23 thoughts on “L.A. Marzulli Appearing on DAYSTAR Friday 19th – Cheyenne Conference

  1. Aliens Land in Russia

    Unusual space object, possibly man-made, approaches Earth

    Glowing rings in the night sky – Sunday’s UFO
    On Sunday evening, 2009 October 18, mysterious glowing rings were seen in the night sky and were widely reported.

    Monument 6- Sort of interesting.

    “Found at an obscure ruin in southern Mexico during highway construction in the 1960s, the stone tablet almost didn’t survive; the site was largely paved over and parts of the tablet were looted.

    It’s unique in that the remaining parts contain the equivalent of the date 2012. The inscription describes something that is supposed to occur in 2012 involving Bolon Yokte, a mysterious Mayan god associated with both war and creation.

    However – shades of Indiana Jones – erosion and a crack in the stone make the end of the passage almost illegible.

    Archaeologist Guillermo Bernal of Mexico’s National Autonomous University interprets the last eroded glyphs as maybe saying, “He will descend from the sky.”

    Comments on the 2012 text on Tortuguero Monument 6 and Bolon Yokte K’u (Here is a sketch of the tablet.)

  2. Hey if the only way to the Father is through the Son then the only way to the Son would be through his Mother .Because she was the only one there from the beginning of his life till the end.Be nice to her and you might just win the Son over.trust me I know these things.Who do you think taught Jesus everything he knew he would of had words poured into him from birth.Mum’s the word.When my daughter Starr was born before they lifted her out of me she said “mom”.the doctors said she’s talking before she’s even out.so mom really is the word out of the mouth of my babes.

  3. Lynn:

    I’m blessed that you have lots of opportunities to share your wealth of information at conferences…however, I can’t stand it when you don’t write on the blog for a few days at a time…the suspense of what’s next is killing me…ha ha. I always go to your site first as I feel it is balanced but oh, so informing. So hurry back and get to writing… ha ha ha. Really though, I appreciate you and other watchmen like yourself who have family to take care of and everyday regular things that need to be taken care of and yet you give so much here to us as well. Thank you and all the watchmen out there who do this as an obedience to the Lord and for the love of your gifting. Thanks so much. Can’t wait until Tuesday!! God Bless

  4. Yeah it’s hard waiting for a new post :p I don’t post alot of comments on here but I do come here multiple times daily to read new posts and peoples comments. I’ve probably never visited a website so much. I wish I was more in the know with things so I could help Lynn and others spread the truth.

    • Hey Jesus said that the only sign that will be given is the sign of Jonah .Jonah was a messenger who ran at first then ,gave into his duty .You know we have a Ninevah her in nova scotia.I wonder where he may be?

  5. hey That is quite interesting .It kinda looks like a dragon to me .you can see the wings and the head ,anyone else see it.It looks dinasaurie type.

    • Thanks so much for the link Bruce!!! It is evening on 2-22 so it is still up to listen to. Cool, now does anyone know how to hear LA on Acceleration weekly as the avr does not update and they are still back in Dec.09.I work at the time of the show and cannot listen. Thanks for any help !

  6. I was able to listen to some of the presentation live this afternoon. It was great. One suggestion however, is could you repeat persons questions when asked. I as a listener could not hear the question when asked by a person to you Lynn, thus had to interpret the question by the response you gave. Blessings!!

  7. Thanks for the link Bruce…Praise God!!! How cool was that to see LA speak, instead of just listenning?(like on coast to coast) It was great and really enjoyed it. I really wish my church was open to have him come speak. So much wonderful information.

  8. I was wondering is there is a reason why some of my post , do not post right away and others are under review from Admin…I’m new to all this and I have made post and I like to see what others have to say, see their points of view. I come back and I don’t see the post. Some post right away and others don’t…just curious. Thanks

  9. When the bible talks about giants it reminds me of the guys on wrestling they are pretty big guys Andre, Kali seems to me they’re are still giants today.Or like my friend Kim says it could be talking about giants in business like Donald Trump,Vince Mcmahan,remember David took a giant down with one little stone.Just a thought.

  10. My Son pointed out the swastika sign you put behind the rose on my icon.This was once a meaning for [good].Look it up before the Nazi ‘s used it for evil it was a good thing.

  11. hey have you guys ever looked at the circulatory system with the blood and oxygen .it forms a cross inside of us.when I look at it I see like a tree with roots .The heart is like the seed with all the roots coming out.My friend Kim says we are like a garden in flesh the tree of knowledge is our brain and the tree of life is our heart.Follow your heart .If we keep eating from our brain then we won’t get far in his world ,but if we eat from our heart we might just get some where.Love comes from the core of our being our hearts.

  12. I am sorry. I do not with to be rude but it appears someone on here is spamming this board. Is there anything that can be done about that? Thanks and HURRY BACK LYNN. 🙂


    • Jeff D, I assume you are referring to me. Unfortunately some of my posts were accidentally double posted. My sincerest apologies to everyone on this forum. My intentions were not intended to be spam.
      Jeff D, if I offended you in any way with my mistake; I hope you can forgive me. As I said in another post, sorry about the double post, I didn’t not realize it until I logged back on.
      Please bear with me as I get this system problem under control. I will not post again until I have done so, thank you for your understanding and patience.

  13. You know how Tamar[Tammy] was given a signet ring from Judah I was just wondering if the ring had a lion with a crown on it .If anyone knows please reply.Tamar has a stake in all this .Remember she just played the harlot to get what was hers.Jesus came through her line .

  14. My apologies to you Matt. I was not speaking about your posts. I am sorry you felt singled out.

    I must apologize to everyone for what I perceived to be spamming is someone who makes several posts that appear to be for the simple reason of posting and getting noticed for their posts.

    Lynn, I read your entries and this board every night and gain so much wonderful information as I do. It just struck me that someone was making what I personally perceived to be irrelevant posts.

    I apologize for making what appears to be a wrong assertion and much ado about nothing. Please forgive my judgmental attitude.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

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