The Straits of Hormuz – Radiological Blockade?

INTEL – Report: L. A. Marzulli

Please take a good look at the map to your left and pay close attention to Iran. The first dynamic that I will point you to is Iran’s neighbors. To the east, Afghanistan and to the west, Iraq. In both countries, joint US and coalition forces are in the tens of thousands of men and women. There are tanks, planes, and every accoutrement of modern warfare deployed there. What most people don’t realize – because how often do we see maps displayed – is that Iran is surrounded, basically trapped in a pincer move. In other words unless she is backed by Russia she isn’t going to attack Israel. It would be disastrous. However, there is another tactic that the Iranians might be willing to engage in and if successful would shut down the “capitalistic” West. It is interesting to note that Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has, warned western powers that he intends to strike against their “global arrogance” on February 11th. Let’s strip it down and expose what may be a likely scenario. We know that Iran has enough enriched uranium to make a bomb, but more than likely has not accomplished this…yet. However they could use the enriched uraniumn to create a radiological dirty bomb, and if deployed in a strategic area, in this case the Straits of Hormuz, would shut down the oil to China, India, the EU and the United States. This would greatly impact the west and it’s “capitalistic” pursuits to say the least. We would most like see oil rise to over $200 a barrel and gas prices at the pump skyrocketing to perhaps $8 a gallon! If this happens it would tumble the United States into a full-blown depression and most likely tank the dollar for good. Take another look at the map and you will notice the country of Oman, lying directly south of Iran. That area of water that separates the two countries is called, the Straits of Hormuz. It is a narrow water way that the Iranians could easily shut down and make impassible if they opted for the use of a dirty bomb, thus effectively creating a radiological blockade. No ship would be able to pass through due to the radiation. The Iranians know that they can not stand up against the Israeli and American forces. The other nations that are in with Iran, such as Syria, Lebanon/Hezbollah and perhaps Turkey won’t get involved either. As I have pointed out, if Russia backs the Iranians, it’s an entirely different story, however if they don’t, Iran is hemmed in on two of its borders, by the greatest military force the world has ever seen in that region. What would you do if you were Ahmadinejad? We know that he is a believer in the Mahdi. The manifestation of the Imam Mahdi is what the Shia sect of Islam is waiting for. He will only manifest though in a time of chaos! In my book Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, I quoted Ahmadinejad as saying that he was willing to sacrifice up to one third of his own people to bring about the advent of the Mahdi. There is an apocalyptic fervor that is driving the Iranians and it is alarming to say the least. We also know that the US has scrambled just this week to send ships, missiles and reinforcements into the region. Is this because they got wind of the Iranians strategy to “nuke” the straits of Hormuz? In closing, the Iranians have nothing to lose by detonating a nuke in the Straits of Hormuz as they already have sanctions being applied by the United Nations. They are surrounded on two fronts and have very little options other than surrender their nascent nuclear program, which is something they will never do, without a regime change. As I see it they really only have one military option, but if they were to succeed, it would create an overwhelming victory as they would have disabled the global economy and brought the great Satan, the United States, to its knees without firing a shot.

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43 thoughts on “The Straits of Hormuz – Radiological Blockade?

    • Nice find, Doug.

      The Maitreya meme association with Patel is exploding across the Internet. Something is at work here, not sure what really. Considering Lynn’s post on the arrival of the Mahdi at a time of great crisis, we have to keep a close eye on him and his respective associations.

      I posted this video link: Raj Patel, Maitreya and The Prince who shall come in an earlier post, but given this New York Times article, maybe we need to take a second look.

      The following quotations are striking:

      “The Maitreya clues — his age (supposed to be born in 1972; Mr. Patel was), life experiences (supposed to have traveled from India to London in 1977; Mr. Patel was taken on a vacation there with his parents that year) race (supposed to be dark-skinned; Mr. Patel is Indian) and philosophies — all pointed to him. Some believe Maitreya will have a stutter. When Mr. Patel tripped over a few words when talking with Mr. Colbert, it was the final sign.

      “It became a flood,” said Mr. Patel, referring to a torrent of e-mail messages that asked: “Are you The One?” He removed the contact information from his Web site, but dozens of pages, discussion groups and videos have emerged online proclaiming his holiness.

      Mr. Patel has emphatically and publicly denied being Maitreya. Bad move. According to the predictions, “Maitreya will neither confirm, or will fail to confirm, he is Maitreya,” said Cher Gilmore, a spokeswoman for Share International.

      Of course, Patel’s reluctance to admit that he is the Maitreya fits within the mythological narrative of the Hero’s Story, which I recently examined on The ALIEN Project in the following articles: LUCIFER: Exopolitical Disclosure – The Deception of the Hero’s Story! and LUCIFER: The Hero’s Story Part II – The Revelation of the Method!

      I wrote:
      Now, whether you believe that this is superstition or not, Creme and Share International have been received, accepted and promoted by prominently influential and well-established members of the Global Elites. As a matter of fact, Share International Foundation is accredited as an official non-governmental organization (NGO) by the United Nations. These ruling elites see Lucifer as the true God, the Logos of our planet, the Light bringer, the knowledge giver, the Sun God; who will emerge following the ushering of the Luciferian spirit by Maitreya. Creme also believes that the Bethlehem Star was a UFO and claims to be in direct contact and constant communication with extraterrestrials (ETs) since the 1950s. It should be noted that he was an original member of the Aetherius Society, an organization that believes that ETs will arrive on Earth in UFOs from space to usher in the New Age. Our extraterrestrial progenitors. Importantly and fundamentally, Creme equates the Maitreya, Lucifer, Sanat Kumara, Satan and the Ascended Masters with extraterrestrials, and calls them “Our Space Brothers.” Therefore, facilitating the alien gospel that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and certain other great religious leaders were of extraterrestrial origin and came to Earth to help mankind. Incidentally the Aetherius Society was also known and described as a UFO religion, worshiping a Cosmic Solar diety.

      It is easy now to see why Creme would see the Norway spiral as a sign of his savior, given its resonance with the blue swirling logo of the Maitreya and its previous Luciferic manifestations in ancient art, drawings, petroglyphs, aboriginal paintings, artifacts and spiritual texts. According to the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, the spiral is an archetypal symbol that represents the cosmic force. This force of radiant aurora emission has been greeted as the start of a new cycle, a new day, a change in the molecular structure of our DNA to a higher form of consciousness, a new dawn, and a new dimension for mankind by the messengers of the Galactic Federation of Light, who sees this as a sign of contact with extraterrestrials in 2010. It is interesting to note that Aurora is seen in the occult world as a precursor to Lucifer, the Roman Goddess of the Dawn, or the Mother of Lucifer. This resonates with the biblical text, which identifies Lucifer as the Morning star, the God of the Dawn, the Dawn of a New Day and the New Hope. How interesting, that the central themes in the election of President Obama centred primarily on and around those terms?

      In Greek mythology, Aurora is Eos, the Titanic Goddess of the Dawn, who rose from her home at the edge of Oceanus, the Ocean that surrounds the world, to herald her brother Helios, the Sun. In the video for the Norway spiral, there are several shots of the rising sun coming up following the appearance of the spiral. A close examination of the illustrated Eos, shows how it fits nicely within the Aquarian Age construct, given that this Age is called the “Water Bearer.” Which also fits into the mythos of the watery periods from the Atlantean Age. Of course, Aurora and Eos extends back to the other mythologies of Isis in Egypt, Semiramis in Babylon and Ea in Sumerian. But, essentially it is the hero story of Lucifer, represented in different forms, just like Wundarr the Aquarian Superman, the Marvel Comics character. THIS IS ESSENTIALLY THE SAME STORY – Just infinitely retold in endless transformations, mutations, alterations, modifications and deviations. The Hero’s story. A reluctant introduction to a new world of adventure, enduring enormous ordeals to be finally resurrected into godhood, as exemplified in ancient and cultural mythos of Ea/Enki, Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Luke Skywalker, Kal-El (Superman), The ET… Archetypes reflecting a singular narrative. The Heliacal Rising. The Phoenix Rising. Fighting a monstrously evil character with the sword of destiny, falling and seemingly failing, yet to emerge victorious. Incidentally, the sword represents the Piscean Age, which New Agers believes will be conquered by the Spirit of the Aquarian Age; and the hero is usually coated in the colors of blue or red or both signifying the Solar Deity, the Red Sun.

      Thanks Doug, for the link and Lynn for this important update on the coming Middle East war.

    • [so man has become as God has he].My son is an aquarian and to boot he has water on his head ‘the dr. call it a lake.The sword represents Gods word.

  1. Bravo!…land of goshen….i hate to keep bothering you, but, don’t you ever get tired of hitting the nail right on the head…i’ve been to two goat ropin’s and a county fair and i have never seen anything like this…imho, i think the Holy Spirit is pouring through Christ Jesus’ body of believers like a raging wildfire, i hate to even sleep.
    have your way, Lord Jesus, thank you, selah

  2. PREMISE: Due to UN imposed sanctions on Iran it would be logical that the country (actually her peoples) is already in some sort of “crippled” state of affairs? It is said that when one has very little or nothing to lose, that is when one becomes most dangerous. Thus a “dirty bomb” (or whatever) in the Hormuz zone would be adding insult to injury to Iran’s people; the implications are staggering from either angle…governmental or civilian. In strategic and tactical planning the idea is to be (at least) one step ahead of your opponent. And THAT means a lot of second guessing. Why Iranian leadership would even consider this move just boggles my mind. Phew…………..

    • are you ready to see the hand Of YHWH @ work, i guarantee you it will be perfect
      think about it, we very well could be the generation that sees the return of the King of Kings, if that don’t light your fire, then your wood is wet.
      Father God, in the mighty, precious name of Jesus and by His shed blood, lend us your knowledge and wisdom through he Holy Spirit, that we may bring glory to your kingdom. Thank You, Jesus

    • Greetings to you Robert Wilcox!
      Know what? Methinks yer right. Glory be and praises to YHWH! It could be that perhaps the hook IS the seeming paradox of this situation?

    • Hey guys my grandmothers name is olive that would make me from the olive tree and my children too.We are all branches on someone’s family tree.Seeds we were and we have embedded in a us a genetic code that not even we ourselves understand,but as we move along in the stream of time we learn from each other,only if we are willing to beat or weapons into plowshares.Our tong is our greatest weapon because he said our swords would be in our mouths.We don’t swing it too often because it hurts us more than you know.As far as the two witnesses are concerned .Moses and Elijah ,Moses represents the Law and Elijah the prophets .

    • my friend the woman by the well said that the witnesses are his parents and brothers and sisters.there are three that bear witness.

  3. Hi Joe~
    What do you mean by “And to think this entire time, the god, lives in LA’s back yard”? I read Andre’s post but can find no connect to your statement. Thanks for clarifying :^D

  4. We live in a very interesting world, (old Chinese proverb!
    By this time next week, we shall know what Imabaddinerdajaket is up to.

    Meanwhile! I’ll look for more people to give bible tracts too.

    Sump-ums-gotta-give, and soon!

    • That’s what the guy at the airport said when I asked him if they have a stargate there because I dreamed that I unburied a stargate in Debert Nova Scotia and then in my dream the military came buried it up again and told me I had to go with them ,then I woke up.Everytime I go by it I still wonder.

  5. lynn,

    thank you for todays blog!

    i would like to ask you, what, in your opinion is


    that will be taking place in the middle east?

    THANKS! 🙂

    (ps imho a dirty bomb in the straight of hormuz would be recognized internationally as a low blow cheap shot
    and would be dealt with accordingly)

  6. Whatever Ahmadinejad is up to, is in accord with the controlling power of the [Beast system] in the Final stage of its Eighth Head [new world order]

    Ahmadinejad is no different to any other National political head under the directive of the Illuminati. If he is to blockade the oil route, it will be done with superior approval.

    The Satanic objective is not to attain World dominion, But to [receive Worship] by the instrumentality of a man [the Son of perdition]. The various scenarios on the world stage are on course in accord within the sovereignty of Almighty God in fulfillment of prophecy.

    John B

    • Since the “men behind the curtains” have most likely given full approval to the Iranian leadership, that means they must have some kind of alternative methods for keeping the precious cargo supplied to other nations. I’m guessin’ that the cabal-games are about to get into full swing. Be wide awake brethren.
      “For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Rom. 8:38-39 (ESV)

    • John B, I couldn’t agree with you more. World dominion (i.e. New World Order and One world religion) is his means to an for Satan’s pride filled self worship. Most people think that Satan is about anarchy and chaos, but it is my opinion that these things are tools to foster anxiety and dependency on a “worldly savior” not on a spiritual savior. Once he attains that he will demand worship in return for earthly security, right down to being able to put food on your table. Many people will fall for this trap, because they fear for their life. If they just knew the Lord’s word they will know that “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.” Luke 17:33

      This is a hard pill to swallow and only those who have faith in the Lord will do so.

  7. The countries in the Middle East have their own armed forces and are not unequipped, contrary to what most Americans think. They have a lot of money/resources too. You forget all the other Muslim countries surrounding that area – even the small ones like Oman have military forces. (Oman’s forces are better trained than people in the West think)

    I don’t think Iran would nuke so close to home. It’s less than a couple of miles to their land. It would devastate that area and cripple not only Iranians – but the other surrounding countries – creating more enemies for Iran.

    I think he views the American ships as sitting ducks — and would simply bomb them with a rocket or something powerful to devastate them in situ – and start a major war. IF Ahmedinajad’s going to nuke anything – it will happen somewhere in the WEST (from Europe to America – take your pick). He might try to engineer a nuke going off in the West at the same time he tries to take out the American sitting ducks.

    You also said you don’t think Syria would get involved.
    I agree – because I don’t think Ahmedinajad will nuke in that region.

    Things are heating up between Syria and Israel. Keep an eye on Syria. A close eye. The AC will come from ASSYRIA. There is MUCH scripture that tells us about what he looks like, where he’s from, and his characteristics. Just keep an eye on the current president Bashar al Assad. Do a little research on him and his family – and their old family name. I’m telling you – he’s one to keep an eye on (amongst a handful of others).

  8. Coast to Coast should be good tonite.

    George Noory is joined by Prof. Ken Hanson, who’ll discuss “banned from the Bible,” stories that were too explosive to make the cut into the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, and give an update on the Dead Sea Scrolls

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