NatGeo – Crop Circles – Skewing the evidence?

I watched a program on the National Geographic channel last night about crop circles. At first I thought it might contain some new information in regard to last summers rash of circles. I was disappointed as Nat Geo has an ax to grind and it is this. They have a predetermined world view that skews their programs. First off they are dyed-in-the-wool Darwinist. They trumpet the theory of evolution like there’s no tomorrow. They do not believe in anything supernatural and that’s the great divide between their world view and mine. They hired a group of crop circle artist who were able to produce a very complex crop circle that looked like the real thing. It was similar to the picture to the left although not nearly as complex or large. They also showed a movie where sphere’s of light create a crop circle in a field. The first time I saw this film, I thought it was a hoax and sure enough it turned out to be one. They focused on evidence that would point away from real circles and instead skewed the evidence so that their conclusion would be what they wanted. The picture below is from a documentary that Nat Geo produced showing a crop circle being made with the aid of lights at night. Last nights show appeared to be more genuine though, as the crop circle artist worked feverishly in the dark. Nat Geo neglected to comment or introduce the work of W.C. LEVENGOOD and JOHN A. BURKE who have investigated crop circles and found that there are real anomalies in the circles that are genuine. The crop is sometimes interwoven together. This is impossible with a stalk stomper, which is a board that presses the crop down. They have shown that the nodes of the stems are blown out as if a burst of energy was responsible for heating the water inside the plant, similar to a microwave. Nat Geo avoided credible witnesses who have watched real balls of light create the circles, and instead focused on the video hoax. Do you think they have an agenda? Is the evidence skewed and predetermined? In my opinion the answer is a resounding yes. Then there’s the off duty policeman who reported seeing three, tall, beings with long blond hair standing in a circle in England last year. When he approached the figures they ran away from him at superhuman speeds and vanished. The bottom line is this. Something strange is going on in the fields. Whoever is creating these circles do so with impunity. Like the cattle mutilations the phenomena continues year after year with no signs of slowing down. While there are hoaxsters who are obfuscating the phenomena by creating phony circles there are genuine circles being created. Nat Geo is an organization that is supposed to be scientifically based. With Climate gate fresh in everyones mind it makes one wonder whether the scientist who has an agenda, like global warming, can be trusted to present the real facts of the case and not a misrepresentation.

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  1. Lynn, I have seen the same types of programs, namely on the History Channel and Discovery Channel take our Christian worldview and spit it back at us. I continue to see these and other networks come up with more and more bizarre occult driven programs dealing with “Hauntings”, “Ghost Lab” “Paranormal State” et al, all for the same thing you talk about….the coming Great Deception. It amazes and saddens me how much this deception from The Prince of the Power of the Air continues to not only grow but flourish. And when we do have an opportunity to get the facts, they show us enough to get us hooked into thinking we might finally be on the verge of disclosure only to find another false door.

    I am deeply thankful for your continued diligence in doing so much research and finding ways to get the Truth out. With all these programs out there selling us everything from the crop circles you just spoke of to the Loch Ness Monster and all unknowns in between, the world will have been bombarded and saturated with so much “Supernatural Entertainment” that when the real thing comes, all but the Elect will be ready to fall in line and see what’s in store for them.

    Thank you Lynn for fighting this Good Fight. You are in my prayers throughout this great Struggle.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  2. -This is not my post but i read this post and thought to share.

    “”This is a very interesting subject. I have been into UFOs for a long time, and give plenty of thought and credence to many so-called “conspiracy theories”. Crop circles are something I’ve given attention to off and on, over the years.

    I started with the argument that 90% are manmade, but there were 10% or so that displayed anomalous signatures, i.e. magnetic disturbance, irregular growth, rare-earth residue, exploded nodes, etc. But after getting into a 2-week-long argument on Youtube with someone from the UK claiming to be a crop circle maker, I am not sure that ANY crop circles are of ET origin.

    Hear me out. There is a group of scientists who make the claim that they have the above-mentioned anomalous signatures. However they are not peer reviewed, and their results have not been duplicated by independent research. Most if not all photographs and videos showing UFOs making them have been confirmed hoaxes. As for exploded wheat nodes, I was informed that using a plank of wood creates this, as long as the wheat is fully mature and not still budding. As for magnetic anomalies and rare-earth mineral residue, these would be perfect game for independent researchers to study, and publish in peer-reviewed journals. So far this has not happened, to my knowledge.

    That leaves basically zero physical evidence.

    Next, examine the historical context. Are there any cases of crop circles predating the current man-making trend? Yes, there are many examples going back to the 1600s. Maybe earlier. However, literally every account is of a simple circle, or an oval shape. Nothing complex. Plus, every account before the 70s took place in the UK, where the only known circle makers resided at the time. Is it coincidence that the phenomena spread to other countries when the circle-making trend spread to other countries?

    Now examine the circles that are confirmed to be man-made. Started with simple designs, the result of simple techniques. We know that the circle-making groups have been consistently honing their skills, however their exact methods are kept confidential. I was told, from arguing with this British woman, that mobile computerized hardware is now being used by some groups.

    If we can make complex fractals with nothing more than a plank of wood and rope, imagine what we can do with computers? No, I have no evidence that every cropcircle is man-made. But I think if it can be shown that man has the ability to make a design, with no available evidence to the contrary, it’s being intellectually dishonest to attribute it to aliens.

    I’m not a debunker of UFOs, I’ve been studying the subject for 13 years and there is certainly a non-human element involved. But for crop circles, all I’ve seen is a lot of reaching speculation based on bad science. I would LOVE to be proven wrong though!


    [by Son of Will]””

    • This is a brillant analysis. The timelines mentioned here are the most interesting. They are very suspicious.

      I’ve been hearing about so many wierd “revelations”, anxious ghosthunter/monsterhunter/ufo hunter fish stories, hollywood movies and 2012 style endgame senireo’s (all of them produced by anxious and excited men) that I think there are people out there who would physically bring about the end of the world themselves if they could.

      I know the Amazing Randi is an athiest but I do like how he goes about debunking self styled mystics, gurus and clairvoyants. I’d love for some very level headed Christian and true believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to “James Randi” some of these over zelous roumours & stories floating around out here.

      Dr Marzuli does a great job because he always points out when he feels its a hoax and he always resists people trying to build him up with vanities to be a prophet or something…But it seems his ministry is to alert the world to the comming of the very real and very ugly alien gospel and related things through the message of Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural.

      But I’d love someone with great insight like this post by Christian to show up and put to rest some of the overblown stuff I’ve been increasingly hearing and seeing.

  3. I’m still on the fence about crop circles, but as far as your opinion goes for Nat Geo and Darwinism you are dead on. The History Channel is the same way, except they love to try to disdredit Christianity. Anytime they play a program that deals in anyway with Jesus or early Christanity, it’s always something that you can tell has some kind of agenda to it. They mysteriously love to play them seamingly non-stop around Christian holidays. I had the misfortune of seeing a couple of them and have come to the conclusion that they are best to be avoided.

  4. Hi Lyn — could you ask your radio station to please post your radio interviews in mp3 format for download? I notice that other programs are updated through February 10, but yours ends on December 16. I have a meeting every Wednesday night that prohibits me from listening live. Thanks.

  5. Hollywood Unmasked Part 1 of 2

    Hollywood Unmasked is an in-depth and thoroughly documented exposé conducted by Dr. Jason D. Kovar. This exposé clearly reveals just how Satanism and New Age Philosophy continues to have an influence on today’s motion pictures, as well as those of yesterday.

    • Great series Gordy, “As it was in the days of Noah with the wicked imagination of men steeped in violence” is a reality of our present Time.

      John B

    • Gordy,

      That is a great discernment resource. I ordered the Hollywood Unmasked DVD’s to give to my Daughter’s Christian School.

      Unfortunately even my eight year old see’s a lack of discernment amongst the students & the entertainment they view @ home & talk about w/each other.

      Even though this Christian school has so many positivies to show for- this area seems to be lacking & an aveneue- back door – to influence the kids.

      Sometimes you just feel like the lone wierdo taking a stand against these things. It’s too bad that even in a Christian setting it’s still the case.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I am happy that you found the documentary revealing and informative. Christian schools and churches need to see this video. If would be great to have Lynn interview Jason Kovar for a future Acceleration radio interview. It is amazing to see how much violence and occult paranormal things there are on TV and in movies.


  6. Cheyenne, wy. L.A. Thank you for the plug you gave about Cheyenne. L.A. you are always welcome here. Thank you for hearing the voice of God to warn the people. Our prays are with you as you run the race God has set before you. We are cheering you on “GO L.A. Go”. Blessings Barry (-:

    • Wow, Barry, thanks for the link. I too work nights and weekends, I can’t listen to LA on Wed. evenings. Really, thanks for your time and effort, I have already listened to one show and intend to get to more soon. God Bless!

    • I don’t think it worked. . . .

      I posted a big THANK YOU to you, Barry, for your time and effort to record LA’s Wed night shows, which I can’t listen to at that time, I am at work. Thanks again, i have already started to catch up on the shows. God bless!

  7. In case anyone is interested. Tonite on Coast to Coast AM, 10pm – 2am PST

    Roswell Revelations

    George Noory

    Tom Carey, Don Schmitt

    Experts on the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, Tom Carey and Don Schmitt will discuss recent testimony from a crew member of the flight that flew the bodies out of Roswell.

    Witness to Roswell
    The Roswell Dig Diaries

  8. This Sunday, Feb 28th at 10 pm Patrick Heron will be discussing the Nephilim on

    He has been discussing this topic all week and if you follow Lynn’s line of thinking you won’t want to miss these.

    We need to continue to get the word out about Lynn’s site and his work. I believe our time to speak the Truth is quietly running out while the Networks mentioned above continue to bombard the unwitting public with lies, deception and disinformation. Our churches are abhorrently silent on this matter and if we don’t help people like Lynn and the others out there fighting the Good Fight then we only have ourselves to blame (imho) when Satan makes his move and our families and friends are still ignorant regarding the Truth.

    May God grant us all discernment, wisdom and a sense of urgency to reach this lost and dying world for Christ.


    Jeff D

  9. I turned through the channels last night and on Nat Geo. was an entire hour of naked pagan wiccen satanists dancing around praying for their god to do something for them. This cable channel is getting distasteful, disgusting and irrelevant for me and my family. It is looking more and more like we will be turning off our cable, sooner than later. They do my line-up with my world view.

  10. Lynn,

    If it is not to much to ask, what happened to your old site ? I am in the middle of reading P P & S and noticed you promote it there as you do in your other books. Just curious is all.

    Personally, I always enjoyed the originality of the site and how useful it was to send those seeking Truth. just the name was a great conversation starter to begin a good talk about my faith in our Lord and the topic of the End of Days.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

    • That is odd. When I put my cursor over the link, a preview window pops up showing that the link is valid as it is an ad for your book, “The Alien Interviews”. However, when I clicked on it, it still came up as a dead link.

    • I see the link no longer shows Lynn’s site when you put the cursor over it. Thank you to whomever made the correction.


      Jeff D

  11. For solid proof of Nat. Geo’s deliberate mis-representation of the readily available facts which prove that crop circles are NOT created by people with planks and board, see the BLT Research Team’s web-site:

    For an outline of the reasons that none of the long-term crop circle researchers were included in this 2010 Nat.Geo. foolishness, INCLUDING PHOTOS SHOWING NAT. GEO. FAKING THE MAKING OF A CIRCLE IN THE U.K., see:

    Nancy Talbott
    BLT Research Team Inc.

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