Sound Paintings!

Are you tired of the same old music?

Why not investigate Sound Paintings!

Are you adventurous to listen?

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Here’s two comments from the comment section that came in ! Thanks Deb & Wilson!

“Absolutely stunning, LA! Textured and oh so full of musical surprises. Belongs in my collection for sure.” :^D

“I am a music nut. My favorite stuff is any kind of fusion. I knew you were a muscisian but I had no idea that you were on this level of sophistication. Like wow! I’m definately hooking this one up!” Wilson

10 thoughts on “Sound Paintings!

  1. Wow, Lynn…I knew you were a composer but this blows the doors off of my perceptions of your musicianship. Very rarely is music thought provoking and challenging like this anymore.

  2. I have to say, the music reminds me of a band called Marillion A British group formed in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England in 1979.
    I can also hear a slight Gabriel-era Genesis in there as well.
    I like the sound of the music very much and its great to listen to while surfing the net. Very calming and relaxing.

  3. Lynn,

    Love the Sound Paintings. Do you sing on this? The one guy sounds like Peter Gabriel. I wholeheartedly agree about the state of today’s music. It is just atrocious. I love this recording.


    • Hi Dane~
      You are the second person on here who commented that L.A.’s singing voice sounds similar to Peter Gabriel’s (thus the comparison to former Marillion vocalist “Fish”.) Know what? That was also my immediate aural recognition! Matt noticed as well. So yes… “Zulli’s” work here definitely embodies the styles of the progressive/classical-fusion lushness. With splashes of the minimalist touch. I really like it.

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