Human Mutilations: A MUFON Cover Up!

On Acceleration Radio last night my guest was Butch Witkowski. It was an unnerving two-hour show that plumed the depths of the Human Mutilation phenomena. At one point in our discussion I asked Butch if there was a cover up within the UFO community. Without hesitation he replied that there was. He said that the human mutilation cases are not something that MUFON wants to discuss. He also elaborated that others, who have tried to bring this to the forefront have never been asked back to speak. This is astounding when you think about it. Here is an orginization that prides itself in discovering the truth. But wait, unless the truth is something that the Grand Puba’s that head up MUFON agree with, unless the “truth” fits into their paradigm, it is ignored or worse covered up. The human mutilation phenomena is the missing piece of the UFO puzzle and it nails down the concept, to anyone who is reasonable, that those who are responsible, are in fact malevolent entities. I can’t say it plainer than that. An entity who would mutilate a person while he or she is alive, which is torture, is evil! There is no way around it. According to Witkowski, the autopsy reports that he read, confirmed the fact that these poor souls were alive when parts of their bodies were being stripped away. He also mentioned a story about a Pennsylvania man who was abducted and then mutilated. When the body was found it was removed from the crime scene without a coroner present. This is against Pennsylvania law! Then, it was  later brought back to the family in sealed casket. Sounds like something right out of the X-files doesn’t it?

I am used to being censored. MUFON won’t have me speak at any of its meetings because of my belief in the Nephilim and that fallen angels are responsible for the phenomena of UFOs. The churches won’t have me speak because of my belief in the Nephilim and that fallen angels are responsible for the phenomena of UFOs! I was also fired from my last church position, in part, for the contents of my book Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. The pastor had censored the book without reading it. When I challenged him on this he didn’t have much to say. This kind of “thinking,” or lack of it, is intellectual fascism. That same closed-minded, mind-set is all to common in the churches, but it is also rife in organizations like MUFON! Mine is a lonely post and not many people want to hear the truth. The bottom line – and you’ve heard me say this half a gazillioni times – is this. UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away! Human mutilations are the darkest part of the UFO phenomena. They show us who these beings really are and graphically depict their twisted, perverted practices. Those who are in the Exo-politic movement and others who tell us these beings are friendly would do well to talk to Witkowski and others who have investigated these grizzly, crime scenes. I use the words crime scene because these mutilations are torture and murder and those who are responsible need to be brought to justice. Of course if those who are perpetrating these crimes are interdimensional beings it’s going to be hard to arrest them and bring them to trial. This is the problem isn’t it? These beings operate with impunity. They take what they want, with no regard for human life. With this in mind we are truly in the days of Noah. The fallen ones are back with their nefarious agenda. The Nephilim are here….!

Remember if you have an encounter, rebuke first and ask questions later!

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  1. This is not a question that implies I think these entities are anything but evil, because I think they are pure evil. How do we know these people were alive when they had these things done to them? Not that this makes much difference to me, whether they be alive or dead, it is still a heinous and evil act. However, I am just curious how they came to that conclusion.

    • that is a good question.

      i guess one could infer that since the look frozen on his face could be evidence. though perhaps, he saw something terrible, died of fright, then they mutilated.

      I would also guess that since these beings tend to feed off of fear and pain, leaving someone alive while they did it would make sense.

      so no clear evidence that it was done while they lived, but i suppose one could make an educated guess. We can probably come to the same conclusions with an animal case.

    • Frank,
      How can you say, “that is a good question.”, then take a guess what could have happened, then state that there is “no clear evidence”?
      Are you a doctor? Have you performed autopsies?

    • ncyJeff,

      keyword in my post was infer 🙂

      i just took what was told to us in the writing hear. by no clear evidence i just mean that the text didn’t give us clear evidence as to whether the person was alive or dead. so based of what LA posted, i just made a quasi-educated guess.

      i was just throwing out a speculation.

    • Actually, I saw a clip that L.A. posted a few weeks ago that Mr Witkowski was presenting at a MUFON conference not long ago. He brought up the data that strongly supports the idea that the humans were alive.

      I’m not a doctor but I can give you my non-scientific, paraphrased version of what was explained. Basically, when the body undergoes severe pain the body usually passes out. Prolonged exposure to this type of pain causes something to develop on the brain (hematomo I think). The autopsies performed on the mutilated bodies showed several places on the brain where this had occured. This strongly suggests that the victims were, in fact, alive when this was happening. What’s worse is that it strongly suggests that they were brought back to consciousness repeatedly throughout the process.

      At least that is what I remember him saying.

      Bill Lonas

  2. it would be nice to hear MUFON take a look at this and your work. It’s oddly hyppocritical that they claim to have an open mind, yet choose to neglect this topic, your views or the views of Joe Jordan.

    Sorry to hear that your pastor did that, that is really not cool. I had a talk wiht my pastor offering myself as a resource to the Church for anyone interested in the supernatural or UFOs. We had a talk about my brief testimony, i told him that UFO’s almost led me astray but he didn’t take it any further. I really had hoped that he would at least be interested in these resources.

    I’ll be going through new member class this weekend, so perhaps after becoming a member I can serve in this way. If not, maybe i’ll try donating my copy of PP&S and a copy of Alien Interviews. It would also be nice to be able to donate an archive of Future Quake, Shatter the Darkness, and PID radio to the library as well.

  3. Dr. Lynn,

    It doesn’t surprise me that MUFON is closed mouthed on this situation. I was a big fan of UFO Files except not a big fan of Bill. I was glad when they brought on Kevin (even if it was only for purposes of making the show more “open minded looking”) because he was not one like Bill who just believes EVERY possible UFO sighting was truly “Alien” in origin.

    Kevin at least played Scully to Bill’s Mulder. At least he tried to operate with what on the surface appeared to be intellectual honesty. The bottom line with UFO FIles and the plethora of like minded programs is that they lead you to the water but then can’t let you see it, much less drink it. All of these programs I believe are ultimately a tool of Satan. They whet the appetite of those who are uninformed by giving them just enough bait to get them hooked on the religion of the “Ancient Astronaut” and then spoon feed them until they can only digest what they are told to digest. Any deviation such as your hypothesis and Truths in this area cannot dared be taken into account or else they could lose their good standing in the UFO community.

    You are right, they don’t allow ANY hint of the supernatural to be brought into the equation…especially when it involves Biblically based phenomena such as the Nephilim and fallen angels. It is their way or no way. These programs seem to only to be furthering the Luciferian agenda to help people at least question the plausible theory of other life forms in our universe. The main problem with that is they aren’t willing to question whether that plausible life form is angelic in origin.

    Again, the Prince of the Power of the Air is in firm control of the airwaves and his emissaries are hard at work carrying out their scheme to deceive the masses with all this pablum of “Alien life forms”. I am saddened by the constant bombardment of the unholy alliance of this evil Prince and his ever willing cohorts who exploit real people who experience real UFO and abduction encounters, yet fail to delve into the supernatural aspect of the conversation that is never brought to the table.

    In the mean time, the unwitting general populace is inundated with the plethora of this type of programming that just happens to be programming THEM…conditioning them and readying them to accept the future AntiChrist with all of his lying signs and wonders. The joe couch potato who sits there getting his or her fill of the point of view from these shows is slowly being assimilated into their doctrine without them even firing off any kind of discerning salvo in return. Satan seems to be ready to show up as the man with the plan and the overwhelming majority of human kind will fall in line without even asking what if. For them it is more costly to give up their comfort zones than to confuse them with the Truth.

    The war rages on. Thank you for keeping us updated and fighting this Good Fight.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  4. The one thing i’m trying to work out in my mind is how can satan just strait out kill a guy? I did not know he had that power. I thought he had to work through other people to acomplish this. If he can just hard down kill a guy then why go thru all these schananagans? Why not just kill everything God makes?

    • I am sure that God sets bounds on what Satan can do so that he just can’t kill all people. We do know that according to John 8:44 “He(Satan)was a murderer from the beginning”…

      If angels (the sons of God) can cohabitate with the daughters of men as in Genesis, they then can take physical form to do heinous acts.

      Remember 2 Thessolonians 2:7, “the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way”. I believe that there is a hindering of Satan’s plans and power by the invisible body of Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that is preventing even worse things from being perpetrated.

    • It just seems to me that taking a guy and torchering him and peeling his skin off while he is alive is more than a henious act.

      Its tripple scarey and frightening to think devils are running around doing this all willy-nilly. If we can be so eaisly brutalized and shanked like some sort of farm animal by creatures we can’t even see most of the time…that sort of knocks the specialness off the mankind “is a special made creature” thing , doesen’t it?

    • Wilson, I don’t believe Satan’s motivation is to kill God’s creatures, nor is it anarchy and chaos like most people believe. IMHO, these things are tools in Satan’s tool box to achieve what he ultimately wants, which is worship from as many souls as he can find. He doesn’t want chaos, he wants totalitarian control.

      So how does anarchy, killings, mayhem, torturous mutilations and alien space craft with supreme technology fit into all this? All of this is a recipe for the masses to be scared, anxious and fearful for their lives. Satan will use our fight or flight instincts against us but manufacturing a scenario so extreme it will touch every man, woman and child on the earth.

      We will be drowning and looking for a life guard. And then he will give us one. The Antichrist. And everyone who values their lives, which will be the majority, will unite and worship the beast to maintain what we have. How else do you think the meek will inherit the Earth? The meek is us ladies and gentlemen. The meek are those who say, yeah I liked my prosperity and security, but I am not going to sell my soul for it.

    • But that also means that if he so desired he can just torcher and kill most horribly and directly anyone he chooses? (you say he simply chooses not to.)

      Well if that is the case I tell you this. All he has to do is manifest and come out in the open and get a internet/cable TV show and strip people of their skin and keep the cameras rolling, recording all their screams….and burn them with their flesh peeled off with hot oil.

      If he kept doing that he’d have the world so frightened, 10,000 times worse than hitler or Sadam Hussain oe Edie Amin or Pol Pot had their nations scared and doing every thing the dictator wanted. He’d be even more powerful through the fear with his torcher and direct death methods that no one would defy him. If that were possible.

    • Have you seen the crap that comes out of Hollywood? It may not be real, but it is as graphic and senseless as you describe. We have been conditioned for a long time to fear certain things.

      I believe Satan chooses to torture and kill, not for the purpose of killing in and of itself, but to instill the greatest amount of fear possible. And trust me, when the Antichrist reveals himself, every internet/cable TV show will be showing him. He won’t need to buy his own coverage.

      There is no greater fear than fear of the unknown and we are being kept in the dark and fed snippets to whet our collective imaginations to the very last opportunity. The world will collectively be angst ridden with the coming economy collapses, famine and diseases we will fear any new small atrocity. And that is when he will reveal the worst of them all.

      The masses who do not have faith in Christ in their heart will crumble and worship any solution that provides a way out. If they had faith and endured a bit longer, they would know that the savior is coming to save us all.

  5. I’ve been wondering the same thing Wilson. But I’m guessing if it was by nephilim and not demons or Satan that they have actual bodies and can do whatever they want in our world

    • That makes some sense but it is scarey to contemplate. Especially if nephilim are artifical lifeforms inhabited by the spirits of demons.

  6. Lynn:

    It’s sad to hear that you will not be listened to by people from Mufon and such but also from the church is very sad. We have to remember that the enemy is within our own ranks….not suggesting that your pastor is possessed, but the enemy has his links everywhere and can subtley influence people in many ways in their thinking and he has the church not even wanting to think about this issue…it just makes people like you and me who do see these things sound like quacks when we try to talk to people about it and this way the enemy can continue to hide and keep hidden his agenda right within God’s own camp. We need to continue to pray that people’s eye’s will be opened before too late, especially God’s people, so that we who have the authority to come against this to some degree can stand together in warfare (Prayer & Fasting) to stand against the enemy whenever, wherever, and however we can. Those of us who frequent this blog need to pray for each other and Lynn everyday so that we can speak to people who will wake up and listen and understand and join in God’s warfare (prayer and fasting) against the enemy before the end…and it is soon…Lord help us!

    • One of Satan’s greatest deception is convincing the church that he doesn’t exist or that he isn’t a threat. The church is complacent and asleep at the wheel when it comes to the spiritual challenge we face. They putting their head in the sand is doing their flock a huge disservice.

  7. One thing I don’t understand and why I think nephilim might not be here as of yet (I’m definatly open to evidence that says otherwise) is, nephilim were born unto women from angels mating with them. Those angels were bound for eternity. David hunted down and killed the last of them which was king Ogg. So the only way we could gave more is if more angels fell from glory and mated with women or we created them through cloning or whatever. Kinda like how they are talkin about cloning cavemen. If anyone has info I’m missing or evidence that says otherwise I’m open to it

  8. Lyn,

    I’m curious, were the people who were found mutilated in any way shape or form, involved into the occult? The reason I ask is because I have a theory that perhaps these mutilation cases could be that if the person really opened their mind/soul to these entities, that it is then “spiritually legal” for the entities to destroy the human (because they have thrown away the option for God’s protection). Perhaps this is another reason why God commands us to refrain from the occult, because it makes us susceptable to such violent attacks from the Nephilim/demons/principalities. What are your thoughts?

    • Hi DavidBmusic and Joe.b~
      The other day on one of these threads, a person named “M” spoke at length about principalities and demonic entities getting what is referred to as “legal ground” in order to commit atrocities against human beings. Sounds like an interesting phenomena to study up on.
      Yahweh be with you in His service.

    • Yeah I read that but I didn’t notice him throwin slot of evidence out there. Was it there and I just missed it?

    • I don’t know about you, but I would be screaming my head off to Yahweh and Jeshua to protect my soul and to denounce those abominations. I have faith that they would not be able to continue, but even if they could, I know your soul would be protected.

    • Well, I had a little experience: After we watched Knowing, I had this very surreal night mare that the same looking demon/men in the movie pulled me from my bed and told me it was time to go. I said, ‘No and the Lord Jesus rebuke you!” and they disappeared/I awoke. I asked the Lord to forgive us for watching that movie. In the movie they us a lot of different religions and the conclusion is that we’re all right about the end times and God and such. So maybe there is something to ‘opening yourself up to the occult’.

    • sometimes you have to go into the darkness so you can see the light.sometimes we are the light.sometimes we bring the dark.

  9. Lynn,
    World net Daily is offerent the book “The UFO Conspiracy: Space Travellers or Demonic Deception” for sale at their online store. You can view the listing here:
    If they are willing to sell and PROMOTE this book, perhaps they would be willing to carry yours and promote THEM as well. You can contact them regarding the matter at: You may also view their website at:
    WHo knows if things work out perhaps they will make you a guest columnist or something. To my knowledge they are THE largest Christian News Website in the world.

  10. Lynn,

    I listened to most of your broadcast last night with Butch Witkowswki. Absolutely horrifying but not surprising. Will the broadcast be available in its entirety as an archive?

    From my observation and experience, most individual Christians are not open to UFOs and the nephilim. So it’s no surprise that churches will not touch it. Most won’t even confront controversial moral issues from the pulpit to educate and warn their congregations about the dangers we face at a time when it’s sorely needed.

    Keep up the good work. I love your style and always look forward to your daily blogs.

    • The archives have not been updated on AVR since December….. this is such a waste as there is no way to hear LA if you are not home for the live !!!I am bummed to say the least about this… maybe it will change soon or someone have any suggestions ?

    • Woc,
      The Archives have actually been updated to 2/17/2010. You can also subscribe to the podcast with this link:
      We’re still at the mercy of the producer, who only posts the shows when he gets around to it, though. I asked L.A. why it took so long for the Archives to be updated, and he said that the producers computer crashed and he lost all of his files. Hopefully he’ll stay on top of it now and update it in a timely manner.

  11. These things happen to those who have open doors. I was quite heavily involved in the occult and had an obsession with the paranormal. This opened doors for these things to harrass me. I gave permission, albeit unconciously, to these things.

    Don’t be afraid…greater is He who is inus, than he who is in the world!

    LA…my husband and I would love to have you speak at a Shabbat service. Sadly, the congregation isn’t ready yet, and we are seen by some as nuts. Thankfully, our rabbi has come to see this truth as have some of our close friends. We have your back 100% on this and thank you for all the hard work and research you are doing!

    • Kelli – let me know when a good time might be! I’d love to come and speak at your service….!

    • finally some one who says it right keep the Shabbat Holy.amen.You will learn from them.Kelli your name means,war strife and bright headed keep your flame burning in this area the people need to learn .

  12. Two things:
    First, what does MUFON say about animal mutilations? Do they connect them with UFOs?

    Second, I used to know one of the people who investigated the spate of animal mutilations several years. He told me that the mutilations were performed by Satanists using helicopters. They got the money throught drug trafficing. Though I won’t rule out any demonic activity, I have no reason to think he wasn’t telling me the truth, and unfortunately history shows that humans can be unbelievably cruel. We may not need to look to demons to explain these horrible occurances.

    • This is true Thomas, however, there are many occurances in history of people bursting into flames for no good reason, who incidently, were also into mediums, sorcery, and the occult in general. Those cases could make sense if when they open themselves to that realm, that Satan and his evil spirits are given a “green light” to do physical harm to those people.

      This could be the case with the human mutilations too. As far as cattle are concerned, I’m not so sure as cattle do not have the ability to choose between good and evil. They just simply do what cattle do…graze, give birth, and graze some more. If God is allowing the fallen ones to do destruction to cattle, I do not understand why He would allow this. For people on the other hand, I can totally see why God would allow this as we have the ability to choose between good and evil.

      Perhaps the cattle mutilations are the work of human hands, and human mutilations are the work of the dark spiritual realm of Satan…if/when a human opens his/herself up to that world.

      The Bible warns us to abstain from the occult because it is dangerous. These human mutilations do indeed, highlight and underscore how dangerous the occult is.

    • As I said, I’m not ruling out demonic activity. My point was, though, that human agencies may be responsible for both.
      Regardless, I believe that the reason for the mutilations is to terrify.
      But this again raises the question, why would demons seek to terrify the people when at the same time they seek to seduce them? The only reason I can see is to prepare the way for someone who can then stand up and say, “I can protect you from them!”
      We may find out the answer soon.

    • That is my feeling on the subject. That there will be the greatest staged hoax in history, with alien craft and evil beings coming down to destroy our planet. All the countries of the world will tremble and then enter in the Antichrist who will save us from the aliens. Once he disposes of them, the whole world will unite and worship the Antichrist.

    • The only MUFON guy i have heard of looking into cattle mutes was Alejandro Rojas, and he didn’t do so in an official MUFON capacity. He has a podcast that i used to listen to. He’s not exactly the most openminded, as he only endorses the aliens are superior, and they are overall good viewpoint.

      i emailed him once to see if he could do a show about the Christian viewpoint of abductions, or if he could do a show about Betty Andreasson, but he never replied. course, now he’s on “Openminds radio” and I doubt their minds are very open.

  13. Going Back About 12 tears ago as a result of some gruesome Murders within certain areas. There was a TV reporter who made it his business with police help to investigate the source which was believed to be satanic ritual killings. As a result this reporter became a manic depressive, quit his job, and a host of other mishaps. But what he uncovered was that Most organized Covens are filthy Rich. membership was for the acquiring of Wealth and sexual gratification which was an exchange for the worship of satan. It was implied that the murders were torturous in nature but it was never proven that the coven under investigation was to blame.

    I have also heard that satanists can through deep magic undergo physical transformation and even invisibility if necessary. My grandfather was Administrator, Judge and pastor on the remote Island of Diego Garcia at the turn of the century. he personally witnessed these things by those who partook in the Loogaroo ceremonies. whatever be the agency of human mutilations it is all satanic.
    There is a lot in the realm of darkness which we ought not bother ourselves with, lest it bothers us!
    unless of course one is divinely anointed to that Task.

    May the Lord protect LA and all who share in this Blog Amen.


    • amen!

      so i hear alot about “opening doors” and hear that even studying the paranormal can open doors to invite these experiences into your life. I have studied the paranormal for a long time, and never really had any supernatural experiences even though i kind of wanted them.

      Then i read the book, Dark Side of the supernatural by Bill Myers (I think) and within days I had sleep paralysis. Of course, being a young Christian at that time, I asked Jesus for help and was delivered. I had one more episode of SP at a later time and asked Jesus for help, but was not delivered right away. This was likely due to sin in my life at that time.

      So I guess where Im going with this, is: does it open doors to just read about the paranormal? I know the Lord will protect us if we are meant to look into it, but I was just wondering in general, if a believer who’s maintaining a decent walk with the Lord reads deeper into some of this stuff, what is the potential for opening doors?

      any comments would be appreciated.

    • Frank…you seem to have answered your own question. You “kind of wanted” an experience when you were reading some of that stuff and you got one. The mindset of the person doing the reading is probably what matters most of all…are we reading because we are being led to read it for research purposes or do we kind of want an experience as we read it. Doors are opened if we harbour a desire for an experience and reading about the occult can tend to arouse ones curiosity which then perhaps can lead to initiating a desire for it.

      So I would suspect that unless God is leading us to study those things for some reason, it’s probably best not to, because the only spirit guide experience worth having, is with the Holy Spirit.

    • good point Steve.

      I know I read some UFO stuff, but did not want an experience and then nothing happened, so it would appear that door opening requires intent.


    Local UFO Sightings on the Rise – Memphis Tenn.
    Updated: Wednesday, 03 Mar 2010, 7:48 PM CST
    Published : Wednesday, 03 Mar 2010, 7:48 PM CST

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Bright white lights and strange, triangular shaped objects, Tennesseans are reporting some unusual things overhead. Don’t expect that to stop anytime soon, a local group that investigates UFO close encounters says sightings are on the rise.

    For decades millions of people have reported seeing UFO’s. A recent poll shows one in 12 Americans have seen a mysterious object in the sky, and that a third of adults believe it’s likely aliens have visited earth. While some say the increase in volume of reports in Tennessee are enough to make any investigator sit up and take notice, others say it’s all in their heads.

  15. From your article:
    …An entity who would mutilate a person while he or she is alive, which is torture, is evil! …

    Do you think God will punish the unsaved in the Lake of Fire for “eternity”, or will it be the “second death” as the Bible says?

  16. Haitians Fasting and Praying, 3 days in Feb., if you don’t shed a tear, your fire is out. Video 3:22 minutes

    Revival has begun

    • May 1, our nation is being asked to either come to Washington D.C. for repentance, let’s mark our calendars to repent as a nation on this day wherever we are.

  17. LA, I was wondering if this episode, or other episodes were going to be available on itunes podcast? i have a few episodes that I have listened to this way, and enjoyed your show. Or is it possible you may also join the Revelations Radio Network?

    I just think that itunes is a great way for people to access your show. Some people, like me, are lazy or paranoid about downloading from websites. I also cannot listen live for a number of reasons.



  18. Lynn

    Contact UFO researcher Bill Chalker, author of such books as “Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abductions.” The bill of fare includes abductions in Australia and the results of DNA tests of “alien DNA”. What he has is amazing. Talk about “transgenics”! The hair was from a struggle between a “Tall Blond Nordic” an an abductee. The hair of these guys is not actually “blond”, but much like a polar bear’s…transparent in color. Amazing stuff.

  19. He’s correct, there is a large number of human mutilations going back to the 40s or 50s or sooner, similar to the cattle mutilations, very tightly covered up by the government. It’s impossible to know how many, but in the thousands or up. Victims are deliberately tortured for maximum effect, and children may well be involved, too. Yes, the perps are demons, not space people, and ignoring the problem only makes it worse. I have never been abducted, but witnessed things in the 50s that confirm such conclusions. These events have been driven by freemasonry rituals, despite the weenie roast / parade image of freemasons, and the future is exceedingly bleak going by the true history of the problem and the head in the sand denials that prevent any pushback.

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