E.T. as the Finger of God?

OK…. A picture is worth a thousand words! Thanks to Pierre for the link!


What we see here is what I have come to call the Alien Gospel. The picture replaces the hand of God with the hand of E.T. and that iconographic image sends the message that it was E.T. that created us, not the God of the Bible. We see that God has been usurped by the extraterrestrial. Here is what the original looks like, and is found on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, in Rome, and was painted by Michael Angelo.

I believe we are being set up for full disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. There are many people who are part of the exo-politic movement that believe that E.T. created us. Erik Von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchin are great supporters of the ancient astronaut theory and in the recent History Channel presentation, Ancient Aliens this concept was promulgated. It’s coming folks. Call me crazy, but this kind of blatant, in your face, challenge to what many believe, was not this overt ten years ago. I was recently asked what I thought of the theory of evolution. I remarked that if Darwin had known about DNA he most likely would have thrown his theory out the window! People have wondered for millenia as to the origin of man. Did we evolve from apes? If so where is the missing link? The belief in E.T. as our creators, provides the answer, for those who do not accept the God of the Bible. In short it allows for the creation of man by an outside source. This, of course is in conflict from what we read in the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible. It tells us that God created man from the dust of the earth and breathed life into him. When we examine the complexity of the DNA, double helix, spiral, and how intricate it’s messaging system is, in my opinion, it points us toward a designer. Who fashioned this remarkable coding of all life that exists on this planet? How did the DNA evolve so that reproductive systems were in place to allow for future offspring, from the host pair? Here is the logo for my publishing company which is called Spiral of Life.

When we look at the original painting by Michael Angelo, we see that it was the finger of God that created Adam. When we look at the Spiral of Life logo we see the DNA, double helix. or what I have come to call the spiral of life. It is a very deliberate icon, and takes the original into the 21st century. The Great Deception is coming, as we are warned that it would almost 2000 years ago. In light of this I want to offer both of our books for the price of one. In other words, by one get one free. There are those of you who are posting on this BLOG that if you mention UFOs or Aliens you are laughed at. Those who laugh are not informed. It’s that simple. Why not give these books as a warning? You won’t have  to say a word as the books will do the talking for you. From my perch, it seems that we are very close to some event that will trigger the full-blown manifestation of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. Now is the time to get the word out and warn people of the coming  great deception.

By one get the other FREE!

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  1. OT again :

    Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11

    Could be just huff & puff, but just in case (nuke test?). Syria did call its reserves a few days ago, the US Aegis & Patriot missiles presence is being renforced in the persian gulf and in US military bases, and IIUC, southern shiite lebaneses have started moving out of the frontieer region with Israel. Anyone less lazy than me and willing to check with open sources what is the US naval presence over the area lately?
    Could be a very anticlimatic thing (iran test a nuke & diplomatic kabuki ensues), or maybe not, wait & see.

    • Kevin,
      Check Drudge Report for updates as he has been following this development as the lead story for several days now. In addition, EagleSpeak is an excellent website for maritime security issues in the Mideast and elsewhere. I have felt in my spirit for ten years now that simultaneous EMP attacks from rogue ships off the east and/or west coasts would paralyze and perhaps even collapse our country. I pray that I am wrong. I thank Mr. Marzulli and all the “watchers on the wall” at this site.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Great blog once again. I too believe that we are at the very precipice of a full plunge into total disclosure. I also tend to believe that some sort of world crisis will introduce the E.T. to the entire world, and of course the great deception will be fully here.

    There seems to be an increasing resistance to a Biblical world-view. More and more people, and in some cases Christians, are more willing to accept the explanation of the WORLD rather than the WORD.

    I finally got to see “2012” last night. Great special effects. The ultimate disaster flick.

    Kevin J.

  3. This alien gospel intregues me the most because it appears to be heavily linked to the great deception and the great falling away. The seeds of this thing was planted in pieces all along including the unexplained. Like for example:

    1.)10,000 B.C.Neanderthal man-who was that?

    2.)3000 B.C.Ancient paintings of et’s-what did those ancient people see?

    3.)Extinct dinosaur and mammal fossiles-much of it not specifically mentioned in the bible.

    4.)1700 A.D.Charles Darwin-claimed we were not directly created but we evolved.

    5.)1949 A.D.Roswell New Mexico-et comming out party.

    6.)1967 A.D.Increased signs, sightings, landings-et’s make themselves real to the whole world and start the buzz.

    7.)2000 A.D.Contactees and Abductees-et’s now have spokespersons, messengers, co-operators and intercession/intercourses with humans.

    8.)2007 A.D.-Catholics beleive-world church declares that et is our brother.

    Its a very carefully laid out plan that co-opts some natural events and also directly inserts evil information and even evil figures into the timeline. Whatever the next step on the timeline is, by the time it comes to full disclosure the deal is gonna be so pre-sold that some folks you never dreamed of will be buying it.

    I do know however that it is the job of the prince of darkness to wear out the patience of the people of God. Pray and be watchful…pray and be watchful.

    • I actually think most movies show E.T.s (other than the enormously famous name sake E.T.) as nefarious and dangerous creatures. Alien, Predator, V, Independence Day, Terminator, Matrix (the last two being mechanized or computerized), on and on. Hell, the big one that kicked it off, “War of the Worlds” was an extremely famous broadcast.

      I have stated on this blog elsewhere that I believe in an alien gospel, but not in how it is currently being portrayed. That ETs are both angels and fallen angels, but are not “creators” of man kind. That is God’s domain and angels are messengers of God, not God themselves. Although I believe some fallen angels tried to get people to worship them as gods. So, I believe in everything that was stated on the blog about a coming delusion, I just think there is MORE to the story than we know. I am currently writing a fictional story that lays all this out.

      God bless. http://sites.google.com/site/samuelsredemption/

    • That’s true, aliens tend to be shown as bad…but occasionally you meet a nice one, like Starman, or ET. (just kidding, ghostbusters reference.)

      maybe they’re always shown as bad so we won’t believe they’re bad when they show up. kind of reverse psychology

    • Or maybe they will portrayed as bad as a false flag operation, and then the Antichrist will come and “save us”. This will also double as a means to get the world population to reject any further contact from the heavens, namely the return of Jesus Christ.

    • I think whatever is behind the et’s and the hollywood hype thinks like Gerbles the propaganda master. Any ink is good ink, any press is good press so long as they get some wide eyed innocent, some scientist or wannabe looking skyward and dreaming about the stars and all of the grand possibilities. In the meantime there’s nothing out there for them to know at this time and all of the so called et activity is actually going on under their feet.

    • Good points Wilson. For the record, I have an open mind to what the complete truth might look like, but I do not place any personal stock in my current world view.. In other words, I find it interesting to look skyward and dream about the grand possibilities, however, the only thing I put “faith” in is what is revealed to me through God’s word. I wouldn’t advise anyone to put faith in their imaginings, because that will only lead to deception.

  4. Dave,

    I checked out that link to the “Kinti Mining Co”- their support of the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple- and David Rockefeller as an investor.

    What is also extraordinarily interesting is the fact that it appears that David Rockefeller’s interest in the Kinti Co. is that they have “diversified” from “mining” into the “entertainment” industry. Rockefeller

    So now we have the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)-Illuminati-Entertainment Industry= via Rockefeller hooked up with a Mining Co with the objective of rebuilding the 3rd Temple & the Israel/Palestinian issue.

    Kinti Mining Limited (KMLD) Announces Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller and the $500 Million Signature Guarantee and Contracts for Distribution Rights of Major Entertainment Act sDecember 17, 2009 12:01 AM ET


    I brought this up before but never got a response. What about designing an Alien Gospel tract? Even one that was linked here that could be printed out as needed? I would go to that Alien exhibit now open @ the Air & Space Museum & hand some out- employees as well.

    If they think I’m weird then so be it. Either we are willing to be living sacrifices as the Spirit leads or we aren’t.

    Just be prepared that those who are willing will be a target for discouragement from the enemy of our souls. That’s a given.

    (I can tell if the Holy Spirit is urging me to act upon something because it’s usually something I really don’t want to do. After I do it the burden is released.)

    • Dave,

      Some friends have done some prior research on this Mining Co. and here is what they found so ?

      Lisa, I did some research into the two days ago. I found nothing to connect them to the Temple Institute other than their statement on their site. The site is immature, meaning there are no viable, verifiable links, information. It seems everything is connected to some guy in Miami. As far as Rockefeller, this is not a “Rockefeller.” I am not the only one investigating this claim of Kinti to fund the temple project. I feel very strongly that this is a hoax. CNN reported this on their financial site and it was a copy paste from another site, not an investigative piece.

      I found an investigation which debunked it (can’t remember the website or details). My red flags were from Kinti’s website which stated that all board members had resigned and only the CEO Robert Byrd (!) remained. Then at the bottom of a page was an invitation to sign up for your own free website. Huh? Why would a mining company be using a free website service??

  5. You speak of aliens .Woden came to me in a dream and all I was able to ask him was how he spelled his name ,he said w o d e n .Thats it .his presence wasn,t scary or anything.

    • Osiris was in one of my dreams too.I was walking along in my dream and I heard someone breathe I asked who was there,he said Osiris so I said well then I’m your sister Isis then he said Theo will build my temple .I said okay.then woke up.weird eh? I also seen in a dream what i thought was to be Mars but it was smiling at me ,I drew a picture and put it in my files.

    • My favorite dream is when I am walking with Jesus Christ the Messiah and he holds out his hand to help me off my praying knees and tells me all will be ok.

    • Mine is where I’m on a bus going up a mountain and Jesus puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me to’Be patient, my daughter . Another dream I had was about me going in a room like a clothes exchange room the were two guys in long white clothes .I handed something over the counter and the one guy took it and left.I had to sign a clipboard paper when the guy looked at it ,he handed me something and said thank you Jesus ,I stood there for a moment wondering why he would call me Jesus then i came to the conclusion I must of signed Jesus’s name because everything I do is in the name of Jesus.Then i looked at myself and said what a perfect coat.It was like I handed my old self over and received a Christlike body and spirit.

  6. From the Houston Chronicle.

    Creation is opening in Houston on Darwin Day!


    February 12 just so happens to be Charles Darwin’s birthday (I’m guessing this serendipitous bit of timing is part of a marketing plan). Known as “Darwin Day,” it is celebrated as something of a holiday by those who value Darwin’s (so called) contribution to science and humanity. At least 56 events are planned around the world.

  7. The Rise of Spiritualism

    Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters Academy, Paranormal State and numerous movies, that promote communication and sometimes gaining help from those supposed love ones who have crossed over into death. In England and N. America there are individuals and groups that are offering ghosts tours were seances and other attempts to contact the dead are done. It is almost shocking the sheer amount of material on tv, on the internet, books, etc., that one can find that actively promotes speaking to the dead. Is there deception and danger in invoking fallen spirits and ghosts? The following article by Jim Wilhemsen will look into what is behind the current interest in paranormal ghost encounters and the rise of spiritualism.


    By Jim Wihelmsen


    • Gordy,
      The article by Jim was very imformative. I printed some
      off his website in October and was sharing them with family
      and coworkers. I didn’t receive much feedback except from a
      woman in the office who is into the paranormal and thinks
      ghosts are mostly good especially the one in her house.

    • Wow, this article nailed it on the head. I find it interesting that the old covenant was about the physical battle, because of the decedents of the “Sons of God” (nephilim) and the new covenant is a spiritual battle with the spirits that are a product of these creatures. The author lays out very well where these evil spirits originated from, why they are here and what we are supposed to do (or not do) to protect ourselves.

      Thanks for the link!!

  8. lynn,

    yes, the very intricacies on the cellular level that take place every nano-second within ANY living creature on this planet shout out to the heavens about a DESIGNER… (master coder/programmer, if you will, as paul said)

    very good point on darwin and the dna spirals…
    of course the darwinists are now taking up the “alien progenitor” banner because they are finally realizing that there is NO WAY dna could have randomly occurred!

    for example, when E.T. the movie was made i was not serving God, (and deeply immersed in new age) and i was delighted in the way ET was portrayed as being able to resurrect himself!

    this is the way the secular world prefers to view Jesus:
    not as a Living Saviour, but as a non-judgmental, cute and cuddly little guy who teaches us how to:

    “do our own thing!”

  9. A Utah ranch in the United States has acquired the name ‘skinwalker ranch’ for multiple unexplained events. These include killer lights!!! Alien beings!!! portals!!! horrendous mutilations and bullet proof animals!!!!

    The video includes a interview with George Knapp and Dr Colm kelleher who have both witnessed the strange happenings at the ranch.


    THe SHeRmaN RaNcH (The Skinwalker Ranch)
    Hyperdimensional Portal Area – Utah’s #1 Paranormal Hotspot

    This picturesque ranch in northeastern Utah is the focal point of scientific research into the paranormal.
    Called the “Strangest Place On Earth” due to its long history of strange and bizarre happenings, the reports continue of anomalous phenomena in this rural section of northeastern Utah.

    The activity, as reported by hundreds of witnesses over several decades, & possibly centuries, includes UFOs, unusual balls of light, animal mutilations and disappearances, poltergeist events, sightings of Bigfoot-like creatures, living dinosaurs, and other unidentified animals, physical effects on plants, soil, animals and humans, strange ice circles, magnetic anomalies, and a vast array of other unexplained incidents. The area is also noted to have a Vortex or Portal where doorways to other realms or dimensions are seen as glowing tubes, and random holes or rips in the sky.
    NIDS after buying the Sherman ranch, where it seems the activity is concentrated, installed video cameras and other sensitive monitoring equipment, built new fencing and constructed observation posts manned with trained observers, in hopes of collecting evidence for scientific study. But to this day NIDS says publicly, that none of the phenomenon occurring there has been recorded, even though the NIDS scientists have seen the balls of light, unknown creatures and UFOs, and mutilated animals.
    A “pre-cognitive intelligence” roams here”, & the phenomena seems to play with and test the NIDS researchers courage and ability to ‘record’ or observe the activity or unknown events.

    One NIDS scientist says, “It isn’t as simple as saying that ET’s or flying saucers are doing it. It’s some kind of consciousness, but it’s always something new and different, something non- repeatable. It’s reactive to people and equipment, and we set up the ranch to be a proving ground for the scientific method, but science doesn’t seem amenable to the solution of these kinds of problems.”

    The NIDS Ranch borders Indian land and is known to the local Indians as “unholy ground” where a shape-shifting creature called the “Skinwalker” is said to lurk in its various forms and natural doorways to other worlds or dimensions are known to exist.
    The Ranch is currently owned by Robert Bigelow or NIDS and is Private Property. NIDS does not want you there, its guarded and under electronic surveillance. Trespassers will be prosecuted. -Note: The Ranch is to be considered dangerous & unpredictable, attempting to enter the Ranch puts your safety at risk…. and you’ll just get arrested for trespassing.

    The Ranch is located in Utah’s Uinta Basin an area with a long history of UFO sightings. Some of which have been published in a book called “The Utah UFO Display” by Junior Hicks.
    The Uinta Mountains are also unique, being the most predominant mountain range in North America that lies in a East -West direction.

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  11. gordy’s post has got me to finally get the nerve up to ask for help on this one.

    What are the cigar-shaped UFO’s. . . . . because I have seen one.

    Nearly 20 years ago, (I remember it like it was yesterday!), a friend of mine and I were driving westbound on a quiet rural highway just outside of our tiny little mid-west town. As these events happen, I realized that I was watching an object form slightly above and to the right of us. Of course, we were both freaking out. Literally, out of thin air, a {cigar-shaped}long, cylindrical shaped object slowly took a near- physical form (I would say that it wasn’t like us or the trees or another car in our physical dimension, just almost, not completely in the physical, I thought it was there , yet strangely ‘untouchable’, not completely of ‘our’ dimension). We never heard anything.mm

    Sometimes I realize I am lucky to be alive!

    First we ‘thought’ we saw it, then we ‘knew’ we could see it, then it began to mimick us! It could obviously see us, and I had unknowingly slowed down considerably to look at it, well it had slowed down too. When I realized I was nearly crawling, I sped up, and then it sped up too.
    (Remember the Moscow pyramid? Those guys kept their windows up, but we rolled our windows down to avoid any notion that it was a reflection, ect) I accelerated, then slammed on the brakes.It stopped (in the air) on a dime! I did it again, it copied! When I realized it was ‘copying’ us, even playing with us we decided to turn around as fast as we could and head back to town. I sped to a weigh station to pull into and turn around. When I slowed down, it slowed down. When I turned it turned. When I stopped for a moment, just imagine seeing this huge spacecraft sitting there in the sky , waiting, watching, turned at the exact same angle as our car. With all the emotions of 2 screaming young females screaming at the top of our lungs I raced back to town as fast as I could and the whole time this UFO shadowed us the entire time. At some point, probably at the same place we first noticed it, it began to fade until it was gone.

    We never lost any time, I can say 100% we were not abducted, we were just watched and shadowed for a period of around 10-15 minutes.

    By the way , this happened in broad daylight.

    I would like to say that I am nothing in the ‘big picture’. I don’t think my recollection means much to the future of humanity, yet I hope someone can give some insight into my personal experience. I have recently begun to think that it was ‘from the future’. That sounds nuts, but I have read that in the future this sort of spaceship will be used, could I have witnessed a’portal’ like Gordy talked about. ?

    May God be with us all.

  12. Wilson you have certainly given good points. and there are many other questionable assumptions you have not mentidoned. I 3do not write on psuch topic but must have thoughts. Tghere are many anomalies which challenge long held enigma of Darwin. I would like to hear you on such type of enigmas

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