Hybrids – Nephilim – Luciferian endgame

Recently I have had some very disturbing information come across my desk. It has to do with the so-called breeding program that Dr. Jacobs and others in the UFO community have researched. A brief thumbnail sketch for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about. We are told in the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible that it will be like the days of Noah when the son of man returns. This begs the question what differentiates those days from any other. In my opinion it is the presence of the fallen angels once again manifesting openly on the planet. The so-called alien/human hybrid is a modern-day equivalent of what happened thousands of years ago in antiquity. In other words the Nephilim are back. The picture that I displayed to the left may be the real thing, a hybrid, in as far as what some abductees report seeing. According to Dr. Jacobs the breeding program has reached its conclusion and unlike the picture above the results are such that these demonic hybrids can pass as human. Now back to what came across my desk. This person related that the sons of god i.e. the fallen angels are engaged in a breeding program as they:

1. Materialize in our dimension.

2. Rape the victim.

3. The succesful conception of the embryo is then harvested – usually at the end of the first trimester.

4. The embryo is then translated to the spirit realm (the second heaven)

5. Later they are seen by the victim and told that the hybrid is their child.

While this may sound like something out of a sci-fi novel we keep hearing the same story or slightly different versions of the story, for what is now decades. The phenomenon is real, burgeoning and not going away. The end results of this is a hybrid that can pass fully as a human, but may have powers over matter that humans do not have. If you have seen the mini-series, Taken, it explored this concept, as the little girl who was the end product of alien/human genetics was able to stop time and manipulate space.

Next week on Acceleration Radio we will discuss the human mutilation phenomena. Obviously this is an aspect of the phenomena that negates the good-aliens-from-the-Pleiades-star-system scenario! We will hear, from an ex homicide detective, that the mutilation of humans is ongoing, and that it is a grisly part of the UFO phenomena that is not talked about openly. So where is all this leading? It would appear that the Luciferians are ramping up for full disclosure at some point. Will we see these hybrids manifest openly at that time? Will the ships land and then these hybrids will be revealed. Are these hybrids integrating into out society at this time? As with much of the supernatural that is demonic, much of it is hidden away, cloaked behind a dark veil. The Luciferians have an agenda and it is not one that is beneficial to mankind. The return of the Nephilim may be closer than any of us think. Meanwhile there are those who won’t even discuss the matter. The supernatural is manifesting as never before. Remember, when Noah was alive no one heeded his warning. I’m sure they all thought he was nuts. His neighbors must have laughed their heads off, as Noah was building the ark. Has anything changed today? Of course not. Most people smirk, roll their eyes and laugh if I mention the possibility of hybrids. And yet, this is what we keep hearing over and over again. If people would just do a modicum of reasearch they would discover that the phenomena is real! While in Cheyenne, there were two people who had not done any reasearch on the subject of the Nephilm. By the end of my talk I could see the light bulbs going off in their heads. They got it! In closing today’s post. There has been a war raging in an other dimension for millenia. We are seeing that war spill over into  our dimension. At some point in the near future it will manifest openly… when the Nephilim return!


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The Calm Before the Storm?

I get up every morning and go to my desk where I see what happened while I was inhabiting “slumber-land.” This morning I had to admit that it’s pretty much business as usual. In other words not much of anything is changing. The countries in  the Middle East continue to jockey for position and Ahmadinejad is calling for a Middle East map without the Zionist – think no Israel here. Yep, it’s business as usual. Iran also introduced a home-made-produced-in-the-Sharia-law-state, fleet of 24 fighter jets. Who knows how they’ll hold up when there battle tested, can anyone say Top Gun here?

Winter is running out of days on the calendar, although you wouldn’t know it by the “snowicane” that is supposed to be ravaging the North eastern part of the US. Where is Al Gore when we need him? It is an inconvenient truth that we’ve had record snow falls this year. Al, help us out here, please! Remember trust everything that so-called scientist tells us, because they are after all, the high priests of our culture – right? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Kings go to war in the spring and spring is just around the corner, providing it stops snowing. At the present moment there are 33 wars being conducted in various parts of the planet. We see Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas plotting and scheming against Israel. We hear that Israel is planning an attack on Iran via it’s submarines. I watch Russia and at this time she appears unwilling to assist Iran, or get involved. This is a good time to put the hook in the jaw?

Then we have the UFO phenomena. Not much is happening there either. Sightings are down. No three-mile wide craft flying around. No weird spiral shapes appearing in the night sky. It’s too early for crop circles and cattle mutilations are sloughing off. What’s an intrepid investigator to do? On the other hand I received some very disturbing information last night and right after I finish today’s post I’m going to make a phone call and see if I can use the information, in tomorrows post. Nothing like a shameless teaser to get you back here tomorrow…. sorry.

Last night on Acceleration Radio we were #3 pretty much the entire show. We are also going to a two-hour format starting next week! Helena Lehman was our guest and while we don’t agree on every aspect of the Nephilim, it was none-the-less a good show. Next week I will be interviewing a retired homicide investigator, Butch Witkowski. We will be talking about human mutilations. This is very alarming to say the least as it pegs the UFO phenomena as malevolent. As I have said before, these are not friendly E.T.s from the Pleiades. These are shape-shifting, interdimensional, entities that hate us and are harbingers of deception.

Tonight I will be appearing on the Omega Hour radio show for two hours. Here’s the link to the show. It airs at 8 pm PST.


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NatGeo – Crop Circles – Skewing the evidence?

I watched a program on the National Geographic channel last night about crop circles. At first I thought it might contain some new information in regard to last summers rash of circles. I was disappointed as Nat Geo has an ax to grind and it is this. They have a predetermined world view that skews their programs. First off they are dyed-in-the-wool Darwinist. They trumpet the theory of evolution like there’s no tomorrow. They do not believe in anything supernatural and that’s the great divide between their world view and mine. They hired a group of crop circle artist who were able to produce a very complex crop circle that looked like the real thing. It was similar to the picture to the left although not nearly as complex or large. They also showed a movie where sphere’s of light create a crop circle in a field. The first time I saw this film, I thought it was a hoax and sure enough it turned out to be one. They focused on evidence that would point away from real circles and instead skewed the evidence so that their conclusion would be what they wanted. The picture below is from a documentary that Nat Geo produced showing a crop circle being made with the aid of lights at night. Last nights show appeared to be more genuine though, as the crop circle artist worked feverishly in the dark. Nat Geo neglected to comment or introduce the work of W.C. LEVENGOOD and JOHN A. BURKE who have investigated crop circles and found that there are real anomalies in the circles that are genuine. The crop is sometimes interwoven together. This is impossible with a stalk stomper, which is a board that presses the crop down. They have shown that the nodes of the stems are blown out as if a burst of energy was responsible for heating the water inside the plant, similar to a microwave. Nat Geo avoided credible witnesses who have watched real balls of light create the circles, and instead focused on the video hoax. Do you think they have an agenda? Is the evidence skewed and predetermined? In my opinion the answer is a resounding yes. Then there’s the off duty policeman who reported seeing three, tall, beings with long blond hair standing in a circle in England last year. When he approached the figures they ran away from him at superhuman speeds and vanished. The bottom line is this. Something strange is going on in the fields. Whoever is creating these circles do so with impunity. Like the cattle mutilations the phenomena continues year after year with no signs of slowing down. While there are hoaxsters who are obfuscating the phenomena by creating phony circles there are genuine circles being created. Nat Geo is an organization that is supposed to be scientifically based. With Climate gate fresh in everyones mind it makes one wonder whether the scientist who has an agenda, like global warming, can be trusted to present the real facts of the case and not a misrepresentation.


I’m Back!

I’m back!

First of all I would like to thank Charlene, Andy, Barry & Julie for making the Cheyenne conference such a wonderful event. Barry was like a long-lost brother and he constantly spoke uplifting and affirmative words over me throughout the event. I primed the pump as it were on Friday night by giving a two-hour talk entitled, “When we see these things we are to look up because our redemption is drawing close! Saturday morning I began the Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, Power Point presentation. A little after noon we stopped for lunch and then I picked up where I had left off and went for another 2 hours. The last hour was especially rewarding. As I began to wrap up the talk I could see the light bulbs going off as people began to “get it.” That makes it all worth it…. Charlene and Andy want to have me back in July, as the foot of snow greatly impaired the ability of people to get to the conference. I”m looking forward to that as I never was able to do the second Power Point presentation on The Alien Interview book. Thanks to all who attended! I met some wonderful people and now I can place faces with names that visit the BLOG. Thanks Cheyenne.



Here is a link to an article about the doomsday scenario regarding Israel’s attack on Iran. http://www.larouchepac.com/node/13618

It would appear that we are getting closer to some event happening in the middle east. That being said, the week before I left for Cheyenne, three articles and links came to me in regard to 2017 being the date when the return of the King will take place. Before I get into this, I want to say that I’m not a date setter. I posted the one link that showed an 800 year prophecy from Rabbil Judah Ben Samuel. He points to the Messiah coming in 2017. I also learned through another source that the Bible Time Line guys have come up with the same date, 2017. Added to this is a Biblical scholar from Tennessee who through his research picked the same date. There is no collusion between these men and yet they are all arriving at this date, 2017! It makes one wonder. The gentleman from Tennessee stated that we should see something – the Tribulation – start in the spring of 2010. So, here we are. We are a few weeks away from the spring. We also know that kings go to war in the spring. We also know that the situation is tenuous at best in the middle east and that at some point it is likely to explode in a confrontation. As I have repeatedly stated, the player to watch is Russia. If she moves with Iran then we are likely going to see Ezekiel 38 & 39 come to life on the world stage. Here’s an overview of global tension and other stories.

1. China is selling off our bonds and this could lead to an economic collapse. http://www.cnbc.com/id/35444726

2. Across our southern border in Mexico the drug war is reaching proportions of an all out civil war. http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1966880,00.html

3. In Philadelphia a police raid on an abortion doctors office turned up 30 frozen fetus’. Hitler and Mengele are dancing in their graves. http://cbs3.com/local/West.Philadelphia.Dr.2.1512077.html

4. Iran wants to build more enrichment plants. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100222/wl_mideast_afp/irannuclearpolitics

5. Here’s a UFO sighting that happened in 1996 and is just now being “released” to the public. Can any one say Coming Great Deception? http://www.thisislincolnshire.co.uk/boston/news/UFO-sighted-Boston-coast/article-1854519-detail/article.html

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Messianic Scholar, Scribe, Artist and Publisher Helena Lehman has a sound grasp of Evangelical and Messianic Theology and is an expert on the allegorical Language of God revealed in the symbolic imagery and rituals of the Feasts of Israel, Bible prophecies, the Gospel in the Stars (i.e. Mazzaroth), and Sethite Astronomy. She is also adept at showing the prophetic importance of the connection between the Desert Tabernacle and the Pillar of Enoch (i.e. Great Pyramid), and has proven that this pyramid was not a construction of the fallen angels or Nephilim but specially designed to reflect the Gospel of Salvation that was written in the stars by the finger of God at the moment He created the heavens. Helena is the author of the 4-volume Language of God Book Series, and the upcoming Pillar of Enoch Trilogy books that are geared toward educating people about the importance of the Star Gospel, Great Pyramid and Great Sphinx in Judeo-Christian Theology and History. Helena enjoys sharing her knowledge, and is available to speak at special events. To find out more about Helena’s background, and read her spiritual autobiography, go to the ”Meet the Author” page of this web site.

UFO Footage…. Real, Burgeoning and not Going Away!

Thanks to Lynne for the link: The guys who shot this use a lot of foul language so beware…

This is a film that was shot in May of 2008. It has some very interesting footage. I saw it when it first came out, but have never BLOGGED about it until now. It really gets good around 2:15. What we are seeing is a craft that appears to be under the control of intelligent beings that are inside it. When Dr. Roger Leir attended the UFO convention in Turkey he commented that the saw UFOs nightly. They came in real close to where Leir’s observation point was. He actually saw the entities through the windows in the craft…. This is the same type of phenomena that we are seeing around 4:43 where we get a decent close up of the craft. It appears that there are figures that are visible. However, you be the final judge. Can you imagine if this video was shown to the public 50 years ago? I believe the reaction would have been much different than the ho-hum attitude that most people have regarding this type of footage. The point I’m making is this. We have been conditioned to accept these sightings. We have been inundated with movies and films that show exactly the type of craft that we see in the video above, so now most people who look at this shrug it off! 5o years ago this video would have caused quite a stir. I believe we are being slowly conditioned to accept the arrival, disclosure, and full revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. We are being set up to believe that all life was genetically created by E.T. That they were the gods our ancestors worshipped and they are now back at this critical juncture in our societal evolution to helps us. One thing is for certain, they’re not going away are they? The UFO phenomena is continuing, and these craft move with impunity in the skies over all the countries of the world.

I will be discussing the UFO phenomena in detail at the conference in Cheyenne, starting this Friday and continuing on Saturday. There will be a live audio feed – see the brochure below – so if you want to listen you will be able too. I will also be taping two shows for the DAY STAR television network, so it’s going to be a couple of very busy days. Thanks to Charlene, Barry and Julie for taking the initiative to hold the conference.

My guest tomorrow on Acceleration Radio will be author, scholar Helena Lehman. She will be discussing the return of the Nephilim, UFOs, and prophecies.

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