Acceleration Radio! Human Mutilations and UFOs with Butch Witkowski.

I choose this photograph to post because it is a drawing of a human mutilation as the real photo’s are very graphic and are unnerving to say the least. My guest tonight is Butch Witkowksi who was a homicide detective and now is a MUFON investigator. Butch and I will be discussing the human mutilations that are now being linked to the UFO phenomena. The similarities between the cattle mutilations and the human mutilations can no longer be ignored. I believe that these horrific crimes – and crimes are what they are – have been deliberately ignored by a section of the UFO community. Human mutilations are malevolent, destructive, and should be proof that these so-called friendly E.T. supposedly from the Pleiades star system, are in fact evil, and I will go a step further, as I believe they are satanic in their origin. Butch and I will focus on a very strange case that happened in Pennsylvania. In short, a man went missing on his farm and after his wife called the authorities a search was conducted for him that lasted three days. Cadaver dogs were used and turned up nothing, then on the third day in a thicket about 75 feet from the house, the naked body of the missing man was found. It was drained of blood and the man’s hands were raised in front of his face as if he were trying to ward of something terrifying. The body was removed from the scene without a coroner being present, something that is never done in a crime scene investigation. We read in the book of Enoch that when the Nephilim roamed the earth they began to drink the blood of men. In my opinion, the human mutilation phenomena that is being associated with UFOs, graphically demonstrate that the fallen angels are back and engaging in much of the same activities as they did before the flood, as in the days of Noah…. Here is a link to the real photo’s.

Warning they are very graphic:

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16 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio! Human Mutilations and UFOs with Butch Witkowski.

  1. This may sound unrelated at first, but I was reading an article about Rowling’s Harry Potter and her fascination with the occult and its symbols. Some of the things the wiccans of old used to use in there magick potionts were the left hand of a hanged criminal. They referred to it as the “Hand of Glory” which they would use for some ritual. When I saw in your diagram this morning the missing parts on the body’s left side, I couldn’t help but wonder if there’s some sort of connection in that perhaps some dark evil sect of witches do in fact, have a part in on some of these mutilations. Afterall, they do consort with evil spirits who at one time used to be the Nephilim in the physical form before the flood. If witches are listening to these evil spirit’s instructions, this could explain the similarities with both the occultic practices as well as some of the mutilations. Just a thought.

  2. Lynn, You have so answered a couple of questions I had with this post! I was telling someone that I wouldn’t go watch “Twilight” because it is, in fact, a movie about a young woman being seduced by a nephilim spirit. This person understood the nephilim but asked how I knew that vampires were a nephilim spirit? Well, it made sense to me. Vampires are from the under world, they’re dark and eternally lost, they have to be nephilim! Right? She wasn’t convinced. Where in Enoch is this written so I can show it to her? Also, I have been wondering why humans weren’t mutilated the way the cows were, unless God prevented it for some reason. Now I see that they are.

    • Great article Kristi. I remember a couple of years ago a site showing sites of “Crafts” of all shapes and sizes.

      Here is a really good video showing proof of the topic:

      By the way, can anyone tell me how to post videos directly to this site as I have seen others do?

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

  3. Dr, Lynn,

    To answer your question on your previous post, DFW is Dallas/Ft. Worth. I don’t know if you have been here in the recent past but I do know this area is ripe for hearing the Truth of God’s Word regarding your knowledge, research and evidence. As I mentioned before, I believe that the principalities or Prince(s) over this area would stop short of nothing to prevent that. Having your knowledge in these matters dropped like a spiritual smart bomb on this area would be quite upsetting to the supernatural forces that govern this region.

    I have lived here all my life and as the old saying goes, there is a church on every corner (considering DFW is the supposed buckle of the Bible Belt) and the ignorance and flat out willingness of these churches to stay blind and deaf to what has been happening throughout human history regarding the Nephilim, UFOs, et al, is astounding and sad. My prayer is God will break through the hard hearts who want to willingly remain deaf and blind to these Truths and will have their spiritual hearts and eyes opened.

    Please be in prayer with me regarding this matter. I would love to see God make this happen for the good of this region. I can tell you more via email of what I do that will hopefully help in getting you here sooner rather than later.

    By the way, I pray you received my gift. I am new regarding the usage of Pay Pal and and still learning how it all works. It showed that it was completed but it has yet to be removed from my banking account.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Jeff D

    • HI Jeff – Thanks for your contribution…. I will be praying about Dallas. I would love to come!

  4. Hi there! My husband and I came out of church years ago. On the one hand its been a little lonely, but on the other great! I have been going to a homeschool co-op for a few months and I listen carefully to ‘talk’. Almost everyone is into LOTR, Twilight, starwars…I have listened to one young moms conversation over a period of weeks and I got to tell you, I wonder if she is wiccan? (I realize this may not be on point with the subject at hand, but religiosity is permeating every area of Christiandom.)

  5. Dr. Lynn,

    I remember when I first saw the above mentioned mutilation case. It was either on here or on Horn’s site. My first impression was just outrage and horror and what looked like a totally mortified human.

    Second thought was, if this is not from some satanic cult or drug lords in South America, what is it? With the line of thinking shared here on your site, my thoughts turned to Luciferic activity and the possible beginning of a slow, germinating seed that was planted as a possible phase 1 if you will, of a new threat.

    That new threat is what you talk about…moving from cattle mutilations to human. We have thousands of people just “Disappear” in the USA alone each year; Drop out of sight without a trace. Is it possible the “Powers that be” i.e. the Prince of the Power of the Air is using these thousands of humans in a collage of distortion, confusion and terror to bring in a new campaign in this war in the spirit realms?

    Could part of all these men, woman and especially missing children be part of a much larger sinister plan to slowly begin to return them in various states of death by unexplainable mutilation?

    The obvious question to me would be “Why”? I am wondering if Satan is not ratcheting up the attempts to sway the minds of the RELIGIOUS community. I say “Religious” instead of the True Body of Christ because we all know the difference. If you don’t catch my drift, please read Jesus’ Words in Matthew 7:13-15.

    Now why the “Religious” community? Because by and large those who are simply religious are overwhelmingly superstitious and will many times begin to look to their idols and symbols or worship for guidance instead of their Creator. This in my mind is a quick rout of their spirits and minds as fear overwhelms them as more and more bodies begin to “show up”. The questions, “What or who is doing this and why” are asked over and over with no answer given to comfort their fearful souls.

    The world can’t give an answer.

    It is only because of KNOWING God’s Word and sites like this that people can keep from being assimilated by our spiritual enemies of darkness.

    I know I am on a rant and I apologize for the length. It is just a hypothesis that I have been trying to wrap my mind around as I prayerfully consider in context where this fits in to our world and the over all scheme of fighting the Good Fight.

    I just can’t help but wonder if this is not a new phase that is being worked in a part of an obviously much larger picture that is what Lynn calls the Luciferian End Game.

    Hello E.T/Nephilim/Fallen Angel/Demonic spirit. We know you are out there and we know who you are. May the Lord Jesus Christ rebuke your works. May the Body of Christ WAKE UP!

    My two…or three, maybe even five cents.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  6. ttp://

    Scott Corrales is the director of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) and is the author of “Chupacabras and Other Mysteries” and “Flashpoint: High Strangeness in Puerto Rico”. Visit Scott’s website at: You can contact Scott by email at

    by Scott Corrales

  7. In the above link, is the closest thing I’ve found online as to what it was I personally saw at Griffith Park last July. What I saw at Griffith, was one really bright “dot,” accompanied by a black flickering “dot,” accompanied by a 3rd brownish/gold “dot.” In the above video which was taken 2 days ago in Murmansk, all three are bright white, but one flickers, with the third one fading in and out.

    I only wish that I had binoculars last July so that I could’ve had a closer look. But as a former pilot, I can tell you for certain is that what I saw were either UFO’s who were not of this world/realm, or they were the new UAV’s that the air force has that can take off and land vertically. In any case, they moved very slowly on a bright clear sunny California afternoon coming from the Ventura Mountains heading in a southeast direction. They eventually faded away from my sight.

    If they were UFO’s, I hope I never see them again as a “Return of the Nephilim” to earth in our realm just flat out angers me.

  8. i second the thought that the “Pleiadeans” are in fact fallen angels. Many folks say that they are peaceful, but when you look at the fruit they bear, it’s nothing but evil. Even some serious UFO researchers know these guys are evil.

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