Obama and the Spending Freeze….Kissing up to Bernanke?

“Meet the new boss….. the same as the old boss. Let’s see about the change we can believe in…..

1. Afghan War: Still going on. Just like under the Bush administration, there’s a lot of money to be made in the heroine trade. It reached a trillion dollars last year. WWII lasted 5 years and we won. The Afghan war drags on and on and on…. Follow the money?

2. Bin Laden: The hunt is still on to find the pesky terrorist. The man remains illusive yet manages to grab the media by the throat every time he issues a statement. His latest warns of an imminent attack. In my opinion he is the convenient Boogie man. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35072269/ns/us_news-security/ Why is it that we can’t find this guy? You would think that with our resources, manpower and money we’d just tell the Pakistani government that we were going in to get Bin Laden and if they didn’t like we’d cut off the billions of dollars in aid that we send them each year. This guy is actually winning because he manages to threaten our country whenever he feels like it. Why is it that the news media is compliant and in a sense aiding and abetting Bin Laden, by broadcasting his “threats.”  It would be better not to broadcast these threats at all, unless of course the idea is to keep people in a state of fear….

3. Iraq: The surge, that the Bush administration instigated worked and we have seen a modicum of sanity in that country. However, yesterday the Iraqi’s hung Chemical Ali. Ali made the top ten in genocidal maniacs when he gassed about 100,000 Kurdish Iraqi’s. Of course we were told ad nauseum that the Iraqi’s didn’t have chemical weapons and Bush, Blair and a host of others were called liars. I guess the Kurds weren’t gassed then? In response to Ali’s hanging several bombs went off in Bagdad. What a quagmire. If we pulled out tomorrow Iraq would buckle under the weight of secular violence. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,583817,00.html?test=latestnews

4. Here’s my favorite. The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with our government, but it controls our money supply. We were sold into slavery in the early part of the 20 century. Bruce Collins has written extensively on this and posted on this today. http://brucedcollins.blogspot.com/

We now owe around 12 Trillion, up a few trill from the Bush administration spending spree! Nice going George, a two front war just may bankrupt the country yet. But wait, the new guy wants to give us State run Health care which will push us over the top! With our economy slip sliding away, a two front war that is costing Billions, ah forgive me that’s trillions, our currency being devalued daily, foreclosures hitting record levels, unemployment in the double digits, I guess this is the change we can believe in. Oh and remember to place the blame at the feet of the Bush administration! Obama has had a year in office and so far not much has happened other than the status quo.

What we have, in my opinion is a constructed effort by the NWO – New World Order – to break the back of the United States. We are told in the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible that in the last days there would be a one world government, a global currency, a one world religion. America is a noble country, but I believe we have been hijacked and certainly the Federal Reserve is part of the that hijacking. There is quote that is attributed to  Rothschild that says, “Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.” We have lost control of our currency and ever since that time this nation has been under the control of independent bankers. Is there a shadow government? What did president Kennedy refer to when he warned of secret societies just before he was assassinated? The Feds raise the interest rates or lower them. Our country was taken off the gold standard by Nixon and so the paper that we use as our currency is basically worthless. With the 12 Trillion dollar debt accruing more interest every minute, how can we ever hope to pay it back. It would appear to me that this is a deliberate attempt to bankrupt us…. we’ll see what happens as time passes.


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15 thoughts on “Obama and the Spending Freeze….Kissing up to Bernanke?

  1. good thing they put that all seeing pyramid eye on the back of the dollar bill just in case anyone should doubt who’s orchestrating all this nonsense ;o)

  2. Great column, Lynn!

    The whole ‘will Bernanke be taken out or not’ really is how I see most of the groups mobilizing against the New World Order.

    We tend to look at the effect and not the cause.

    Case in point…your boat is sinking. What’s the answer? Most people would say, ” pump the water out of your boat!” No, the answer is to plug the hole!

    The analogy being, the Tea Parties started with the CAUSE- removal of the socialist Federal Reserve System. Later, it morphed into the Effect- wanting lower taxes, etc.

    The Bernanke discussion has everything to do with looking at the wrong object. It doesn’t matter if Bush or Obama are President, just like it doesn’t matter if Bernanke or Scrooge McDuck (anyone remember him?) are the Fed Chairman… the Cause is the same.

    • Speaking of this alleged spending freeze, isn’t it interesting how Obama wants to keep increasing spending on Defense and domestic spying… Bush all over again.

  3. Spending freeze? BAH!!! This is classic Marxism: two steps forward, one step back. Aside from the fact that everything that comes out of obama’s mouth is a lie, there has never been a “spending freeze” from Washington and this will not be the exception. Bruce is correct, it matters not the name one goes by, what matters is integrity, honesty and the ability to do the right thing. Currently, there is NO ONE in Washington that has these characteristics.

    We are in the midst of our Lord judging America and all of His judgements are righteous.

  4. I’ve learned quite a bit over the past few years about the NWO, prophecy and the times that we live in. What confuses me at times is how Israel will one day stand alone, with no support from any other nation to battle the forces that come against them (God is on their side of course).

    The part that confuses me is the absence of the USA. They are Israel’s biggest supporter, and I know that has taken a step back with Obama’s administration but. I don’t think the US is even mentioned in Ezekial’s prophecy, which tells me that they have either severed ties with Israel, or that they are not capable of helping Israel? Having a currency that is devalued would possibly suggest the latter.

    Does anyone have any insight on this? My statements are observations with limited knowledge… so I hope it hasn’t offended anyone.

    Great post Lynn. I hope you come to Canada one day.

    • J -from Canada. The USA is taken in out. I wrote about this in P.P.&S. You should get a copy because it might answer some of the questions you have in regard to the USA not being in prophecy…. L.A.

    • Matt – Gold is good – storing food is better as one cannot eat the gold. A garden would also be a good thing to start…. L.A.

    • Lynn is right. Gold is a bet on inflation. so, if we do have inflation, all commodity prices will go up- including food. All things being equal, food would be most important.

      What they are doing with the money supply would seem to signal inflation.

  5. I heard once that the USA is not mentioned in Bible prophecy because we werent around when the Bible was written, what I mean is, we are a relatively new country.

    • now that I think of it, even if the u.s. wasnt around in biblical times, God would have known the future anyway, so I dont know that my above posted comment is reasonable or not.

    • Or you can look at it this way,,,,The US is not mentioned in Bible prophecy because it won’t be there.
      Destroyed? No Longer US? Who knows.

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