E.T. Disclosure Will Change Everything?

This is a quote taken from Whitley Strieber’s Blog: I’ve highlighted a portion of it and will comment on it below.
“The social circumstances that will be associated with this question will be tremendously powerful and corrosive, but also extraordinarily fertile. They will change the human species in absolutely fundamental ways, either driving us collectively mad or transforming us in such a way that we can, at last, begin to understand who and what we are and how we relate to other life in the universe.
We will begin what is the greatest of all journeys for any species, which is the journey into a real relationship with the cosmos.
The pressure will cause literal, measurable changes in our brains, as it forms the associations that are the hypercortex, and we begin to see the world in an entirely new way.
What happens first is that the long dream of history implodes, and we come to see ourselves as we really are. Facts replace mythos and beliefs, and along with this the whole institutional war between beliefs ends. It is followed by a new, exploratory mind that is young, eager and yet wise, that sees itself as it truly is: able, interested and unfinished.”
I have never met Mr. Streiber, but I have read his books. I believe he is sincere in his reporting of his encounters with what we have come to know as the Grays. The highlighted text above is what I want to discuss today. I believe Whitley is talking about the full disclosure of the so-called Extraterrestrial presence. He points out that, facts replace mythos and beliefs…. I assume he is talking about the supposed mythos of Christianity, but he also could be including Islam and all other religions as well. This is what I have termed the Coming great Deception. I’m going to quote a portion from G,H, Pembers book, Earths Earliest Ages. You will find it interesting to note that this was first published in 1867.
Lastly, the characteristic features of the days of Noah are reappearing, and, above all,  free communication has been extablished between the spirits of the air and the human race with a view, apparently, to a sojourn once more of the Nephilim upon the earth.
Pember knew how to use the Guidebook to the Supernatural and he sounds a warning to us from well over 100 years ago. He knew it was coming, the return of the Nephilim. Strieber seems to be waiting for the time when mythos will be replaced by fact. This begs the question, whose facts are we to believe? The Grays? I have mentioned that they lie habitually and this should recall the statement, once again found in the guidebook, Satan, who is the father of lies? I have used another sentence from the guidebook over and over again, but I feel it is important to remind us that, even the elect will be deceived if that were possible. We were warned almost 2000 years ago that a day would come when the deception would fool even the elect. The Guidebook also informs us that there will be a one world religion in the last days. Is Whitley pointing to this? What facts are we to believe if not the fact that prophecy, written thousands of years ago is a warning to us, of just the stuff that Strieber and others in the exopolitic movement, are telling us we should embrace. In closing todays post. Pember knew what the Guidebook was telling us to be aware of in the last days. He lived in a time in which he saw the nascent beginnings of the New Age movement, Theosophy, the rise of spiritism and many of the occult practises that have now been enculturated into our society. The return of the Nephilim is upon us. At some point full disclosure will occur and at that point it will be too late to position ourselves as to what we believe….

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  1. This is a good post. LA, what do you think he means by “we’ll soon know the truth about resurrection?” From his article, he makes it all sound so pallitable. I am glad you keep reminding to go back to the Bible. It is paramount to use the Guidebook as a filter for our current time experiences. Any thoughts on the resurrection comment? Thanks.

  2. LA,

    I posted about this in the previous day’s comment section, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

    If you have not seen this, it will be well worth your time to watch this YouTube video from Project Camelot that is an interview Aaron McCollum discussing the VERY STRANGE stuff going on in the Gulf of Aden. I’d LOVE TO HEAR your take on this video!

    Thanks very much, LA, and blessings!

    • Hi Gary – I have this in my cue of things to watch. I’ll probably get to it over the weekend and post on it on Monday! Thanks for the link!

  3. interesting post, didn’t know Strieber had a blog. I read one of his books and found it to be one of the most terrifying things i’ve ever read.

    regarding the great deception. i think it’s good to keep an eye out for it and be aware of it, but what else can we do other than do keep seeking the Lord and reading His word? i mean i can reach out to others when possible, or point folks to this and other resources. it’s not like i can have the following dialogue with my coworkers (even Christian ones!):

    John: So how’s it going today?
    Frank: oh, I’m OK. Say, have you given any thought to UFO disclosure, or UFO’s and how they might be a great deception heralding the end of all life as we know it?
    Johm: Actually I was gonna ask if you watched the game last night…gotta go!

    I kinda feel like (and this is really nobody’s fault) we’re sitting around waiting for something to happen. kind of like after starwars episode 1, where the Jedi know the sith have returned, but sit around for 10 – 12 years, business as usual, until they get manipulated into the Clonewars and then wiped out by the sith.

    What i’m getting at is, what, if anything, should we do about the coming great deception? Obviously Lynn has a great platform and an important message to get out. he’s at least alerting folks that there is a deception, and that it may take the form of something UFO related. but what is “Frank Q Public” supposed to do about it? I mean is it coming soon, or are we going to be waiting a while?

    Lynn, please don’t take offense to my rant, but i’m just a bit frustrated about my inability to do anything of value at this point. It’s great you’re informing us Christians about this issue, I just don’t know what to do with the info. It’s like there’s a new tool in my box, but i don’t know really know what to do with it. I also don’t want to focus too much on this, just in case the deception takes another form, or worse I lose focus of the Lord.

    anyways, thanks for keeping us in the know, I do appreciate what you do.

    • Hello Frank~
      A little commiseration here (if you don’t mind.) It was the “Communion” book that frightened me. The two other books following, scared me as well. But it was the first one that “sealed the deal” so to speak. Do you recall which one was “one of the most terrifying things” you had ever read? Based on personal experience and what you and others have said, I’m beginning to form an idea. Not sure what just yet. But it’s something….that is certain.
      “Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4 (ESV)

    • I think also i have read brief descriptions of his other encounters and they are just freaky. i think anyone would agree to that.

      John B, i think i may not read them just yet unless i truly feel led to.

    • Your dialogue is pretty cool. Yup, when you try to talk to a co-worker or something about this stuff, thats about the size of it. Thats all you get.

      I was eating dinner with a very religious guy to whom I’d talked about this for months. One thing I never noticed though was that he only ever nodded or asked short questions. At the dinner I was excited about something I had read and was chatting away, but noticed he looked a little preoccupied. Then he could contain himself no longer and blerted out and laughed at me. As if I was some kind of nut job or idiot. I can’t tell you how embarassed I was and how much I regretted that. Needless to say I’ve never brought those things up to him again.

      What I do is tell people what I think they can stand to hear, collect information and I’m considering buying some emergency rations type stuff to store away just in case. Other than that its business as usual…pray and be watchful.

    • Frank…funny stuff but very true. I had the same question and at first I had no idea how to approach the subject with people but now it seems like it’s the most natural thing in the world. One thing I have done for years is to ask God for wisdom and understanding at the beginning of each day and many times he has shown me how to bring this subject up while witnessing to people about him…but without his wisdom, I would not have had a clue. As it turns out, many people are just waiting to hear about these things…and then there’s Jesus, right in the center of it all.

  4. The following is an excerpt from Whitley Striber’s Journal


    My Greatest Fear
    Wednesday December 30th, 2009

    For an even more extreme example of what it’s like in the company of the grays, read my journal of December 15, 2007.

    It is liable to be just as strange for others as it has been for me, should they ever come face to face with us. The disorientation is going to be profound, and a lot of people just are not going to manage the transition.

    If I am at all right about what it will be like, our world is really, really going to change.

    But there are other things that haunt me. Really haunt me. I know of at least one case, and possibly others, where people have suffered the same fate as mutilated cattle. True, it’s only a smattering of cases, and they may not be real, but it is a very worrisome sign.

    I hope that, if the grays show up, we will be able to at least bear their presence. Because the other side of the coin is that they are true masters, in the deepest sense of that word.

    These things worry me. They worry me a lot. I have been responsible for moving a lot of people into a space where they assume that the visitors are real, meaning that I might have helped to open the door.

  5. Greetings~
    Whitley’s books and I share some sad history that I choose to briefly mention for this thread’s purpose. While I was going through a lengthy period of my life in a back-sliden (sp?) condition I read Whitley’s book “Communion”. It really scared me. Nonetheless I opted for reading the next two in that “series” ((as in the tradition of “face your fear”. Yeah right.)) After completing those reads…well…my life became an arena for some serious “power and principality” shenanigans. Even though I was not following our Lord for some time I have no doubt that Streibers’ books allowed the dimensional rift that provided entrance. Make no mistake about it brothers and sisters…God’s patience, mercy and grace brought me back around, effectively sealing that portal. Hallelujah! But I digress. Does anyone know if Whitley Streiber is the one responsible for popularizing the Grey alien image? Seems like after the book “Communion” became a big-seller, its cover art “Grey” began to be seen in places all throughout Western culture. And my final question: what specifically does “full disclosure” involve? I’m a tad confused on that issue. YHWH’s peace and blessings to all.

    • i believe his book kinda popularized the image…

      so, do you think a believer in a decent walk with the Lord should read those books? I read breakthrough as a non-Christian teen, had no issues. I did buy his books a few months ago halfprice and was thinking about reading them for research. I would pray for protection before doing so.

      I know i want to read about the Betty Andreasson case. I read one book, and was kind of afraid, but i have since revitalized my relationship with the Lord (not related to reading about Andreasson)

      please advise.

    • I believe that any believer who opts for reading Streiber books should most definitely pray about it first. If Holy Spirit gives a “green light” be SURE to seek protection and discernment while digging in :^D
      The most likely perpetrator in setting people up for spiritual attack? Imho…that would be FEAR. There’s fear…and then there’s FEAR. If you know what I mean.
      Btw, I read “The Andreasson Affair” sometime before reading “Communion” (at least a year) and it did not scare me. If I recall correctly, Betty Andreasson said her visitors called themselves “Watchers.” Does that sound at all familiar to you?
      Now if you really must do some reading on UFO/alien stuff, I heartily recommend “Alien Encounters: The Secret Behind the UFO Phenomenon” by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman. This book is a serious study based on Holy Spirit, Scripturally driven perspective. In Christ Jesus, I bid you peace.

    • thanks. i thought the watchers bit was an interesting link. when i read that in the book of the same name, i had already read the book of enoch and had a little chill go up my spine. Andreasson’s case got really bizarre, but i wasn’t too scared by it. i will pray about reading more on this stuff. i know enough for the moment, but who knows i may need to read more.

      Wilson, glad you enjoyed the dialogue….it’s sad, but probably true.

  6. My opinion If it is worth anything, We should not Go where Angels Fear to Tread.

    The protection of the Lord will only Guard us in relation to Fearfulness only when we do not willfully subject ourselves to it.

    I have witnessed the incursion of the Demonic upon the careless souls.

    In saying that, The Lord can Lead at times where we wish not to Go, in this case His Power Abides.

    John B

    • I have to agree, John. I would say everyone’s time and energy is better spent learning more about our loving God. After all, the best way to spot a counterfeit is to study the real thing (i.e., Jesus, and His finished work on the cross).

      1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

  7. I have never been fearful regarding what I read. I had a lot of info about the subject and there were many accounts out there that are bizarre.
    I remember though, that I did turn around and look out the window a couple of times while reading.

    What is really scarey is people’s attitude about the subject of Greys and all.
    Most Christians won’t touch the subject with a ten foot pole. Many in the secular world that are into this subject, can’t accept that these beings are evil, no matter how much comes out regarding them.
    There was an article recently about “human mutilations” and I have read other accounts of this from a police officer.
    The wannabelievers pass this off as not incidental and must only come from a small portion of what’s “out there”.

    To me, that is reason for concern as their eyes and brains are blinded and they will readily buy into it all.

  8. “Transforming us…and how we relate to other life in the universe”

    “The greatest of all journeys…into a real relationship with the cosmos.”

    “…changes in our brains…and we begin to see the world in an entirely new way.”

    “…we come to see ourselves as we really are.”

    “Facts replace mythos…followed by a new exploratory mind that is young, eager and yet wise that sees itself as it truly is…”

    Looks to me like Mr Streiber is desiring a relationship with Jesus Christ…but doesn’t know it.

    Interesting stuff Lynn…G,H, Pembers…I’m going to have to check him out.

    • SteveMc~
      G.H. Pember’s book “Earth’s Early Ages” is one of the most insightful and intriguing books I have ever read! I tend to see this book as somewhat “prophetic” in its presentations. Yes, he was alive just as the Theosophical/Spiritualist movement was gaining ground and has A LOT to offer believers in terms of its history; how that history would influence and help shape the global endgame. By all means pick up a copy everyone :^D

    • Thanks In A moment…per your recommendation I looked at some reviews about it and it looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out.

  9. I still hope Mr. Marzulli will comment on the resurrection comment in my first post. I can tell you if you walked in a pulpit in any church in Ga.and mentioned the wordUFO, it wouldnot fly so to speak. While this may be on of the on coming demonic manifestations, it is notthe only one. I too have asked when I read the blog, not to get to knee jerk about this stuff. However, the Bible tells us to prepare and be wise. It is interesting, that when I began studying the Book of Revelation, I was supprised to find how the UFO phenonoma was being tied into the discussion. I belive the man lf Lawlessness has been unrestrained, and we are in for much much more brazen in your face evil, tham we have ever seen before. Still can anyone comment on Striebers comments on the resurrection? Blessings

    • Resurrection;1.[Christ’s rising from the tomb]syn.Easter,Return from the dead,the Ascension or Assumption,Rolling Away the stone,Reappearance on Earth,Overcoming death.Return to life,reanimation,transformation,restoration,resuscitation,revival,revivifying,rebirth,renewal,renaissance or renascence,reincarnation,transmigration,transmogrification.all these definitions can be found in a thesaurus a little book of treasures .hope this helps.no matter what way we look at it, We were made once, he has the blue or red print to do it again.love tammy

    • “It is appointed for men to [Die Once], Then comes Judgment” Heb9:27

      Reincarnation is a [Lie] to which many have succumbed, It removes the [Fear of the Lord] and the reality of Man’s accountability to God in denial of the Judgment of HellFire. Mat5:22

      John B.

    • [even the devil can quote scripture.] john8;58 read.I have a question since Jesus raised Lazarus would not Lazarus soon again die .a second death sooner or later.just a thought.Its good that we discuss these things even his asked the same question.You know Johnny Cash the man in black sang the song the highway man.And we all know johnny was a southern baptist .keep looking things up pertaining to Christ and he’ll unlock all the doors.Christ also said he was the first and the last Adam.How could that be if he wasn’t born again in the flesh he came here to be living proof to show us.The only way to be born is of woman.

    • Tammy, Christ was not the First Adam, The First Adam was created from the Earth.
      Apostle Paul [analogically] referred to Jesus as the Second Adam, He being the eternal word of God made Flesh. Read it in Romans Ch5 {One was of the Earth the other From Heaven}

      There is no reincarnation in Christian teaching. There is The resurrection of the Flesh unto eternal Life for the Righteous in Christ Jesus or The Resurrection of condemnation For the wicked. Jn5:27-29.

      It is appointed for Men to [Die Once], then comes judgment. Heb9;27. Jesus is to judge the Living and the Dead Acts10:42. He will do this at His Appearing in His Kingdom 2Tim4:1.

      The doctrine of reincarnation is Demonic, it in Direct contradiction to the Truth of Scripture.

      Yes the Devil Quotes Scripture, He Quotes it in the Majority of Churches by the Mouth of False prophets,Teachers. Where else would you pervert the Truth of God’s word in The Literal sense!

      John B

    • I was led in the spirit up the mountain I live on and when I was up there ,it seemed to me as if someone was watching me.When I got to a clearing I sat and wondered why? why,was I being led up here.To be honest I wondered to far into the woods and I was having a, who am I ? week .3 hrs later my husband finds me and when I come back down ,my step-dad asked me if I was okay ,I said yes and I said ,I think I you’st to be Eve and God forgave me ! That’s why I thought about the whole reincarnation theory.To boot, here in Nova Scotia we have a Garden of Eden .We went there and there was a wooden rainbow .I asked wheres the gold at the end of the rainbow .Then I looked over at my children playing with boats by the rainbow and I knew where the real Gold was .The children have hearts of Gold.There was also a statue of David and of Galiath and David still even had a stone in the slingshot ,they were made of wood.Also there was a apple tree and a tree cut like hands out of wood where my husband sat and watched the kids play .Safe in the hands .That’s just my testimony.

  10. The Satanist, Aliester Crowley, actually drew a picture of a demon he was “communing” with, which he called “Lam”. The picture is amazingly similar to the images of the so-called “Grays”. Since the ‘devil must flee at the name of Jesus Christ, it’s hard to imagine them being able to ‘fully manifest’ with the body of Christ still in the world. Below is a link to a site that shows drawings of “Lam” compared to other images of ‘grays’, and talks about the connection between these so-called ‘aliens’ and Satanism, the author of the site does not deal with either the subject of ‘aliens or satanism’ from a Christian perspective, but does give a good background on the subjects;
    Even So, Come lord Jesus

  11. News about the LONDON ROYAL SOCIETY
    conference on Aliens January 2010


    By NICK POPE, Former MoD UFO expert

    Published: 28 Jan 2010

    IT has been the subject of movies for decades – but what would REALLY happen if aliens visited earth?
    This may sound like a topic for conspiracy theorists or mad UFO obsessives yet this week science’s finest minds gathered in London to debate that very question.

    Worryingly, it was suggested that if aliens did come calling, the result would be more Mars Attacks than ET.

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/ufos/2828017/Should-we-be-offering-hand-of-friendship-to-ET.html#ixzz0e77r0BtH

  12. what whitley strieber is describing is a phenomena which would be something akin to ‘mass hysteria’…
    in other words the power of suggestion to the tenth power-
    or, perhaps he is speaking of a time when the enemy can “turn on” all those implants inside peoples heads?

    i have no doubt that the greys ARE whitleys MASTER…
    what he so vaguely describes is a time when the ‘masters’ will seize power-
    but his message is not really so different from all the other new age channelers…

    i hate to mention the “R” word here, however,
    that would be the only circumstance in which such a scenario could take place…
    it would have to be a time on the face of the planet when NOT ONE PERSON could plead the BLOOD OF JESUS…
    in other words immediately AFTER THE RAPTURE…

    oh, im sure the enemy has his 10 mile wide motherships idling away, somewhere, wherever he um, parks them, lol..
    but gee, i wonder


    it is because no matter how much blood (bovine or human) the enemy desecrates,
    he can never match the


    yes, he that constraineth, does so until the appointed time!
    in the meantime, the enemy of our souls does his dirty work slinking around in the dark of night,
    as is his habit, because he hates the light…

    and he is a fearful, loathsome coward…

    • “…because he hates the light.” Hector, that passage suddenly brings to mind a question…I wonder if Satan also literally hates the sunlight as he does the light of Christ? The light of the Son of God was extinguished from the earth for a short while because of humantity…urged on by Satan.

      The Bible points out that the light of the sun will also cease just before the return of Jesus. Will the human race again be the reason for that, even if unknowingly? Is Satan again maneuvering us to extinguish whatever light there is? Sort of puts things like the Hadron collider or whatever else may be on the horizon in a whole new perspective. Or have we ALREADY done something to effect the sunlight, and now it’s just a matter of time until it goes out?

      These are just speculations but there is going to be a reason for why the sunlight ceases. However before that happens, we will be in His light.

  13. LA: ***CHECK THIS OUT***Just read a post on Watcher website which noted that Rockerfeller was beginning to raise funds for the immediate building of a Third Temple and a one Palestine/Israel state. Go to:


    Go to news. Also if you follow through some of the items you can get a great presentation on the third temple.

    Also, relative to my question about the resurrection, I was reading the Streiber article, and he stated the we would soon find out about the true resurrection. I was just wondering what you thought he might be referring to. Thanks Dave

    • Dave I’m also in ga and I know what you are talkin about. I haven’t been a regular church goer for a little while now but I try to tell my friends and family about the UFO-alien-Satan connection and I get blank stares or chuckles. Everyonce in a while I get an interested person but not often.

  14. Would “full disclosure” change everything? I’ve mentioned before why I don’t believe that our government will ever willingly admit that we’ve been in contact with other intelligences, or even that such exist. But our history is replete with examples of what happens when a more advanced or powerful culture meets one which is more primitive or weaker; the weaker culture is subsumed by the stronger. Naturally, this also includes the religious beliefs. Those of the more primitive culture are only tolerated if they can be made to appear to be in conformity with the new overlords. If the practitioners can or will not conform, they will be persecuted and if the overlords deem it necessary, wiped out.

  15. You know it’s seemed that the bible should be called “the ever ending story”.Did ya know that revelation doesn’t really end there ,If you look in Isaiah 55 it is continued from revelation.just my 2 cents.

  16. > This begs the question, whose facts are we to believe? The Grays?

    You fail to understand him. At that point, according to Strieber, belief would be impossible. We would all simply see and recognize the truth. Deception would not exist.

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