Winds of War

Here’s a link to a story that discusses the coming conflict in the Middle East. It just amazes me how most of our main stream press in this country are silent and are not covering it.

This is the lay of the land as I see it at present.

1. Iran is continuing its pursuit of nuclear power. Can anyone at this time believe that this is for peaceful means? As I have stated before Iran poses an existential threat to Israel.

2. Iran has also announced that, “‘it will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11,'” What does this mean? Is it just more saber-rattling or does it point to something more sinister. Is this blustering a counter move in response to US military build up in the region? Or is the sudden build up a response to Iran’s plan to shut down the Straits of Hormuz?

3. The President of Syria, Bashar Assad has announced that Israel is pushing the region toward a war.

4. It would seem that both sides are gearing up for a conflict.

The player to watch is Russia. Will she back the Iranian regime if Iran is attacked? We know that Russia has its war ships in the region. There have also been reports that the Russian anti missile defense system, the S-300 is being deployed in Lebanon. Combined with this is INTEL  that Hezbollah has prepared an army of 5000 “storm-trooper-like,” soldiers that allegedly will cross the Israeli/Lebanon border and create havoc in the north of Isareal. While this is happening Hamas will attack from the West bank. Where does Iran fit into this if she decides to attack first? Strategically Iran has the same problem in moving troops and planes that Israel does. According to some INTEL the US presence in the Gulf is helping Israel scout out landing sites on the Iranian border. Iran, on the other hand has used Syria, as a staging site. As I mentioned a few posts back, Syria more than likely has Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. Is this the reason an Israeli official declared that if Syria uses chemical weapons against Israel, Israel will annihilate Syria? I wrote in, Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural that there are between  2 & 20 suitcase style nukes that are already imbedded in our country. The question is this. Who controls those nukes? Who gives the sleeper cells the go-ahead to detonate? Does this have anything to do with Ahmadinejad’s statement about, “a telling blow?” At the present moment I would  lean more toward the Ezekiel 38 scenario being played out then the Psalm 83. However, we don’t know what exactly will come down. Again, I believe that the player to watch is Russia. If she enters the fray, backing Iran the way we are backing Israel, then we are looking at an entirely different scenario. This would be a good time to stock pile some essential items if you haven’t already done this. If there is a regional war and the Strait of Hormuz are closed down, it could send the US and global economy into a tail spin! Is this what Ahmadinejad is planning? This could be his preëmptive move. Instead of going after Israel first, he deliberately shuts down the straits of Hormuz and cripples the global economy. This would be viewed as a major victory in the minds of the Iranians. Perhaps this is the reason we are rushing ships and troops into that region…..

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23 thoughts on “Winds of War

  1. it definitely appears to be a powder keg. I’ve been rereading Hal Lindsey’s “late Great Planet Earth” and find that some of what he has written is more relevant, while some APPEARS to have become irrelevant. One point he has is the third temple must be built as I think most would agree with.

    I am wondering how they will do with this with the Dome of the rock there. cause if Israel does anything there, war for sure would break out. but, my theory is that some of Israel’s surrounding enemies start a war, Israel wipes them out and then they are free to rebuild the temple. Are there any other theories?

    there’s a number of prophetic things that need to be fulfilled, and at this time I don’t see how the puzzle fits together. It WILL fit together, i just don’t see how.

    • Sorry, the link doesn’t work. but from what i can see in the bottom note i get the gist.

      Matt, interesting comments, maybe Iran’s going to pull something like in the James Bond movie Goldeneye. i think i read something where iran launched some animals into space, but maybe they can/have launched something else into space…

  2. This does not sound good.

    Ahmadinejad says capitalism will die Feb. 11

    (Ciudad Tehran — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Feb. 11 would mark the demise of “the liberal capitalist system,” adding that its champion, America, was on the decline and that Iran and its Islamic Revolution were on the rise.

    According to a Jan. 28 translation from BBC Monitoring Middle East, Ahmadinejad spoke on official Iranian television, saying that this year’s “Ten Days of Dawn” celebration, marking the anniversary of the country’s Islamic Revolution, would see the “demise” of the American system.

    “I believe that 22 Bahman [February 11 in the Persian calendar] this year marks the demise of the liberal capitalist system,” Ahmadinejad said.

  3. One of the things that continues to amaze me is how everybody always thinks that WE will witness the end of time and that we are in the last days. I think Frank on this blog makes a good point about reading Hal Lindsey’s book “The Late Great Planet Earth” and I also read that book. But I read it back when it was published in the 1970’s.

    That book was all the rage on college campuses across the country and it seemed then that every sign and wonder absolutely was in place for the end of the world. Everybody was thoroughly convinced that our days were short. That was almost 40 years ago. And yet last year I kept reading that every sign and wonder on the prophecy callendar has been fufilled and the end is near…very, very near. Oops, well it didn’t happen last year but for sure this time…its getting close…or perhaps 2011 but no later than 2012.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know we are in the last days but we have been in the last days ever since Christ died on the cross for our sins as his disciples told us so.

    I do think it is important for us to believe Christ could come back at anytime and for us to stay vigilant and to keep watch lest we be caught unawares.

    Perhaps that is the real wonder of this. How God can shape events just so… that generation after generation will feel the urgency and want to repent supported by the impression that the time of the end is near. Perhaps it is God’s intent that we should always feel, even any generation and even over two thousand years that this time (their time or our time) is the end time.

    The only thing about that that troubles me are the people who are entertained by the prospects of the spectacular and flamboyant human and supernatural dramas and specticales that are pridicted to play out. People who rub their hands together in delight at the thought of the “wicked” getting theirs and the horrors to come. I am told that even Ahmadinejad himself believes we are in the end times and he is anxious to bring “heaven” to the earth through his deeds.

    Useually when we are told “This is it!”…”This is the big one!”…Its not the big one and its not it and everybody who sold their homes and flee to the mountains are disapointed.

    I want heaven and I want to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus weather its the end of the world or not.

    • good post. i used to be one of those hand ringers, now I pray once in a while for the lost to be saved, because it truly is sad that many will perish.

      But after reading Lindsey’s book from the 70’s, i feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to repent as i was born in the 80’s.

      I agree we must always be watchful and look forward to His return.

      Watch, when 2012 fizzles i bet they whip out some ancient Babylonian calender and say this calender ends in like 2052. I’m just kidding.

      Be watchful, we never know when He will return.

    • Gentleman; I concur, We are always to be Ready. However; there is one thing that is often omitted when the End times and prophecy take our attention. It is the Issue Of “Wickedness upon the earth”.

      I am aware that LA few Blogs Back raised the Abortion Issue.
      Wickedness is as old as Cain, but it cannot be denied that the Thrust of prophecy has within it the increase of wickedness prior to the End which the Lord emphasized By
      referring to the days of Lot & Noah.

      With the Electronic God of entertainment, Wickedness as never been on such a grand scale.
      The “wicked imagination of man” is manifest like never before, To Babies even.

      Also, there are Bombs, fashioned to take out entire Cities at the press of a switch.
      The War Pigs of Satan will use them! They Have Twice already.

      Then there are the Churches in Apostate Mode with Homosexuals, Pedophiles & Jezebels asserting their so called Rights in opposition to The Word Of God.

      I know that there is nothing New under the sun, But there is more today than there ever was.
      To me that is indicative that Wrath is At Hand and our salvation is nearer than We Think.

      John B

    • [mark 13;32] Remember, he said he would be with us until the end and thats the hope I hold onto .You know this blog is really pulling my strings in a good way..You guys seem like a very caring bunch ,just what dad ordered.You know the saying I heard it through the grape vine.Was it Jesus the di vine.hey no fools no fun.

    • Yeah, Frank…I’m sure you’re right. They are going to dig up some new stone tablet with some new date on it after Y2K…oops I mean 2012 fizzles.

      My point is like yours John B.

      The 1970’s were the most violent turbulant and transitionary years we have ever had. Violent crime statistics were going higher every year (in today’s they have been decreasing.). In the 1970’s riots were breaking out in every major city…there were burning buildings and lawlessness of such drastic proportions that they even overtook college campuses (today they are relatively peaceful). All of our major leaders were being assasinated on TV before our very eyes.

      There was the sex revolution with wife swapping, and public nudity called streaking and the flow of drugs and narcotics florished everywhere. The world seemed to be going crazy all at once.

      We were embroiled in wars in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos and in covert wars in South America. Women were burning their bras and homosexuals were comming out with lavish gay pride parades that no one had ever seen before. Francis Levey and the church of satan was making the cover of life magazine and he had just written the satanic bible which recived world wide attention. Satanism and wicken stuff was all on the upswing.

      The american nazi party was in its heydays with thretened marches in Skokie Illinoise being in the news papers for months.

      Isreal was fighting one war after another with the likes of Egypt and Syria and their many other neighbors. The most UFO sightings ever recorded in any decade happend in the 1970’s. It was a hotbed of UFO activity in those years.

      Its easy for me to see how everybody thought the world was comming to an end for the same very reasons you sighted back then. We did not have the perspective of time to look back and see that America was changing but it was not the end of the world.

    • Some good points Wilson. While it is true that the return of the Jews to Israel and earthquakes in many places indicate that these are the last days…it is good to remember that the last days may continue for quite some time. I think you hit the nail on the head though “How God can shape events just so…”

    • The kingdom of heaven is in you .Find it and manifest it in everything you do.My daughter Starr came home with a poster the other day that had two white horses on it and it said [chase your dreams ].peace

  4. Judaculla Rock

    “In the late 1800’s ethnologist James Mooney documented the Cherokee legend of Tsul’kalu’, a slant eyed giant. Tsul’kalu’ was considered a great hunter who lived in nearby mountains. As legend describes, the giant leaped down off his mountain to a creek below where he scratched the rock with his 7 fingered hands. Other versions say he scraped it with his toes. Over time the name Tsul’kalu’ evolved to Judaculla”

  5. Israel shall be protected as it is prophesied. I have no fear about any threats made against Israel. As far as Iran is concerned, they can make any threat against Israel as much as they like. They will suffer a great loss if/when they choose to make an offensive against Israel.

    My concern moreover is about the U.S. There is nothing prophesied in Scripture that God will protect our nation. As a matter of fact, since the U.S. has completely rejected both God and the Bible, we have forfeited any protection He would’ve offered.

    If Iran should choose to cut off the straits to cripple the global economy (of which is the most likely route Iran will take), the U.S. will suffer great economic loss and the other nations who feed off of us will fall like dominoes economically speaking as well. My question is, what shall we as American citizens do to survive the coming economic crunch?

    As for the U.S. government and the Pentagon, I assume with the lead of the Obama administration, they will not push any action that will create “military conflict,” but instead, take the “Neville Chamberlain” approach of which I think at that point, Obama will become very unpopular from the American people’s perspective.

    • “The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti” by F. William Engdahl. Yesterday someone posted a link to this story. If, like you and some others are saying, the Straits Of Hormuz are about to be blockaded…well then this article hit the nail on the head. Oh dear.

    • There will be survivors keep your sheild of Faith in front of you at all times .The times will be cut short on account of the elect.pray always that it shall not come near you door.psalms 91 .

    • Christ is spiritual Israel;He is the only heir according to promise.Jesus was the Promise He was the Promised Land he was the final and ultimate sacrifice ;He was the temple and He was Israel.people who think earthly Israel will be saved better learn what earthly Israel really stands for .I don’t think its about earthly things that gather dust.

    • According to the prophecy in Zechariah, 1/3 of the remaining Jews will have their eyes opened and they will be saved at Christ’s return.

    • We must pray for there eyes to stay open.There is always a remnant left to keep the seed going.Remember before we screwed everything up, God said it was Good.

  6. Great analysis Lynn! While it is true that we don’t know exactly how all of this will play out, play out it will. Watchfulness, prayerfulness, and preparation is indeed in order in this hour.

    Kevin J.

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