UFO Footage…. Real, Burgeoning and not Going Away!

Thanks to Lynne for the link: The guys who shot this use a lot of foul language so beware…

This is a film that was shot in May of 2008. It has some very interesting footage. I saw it when it first came out, but have never BLOGGED about it until now. It really gets good around 2:15. What we are seeing is a craft that appears to be under the control of intelligent beings that are inside it. When Dr. Roger Leir attended the UFO convention in Turkey he commented that the saw UFOs nightly. They came in real close to where Leir’s observation point was. He actually saw the entities through the windows in the craft…. This is the same type of phenomena that we are seeing around 4:43 where we get a decent close up of the craft. It appears that there are figures that are visible. However, you be the final judge. Can you imagine if this video was shown to the public 50 years ago? I believe the reaction would have been much different than the ho-hum attitude that most people have regarding this type of footage. The point I’m making is this. We have been conditioned to accept these sightings. We have been inundated with movies and films that show exactly the type of craft that we see in the video above, so now most people who look at this shrug it off! 5o years ago this video would have caused quite a stir. I believe we are being slowly conditioned to accept the arrival, disclosure, and full revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. We are being set up to believe that all life was genetically created by E.T. That they were the gods our ancestors worshipped and they are now back at this critical juncture in our societal evolution to helps us. One thing is for certain, they’re not going away are they? The UFO phenomena is continuing, and these craft move with impunity in the skies over all the countries of the world.

I will be discussing the UFO phenomena in detail at the conference in Cheyenne, starting this Friday and continuing on Saturday. There will be a live audio feed – see the brochure below – so if you want to listen you will be able too. I will also be taping two shows for the DAY STAR television network, so it’s going to be a couple of very busy days. Thanks to Charlene, Barry and Julie for taking the initiative to hold the conference.

My guest tomorrow on Acceleration Radio will be author, scholar Helena Lehman. She will be discussing the return of the Nephilim, UFOs, and prophecies.

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  1. Hey fellow travelers I really suggest that everyone watch johnny cash’s The gospel road, before proceeding any further in your walk.It will open your heart so much he fills in the blanks.

  2. Iran Installing Advanced Enrichment Centrifuges as Clinton Warns of Nuclear Arms Race.
    Ahmadinejad says Iran is installing more advanced centrifuges.


    Iran says the world ‘will regret’ sanctions
    Anyone placing sanctions on Iran would be “regretful”, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday.


    As I said a few days ago, I feel something is going to happen very soon. Israel can not let this go any further. They know it, the US knows it, and the world knows it…I said weeks, but now im not so sure, it maybe down to days if not hours.
    With Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister saying last night “Imposing more sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme would not be a quick enough solution” what else could this possibly mean? Get ready folks, this is coming to a head soon.

  3. Hi Tammy, I plan to watch The gospel road.
    But before I do, are we talking about the same Johnny Cash that sang hits such as,,The Beast in Me ,Cocaine Blues, Dark as a Dungeon, Hurt (Nine Inch Nails song), Help Me Make It Through the Night “Let the devil take tomorrow, Lord tonight I need a friend”
    “Trouble in Mind”(song’s lyrics echo suicidal despair)…
    I just want to make sure we have the same artist in mind.

    • oh yes brother he sang the gospel better than anyone I’ve ever heard,.when you listen to his music do your hairs stand on end cause mine do.Don’t forget he also sang alpha and omega’s kingdom come .my favorite is I walk the line and the man in black.he had the spirit of Elijah .Remember he said the circle won’t be broken.Matt your name means gift of the Lord.His music testifies of man suffering.He also sang ‘I was there when it happened.’johnny cash was like john the baptized are we not baptized by his words or songs.

    • Hi Tammy, I like Johnny Cash, I feel he was a great singer and song writer, but to put him up there with John the Baptist might be pushing it just a bit, I see him more along the lines of Roy Orbison and to a lesser extent , Glen Campbell , but John the Baptist? I’m sorry I just don’t see the correlation between the two.

    • Fair enough.In our family we consider him sacred .When you are down and out put on a song like ‘Belshazzar’ and you feel the lift in spirit.He will go down in history because his voice that called out in the wilderness.Remember .daddy sang bass momma sang tenor.you can watch the movie on the net.oh ya remember the song ‘theres a man going around taken names’.Ask our Father to reveal the truth about John to you ,you will be amazed what he shall show you. To walk a mile in his shoes.He even sang God’s gonna cut you down .One last ditch effort to make us hear his words about repenting.

    • I would like to touch on one more point to this,,,(although I really don’t know why)
      You have to be careful not to idolize, making this man more than he was.
      The bible is clear on Idolatry.
      1 Corinthians 10:14
      Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry.

  4. Thank you Lyn for all of your work! Thanks for clarifying the Iran earthquake in your prvious blog as well.

    As for the UFO sightings, one thing is for sure…they will definitely go away on the day that Jesus returns. Praise be to the King of kings and Lord of lords!

  5. Very interesting video. They’re getting pretty bold.

    Also wanted to wish you well in Wyo. There’s a lot of strange things going on in the skies there. I lived there for years and have had some very strange encounters and weird things happen to me there in regard to the ufo ‘thing’. Would love to be there now so I could go to your conference. You gonna be anywhere around the Florida Panhandle anytime in the future? Please keep me informed. I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

    • Corinne – Thanks for the post. I’m not speaking in Florida but you could gather a few like minded people and host your own conference. It’s being done by others. Let me know if your interested! L.A.

  6. I really liked reading Marzulli’s “Politics, Prophecy, and The Supernatural.” It answered a lot of questions I had about the Fallen Angels and the Nephilim and what roles they play in the coming Great Tribulation. Earlier there was a post about the recent movie “Legion.” You guys should also watch the newly released “Percy Jackson and The Olympians.” If you read between the lines while watching the movie you will be blown away by the fact that Hollywood is promulgated this Great Deception in a subtle way to numb the minds of the public that Fallen Angels and the Nephilim aren’t really the wicked entities that the Bible portrays them as after all.

  7. I wrote about these sightings last September in an article entitled The Kumburgaz UFO: Extraordinary Sightings!

    You might the following to be of interest:

    Video: Building Exact Replica of the 3rd Temple In Jerusalem To Train Priest.

    The EXACT REPLICA of the 3rd Temple is being BUILT to begin training Priest / Rabbi’s in Jerusalem

    (IsraelNN.com) Jews in the town of Mitzpe Yericho are taking practical steps to prepare for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, by preparing descendents of Cohanim (priests) and Levites for service. At the Mitzpe Yericho school, Temple priest hopefuls learn exactly how to conduct the daily Temple service and offer the required sacrifices.

    “Today is really a historical event for the Jewish people, organizer Levi Chazan said as another part of the school was completed. It is the beginning of the work for the Third Temple.

    The school will include an exact replica of the Temple. The latest addition to the replica was the area in which priests offered wine and water libations. The water offering was traditionally given on the Sukkot holiday, which was celebrated last week.

    Festivities accompanied the completion of another step in the school’s construction. Among those present was Baruch Marzel, long-time Land of Israel activist and parliamentary aide to MK Michael Ben-Ari. The timing of the work on the school is particularly appropriate due to recent Muslim riots against Jewish visits to the Temple Mount, Marzel said.

  8. Netanyahu: Ezekiel 37 fulfilled
    The leader of a Messianic Jewish ministry is pleased that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently proclaimed the fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel, Chapter 37

    “The Ezekiel 38, 39 scenario – that’s the Gog and Magog invasion of Israel, where they, being Russia, Iran and some other nations, descend on her to seize her wealth,”


  9. I don’t want to divert from the UFO topic that is pertinent to this blog post but did you guys hear about the news that Israel is going to build the Third Temple in March of this year? Is this in fact true or someone with a fanciful imagination put out in the blogosphere?

    • speaking of net we are all a bunch of fish caught in this net .He said throw the net over to the other side and see what ya get.Alot of fish in this sea of people.

    • That is the most rediculous thing I have ever read. Some star trek geek has found a way to incorporate uss enterprise fantasys into the Holy Word. Unbeleiveable. There are no people on other planets nomatter how bad we hope for it and nomatter how many movies hollywood makes about it.

      We are the creation miracle that the Father sent His Only Begotten Son Who Died for us. It took all those galaxys and the juncstaposition of light and dark matter to assemble themselves just so. It all enabled a unique galaxy called the milky way to form as it did…and that assortment of billions of stars had to occupy their respective spots to pull together the matter inside the oyster shell that allowed the perfect rotation of the blue planet that fell delicately not too far from, and not too close to a medium star of medium heat as uniquely placed as our sun. Any few degrees this way or that, or extra nudges this way or that or a few extra pushes and tugs and our world would be as barren as any other planet or moon in our solar system. It is a miracle of maricles that our world exists at all given the untold billions of things that had to go ever so delicately and perfectly right just for this to happen. And out of all of that matter, in heaps of pressure and time came this one single solitary blue pearl known as earth. God’s footstool. He made all of this imensity to bring about the creation man and ultamately his Greatest Gift of Love Possible…The Death and Ressurection of His Only Begotten Son.

      We don’t have any “space brothers”, or “higher forms of people” out there awaiting our arrival or visiting us in some seen or unseen demension. All the matter and anti matter that exists had to be spun into place so that like a pearl in an oyster this one thing could happen.

      (The best example I can think of for this is in our own body. We have untold trillions of cells in our body but only one set of eyes. If the eye cells thought…”there are trillions of cells in this body most of which we can’t see so by the sheer volumn of cells there must be another eye somewhere” It’s wrong!…It takes all those cells working together to even make eyes possible!)

      So it is with the earth and all of the billions and trillions of other matter!

      Angels are God’s Messagers. Fallen angels, deamons and nephilim are right here on the earth with us. But if anyone is waiting for star trek to happen unless they are able to manuver themselves into a “tower of babel” situation…it ain’t gonna happen.

    • Here’s a thought! What about Matthew 24:31 – 31:
      “And He will send out His angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather His elect (His chosen ones) from the four winds, [even] from one end of the universe to the other.”

      Don’t mean to get anyone riled. I’m just sayin’…

    • The 4 winds come from as far out as the ends of the universe. (Ever heard of solar storms?) The magnatude and magnificence of how far reaching this gathering will be is illustrated beautifully by this image.

      The elect however are the saved believers in Christ.

      There will be no klingons, borg or ferenge who paid their tithes in gold pressed latinum there.

      Seti has spent a half century and countless billions of dollars along with the finest minds science can muster combing the universe with huge mile wide listening devices and have not heard a peep. (don’t give me that one time “wow” signal)…They got nothing. We have sent probes into deep space and on planets and moons looking for so much as a microbe. Nothing…nothing at all but the fancyful imaginations of a lot of star wars geeks and conspiracy theorists. We’ve put huge complex telescopes into orbit and gotten some beautiful nebulus photos but beyond stuff for the interstellar family album….bupkus. Not even a microbe.

      The only pictures of skybound stuff we ever get are ufo’s that are reported to come up from underwater and seem to only be hanging around here by some strange coincidnce.

    • Oh yeah….and by the way…the inhabitants of those ufos keep trying to convince us that there is no God and that they seeded the “universe”. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    • Well, whos to say that wont go up with you,,,the Lord says he will give you your hearts desire. If your dog or cat will make you happy. Im sure the Lord could and would arrange it….Right Tammy? (:

      Funny thing about the article was the pets have to stay with Atheists, I think my dog wouldnt be happy there, I’ll tell him to hold out for a Agnostic. (just joking)

    • while I hope my cat can be with me in front of the Lord, i guess it’s best not to dwell upon it. once i’m with the Lord, i probably won’t even think of it, though it would still be nice. anyways

      what a tangent.

    • The Lord built an entire ark for the animals and had only 8 people (Noah and his gang) to take care of them. How can we think that our King would do any less for us with His creations that we really love and care about?

    • Matt, AGNOSTIC, funny. I’ve wondered about the animals too. I believe God has something special in mind. I haven’t a clue but it will be wonderful.

    • On a serrious note, I beleive if being with your pet makes you happy, The Lord will grant that desire, or wish.If ,my pet does desire to follow me, Im just relived I wont need to carry around a pooper scooper anymore..Lord willing of course.

    • Corrine, I like your way of thinking! I personally belive there will be animals in heaven, I fervently hope my pets will be there… I know some people maybe wouldent agree with that, but I really think its so.

    • Hey Sandra,
      I’m glad I could encourage you. We really get attached to our critters don’t we?! And that love is a ‘God-thing’ as far as I’m concerned. In fact, the animals under our care take on so much of our heart and our influence that when God destroyed His enemies, He had all the animals of His enemies killed as well (think about Korah or some of the Pagan kings).

      I know that there’s animals in Heaven because He made them all and said it was good, very good. Think about the lion and the lamb in the book of Rev. He spent a lot of thought and several days making all the living creatures before He made us…in one day. He wouldn’t give us such beautiful, smart and intuitive creatures to take care of if He didn’t care about them and us. I don’t say this to minimize our creation, but I do believe that He put great care in their creation because He knew how important this creatures would be in our lives and how much we’d care about them.

      I think that the enemy has used this idea to distract us and to make us feel sad and confused. satan always hurts those that we care about to get to us. Don’t fall for it. I know that I’ll see my Bucky and Sweet Pea in Heaven.

  10. Has anyone here ever heard the Bigfoot 911 call from a sighting in Washington State in 1990 ?
    I’m telling you, just listening to it give me chills. This has been proven as an authentic 911 call. Not sure what the guy actually sees but he try’s to describe it to the 911 dispatcher to the best of his abilities , but, how do you describe something you have never seen before? I’m sure as with Alien abductions your mind is racing, heart beating fast, and your thoughts searching for some reasonable explanation as to what it is you are actually seeing… The human mind simply can not comprehend the Super Natural, as is with the case with Mothman sightings , those witnesses were left shaken, and in fear…who gives us the spirit of fear?
    I am in no way suggesting Bigfoot, (if the thousands of sighting are reputable) is evil…I’m just simply stating you can hear the fear in this mans voice…as you listen, put yourself in his shoes, what would be going through your mind at that time? How do you think you would feel?
    “Man calls 911 for Bigfoot sighting in 1990. This sound file contains excerpts from an authentic 911 call from the Pacific Northwest. The incident happened on the Kitsap Peninsula, Washington State, in the 1990’s
    The sheriffs did show up eventually, but the figure was gone at that point–it didn’t stick around for long.
    The dispatcher’s protocol was to verify man’s name and address in the beginning. She does that in the unedited, original version of the 911 call. The original version also has some pauses where only the dispatcher’s typing is heard”
    (This clip is rated PG-13 due to 2 cruse words, please proceed with caution)


  11. BigFoot, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Johnney Cash….Yes Dr. Marzulli, I’d say people ARE getting very used to these sightings.

    • There are thousands of Sasquach sightings going back to the 1800’s. They are rich in Native American culture. Just like UFO’s, if less then 1 percent of the sighting are reliable, that is not explained by ,,swamp gas, weather balloons, weather anomalies, misguided missiles, then there must be something to it….Like UFO sightings, Sasquach sightings are one those things most people don’t believe until they are face to face with it.
      Thousands of UFO witnesses has come forward over the years, surely not all of them have mental instability, or simply making up the story, some might, but the odds are not all of them that are reported. Just like UFO sighting, Sasquach sightings have come from pillars in the community, Doctors, Teachers, other professionals, even cub scouts leaders and cub scouts on hikes. (Multiple witnesses at time of sighting)
      Then we have the Story of Jacko 1884. The first and only account of a capture is from the Victoria, British Columbia Daily Colonist of July 4, 1884. The capture of a Sasquatch happened near Yale, B.C. on the Fraser River. The creature was called Jacko and he was captured by a train crew in the Cascade Mountains. Jacko was thought to be a juvenile described as being of the gorilla type 4′ 7″ tall and about 127 pounds in weight. He had long, black coarse hair on his head and short glossy hair on his body. He had extraordinary strength and long forearms. He could break a tree branch that a man could not break.
      In the Seattle Times of 16 July 1918 there was a story about “mountain devils” that attacked a prospectors’ shack at Mount Saint Lawrence near Kelso, Washington. The 7 foot 8 inch tall creatures were known to Clallan and Quinalt Indians as “Seeahtiks”

      I have never seen a UFO or a Sasquach, but im inclined to believe they do exist, what they are is open to debate, and largely what we do here on this forum from time to time…I do know one thing, if I ever encounter any of these things, be it, Mothman, Bigfoot or UFO, or any other oddity, or super natural not of this world entity, I will take the advice of the post by Dr Marzulli the other day…I will run.

    • Hi Matt~
      I’ve been living in beautiful WA state (Olympia) for 35 years. Have heard just one story from the “up-close-and-personal” side. A close friend (at that time) who is native of the Skagit Valley/North Cascades region related to me the story of her dad’s encounter with “Sasquatch” (“Sesquac” means “wild man” in the Halkomelem dialect of Coast Salish peoples.) His encounter was not quite face-to-face but close enough that he had to lay low while the creature roamed nearby. Apparently the sound(s) it made were quite disturbing. Now her dad is one big guy and not easily intimidated. Nor is he prone to invent fanciful tales. Yep, I got the chill factor playing my spine…and all while she simply relayed the story to me! My own story involves a silent,low flying ufo in the Skagit Valley (Sedro Woolley) while I was coming home from work at the end of a swing shift. Kept pace with my car for about five minutes, then just disappeared when I got onto Interstate 5. I mean “Poof!”- gone. Living close to Fort Lewis and Mt. Rainier always gives one pause to consider the stories. You betcha.
      God bless!

    • In A Moment, thanks for sharing your story.
      I believe you and your friend’s father.
      I have read numerous stories of deer hunters, up in their dear stands, and a “Sasquatch” will walk underneath their stands. These guys are petrified with fear, and unable to believe that they are seeing.
      Click on the map of US (your state) and see if any sightings have been made in your area, or city.


    • By the way A new documentary on the National Geographic Channel titled “American Paranormal: Bigfoot” presented some compelling math and anatomy to show the Patterson-Gimlin film’s Bigfoot is not a costume at all.

    • you know, i have heard some stories about bigfoot not fully being subject to our laws of physics, but then there are times when they do. one story, someone shot a bigfoot, and it had no effect.

      could they maybe be nephilim

    • Great point Frank, I have a recording of a Bigfoot that was supposedly shot,all it seemed to do was upset the creature,,,the “howl” (for a lack of a better word) on the recording is bone chilling. It was shot while in a rock quary.
      I believe they are inter-dimensional beings of some sort…coming in through a Inter-dimensional doorway.
      I don’t know about the nephilim theory, as I feel they are not violent and do not seem to be evil, in fact, when they do throw rocks or tree banches,they seem to be sending a message to campers, hunters to leave the area. They want to be left alone.
      They are very curious about humans however, and will stare for long periods of time if given the opportunity and when they do not feel threatened.
      I suppose we all have interests in the super natural in some way, some of us look for answers about UFO’s ,others alien abductions and the list go’s on and on, this happens to be in my branch of interest. I have been studying Sasquatch since the 1972 docudrama The Legend of Boggy Creek. That filmed stayed in my mind, years after I watched it and really got me on the road to investigation and has always peaked my interest.

    • Hi Frank, I was able to get the recording of the Bigfoot that was shot.

      The story goes, Westmoreland County, PA 1973 – A recording of a creature moaning after being fired upon, the creaure was in a rock quary as I mentioned before.

      [audio src="http://www.oregonbigfoot.com/sounds/ORBF_moan_pa.mp3" /]

      I don’t know why but I feel great sorrow, for the creature.

    • Hi Frank, I tried to post this the other day but for some reason it never made it.
      Awyway, here is the audio clip from the Bigfoot that was shot in Westmoreland County, PA 1973 – A recording of a creature moaning after being fired upon.
      As I mentioned before, the creature was in a rock quarry.

      [audio src="http://www.oregonbigfoot.com/sounds/ORBF_moan_pa.mp3" /]

      I dont’ know why but I feel sorry for the creature.

    • it sounds quite real. This brings a bit of a snag to mind.

      in this instance, a bigfoot has allegedly been shot, and appears to be in quite a bit of pain. It sounds real, but I cannot say for certain. Assuming it is, that means bigfoot is flesh and blood.

      But there are reports of people shooting bigfoot and there being absolutely no effect, thus implying no physical presence.

      So, are there two types of bigfoot sightings? “real” and spiritual ones?

    • Frank, I believe he was very angry, not in pain, but then again I could be wrong. Also remember in this case it was reported to be trapped , or having a difficult time exiting the rock quary, what we hear might be pure frustratiion of being shot at and problem of leaving the area,, and maybe trying to scare away who ever took the shot.
      Another theory could be when they cross over from their realm, they can become mortal and can be hurt physically…

      Ya know one story I heard on coast to coast awhile back comes to mind, this trucker was near Hot Springs Ark late night, at a remote rest area, he drove almost all of the day and into the wee hours of the morning, he decided to pull over till sunrise at the rest area. There were no other cars or trucks around, he thought it would be a good place to sleep for a few hours before getting back on the road. No sooner then he began drift off, he felt the cab of his truck shake, then stop. At first he thought it must be the wind and tried to put it out of his mind. As he drifted off again the truck shook once more, this time more violently, the trucker could not imagine what was shaking the cab of his truck with such force. The thought of someone pulling a prank briefly came to mind, but he decided that wasn’t possible, Curiosity got the better of him and instead of just starting the truck and driving away, he decided to crawl through the sleeping area of the truck and look out of the window to see what he could see. As he looks out into the dark night, only lit by a single dimly lighted street light at the rest area, he looks around and sees nothing at first. His eyes scan, back and forth slowly, trying to adjust to the darkness. As he is looking out, a face appears in the trucks window, he is face to face with what he describes as a half man half beast. He was racked with fear, he was in shock for a few seconds before he could gather himself, to quickly start the truck and pull away,,, this is how he described what he saw,,,” the face was relative flat, clearly lacking the prominent snout of a bear”
      “The nose of what he saw was “broad and flat” but the lips and chin protruded farther than its nose. The trucker noted it had a humanlike face, “except for the protruding mouth.”
      As the trucker drove away, he caught once last glimpse of the creature, he claims it had disproportionately long arms, and he also noted that the arms of what he saw was “much thicker than a man’s arms, and longer, reaching almost to its knees. He described the color as reddish-brown from what he could tell in the poor lighting.
      Now, we all know how large a semi truck is, the creature was looking into the window of his cab. Just imagine the size of this thing.

    • It says that the shroud will be on display for 44 days. Isn’t the U.S. President #44 and where else have I seen the #44 lately? Also, isn’t it during the same time period that the Pope announce exactly 2 years ago that Aliens are our Space Bro’s.?

  12. I’m gonna go out on an alien limb here….

    There is some buzz on the internet, and i first heard it on Joe Montaldo’s radio show (which i can barely listen to most times) a week or two ago. There are allegedly Earth SIzed UFOs appearing around the sun, picked up by NASA’s WISE or STEREO satellite thing. NASA claims they are glitches. of course some are saying they are supersized UFOs.

    I looked at some of the pics on examiner.com and their links, but don’t think they’re terribly convincing either way.

    does anyone have any thoughts on this, or any other data? If these are “UFOs” then what role would they be playing in the great deception?

    The reason i bring this is up is because it neatly coincides with the saber rattling in Iran, don’t you think?

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