her. We had ran into a man at a wal-mart that claimed he was the angel of death and love of all things. He claimed he was the prodigal son and he tried being nice but no one liked him so he had to be mean. The defeated evil (Devil) is on the prowl and so many are falling to his deceit and lies. I pray for them all to see the light of Jesus Christ our Lord God and Savior!!!!!!!

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