Hybrids – Nephilim – Luciferian endgame

Recently I have had some very disturbing information come across my desk. It has to do with the so-called breeding program that Dr. Jacobs and others in the UFO community have researched. A brief thumbnail sketch for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about. We are told in the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible that it will be like the days of Noah when the son of man returns. This begs the question what differentiates those days from any other. In my opinion it is the presence of the fallen angels once again manifesting openly on the planet. The so-called alien/human hybrid is a modern-day equivalent of what happened thousands of years ago in antiquity. In other words the Nephilim are back. The picture that I displayed to the left may be the real thing, a hybrid, in as far as what some abductees report seeing. According to Dr. Jacobs the breeding program has reached its conclusion and unlike the picture above the results are such that these demonic hybrids can pass as human. Now back to what came across my desk. This person related that the sons of god i.e. the fallen angels are engaged in a breeding program as they:

1. Materialize in our dimension.

2. Rape the victim.

3. The succesful conception of the embryo is then harvested – usually at the end of the first trimester.

4. The embryo is then translated to the spirit realm (the second heaven)

5. Later they are seen by the victim and told that the hybrid is their child.

While this may sound like something out of a sci-fi novel we keep hearing the same story or slightly different versions of the story, for what is now decades. The phenomenon is real, burgeoning and not going away. The end results of this is a hybrid that can pass fully as a human, but may have powers over matter that humans do not have. If you have seen the mini-series, Taken, it explored this concept, as the little girl who was the end product of alien/human genetics was able to stop time and manipulate space.

Next week on Acceleration Radio we will discuss the human mutilation phenomena. Obviously this is an aspect of the phenomena that negates the good-aliens-from-the-Pleiades-star-system scenario! We will hear, from an ex homicide detective, that the mutilation of humans is ongoing, and that it is a grisly part of the UFO phenomena that is not talked about openly. So where is all this leading? It would appear that the Luciferians are ramping up for full disclosure at some point. Will we see these hybrids manifest openly at that time? Will the ships land and then these hybrids will be revealed. Are these hybrids integrating into out society at this time? As with much of the supernatural that is demonic, much of it is hidden away, cloaked behind a dark veil. The Luciferians have an agenda and it is not one that is beneficial to mankind. The return of the Nephilim may be closer than any of us think. Meanwhile there are those who won’t even discuss the matter. The supernatural is manifesting as never before. Remember, when Noah was alive no one heeded his warning. I’m sure they all thought he was nuts. His neighbors must have laughed their heads off, as Noah was building the ark. Has anything changed today? Of course not. Most people smirk, roll their eyes and laugh if I mention the possibility of hybrids. And yet, this is what we keep hearing over and over again. If people would just do a modicum of reasearch they would discover that the phenomena is real! While in Cheyenne, there were two people who had not done any reasearch on the subject of the Nephilm. By the end of my talk I could see the light bulbs going off in their heads. They got it! In closing today’s post. There has been a war raging in an other dimension for millenia. We are seeing that war spill over into  our dimension. At some point in the near future it will manifest openly… when the Nephilim return!


“A great expose of the UFO phenomena!”

“I couldn’t put it down.”

“After reading The Alien Interviews I realized that the phenomena was real.”


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  1. I wonder if there are actual hybrids walking amongst us. It’s a little unnerving to think we couldn’t tell the difference. It kinda makes me think of that old movie invasion of the body snatchers

    • Hi Joe. B. No, I have never held a conference in Georgia, but I would love to come. Can you try to set something up?

    • Sure I’ll try to see what I can do. I’m not very experienced in this so any tips on getting something together from you or someone else who has set a conference up would be more than welcome.


    • Joe.b – See if you can garner some interest from friends and then find a room for rent in a hotel in your town. This is done all the time by other groups so you shouldn’t have trouble getting one. On the other hand it would be great if a church would host it, but I doubt they would….

  2. Hi all,

    I wanted you to know that if any of you who frequent this blog use the social networking site Facebook, there is now a group on there you can belong to called, “Fans & Friends of L.A. Marzulli.” I encourage any Facebook users on this blog to join, and by all means invite others to as well. I put this group on there to make more people aware of Lynn’s writings, research, and music.

    It is brand new, and is therefore a work in progress. I will be making many improvements to it in the days ahead. Head over to Facebook and simply search for L.A. Marzulli. There are links on there both to Lynn’s web site and this blog. I sincerely believe that we need to get the message that Lynn sends out to as many people as we can in these last of the Last Days.

    Kevin J.

    • Just as an FYI Kevin, FB specifically records all comments, chat rooms, photos etc., and stores the information permanently for tracking. Not that I care, because I have nothing to hide, but many people are not aware that FB takes pride in working hand-in-hand with homeland security.

    • Hi David,

      I have heard that before. And I am sure it is probably true. In this surveilance society we live in nothing is private.

      My desire with the group is to get as many people as possible acquainted with L.A’s work. Since there are so many FB users, I felt it was a good vehicle to facilitate that.

      Kevin J.

    • I’m on FB and will add it on! Like I said, I’ve got nothing to hide. Big brother can monitor what it wants on me, just so long as they don’t try to implant me with a microchip! =)

  3. I don’t doubt their could be hybrids, there are many stories about them. Supposedly the military has a scanner that can tell a hybrid from a human though. Sounds alot like “They Live!”. Patrick Heron also thinks there’s hybrids around like regular people, and sort of hints at that’s why we have movies like Xmen and the TV show Heroes. normal people coming out with super powers. they would likely be seen as “gods” by many, if not worshipped, then certainly put on a pedestal.

    Anyone have thoughts on Joe Jordan’s claim that the whole hybrid program is a deception? I could see that personally. Right now I am more inclined to go with Joe on this one, though I reserve any final judegment. Is there any actual proof of hybrids? I suppose not. I kind of disagree with Joe though too, as if anyone wanted to hide this evidence, it could be done especially if supernatural powers are involved.

    I guess where I am is in the middle and not sure what to believe. There are enough stories to support either case.

    Regarding the “the good-aliens-from-the-Pleiades-star-system scenario” …those folks are said to be super bombad, despite appearences. They come off in many cases “as lovey dovey,” but if you look at the case reports that is not the case. Joe Montaldo, who has a major axe to grind against Christianity, heads up ICAR (abduction research), has some data on nordic cases. He claims that they supported Hitler (and are mentioned in Mein Kampf” and are more less looking to wipe us all out.

    While i disagree with Montaldo ( and listen to his show rarely) on many issues, he may have a point in the motives of the Nordics.

    • wow, now that you mention all those airport security scanners, maybe thats what the new push for those is about.

      If i don’t post again, you’ll know why!

    • From what I’ve been told, there are “rebirthing” camps in Hawaii where people are indoctrinated as to what the “next step of evolution” will be. And that’s right, you guessed it, “alien hybrids” as well as “androids/humanoids” are what people are being brainwashed into believing as to what we are “evolving” towards.

      Furthermore, for those of us who think that these two “evolved species” are an abomination, we are the ones who are going to be classified as “biggots” and “closed-minded hate-mongerers.” Do not be deceived, this is why for the last 30 years there has been an emphasis both in our public school system as well as our media/entertainment outlets; a thought-track open to “change,” “tolerance,” “we are not alone” mindsets.

      Satan has to and must indoctrinate the masses before he and his demons can come forth in the physical realm. I suspect that the 10 world leaders mentioned in Revelation, most likely will be Nephilim who will in turn pass on all their powers to the Man of Lawlessness, the anti-christ. All of these things must come to pass in order for Yeshuah’s second coming to occur and wipe out the anti-christ and his global regime.

      I personally believe that either the Ezekiel War and/or the Rapture will be the next seismic event that will take place on God’s watch. The question is, which one will come first? Or will they happen at the same time? My guess is that we will see the beginnings of the Ezekiel War, but then the Rapture will take place around the same time Damascus is flattened. The world will be in shock for two reasons: 1) The disappearance of millions of people and 2) The full destruction of the Islamic armies who sought to attack Israel. After this takes place, my next guess is that this is when “aliens” will make themselves known to the world and will claim responsibility for protecting Israel as well as snatching the millions from the earth. These “aliens” in capitulation with the world leaders, will give Israel the approval to build the 3rd temple and from that point on, all of the prophecies mentioned in both Daniel and Revelation will then manifest on earth. Woe to the inhabitants of earth!

    • Well said, David. I concur on most accounts. This is a stretch of course, but I am inclined to think hybrids are operational right now. If you follow some of the researchers and as Lynn says, over the decades they have perfected them from limited emotional understanding and strangness to better and better and can now pass for ordinary humans.

      Logically, the next step is to elevate them into seats of power and authority politically. That has been ongoing IMO.
      This to set up the scenario you mention above.

      I also think that the implantation program is to establish a fifth column of willing followers that will be programmed at the right time. Nonsense?

      I am on UFO sites and some are such apologists for everything evil these entities do, one can wonder.

      When Elijah had to put the Prophets of Baal to the test, they actually believed their god would listen to them. He probably would have, except Jehovah prevented it and supported Elijah with fire from heaven.

      The influence and power of these entities can only be held back by the Holy Spirit. How long He does that, only time will tell.

  4. Lyn are you saying that perhaps the embryos are being taken up to the international space station for further manipulation when you say the 2nd heaven? Just curious. I never believe NASA’a BS stories as to what their missions are because they’re usually doing something completely different from what they report to us “commoners.”

  5. So these hybrids are part demon, right? Then isn’t it possible that the hybrid would be repelled in the presense of believers? I mean, if a believer was unknowingly introduced to a hybrid as in meet your new coworker, wouldn’t the hybrid get real uncomfortable in the presence of a person in whom the Spirit of Christ dwelt? That would be a give away that your coworker is, shall we say, a little “different”. And wouldn’t the believer “sense” something was amiss?

    • There may be variations on the theme, but the first generation of one line are procreated between a principality and a human mother. The father, and guiding spiritual influence of that first generation nephilim, is a principality, not a demon. The principality operates more distantly, exerting influence over numerous nephilim and human beings simultaneously. The principality can be displaced from a dissociated human individual, particularly if legal ground is known and reversed. A principality that exerts influence through a nephilim will be less ‘bothered’ by a follower of Christ than a demon. The principalities and Satan are arrogant, and must be displaced under the authority of Jesus – which is quickest if legal ground is removed.

      The Old Testament, and skeletal records, indicate that giants continued to procreate across generations. For second, third, and ongoing generations of offspring from the first generation nephilim, I do not know precisely what characterizes their ongoing spiritual infuence.

    • Hello M~
      Impressive research indeed! Would it be feasible for you to mention where this data comes from? My other question refers to your meanings of “displacement”, “dissociated human individual”, and “legal ground”. I’m surmising that this information refers to exorcism of evil entities. Thanks for any clarification :^D

    • Hi In A Moment,

      Many of those who help survivors of ritual abuse learn about nephilim. To your question, LA Marzulli and I share a friend in common, who has developed a pretty good body of knowledge through prayer ministry with survivors of ritual abuse.

      In addition, I met several human nephilim mothers, who have seen either their own nephilim offspring (it was done to make a point with them), or nephilim in other private contexts (usually violent, where a human is killed) that were staged to make various impressions on the survivor. One was a gladiatorial context where the human was quickly killed by the nephilim, and human illuminists observed as spectators.

      Illuminists are members of a belief system that looks to Lucifer for illumination and stratigic guidance. While Lucifer himself is doing all of this to delay his certain judgment, by keeping the Body of Christ immature and defiled, Satan has convinced illuminist followers that they can defeat Jesus. One element of the deception is the following exchange for legal ground: Satan and principalities gain more control over populations and nations because illuminists grant them permission for influence through rituals and agreements. Humans give them that legal ground, because they like the special knowledge and magic tricks that Satan and principalities give them, in exchange. The belief system is a lie, and a setup, so that Satan can extort and maintain persistent and growing, generational, legal influence over the world of people groups. Isaiah 25:7 Human illuminists also buy into the lie that Satan is creating an evolved or master race (both nephilim and human illuminist), which is a concept that has taken on many forms for thousands of years, including the mystery religions.

      So Satan gets more control, human illuminists believe that they are evolving into a spiritually ascendant race over the rest of us, and human illuminists give Satan more control over populations and nations, in exchange for special knowledge and magic tricks.

      For instance, illuminists can send or leave their dissociated human parts into spiritual dimensions and interact with fallen angels and human beings there. Satan uses this spiritual matrix, or counterfeit of the Body of Christ, to link his people around the world. It has been demonstrated that an illuminist leader will transmit a message to a collection point of dissociated human souls, trapped under the control of a principality, and that message will be transmitted back to a dissociated receiver part, back in the respective human body of each person who has a dissociated part trapped in the spiritual dimension under the control of that principality.

      Brief definition: Satanic ritual abuse, for thousands of years, has been practiced for a primary ‘benefit’ of splitting or dissociating the human soul. Today, it is called dissociative identity disorder. Illuminists train human parts to perform jobs. Some of these dissociated parts of the soul, as mentioned above, are bound up in various ways with principalities for messaging and ongoing control of the human who is afflicted in this way.

      So back to the thread above, one key event that survivors of ritual abuse are trained to watch for, is the message that The One Who Is To Come has arrived. Symbolically, he is Alexander, but he has other symbolic names. Whatever his real name is, he will fulfill the role of the false Christ, or antichrist. He will be a nephilim, or beast. His arrival and expectations are structured into the training of dissociative survivors, so that they will perform jobs for antichrist when he is publicly announced. This structuring and training is well over half a century old.

      To recap, the belief system that drives much of the human willingness to yield legal ground to Lucifer and principalities is the evolution of a spiritually ascended, or master race. The ascended ones are both human (dissociated survivors of ritual abuse) and nephilim (offspring of a principality and a human mother). The controlling spiritual influence, of both human survivor and nephilim, are principalies/fallen angels and Lucifer himself.


    • Regarding displacement: [And I apologize for length]

      Spiritual engagement of a principality has both similarities and differences with routine demonic entities. If a more local attachment is being addressed, like bondage of a human, or dissociated human part, due to a specific transaction and legal ground, then prayer ministry can lead the human or dissociated human part to cancel the agreement. Both demonic entities and principalities can then be driven to Jesus’ feet for judgment, under Jesus’ authority, and their influence be removed – for that person/part and that legal transaction.

      In most other ways, however, dealing with principalities is different from dealing with demons. Principalities/kosmokrators are angels who rebelled against God. They have more regional responsibilities and authority. They influence geographical areas and multitudes of people. They don’t need to reside ‘in’ a person. They influence many people almost from a higher altitude, like a spy satellite that moves to a lower altitude, does a job, and then pulls back to a higher orbit. Demons are lower order, more ground level spirits, who have smaller influence over individuals. Some demons seem to prefer to attach to people and remain there, like they are seeking a body. Some scholars describe the possibility that demons are disembodied spirits of the nephilim who were destroyed during the two (or more) nephilim outbreaks at the times of Noah and, later, Moses/Joshua/Caleb.

      The first six books of the Bible describe some principles for displacing nephilim, principalities, and the humans who follow them. Chapters about displacing evil from Canaan are helpful. Ex 23:20-33. Ex 34:10-28. Book of Joshua.

      For example, evil came in gradually, and gained many footholds, in Canaan. It is the same concept, today: principalities have gained legal ground and footholds through many points of attachment, over a nation, a people group, a church, and even one survivor of ritual abuse, who can almost be seen as an engineered system of systems. The degree to which evil is displaced, by recovering the redeemed and original identity of the survivor’s humanity, or the church’s purity, or the people group’s devotion to Christ, or the nation’s realignment under the headship of Christ, is the degree who which freedom and wholeness is experienced.

      Each demon can be dealt with in a single prayer event. Displacing principalities is more often a process of persistently and progressively recovering a larger scope of what was lost, and aligning it under the headship, lordship, and protection of Jesus.

      One analogy to the displacement of nephilim and principalities from Canaan is Ex 23:29-30: “I will not drive them out from before you in one year, lest the land become desolate and the wild beasts multiply against you. Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you are increased and possess the land.”

      God once shared with us, in prayer ministry, that when we listen to voices and give them credence, we give them influence over ourselves. The God of the Bible was protecting people, through this principle, when He commanded them to seek Him with all of their heart, and to ignore the false gods, and to make no covenants with them. The spirits that we listen to, and value, are those that we allow to influence us. The great news is that any time that a person or nation returns to God Most High, He will lovingly lead them home to freedom, and progressively displace whatever harm and evil may afflict them. It is essential that we learn what is true, and not empower what is false, because these tricky kosmokrators will exert their influence when we internalize what is not true.

      EPH 3:10 God’s purpose was to show his wisdom in all its rich variety to all the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms. They will see this when Jews and Gentiles are joined together in his church.

      EPH 6:12 For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against those mighty powers of darkness who rule this world, and against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms.

      COL 2:15 In this way, God disarmed the evil rulers and authorities. He shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross of Christ.
      COL 1:16 Christ is the one through whom God created everything in heaven and earth. He made the things we can see and the things we can’t see – kings, kingdoms, rulers, and authorities. Everything has been created through him and for him.
      COL 1:17 He existed before everything else began, and he holds all creation together.

      COL 2:9 For in Christ the fullness of God lives in a human body,
      COL 2:10 and you are complete through your union with Christ. He is the Lord over every ruler and authority in the universe.


    • Dear M~
      My heartfelt thanks to you for taking the time to clarify the things I requested. No worries about the lengthiness…explaining the dynamics of kosmokrators, nephilim, human dissociation/bondage, demons, illuminati ritual methodologies, etc. would necessitate it! Are there any reading materials (hard copy or otherwise) available to believers who want to delve further into these studies? I am somewhat familiar with Russ Dizdar’s ministry so I’m guessing some can be gotten from that source. Any others? My interest in these things stems from past personal experiences…including knowing two individuals with DID. One of the women remains dissociative although claims to be a born again Christian while maintaining an inability/unwillingness (??) to become integrated! How can this be? And yes, she admits to being a survivor of SRA. All input and insight is greatly appreciated. Yahweh be with you, M.

    • M;I also would like to know where this data comes from?
      The terminology you use seems complex ex: kosmokrators, displacement of soul parts ect!

      I reckon that most “Christians” contributing to this blog would prefer simple biblical Terminology.

      john B

    • Dear John B~
      Here’s the Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Concordance/Dictionary/Lexicon breakdown of Ephesians 6:12:
      arche=PRINCIPALITY (G746)
      exousia=POWERS (G1849)
      kosmokrator=RULER (G2888)
      pneumatikos=SPIRITUAL (G4152) poneria=WICKEDNESS (G4189)
      epouranios=HIGH [PLACES] (G2032)
      I understand some folks’ aversion to the use of “big words”, preferring communication to be kept as simple as possible. BUT, all true believers are individuals with individual gifts and levels of understanding…all given by Yahweh- learning styles are different for each person. Besides our Lord wants us to learn; He gave us brains AND sent the Teacher/the Comforter…the Holy Spirit. Personally I find no offense in the words M used. My curiosity centered around plain ol’ curiosity in this instance. I’m feeling pretty sure that finding the best language in attempting to explain how the spiritual (whether of YHWH or satan) operates in human lives is a difficult task. Knowledge has increased and the information is now available for those with ears to hear. No more. No less.
      May the peace that passes all understanding be forever yours, brother John :^D

    • Hello In A Moment and John,

      Thank you for your feedback, and for your commitments to being useful to friends and communities of interest. We need more bridge builders with hearts to make a difference in best ways possible, including communication and research.

      JB – Kosmokrator is Greek from Eph 6:12. One could just say principality or fallen angel that serves Lucifer instead of the God of the Bible.

      IAM – As you mentioned, Russ Dizdar’s material, and book are excellent. http://www.shatterthedarkness.net

      Excellent self study audio, video, and written material are also available from Restoration In Christ Ministries, http://www.rcm-usa.org. Key themes are understanding the challenges of dissociative individuals, and supporting their recovery process.

      Some other recovery sites:
      http://www.mungadze.net Reach Dr. M, himself, initially.

      Add spiritual dynamics from http://www.rcm-usa.org, if
      other sites emphasize other (useful) elements of
      a treatment model, but omit the real time influence
      of principalities.

      I have contacted another friend to see if we can bridge a conversation with you, IAM. It sounds like you’ve been diligent to understand, care, and work with good information. As you continue to ask questions, you’ll gain referrals, and connect with people who have some mileage behind them, and good models to share. It sounds like you’ve done well there, already. Therapists and ministry teams who have helped a number of individuals will encounter recurring themes, mentioned above. The details will come out in the life story of survivors, as the healing process moves forward. God will also reveal essential insights during prayer ministry with these friends. Their journey is very, very difficult. Extend grace to your friends. Dissociative dynamics, and potential pursuit by opponents who think that they own her today, in real time, will slow down her recovery.

      I have limited experience with a few friends. Those who have helped hundreds will offer the best information.

      You may already be familiar with general-topic web radio sites among the following. Some of their visitors speak to the dissociative identity disorder theme, and recovery processes:


      Keep up the good work!


    • Hello IAM and JB,

      I posted a reply, but don’t see it yet. I’ll give it some time, to see if it appears.

      All His best to you,

    • I have always believed that “Principalities, powers, rulers” are part of the Satanic hierarchical structure (fallen Angels of various Ranks) under the headship of Lucifer, and that the “Spirits of wickedness” are the common warrior Soldiers so to speak, The ones which the lord Jesus cast out of people by the finger of God. They being the oppressors & possessors of the Souls of Men.

      That has always been the belief of men of renown within the body of Christ of past generations, I see no reason to doubt their testimony, As many of them were mightily used in the deliverance ministry enpowered by the Spirit of God.

      it seems to me that there is some “new revelation” in this field which contradict the older ministries of the past, as a result I exercise caution with discernment concerning any “New revelation”…..

      John b

    • IAM and JB,

      Thanks for your feedback and hearts to help. Much appreciated.

      My first reply did not post, so a simpler list:

      For ministry or therapy, for friends with dissociation:
      http://www.rcm-usa.org (Excellent, relevant written, audio, visual media)
      Tom and Diane understand spiritual dynamics.
      Illuminist opponents seek to discredit them, but
      they are trustworthy.
      http://www.shatterthedarkness.net (As IAM mentioned – very good)
      http://www.mungadze.net (Reach Dr. M, himself, initially)

      General-topic web radio sites, where some guests speak to the dissociative identity disorder, nephilim, and DID recovery


      Most insight comes from walking side by side with clients or friends, and listening to their life history and God’s feedback in

      prayer ministry.

      Principality or fallen angel are good plain language refs, to the Eph 6:12 kosmokrator. Thanks, IAM, for translating the verse

      for keener insight. Simplicity is also good – thanks, JB.

      Keep up the good work,

    • IAM,

      Four attempts to post a longer list of refs seem to be filtered, and are not appearing.

      Here is a good site, and ministry, where both psychological and spiritual dynamics are understood – http://www.rcm-usa.org. Illuminist opponents seek to discredit Tom and Diane, but the essential themes of their work are excellent and helpful.

      Thanks for helping your friends. Keep up the good work!


    • IAM,

      The work of Karl and Charlotte Lehman is also helpful, for friends with dissociation:


      All God’s best to you, and to those who pass through this blog to learn and redeem.

      Thanks again, to John B, for your tips on communication, and your care to check things out. The groups who create nephilim and human multiplicity work hard to conceal, deceive, misdirect, and expose only portions of reality. We should all exercise your caution.


    • Hi there M~
      Bridging a conversation with me? Hmmmm….sounds intriguing. I am open to this happening. Please let me know how this could come about. This blog is a daily destination for me, so I’m not difficult to find. Look forward to sharing more.
      Blessings in His service.
      “In A Moment”

    • Great topic. Sounds much like “The Black Awakening” that I am a persuaded to believe in.

      Could it be that the gun is not just half-cocked but fully cocked, loaded and ready to fire upon command?

      We know the targets…we who believe in Yeshua to be who He claimed to be in John 14:6. As the clock ticks we must be corporately be on our knees praying for God to break down and through these strongholds and that He would grant us the discernment and the wisdom to see with His eyes and not our own subject emotionally charged human emotions.

      May God be with us all now and in the days ahead.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

    • Hi IAM,

      I checked with my friend, and he recommends both of these web sites, for helping your friends with DID, rather than direct contact with him at this time. He’s involved in enough service opportunities that I can appreciate his pacing. I also appreciate your initiative in self study, and in hearing/discerning well, as you care for people and seek God’s insight for these days.

      Assistance with dissociative identity disorder

      In addition, Jeff D’s observations are expressed well. The Black Awakening may be the more common term for what is to be triggered. One multiple, trained about 50 years ago, said that her trainer referred to it as The Great Dying.

      I also support Jeff’s call to prayer. Yeshua is sovereign, and He not only has solutions and mitigation plans in operation, but also has probably prepared a way for Jesus’ Bride to grow more pure, and become more fruitful, than ever before, just ahead. Take heart, followers of Jesus. May we exercise the faith of Joshua and Caleb. Some of God’s best handiwork is still ahead. satan has his contrived apocalypse, while the Sovereign Lord and our Great Shepherd are still pursuing lost sheep at an unprecedented pace.

      I would like to invite the Body of Christ to ask Yeshua to issue an edict to release all dissociated human parts from captivity of principalities in spiritual dimensions. Most were tortured, dissociated, and taken out of their bodies when they were infants through early teens, and are not culpable for the legal transactions that their torturers and principalities extorted. May Jesus cancel the legal agreements, and bring those dissociated human parts back to the bodies of their owners, from spiritual dimensions. May Jesus judge and end the reign of terror of the principalities over these precious ones. May the triune God declare a time of sovereign visitation, and jubilee, to extract large numbers of those entrapped in satan’s spiritual dimensions in a way that their host persons DO NOT have to participate in The Black Awakening. May God depopulate the great tribulation, in many ways, NOW, while we can still exert influence through intercession, on our watch. This is our Father’s world. All are His sheep. The kings of the earth rage against Him in vain.

      A few more references to answer early questions in this thread:

      Genesis 6 giants, or nephilim

      Current events, genetics, technology


    • Because our understanding of the spiritual realm, God’s holiness (2 Sam 6), and spiritual authority are imperfect — if people intercede on a general level for God to bring many dissociated human parts back to many bodies, from where they are presently sequestered/trapped by principalities in the spiritual realm, then it would be a safer and wiser practice for the general intercessor to ask Jesus to do this in His time and His way, rather than to address principalities directly, with human understanding. (Unless God leads otherwise.) satan vigorously protects his investment in these constructs. satan loses power and influence over human affairs, when dissociated human parts are reunited with their host bodies from the spiritual realm.

      In contrast, for prayer ministry with individual survivors of ritual abuse, if it becomes apparent that one of their dissociated human parts has been sequestered outside of their body under the control of a principality, then we pray more specifically, and may engage more directly. The human part is led to cancel the original agreement, that allowed them to leave their body and remain sequestered in the spiritual realm, under the control of a principality. The spiritual entity resists, it is ignored or placed under Jesus’ authority, and Jesus brings the human part back to their body. The client regains some ego strength, satan loses power and influence, and one more link of real time interference from the spiritual realm is removed from the survivor, which increases their chances of making progress toward wholeness.

      Illuminists have interacted with entities in the spiritual realm for thousands of years. They have well exercised processes to accomplish certain outcomes with principalities. Principalities exert more influence than demons. The invasion of a young woman by a principality, to conceive a nephilim offspring, is well understood by illuminist leadership. They follow a protocol. The trauma of that entire process produces significant dissociative denial in the nephilim mother.

      satan also uses many constructs to bind a princiaplity’s influence to a dissociated human part that remains with the body. One of those is expressed like the twin faces of Janus.
      The dissociated human part will maintain one face, or identity, which is their genuine human expression, while the principality is given authority to exercise its influence and intimidation through that human part, as though they have a second face or identity. The process for restoring the human part, and eliminating the principality’s influence, is not difficult – follow Jesus’ leading, care for the human part, remove the legal ground, place the principality under Jesus’ authority, ask Jesus to restore the human part, and ask Jesus for lessons learned that are important for the survivor to know at that time. Jesus is passionate about restoring clients with dissociative identity disorder, and removing them from satan’s influence.


  6. Hi Lynn,
    As I may have mentioned before, I take the view that angels, not having any need to reproduce, do not have gender. I think probably that they can appear in any for they wish, and in the bible they did so as men because they wanted to appear human and women in that culture had no standing. In other times and places I think they have appeared as women (cf the appearances of “Mary”).
    Though we do not usually think of angels using technology as we use the word, there is no reason that they can’t. I have no doubt that they can understand technology’s potential, both for good and evil, much better than we do, including that of genetic engineering. I think that the Nephilim are not the physical descendents of angels, but the result of that engineering. But the reason for that engineering was not to pollute the human bloodline so that the Messiah could not be born. Remember, they would have to receive divine permission to take any action beforehand, and regardless of any genetic changes made to the human race, the Messiah, born of a woman, would still qualify as a “near kinsman”. I’ll get into what I think the real goal was later.
    From the biblical record we learn that the Nephilim reappeared after the Great Flood. In view of the appearance of giants in folklore throughout the world, I think that the “sons of Anak” were only the tip of the iceberg, and that in the intervening millennia the Nephilim bloodline has spread throughout the human race. Only in very rare instances has it become evident.
    One historical character raises my suspicions more than any other. Temujin, better known to us as Genghis Khan. He was described as a larger than normal man with amber eyes. As you’ll recall, Genghis Khan conquered much of Eurasia, and might have conquered it all had he not suddenly died. But a friend of mine recently told me of an even greater impact he made to the history of the human race. I have not been able to confirm this but according to her one European man in twenty is his direct descendent.
    Here are two quotations which I have heard attributed to Genghis Kahn: “Remorse is the fruit of mercy” and “What is best in life? To crush the enemy, drive him before you, and to hear the lamentations of his women”. What could Genghis Kahn do if he were born today?
    This brings me to what I believe was the original purpose of the Nephilim: To breed into the human race a viciousness and callousness to suffering which God had not intended. To make it less likely that when the Messiah appeared, that we would be less likely to listen to his words and especially to submit to His will. Did they succeed? What do you think?
    I’ll be interested in any responses.

    • You have some food points. But remember in the bible David hunted down and killed the last of the giants. I think that angels did infact mate with our women because that’s what the bible says

      That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.


      And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.


      There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

      I think if it was only genetic modification the bible wouldn’t have worded the verses like it did. It says they took wives and came in unto the daughters of men and had their children.

      However the bible does only say that the end times will be like that of the days of Noah. So this time it could be genetic engineering OR genetics could be just the cover story for the next wave of nephilim.


    • I am familiar with the scriptures you quoted. I disagree with your interpretation of their meaning. The bible clearly states that it was man’s wickedness which brought about the flood.

      But where does it say that David killed the last of the giants? He may have in the territory he controlled, but that was only a very small portion of the world’s geography.

    • I can’t remember exactly where it was. But the last one according to the bible was king ogg. I believe that’s how you spell it.

    • I try to take things in the bible as face value exactly how they are written so I’m not led away. I try not to interpret 🙂

  7. Hey Joe B. If you get one in Ga., especially north Ga. I’d like to know about it. Wifey and I would try and show up for sure.

    • Ok I’m going to see what I can do. Hopefully I can talk to enough people that don’t give me that famous 1000 yard stare lol

    • Joe B., a while back, I belive you are the one who said you never hear of things talked about here, where you live, I wondered then if you lived in Ga., because I do, and know no one that knows of things we talk about on here, Id like to hear L.A. speak, if it was anywhere near me. Good luck with your plans.

    • Well I live about 45 miles east of atlanta but if I can get something started I would probably try to do it in or around Atlanta for convience of everyone.

    • Joe B., I live in the Greenville, SC, area and would be thrilled to come to ATL to hear LA speak! Christine lives here too, and I’m sure we could drum up some attendees. Keep us posted on the preparations/details and we will sure support your efforts with prayer and any help we can give.
      God bless you!

  8. I live in south Ga but have all of my familty in Atlanta and n/Ga. I would come up..I possibly could drum up some folk to come also.

  9. I would be willing to work on LA possibly staying with Christian folk or Christian relatives.?? possibly Lord willing..

  10. Lynn,

    Joe B has already asked you exactly the same question I was going to ask you…only I am in the DFW area.

    As I mentioned before, I work for a ministry here (I can’t say where unless email) and I try to spread the news of the Good Fight you have been and are fighting. To so many, as it was with me when I first began researching Genesis 6:4, it required a total paradigm shift in my thinking. The reason being because any time this passage was and is brought up in church, it is just passed over. No one wants to touch it.

    That being said, I have been praying for a way to bring the Truth regarding the connection between Genesis 6:4 and Matthew 24. Lynn, there may be a window if not a door about to be ready to open. I have said, there are so many who believe this talk is heresy or at the least nonsense but we know that is because they are afraid of Truth. They are afraid of having their comfortable worldview challenged. But at the same time, I am sensing an urgency to get this out.

    As we have discussed, we are inundated with all these network shows that are bombarding us for the purpose of indoctrination. Satan wants us to slowly accept the premise that we have never been alone, but in fact were procreated by a superior race and when it finally hits the fan, they will return just in time to bring us the “World Savior” to unite mankind once and for all in a pseudo peace.

    The Body of Christ as a whole is SILENT, COMOATOSE and seemingly flat out apathetic at this whole concept that we are in a genuine spiritual war. Yes, we teach about putting on the armor of God in Ephesians 6 to battle against the “wiles of the evil one” every day…as we should. But some of us (thanks to people like Dr. Lynn) have helped us connect the dots that since our youth we have been trying to figure out.

    For example, once I began researching the Genesis 6 hypothesis of the Nephilim, the “Slaughter of the innocents” in the Old Testament suddenly made sense. I could never really answer the atheists and critics as to why God would command the Israelites to kill little children accept to say that God foreknew they would be Pagan as they grew up and He spared them the eternal fate in hell by taking their lives before they were swallowed by the godless cultures they lived in. That is how I reconciled this.

    Now I understand. It is because all the Canaan civilizations were Nephilim and had to be driven out before the people of God could inherit the land. Obviously it is much more complex than that, but that is the gist of it.

    I am ready for a conference in DFW and if God is willing, I have the connections to make it happen I believe. Lynn, I will be praying about this. God has placed me in the ministry I am for a reason and it isn’t only because of the job I do there. It has been during this time at this ministry that my eyes have been opened to the fact of the Nephilim and I credit you, Tom Horn and some others for that.

    Please let me know if you are planning a conference any time soon in the DFW area. I will be praying for God to reveal to us what His desire is in this area. I know it would have to be God that sets this up and I would have to explain that to you privately but my biggest spiritual gift is faith.

    So…let us pray and see what may happen shall we?

    And by the way, I heard your interview with Minister Forston. Excellent job covering so many topics and questions. As I write this, I am having my son download it so he can share it as a witnessing tool.

    Thank you again for being there and being willing to fight this Good Fight.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Jeff – I don’t have the resources to plan a conference, so that is up to you. I will come for airfare, lodging and a love offering. See if you can find like minded people and set something up. Time is short….

    • Lynn, I am very excited about the possibility of you hosting a conference here. All the people I need to talk to are at NRB until the end of next week so it is going to be at least a good week before I am able to speak to anyone to get the ball starting to roll. In the mean time, I will be in much prayer that God will reveal His will regarding this matter.

      I do not like to pry but when you say “Time is short”…are you referring to your schedule being booked and running out of time to plan anything or are you speaking of what we have been talking about in general that time is short before it all comes down and the world has changed for us all?

      Thanks for hearing me about.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

    • Jeff D – What I mean by time is short is that I feel that events are accelerating – look at the earthquake in Chile…. Birth Pangs.

    • LA,

      Scoffers would say that it has been this way since the days of their father’s father. Have earthquakes increased in frequency since Israel become a state?

      I too believe these are birthing pangs.

    • I find it ironic that the place in Chile was called Concepcion a c instead of a t.Good soil eh,here’s a seed .LOVE it’s the only one you’ll need to grow in you.st. Stephen was a good seed.love and light .

    • here you go. we all know how accurate Fox Noise is, but i doubt they could fudge this alot.


      “However, “relative to the 20-year period from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1990’s, the Earth has been more active over the past 15 or so years,” said Stephen S. Gao, a geophysicist at Missouri University of Science & Technology. “We still do not know the reason for this yet. Could simply be the natural temporal variation of the stress field in the earth’s lithosphere.” (The lithosphere is the outer solid part of the Earth.)”

      Thought they don’t know the reason for the increase I would say that we do!

    • Gotcha good Sir,

      I thought that was probably your intent. I personally believe the big Caldera of Yellowstone is going to blow sooner rather than later. With all the quake swarms they are having even now as I right this…Birth pangs indeed.

  11. Of course the hybrids have been here for years! They have the uncanny ability to insert themselves in the check out line at Winn Dixie just a head of me.

    They buy scratch tickets and cigarettes which are kept in a different place so the clerk has to leave the check out to get them. Then they pay for it all with a check that is not filled in ahead of time, and they have to look at the total on the register several times to get it right, they ask a lot of questions and try to use expired coupons.

    And there is always a price check for whatever else they want to buy!

    Their check has to be approved by the store manager. They must wisk away the store mangern too, becuse he is never close by!

    They’re hear alright!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    (Just a little humor injected here)

    I know this is a very dark and serious subject!


  12. Has anyone seen these clips by Ronald Reagan talking about countries with differences of opinion would unite and band together if we faced an alien threat from another planet? My jaw dropped when I saw these.

    • Hopeful Watcher, If you want your jaw to fall completely off your face, get a copy of Thomas Horn’s latest book, “Apollyon Rising 2012” Just read the Preface and you will think totally different about our leaders, the founding fathers and Washington D.C. history.

  13. A Utah ranch in the United States has acquired the name ‘Skinwalker Ranch’ for multiple unexplained events. These include killer lights!!! Alien beings!!! portals!!! horrendous mutilations, ufos and bullet proof animals!

    This video includes a interview with George Knapp and Dr Colm Kelleher who have both witnessed the strange happenings at the ranch.

    • C2C had a great show on bigfoot last night. Link: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2010/02/28 Sketches too.Link: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/forensic-bigfoot-sketches

      They could be some of both. Some interdimensional, some not. During the interview the witnesses that have seen them face to face say some are short but most at 7 feet and up. They also said that some looked more human than ape-like.

      Why could the contemporary bigfoot be part of experiments gone bad by whomever that doing experiments?

      Read Christian author, Frank Peretti’s book “Monster” it is a wonderful book about this very thing. A real page turner and thought provoker.

    • This is an excerpt from the recap of Coast to Coast last evening related to Bigfoot.

      Native Americans & Bigfoot

      During the 2nd hour, anthropologist Kathy Strain talked about Native American Bigfoot stories from around the country. She noted that, throughout the history of North American tribal cultures, Bigfoot was widely believed to be a cannibal. The most common story, she said, is that it roamed around with a basket on its back and a sticky substance on its hands, snatching children to take home and eat. While there are several instances of stories involving Native Americans going to war with the creature…

      The Book of Enoch states that the progeny of fallen angels and humans were
      called the Nephillim some who were described as giants. They were cannibals and warred against humans.

  14. Abba, Father who arch is in heaven ,have mercy on this generation,I cry uncle uncle,please Daddy intervine on the behave of mankind even know we don’t deserve it.I stand as a witness that the fleshly desires have taken us ,we are weak but with you we are strong.,but if you willing we can still be changed in the twinkling of the eye.Dad you’ve rested long enough I think that we might just all need to be reassured that you still are The Man of the house.Canada still stands on guard for thee.our hearts are all glowing .You said you’d destroy those destroying the earth well what about the ones trying to repair our mother.think of those dad.I pray for the end of the end and that new beginning you promised us.A promise is a promise.

  15. I just read on ctv that someone in the u k I think. suppose to be shredding a bunch of ufo info like over 600 sitings in the past few years .evidence if ya ask me.

  16. Why are aliens sometimes telling abductees that reincarnation is a fact?

    I came across a short article on Greys Aliens and reincarnation. Now why would aliens tell abductees that reincarnation is a fact? Is this more evidence that
    aliens are not what they appear to be. Dr. Douglas Groothius and others point out problems with reincarnation beliefs and how they are contradictory to the teaching of Christ and even common sense.


  17. The talk of hybrids reminded me of this old system of a down video. The video shows a child that has the hybrid facial characteristics

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