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Iran: Earthquake or Underground NUKE?

Posted by lamarzulli on February 15, 2010

Thanks to Kyle for the tip!

I received a link to the USGS Web-site over the weekend and I’ve posted the link to it at the end of my BLOG. As with all the information that I receive I try to check it out. There’s a lot of junk on the Internet and sometimes it’s difficult to get to the truth. The first thing I did was to contact Don at the USGS – United States Geological Survey. I asked him if the report of a 4.6 earthquake that happened in Iran, on February 11th, was a real event. He looked it up and sure enough it was there in his data base. I then asked him if there was anything in the report that would indicate an underground nuclear test. Don informed me that there is a big discrepancy between the wave forms of an earthquake and a nuclear explosion. I pressed him on this point, asking him to please take a look at the wave forms and makes sure nothing was overlooked. There was a moment of silence on the phone and then he came back on the line and stated that this quake was like the other 200,00o that he had seen in his career. Now there’s always the possibility that the numbers or data could have been fudged. I asked him if this could have happened and he assured me that it couldn’t have happened as the data came directly from hundreds seismic machines all over the world, via the Internet and other sources, so there’s no handling of the information. Everyone gets the same data. So what I believe we have a coincidence.  On February 11th there was a 4.6 earthquake in western Iran – nothing more.  This is  the stuff that conspiracy legends are made of! Since I had Don on the phone I also inquired about the recent Haiti quake asking why the Dominican Republic wasn’t effected like Haiti was. Don walked me through the data, telling me how the possibility for sever damage is exponentially greater the closer you get to the epicenter. So from Don’s point of view there’s no government conspiracy i.e. the use HAARP technology to create the quake. The epicenter was located in Port -a-Prince. I can assure you that Don is a astute scientist, and what he reported to me was level-headed and sincere. So the bottom line for me is this. While I do believe we are going to see a conflict in the Middle East, the earthquake in Iran was not an underground nuke test, it was an earthquake. However, this doesn’t mitigate the tension that is building there. In other news today, Netanyahu’s Russian visit was not what he hoped for as the Russians are going to sell missiles to the Iranians in spite of Netanyahu’s appeal. These missiles have the capacity to hit Israeli cities and that is an “earthquake” that is perhaps more devastating…..


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8 Responses to “Iran: Earthquake or Underground NUKE?”

  1. Mary said

    Mr. Marzulli,

    We have earthquakes here in Costa Rica which are not reported by the USGS. How do I know? Because I hear them coming and the ground/buildings shake and then the sound leaves. I look at the USGS and they’re not always reported. USGS has also misreported earthquakes as having the epicenters in Costa Rica, and this is erroneous as those quakes happened in the city of David, Panama. How do I know? I was in Bocus del Torro, Panama when several of those quakes happened and ironically, most of those quakes were reported and occurred at the same depth of 5.0. Some of the USGS reports of these quakes were removed. Next time I’ll take a picture of my computer screen to show this. How can an earthquake reproduce itself?

    Your Sister in Christ,

  2. Frank said

    i believe when north korea did their nuke test, there was a 5.6 or something EQ that was plainly obvious on the USGS page. I wouldn’t doubt that Iran has had a successful nuke test.

    in other news,

    I just shared the gospel with a VIP without alot of influence. Please pray that this person’s heart be changed and that the Lord reaches them. I say this not for my glory, but so that this person’s heart may be changed, and that this person can be a huge testimony to others. Please pray fervantly!

  3. Frank said

    i stand corrected, the N Korea event was a 4.7, pretty close to what Iran has…


  4. matt said

    Saudi FM al-Faisal doubts Iran sanctions plans

    Imposing more sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme would not be a quick enough solution, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has said.


    I wonder what this means?

  5. matt said

    Space rock contains organic molecular feast

    Scientists say they have confirmed that a meteorite that crashed into earth 40 years ago contains millions of different organic compounds.

    “Where did we come from and what happened before? We all have that question inside us.”


  6. hector27 said


    thank you so much for clearing up so much rumour and innuendo!
    it seems like we have a bit too many “armchair conspiracy theorists” blogging about HAARP, etc.

    im afraid we have a bit of a “forest for the trees” situation, however…
    the “international financial crisis” has already accomplished many of the goals of the NWO…

    what has happened to the united states is tantamount to a “soft coup”…

    so much money has already changed hands… (out of our hands)
    because this has been a “behind-the-scenes” operation, it has gone right over everyones heads…

    the controlling-class wall street bankers have skated away scott free with our IRAs, and retirement funds…
    we have been sold out for a piece of bread, as it were…

    the end of the us will be sung with a whimper, not a loud bang…
    no need for HAARP, dirty bombs, or killer viruses…

    this is the easiest, least messy way to marginalize the US…
    slowly, make it look like it was our fault…

    and when the world turns its back on us, and standardizes on the euro,
    it will all seem justified…

  7. Joe.b said

    I’ve read things that say yea it was and no it wasn’t a nuke test, we will probably find out if it was 50 years from now

  8. RP said

    It was a nuke test, actually there were two of them. I read this in a news report that quickly got erased and later rewritten to where it said nothing. The detonation was done at the top of the hour say 7:00 am or 8:00 am on the second. There was a second one the next day 24 hours after at exactly the same second. This was Iran’s way of announcing it had nukes but not officially to block the Bush plans for attacking or invading it.

    They were small nukes may be Pu-239 based, or U-233. I wonder more and more from what I read if they are using U-233 what the soviets used in their suitcase nukes.

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