Roe v Wade: 50 million in it’s wake….

On January 22, 1973, the supreme court made up of 9 individuals decided by a 7 to 2 margin to allow abortions up to the 23rd week of pregnancy. Thus, the slaughter of the innocents began. We have now aborted, killed, genocidally eliminated, over 52 million babies in this county alone. I realize this is a hot button issue for some people, however, being the intrepid commentator that I am, I will not let that deter me in my posting what I believe is the truth of the matter. Interestingly in the Book of Enoch – found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and believed to be thousands of years old – it recounts how one of the fallen angels showed how to kill the baby in the womb. So abortion is nothing new, but consider the source of what perhaps was the first abortion millennia ago. According to the text it was a fallen angel that gave this information to early man. Coincidence, I think not? The killing of the child in the womb was an action that was abhorrent in this society, until Roe-v-Wade, was made the law of the land. Now it seems it is THE issue among the feminists and women rights groups. Of course most of these women never have the same zeal to champion issues like female circumcision, practised in many countries and is responsible for ruining the sexual gratification of millions of women. Hmmmm…. There is a rabid, feverish, mindset amongst pro-choice group that maintains, that at all costs we must be able to kill the babies, it is our right! Abortion has divided this county and as I pointed out earlier is a passionate issue on both sides. But what of the supernatural consequences of these 50 million dead. What many people do not understand is that the abortions that happen today are on par with the child sacrifices that happened thousands of years ago. It is a stain on our land and in my opinion, is a modern Satanic, blood sacrifice. While most doctors who perform abortions are certainly not satanic priests, they are however, from a spiritual perspective, acting like one. The question that has fueled the debate is this, when does life begin? As a country we have labored over this and the answer most people give to this question is a tip-off of where they stand on the issue. We have laws that say a fetus is not human until it outside the mothers womb. Of course, in a late-term abortion the fetus is partially exposed so that it’s brains can get sucked out of hole, in it’s skull that the doctor/butcher has bored into it. As I have said before, Hitler would have loved it. Any culture that has this view of life is doomed to extinction. A strong case can be made that Darwinism, that tells us that man evolved from primordial soup, therefore there are no moral absolutes, paved the way for Row-v-Wade. If there is no God then who cares? If there are no moral absolutes than anything goes, right? Godless societies like The Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, are responsible for the murder of millions of their own citizens. This was accomplished because the state decided who was worthy of life. We as a nation are perilously close to follow in the same barbaric footsteps. In closing, let me say that I believe that life begins at the moment of conception. When life is cheapened, as with our policy of abortion, it is a slippery slope that can lead to euthanasia, the elimination of the mentally retarded, or physically handicapped. You may remember the criticism that Governor Sarah Palin received for deciding to bring her Down-syndrome child to full term. The elite thought it absurd. To her credit she had the child and has given it the love and special attention it deserves and needs. The picture above is a child that was birthed in a toilet, following an abortion procedure. I believe this picture says far more that I ever could ….

“Woe to them who call evil, good and good, evil…..”

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  1. Its hard to imagine that there have been 52 MILLION babies murdered in this country alone…

    ..all in the name of ‘human rights’..

    That number represents more than the TOTAL population of California and Florida COMBINED.

    They’ve been murdered under our watch…

    Bill Lonas

  2. this is truly a tragedy. we are fortunate thus far to have avoided severe judgement for this great sin. recall that Israel was attacked and taken into exile by Baylon for idol worship and other great sins, one of which was sacrificing their children to the fire.

    like the story of the planned parenthood lady who saw the ultrasound of an abortion and quit. just thinking of such a thing kind of freaks me out, i can’t imagine actually watching this video. I think anyone thinking of getting an abortion should have to watch the video that changed this lady’s mind.

    lastly, James Dobson had a guest on at one point, and he had a great argument against abortion. the only difference between a fetus in the womb and anyone who’s been born is: size, level of development (and there were a few others that escape my mind.) basically his statment amounted to this: if one could be justified in having an abortion, then death of any living person should be justified as there is no difference between any person and a fetus other than size, and level of development/dependency.

    any ways, who knows what sort of spiritual implications the death of 50 million baby has had. it’s sad, but we’ve killed more people than died under Hitler and Stalin (depending on which Stalin total you go with) put together.

    • ‘fortunate thus far to have avoided severe judgement for this great sin’ ?

      Oh, judgement WILL come. And soon, I believe.

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Thank you for fearlessly proclaiming the truth. I believe that if Western civilization falls, and I believe that it will, our wanton disregard for life will be the biggest contributor. The vast majority of abortions are performed for conveinence sake and nothing more. Less than 1% are performed for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

    We need to intercede as believers and do the necessary spiritual warfare to remove this blight from our land. Thanks again Lynn. Great blog.

    Kevin J.

  4. Here is a quote from the “Book of Enoch.”

    1Then Michael and Gabriel, Raphael, Suryal, and Uriel, looked down from heaven, and saw the quantity of blood which was shed on earth, and all the iniquity which was done upon it, and said one to another, It is the voice of their cries;

    2The earth deprived of her children has cried even to the gate of heaven.

    3And now to you, O you holy one of heaven, the souls of men complain, saying, Obtain Justice for us with the Most High. Then they said to their Lord, the King, You are Lord of lords, God of gods, King of kings. The throne of your glory is for ever and ever, and for ever and ever is your name sanctified and glorified. You are blessed and glorified. [Book of Enoch 9:1 – 3]

    Kevin J.

  5. I have several friends who profess to be “more enlightened” than I, perhapts liberal if you will. They are staunch defenders of Roe-Wade. My argument to them is simple about when and what life is: 1. As soon as pregnancy occurs is the cell alive, or dead; 2. Is it a human species cell, or a dog, cow, cat etc.
    Of course they dismiss me as a Christian simpleton. I’m with you, I guess the next argument is, is it transhuman? May God have mercy on this country. My first wife died of breast cancer in 1980. She was pregnant during some of the active cancer. We were told to abort the baby at that time. As a result of a Christian Doctor, we did not. I just had my first Grandbaby last Nov. from my lovely daughter that was saved in 1980 from the slaughter. You betcha it’s a hot button issue.

    • If and when the subject comes up again, ask them “If someone were to go up into a national park and destroy eagle eggs, would you jump to their defense saying ‘he was not destroying eagles, but only Potential Eagles’?”
      I’m sure that their responses will be very interesting.

  6. One of the things that bothers me the most is people who claim to be Christian and yet vote for the Democratic candidates that support this horrendously gruesome act.

    How can you serve God Almighty who you know hates murder and yet support a candidate who supports murder? Isn’t this like serving too masters?

    Republicans aren’t much better since when George W. Bush was in office, the Repulicrids controlled the Senate, House of Representatives and the Supreme Court and didn’t do anything to overturn this law.

    God can not let us continue doing this as a nation much longer.

    This and the blantant flaunting of Sodomy are enough reason alone for God to destroy America.

    Please get right with your saviour, Jesus Christ, before it’s too late, because soon America will fall … in my humble opinion

    • Hey there, Frank~
      For sure that comment of mine was more of a comment-ary. I hope no offense was taken…none intended. It’s just that the subject of globalism gets me…..I too easily hop onto that burning fire soap box. At any rate, there’s plenty of documenation to back up my little diatribe.
      And now, on that note, I bid you a comfortable Monday evening.

    • Most likely is that the partisan system is simply a “cosmetic” ruse…meant to keep the “non-elitist” populace convinced that they truly have voice and choice in how their respective governments operate. Fervent globalists appear to be functionaries in the deployment of Machiavellian “ethics” and purveyors of the Hegelian Dialectic. “Divide and Conquer” is the name of the game…it seems to be the fundamental tactic of overall globalist strategy; once divided the seeds of chaos have a chance to grow. Now you can picture all the potential scenario(s). Hence their motto “Ordo Ab Chao.”
      Be ever watchful brothers and sisters. Peace to you all in Christ Jesus’ name.

  7. Lynn,
    May I be the first today, to say “THANK YOU!!!” for today’s post. Thank you for your boldness in taking a stand for life. Thank you for not being afraid to post a picture of the end result of “choice”. Thank you, most of all for being obedient to the Lord.

    My family and I are working diligently with other pro-life believers in our area to help end the tragedy of abortion. We joined in our city’s 40 Days For Life campaign last fall, and were thrilled to see the outpouring of Catholic believers but greatly distressed to find that most days we were the only Protestants represented! This is in a city with HUNDREDS of churches! If every church sent only ONE person to stand outside the abortion clinic to offer love, assistance and prayer, we would not have been able to contain the people. And, abortion in our area would have been greatly curtailed. Imagine seeing hundreds of people standing united for life.

    How will we answer the Lord when He asks us “What did you do to save the unborn?” How can we as Christians go about our daily life enjoying the goodness of God and the abundance of America and yet, do nothing to stand up for the innocent who are being slaughtered in our city? Won’t God hold us accountable for the blood on our hands? No, we did not kill babies – a sin of Commission. But could we not be guilty of a sin of Omission? Just idly standing by and saying “It is not my responsibility.” The very least we can all do as followers of Christ is PRAY. Pray to end abortion. Pray for America to be forgiven. For, as 2 Chronicles 7:14 states -“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

    Father Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life has stated -“America will not end abortion until America SEES abortion.” Many people have no idea what happens to that innocent baby. So, I believe many good people support a woman’s choice simply because they are ignorant of the facts of conception and early life. The move for a Personhood amendment is growing across our land. Below are a few websites that may help anyone wanting more information.

    Thank you, again!
    Sherry in SC

  8. Our education system/mass media are huge false guides to our children growing up in regards to absolutes, life, marriage, sex, and having children. What was once considered good, is now considered evil and vice versa.

    God and morals have been kicked out of our schools and out of our nation in exchange for humanism and pluralism. Woe unto the U.S., who was once “Lady Liberty” but is now becoming Mystery Babylon, The Mother of Harlots!

  9. all life is sacred to the Lord.
    this is why the blood that has been spilled from abortions
    cries out for justice from whence it has been spilled…

    but the Lord is slow to anger and quick to Forgive…
    this is why we have not yet been visited by his judgement, or have we?

  10. I was raped when I was 12 yrs old and my parents made the decision to abort my child .Till this very day I have always wondered why anyone would allow this to be an option for anyone.My heart bleeds everyday for my unborn child .but I always remember that’ what is taken away shall be returned heart goes out to all who have had this happen to them .If only we could follow the first ten commandments ,this would of never happened.killing is killing is killing.I ask for forgiveness ever day and I wish this on nobody .I believe the spirits of the children go back to our creator and wait to be born again when the time is right.MY prayers go out to all who have had their babies taken by this terrible method.My son said because I chose to have him, he represents Life.I had to hide my pregnancy the next time for 3 months in fear they would take him too. not this time.I am happy to say I have 4 beautiful children now and my parents admit that they made a grave mistake those years ago .but I do forgive them because they were blinded by the lies that this was okay. Someday, someone will stop the slaughter of innocence .We tend to judge ourselves more harshly than our Father would and light and tears for the unborn.The ones that teach others to do these things are in greater danger of condemnation than the the ones getting it done.

    • Actually, amending what I said, if you were raped when you were 12 and your parents forced you to have an abortion, there is no fault of yours in this area.

      But, for everything else, you are forgiven.

      As we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins AND to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    • Tammy – May the Lord give you peace in this area…. someday you’ll see your child….
      Blessings. L. A.

    • amen! once you have confessed this to Lord in true repentence, He already forgave you.

      My prayers are with you also.

    • Pastor Chuck Baldwin had a great article on “The Truth about Abortion”

      It is a must read for this blog

      Here is an exerpt from his article about the issue of rape –

      At this point, I can hear someone interrupting, “What about cases involving rape or incest?”

      While these cases number less than 1% of pregnancies, consider this case history: a 12-year-old girl was raped and became pregnant. “Get an abortion,” you say? Congratulations. You just killed Ethel Waters.

      Please read his article.

      Who was Ethel Waters?

      Ethel Waters (October 31, 1896 – September 1, 1977) was an American blues and jazz vocalist and actress.

      Waters was born in Chester, Pennsylvania on October 31, 1896,as a result of her mother’s rape at age 13

      She frequently performed jazz, big band, and pop music, on the Broadway stage and in concerts, although she began her career in the 1920s singing blues. Her best-known recording was her version of the spiritual, “His Eye is on the Sparrow”, and she was the second African American ever nominated for an Academy Award.

      Waters was born in Chester, Pennsylvania on October 31, 1896,as a result of her mother’s rape at age 13

    • Tammy, I agree with Bruce – you are guiltless in this act. You have asked the Lord for forgiveness and He has freely given it to you. Please do not linger in guilt any longer. You WILL see your baby in heaven. I will pray the Lord’s peace will flood you.

      This is something that needs to be addressed in reaching out to victims of abortion. Millions of women AND men, are hurting for past abortions and need to be told there is forgiveness in Christ.

      God bless you, Tammy

  11. The hypocrital thing about our government is that in some states if you hit a pregnant woman and the “fetus” (child) dies, then you have committed a crime and go to jail…yet if you kill the child by abortion they say that this is no crime…the whole thing makes me cry inside…Lord please have mercy on us all.

  12. If man is created in the image of God, then it is the Spirit within a man which is His Image in us.

    I believe that Life begins By This Divine Act of God.

    The Enemy cannot Get To God, However he can “Kill, Steal, Destroy” that which is created in His Image.

    Abortion is the Hatred of the Enemy manifested in a world beyond redemption. It was that Spirit which Motivated Cain and all violence since.

    There is nothing New under Heaven, It just permeates on a greater scale like an Evil Leaven making the Lump of dough Ready for the Fire.


    JOHN B

  13. Very Good Blog, L. A. Thanks

    Coincidentally, I just dropped off all the coins in my piggy bank. I save the coins all year long and when the bank is full I give them to a pregnancy center.

    My mother told me a chilling story after my father died. She never mentioned this while he was alive but after his death she felt free to tell me.

    My father wanted her to abort me!

    She refused and told him, “I will not damn myself for you or anyone else!”

    I just turned 63 last week. I am ordained evangelist now; I was saved 13 years ago and have been on fire for the Lord ever since. For the past 4 years, I spend each summer on the road in my camper traveling around the country and telling all who will listen about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

    I spent the years preceding my salvation as a pagan! I want to make the years after salvation good ones, working for the Kingdom.

    This is what I love about the Lord, He delights in broken people!

    So, here I am an ordained evangelist! How bout that! Who’d a thunk it!

    Thanks Mom!

    • So Ernest, are you going to Denver now? Sounds like a grand “excuse” for an evangelistic road trip to me…Praise be to our Lord for your most beautiful testimony!

    • Hi Ernest~
      Hmm…today on LA’s lead-in headline regarding his February speaking engagement, the locale shows as being in Cheyenne! Maybe one needs to land in Denver and THEN mosey on up to Cheyenne? Oh well…………


    DEAR TAMMY; GIVE YOUR HEART TO JESUS THE SAVIOR, Be Baptized IN HIM and Ask for the Gift of The Holy Spirit Spirit.
    He (JESUS) is the only way to the True God, The Creator of Heaven & the Earth.

    GOD IS LOVE; NO GREATER LOVE WAS MADE MANIFEST TO MAN THAN THE CROSS OF CHRIST. The Body Broken, The Blood Shed, all for the Love of You PERSONALLY, come to This Savior Jesus, For I shall never Forsake You is His Promise To You.

    John b

    • I am a servant of the Lord,so my heart belongs to him,and those who he chooses for me to love and cherish.Sometimes I look in the mirror and my image changes and I see Jesus looking right back at me .To be honest it freaked me out at first,but then it really made sense about the scripture that says’ he who is in me is greater than who is in the world.’When in doubt, look up to the heavens and see the glory of our Father .Abba , my daddy. the big guy upstairs .love Tammy. Keeping it real.

    • Dear Tammy,
      I say this in love,I don’t beleive the image you saw
      was generated by God,for we are not to have an image of anything or anyone,not even a picture of Jesus to
      behold in our mind or before our eyes. Also,it is disrespectful to refer to our God as the big guy

  15. I read a lot about the NWO, the destruction of America, and the downward spiral our nation is on. But, of all the issues concerning this deliberate destruction, there is none more grim and hopeless feeling than this horror of abortion/genocide. If the slaughter of 50 million innocents were not horrific enough in and of itself, we must add to this the fact that this slaughter is FOR PROFIT, for instance, an intact brain of an aborted child is sold for 1,000 dollars.
    I have read that Nazi Germany (with whom Margaret Sanger was quite tight)was actually guilty of an additional 12 million deaths, in ‘death camps’, bringing the Nazi total to upwards of 18 million. Since the Bolshevik Revolution, and the Ukranian genocide, the USSR was guilty of upwards of 70 million deaths, and China, under Moa alone, upwards of 100 million. This is just in the 20th century, not including the 300,000 deaths that resulted from the French Revolution, and etc.
    The pagan Babylonian ‘flood story’ says that (G)od sent the Flood because mankind had become so noisy that he could not sleep. Perhaps this is a reflection of the truth that “Innocent blood cries out” to God. That being the case, there are 52 million cries reaching God from our nation alone.
    God be merciful!!!

  16. The “41st vote”(Scott Brown) against the healthcare bill(which forces the American tax payer to pay for abortions) this candidate is for abortions on consent. It’s my guess that most supporters of his never took the time to actually read his stance on the issues.

    It appears we are in a catch 22 scenario where we have a choice of 50,000 babies dying for voting for one candidate or we condemn millions to die for upholding and supporting a bill in congress/senate. Either way we are endorsing killing. There are few “life” choices these days.

  17. Matthew 5;8 blessed are the pure in heart ;for they shall see not underestimate what our Father can and cannot do anything is possible with God.I didn’t make an image he manifested to me and I just knew it was him.why can’t anybody believe anymore .Remember one thing the Sheppard follows the sheep because they rome .Only the sheep know his voice and his hand.He is the Big Guy give him his due .Nothing is bigger than God’s love.

    • Tammy; Ruby rightly said He is not the Big Guy He is “THE FATHER ALMIGHTY”

      “Fearful in Praises, Glorious in Holiness”, Not some Guy. “The Fear of the Lord is the beginning Of wisdom”
      Something your Shamanistic Ancestral Roots Cannot give You.

      The Light which you often refer To is a Counterfeit darkness.

      The Light of Christ in any genuine person Born Of the holy Spirit would never Refer To The Almighty As the Big guy.

      Please consider Your Eternal destiny in the Light of The Gospel of our Lord & savior Jesus Christ!

      John b

    • Adam our father our head transgressed and justice doomed us dead;the fiery law speaks all despair:there’s no reprieve nor pardon there.But,O unutterable grace,the Son of God takes Adam’s place;Down to our world the savior flies,stretches his arms,bleeds and dies.Justice was pleased to bruise the God,and pay it’s wrongs with heavenly blood;what unknown racks and pangs he bore!Then rose,the law could ask no more.Amazing work!look down ,ye skies,wonder and gaze with all your eyes;Ye heav’nly thrones,stoop from above,and bow to this mysterious love.Lo! they adore th’incarnate Son,and sing the glories he has won;Sing how he broke our iron chains,how deep he sunk ,how high he reigns.Triumph and reign,victorious Lord,by all the flaming hosts adored,and say dear conqueror,say how long ere we shall rise to join their song.send down a chariot from above,with fiery wheels,and paved with love.raise us beyond th’ ethereal blue,to sing and love as angels do. by Issaac Watts.

  18. Thank you, L.A., for your eloquent summation on the abortion issue. Also, I heard you this evening on Dr. Stan’s program, and it is always a blessing to hear you speak.

  19. [Luke 7;35 ] I have the gift and I have always used it for the good of mankind.Some call it a curse but I believe in Revelation the curse is no more.T he only fear I have is disappointing him.No disrespect was intended.My sisters and brothers have always called him the Big guy,daddy,Father he has many titles ,but he’s still the same One who we are all talking about.Maybe we should call him by his given name Adam.[Joseph] Remember God said let there be light and then there was.Everyone knows he truly is our ancestrial Father and Eve [the mother of all the living] is our Mother.remember the chronicles said that the two sons of Adam and the two daughters of Eve shall sit on the throne . T hats probably why it says we shall see the son of man coming.Thats only my 2 cents.

  20. I for one do not really see tammy’s comments as disrespectful. Yes he is the father almighty but you also love him and with love comes affection. If no disrespect was intended I don’t think there was any done. God loves us more than we could possibly understand, he created us for his enjoyment. How much would you enjoy your kids if they were straight laced serious all the time? You would love them still but there is always something about the one that knows how to make you smile :p

    • I knew one of his would stand .I’ll put a good word in for T ammy.He said we will never be alone.

  21. Tammy, I’m curious about a couple things. The given name of God the Father is Adam? Is that what you’re saying? Also, what are the “chronicles” that you refer to in relation to the two sons of Adam and the two daughters of Eve?

    • Look it up. It would only be right to give his name to his creation. also does not the scriptures say I am the first and the last.he created him first .Also the chronicles I refer to are the chronicles of Narnia .the Lion the witch and the wardrobe.Our friend c.s.lewis was trying to tell us something.Only the one that enters the kingdom as a child would understand.When it is said that all script is good for learning he didn’t just say the bible script he left it open to any script.Also about Adam he is dad to mankind he was to go forth and multiply, be a dad.We all come from him .I am glad that you asked the questions because questions are the keys to unlocking things .All the answers lie inside of you .Just listen to that still small voice.never give up is our motto.

    • Tammy, thank you for responding to my questions.

      I am concerned that you seem to be looking to Biblical and pagan sources for truth…probably best just to look to God’s word, the Bible, because all the truth you will need is there. The others may have some truths, but it’s hard to sort out from the lies and you will wind up missing what God wants you to see.

      Also, I’m sure you know that what happened to you when you were young was not your fault but you seemed to indicate that you were asking forgiveness for it every day. If that is the case, it may be that you experience some type of guilt feelings that lead you to continually ask for forgiveness.

      Here is what God revealed to me years ago concerning a friend of mine who had experienced guilt all of her life. He wanted me to tell her that…he does not cause a person to FEEL guilty…he causes a person to KNOW they are guilty so that they can ask his forgiveness and move on. When we know we are guilty, we do not think about how we feel, only about what we know because God causes us to know it. So if you have guilty feelings about what happened to you…forget about them, they’re not from God…they’re from Satan and he is just trying to keep you bound up in a lifetime of feeling that you have done something wrong.

      Hope this helps.

  22. Yes thank you guilt lies with the fact that I didn’t heed my parents warnings and i was at the wrong place at the wrong time and the end result was me with child.If only we would listen to our parents.Many things would not have happened to us.when he says honor your mother and father ,he means honor the fact that they know things we don’t and they don’t warn us for no advice to everyone is not to forget what the old wise ones said.They went before us,but we still carry their cross.I believe the bible is only one set of testimony .Are we not here to give a testimony of each of our faith?You know the wings the woman was given in revelation signify strength and patience .which we all need to get through this time in our history.

  23. Ruby I’m feeling a vibe from you that’s not to nice. You must see the movie through the eyes of a child.Those who worship the Father shall worship in spirit and truth.So if the father wants to spoil his kids with a great movie about overcoming a cold heart than spiritual junk food it is.Everyone likes popcorn and a movie and oh ya don’t forget the m n m’s .Ruby I sense someone has hurt you bad and taken that once beautiful child that was inside and made it numb. God gave us an imagination and by george we can use it.Find that little girl then watch the movie pretend you are the little one.All will be well .

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