19 thoughts on “Breaking News: Iran ramping up to Feb 11?

  1. My word! This is serious! Thanks for the link, Lynn. I am really hoping that this is a stunt, although it is looking more and more like the real thing.

    • You should see the living temple our Father built.Jesus is the temple .Many worship in him.He said tear it down and he’ll rebuild it in 3 days[remember 1 day is = to 1000 years.]resurrection time.

    • More bizarre stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUaSYUNS3Mg&feature=player_embedded

      AND if you check out this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWQ97A0_m4Y posted by the Temple Institute, half way through the vid (around 3:13) he makes reference to people outside the institute who are falsely claiming to be associated with the Institute.

      Can’t take much of this too seriously given the low level of views on these vids, but the pure bizarre nature of it makes it interesting.

    • Hopeful_watcher, do you have any idea why this particular mining company may have been singled out by, or on behalf of, this “Supriem David Rockefeller”? (I looked his name up and noted the satanic associations. Odd.)

    • Hard to say. I have been following things written about Supriem Rockefeller for about a year now and it is all very flaky stuff. He claims to be the god of Ra and Lucifer wrapped in one. Delusions of grandre perhaps, but definitely not something I would joke about if I were him. He has people who have luciferian websites promoting him, but they don’t get much traffic on their vids so not sure who is paying attention to him, except me and a few other weirdos 🙂 I would say that if he is luciferian, it makes sense that he would want to see a third temple built to get the ball rolling.

    • Oh, sorry if I’m sounding redundant or too inquisitive but would you mind telling me what you mean by “flaky” as it pertains to articles about Supriem? ((Btw, the “David Rockefeller” part of his name makes me wonder if he’s just satirizing that elitist family or may actually be related to them. Seems that would kinda untwist this mysterious knot.)) Thanks for replying and Yahweh bless.

  2. Have searched high and low for anyone covering this item. It would seem to me that no one wants to even acknowledge what the possibilites are for tomorrow 2/11/10. I guess I will have to check back on this site for any updates. The MSN is all fluff – (especially with the snows we have here on the east coast)..Till then my prayers are for abatement.

  3. I want to thank L.A. for this blog and comment section where like minds talk and discuss things, and I would also like to thank Andre for his endless supply of information!

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