Acceleration Radio: Russ Dizdar tonight 7:00pm PST!

The Black Awakening….

Rise of the Satanic supersoldiers!

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4 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio: Russ Dizdar tonight 7:00pm PST!

  1. onward Cristian soldiers .they might have there army but Jesus is universal and remember who’s with him.we are marching to zion.

  2. i dont think this is about Christian soldiers…

    anyways, i look forward to it! Russ is always good to listen to.

  3. If satanic super soldiers…why not HAARP earthquakes…as follow up to the video I posited a couple days ago…take a look at and notice the article from on Chavez…the Ez. 38-39 power blocks are forming…both Russia and the West have HAARP and there’s clear scientific data showing it’s capable of triggering a quake…is satanically inspired man unlocking natures secrets via the enlightened one’s?…Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, N. Korea etc. are all apart of the “axis” powers forming against the West and they are the nation’s (generally speaking) that have rejected the NWO’s main source of subservience via the BIS/World Bank/IMF central banking cartel…was the Haiti quake a demonstration of power to the axis powers?…was it an excuse, as the headlines have been saying, for the western power to establish military bases off the shore of Cuba and Venezuala?…Russia, the leader of the axis powers has been making headway in the Latin world, especially with the largest nation Brazil…was this the west showing that they will not stand for it

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