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John Ventre was my guest on Acceleration Radio last night. By the way we were in the #2 spot for the entire show – thanks for tuning in! John is the MUFON director fro two sates, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Ventre discussed at length the ongoing UFO flap that has made Pennsylvania the hottest UFO spot in the country. He told us of an encounter that happened where several witnesses viewed a craft that ejected some sort of metallic objects from the bottom and later retrieved them. Ventre had samples taken from the tree where the objects landed. He had soil and leaf samples taken and tested by two laboratories and they found anomalies in them. It would seem by the number of sightings that are reported throughout Pennsylvania that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away. Ventre also mentioned that the History channel backed off on its quest to obtain flight information around an airforce base near Willow Grove after someone apparently threatened the network. This is disturbing to me because the History Channel is not a fly-by-night outfit and I think that they wouldn’t back off on a story unless something very out of the ordinary was employed do “redirect” their efforts and thinking. This brings me back to the theory that the denial by our government concerning the so-called extraterrestrial presence may be left over from the Truman era. There may be one or two die-hards that are still keeping the lid on the phenomena. A few years back a friend of mine was at a retirement dinner for an Air Force general. Out of the blue this Air force  guy comes up and starts to tell my friend that UFOs don’t exist. My friend thought it was very odd behaviour on the part of this guy and wondered why this man went out of his way to try to convince my friend that UFOs were just a lot of “swamp gas!” As I said last night on the show, if it was just one or two of these sightings I would dismiss it, but it’s not, in fact according to Ventre it’s over 300 sightings in one month. All of this to say that at some point there will be disclosure and as those of you who frequent this BLOG know, I believe it will lead to the Great falling away that we are warned of in the Guide book to the supernatural. It would appear that we are on the verge of some kind of disclosure as the phenomena is certainly burgeoning. When? I have no idea, but I will bet it’s sooner than later. This can’t go on indefinitely, can it? What are they waiting for? Well, I believe they are waiting for the perfect global crises and then they will manifest in full, with all the lying signs and wonders that they are capable of. This may also include so-called Marian apparitions, the likes of which are happening just outside of Cairo Egypt! p.s. Here’s the link to the earthquake site that some of you requested.

Prepare yourself! Pick up a copy of the Alien Interviews or Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! Give a copy to your favorite skeptic and I guarantee after reading the books he or she will come to an understanding that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away!

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  1. I sure wish one of the several witnesses that saw “a craft that ejected some sort of metallic objects from the bottom and later retrieved them” had enough where-with-all to get a sample of the metallic objects, or take a photo of them with a cell phone, or a get a photo of the craft when it returned, or something constructive. If they actually saw the craft return to pick them up, you’d think that they had been expecting it or looking for it and would have been carrying a camera. If they didn’t see the craft return, then maybe the objects were picked up by something other than the craft. Great time for a camera (even the kind on a cell phone that millions and millions of people carry, but evidently none of those several witnesses had one at the time!) That seems like it would have been a great opportunity and would be a very significant finding. I can’t believe they could witness that and then just stand around saying “That looks like metallic objects that the craft ejected. I wonder what they are for?” All we get are samples of soil and leaves after the fact. I’d love to at least see the lab results to know more about the anomolies. Maybe I’m getting a bit too skeptical, but something more concrete needs to surface before the public in general is willing to believe. Until then, it’s just another story from some unidentified witnesses along with soil and leaves examined by two unidentified labs.

  2. L.A., I find it strange that our government seems to be at conflict with itself on the topic of “aliens” and UFOs. On one hand we have threats to networks like the History Channel to back off investigations, and on the other hand we have people who have briefed Obama on the presence of “aliens” and how any average person can bring these “aliens” into their realm as “guides to peace and positive energy.” We have collective groups in the is nation which has been sanctioned by our government to teach U.S. citizens to be open-minded towards the acceptance of other “space entities.”

    I believe that this is they typical bait and switch game that our government impresses upon us in order to create psychological uncertainty and confusion. Psy-Ops and psychological warfare is being used on U.S. citizens and has been since WWI. We see this everytime we turn on the news or do anything concerning the mass media in general.

    I’m trying to see the good that is left in this world, but to be honest with you, I fail to see how and why the Lord has kept us here for this long. This world is literally rotting away and it is very disturbing to watch first-hand. These “aliens” are nothing more than demons and evil spirits who are rotted from the core, and now we have morons sanctioned by our government teaching and indoctrinating U.S. citizens how to make contact with them?! In God We Trust…I think not. The U.S. has forsaken God in exchange for evil. We have gone from being Lady Liberty, to that of Mystery Babylon, the mother of all harlots. I am ashamed of my country, the world, and of humankind. We are blind because we let ourselves become blind.

    The Lord is our ONLY HOPE to being saved from this world which is quickly becoming Satan’s kingdom. But his time is short, and he knows it. And for that I say, there is only One King of kings and Lord of lords, and no man comes to the Father, but through Jesus!

    • Satan knows his time is short but he is so deluded he actually thinks he can win and usurp God’s throne. But we
      know he will not win. Hallelujah!!

    • The Lord has kept us here because He wishes to use us as examples of His grace to win the lost to Him. He is not pleased with the death of the wicked and He is loooonnnggg suffering and patient. He desires to see everyone come to the saving knowledge of His son Jesus. We know that not all people will get saved but we must have a heart like His to pray for even the morons in our government and even those the enemy uses in his camp. Let’s remember that God could have cut time short years ago and fulfilled prophecy in ways we don’t know to have brought about the end long ago but it was His grace that He didn’t so that you and I might be saved. Let’s keep praying and keep looking up as our deliverance is closer than when we first believed. God Bless. A sister in Christ.

    • We let not our hearts be troubled. We are a peculiar people who exhibit a joy that the world does not understand. we are happy and seek the beauty in all things. We come to Christ as little children innocent, humble and excited about the miracles of creation.

      We dream an impossible dream.
      We fight an unbeatable foe.
      We bear with unberable sorrow,
      and run where the brave dare not go.

      We right an unrightable wrong.
      We love pure and chaste from afar.
      We try when our arms are too weary,
      to reach an unreachable star.

      This is our quest…to follow that star.
      No matter how hopeless…No matter how far.

      To fight for the right,
      without question or pause…
      To be willing to march into hell
      for a heavenly cause.

      And we know if we’ll only be true
      to this glorious quest,
      that our hearts will lie peaceful and calm,
      when we’re laid to our rest.

      And the world will be better for this…
      that one man (Jesus Christ our Savior), scorned and
      covered with scars.
      Still strove with his last ounce of courage
      and reached the unreachable star.

      Yes he did the impossible…he lived a sinless life and died so that we may live. There is untold joy in this. There is no dispair.

  3. On a different note, I found this video very fascinating. There have been things written out there on discovering holes in the earth and explanations surrounding the “why” but watch this video about the “Door to Hell”(it does have an explanation). Apparently there are holes that exist in Europe and other places that appeared to be tunneled straight down “into” or “out of” the earth with no apparent explanation of how they got there.

  4. I had tracked this situation the last round. Now it’s back to deceive the Body of Christ again. I believe the spirit (or spirits) behind this are somehow tied into the demonic UFO’s. Same spirits different expression perhaps. FYI-

    -by Andrew Strom.

    I just saw the video of Rick Joyner announcing that Todd Bentley
    is back ministering every night at Morningstar in North Carolina
    and now they have so-called “revival” manifestations eerily similar
    to Lakeland. They also announced that they are streaming these
    big meetings every night on their new TV channel – and they are
    greatly promoting the whole thing.

    Now I am a tongues-speaking Pentecostal myself – but can I ask
    a simple question here please? What kind of “spirit” was it
    operating in the Lakeland revival – when the leader and main focal-
    point of the meetings (Todd Bentley) was having an adulterous
    affair behind the scenes? Was it truly the “Holy” Spirit that was
    anointing something so sensual and unholy? And now that Todd
    divorced his wife and married his mistress – are we supposed to
    welcome him back and this “anointing” with him? What is going
    on here? Rick Joyner has been warned very specifically by high-
    level ministries not to do what he is doing now – bringing Todd
    Bentley back into the limelight. And yet it seems he does not
    care. Apparently the “manifestations” are all that matter.

    So what exactly are these ‘manifestations’ if they are seemingly
    at home in such an unholy environment? Are they from God at
    all? (I am talking here about the violent “jerking”, uncontrollable
    laughter, bodily contortions, drunkenness, ‘portals’, strange “angel”
    encounters, etc.) Why do we not see such an ‘anointing’ in the
    Bible? Why aren’t Jesus or the apostles promoting these
    manifestations if they really are true Revival? Why instead do we
    see these things all the way through the New Age and Hinduism,
    etc? Do we not realize that many false religions have their own
    version of “laying on of hands” that results in these very types of
    manifestations? This ‘spirit’ is not in the Bible – but it is all the
    way through Kundalini-type Hinduism! Don’t you think this should
    alarm us?


    If you search for Kundalini and Shakti on the Internet, you will find
    that multitudes of people in the New Age and Eastern religions
    still experience these powerful manifestations. Often this is with
    the help of a Guru, who touches them on the forehead so that
    they can experience a “Kundalini Awakening”.

    As researcher Robert Walker wrote in 1995:
    “The meetings which mystic Hindu gurus hold are called ‘Darshan’.
    At these meetings devotees go forward to receive spiritual experience
    from a touch by the open palm of the hand, often to the forehead,
    by the guru in what is known as the Shakti Pat or divine touch.
    The raising of the spiritual experience is called raising Kundalini…
    After a period when the devotee has reached a certain spiritual
    elevation they begin to shake, jerk, or hop or squirm uncontrollably,
    sometimes breaking into uncontrolled animal noises or laughter
    as they reach an ecstatic high. These manifestations are called
    ‘Kriyas’. Devotees sometimes roar like lions and show all kinds
    of physical signs during this period. Often devotees move on to
    higher states of spiritual consciousness and become inert
    physically and appear to slip into an unconsciousness…”

    And as the guru Shri Yogãnandji Mahãrãja wrote:
    “When Your body begins trembling, hair stands on roots, you laugh
    or begin to weep without your wishing, your tongue begins to utter
    deformed sounds, you are filled with fear or see frightening visions…
    the Kundalini Shakti has become active.”

    In China there is a popular Kundalini-type movement called ‘Qigong’.
    When a Chinese Qigong spiritual master spoke in the USA in
    1991, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that many in the crowd
    began to experience “spontaneous movements”. The master told
    his audience, “Those who are sensitive might start having some
    strong physical sensations – or start laughing or crying. Don’t worry.
    This is quite normal.”

    When you see videos of these “kriyas” or other Kundalini-type
    manifestations, you would often swear that you are watching a
    modern “Impartation”-type church meeting. (And I say this as
    someone who believes strongly in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I just
    don’t believe in “alien” anointings infiltrating the Body of Christ!
    There is a big difference between Kundalini and the real Holy Spirit).

    Since 1993-4, I believe a foreign spirit has been allowed to invade
    the church – first through Rodney Howard-Browne’s ministry – then
    Toronto, then the Prophetic movement (which I was part of at the
    time) and on into Lakeland and many other ministries and
    movements. I urge people now to “test the spirits” just as we are
    commanded to in Scripture. Do not let just anyone lay hands on
    you. This is a powerful spirit and it has the backing of a lot of
    big-name ministries. In fact, these men and women are the very
    ones responsible for allowing it to spread right through the body
    of Christ. And one day they will be answerable to God for doing so.

    We are specifically warned in the Bible that the Last Days will be
    a time of “seducing spirits,” false prophets, ‘lying signs and
    wonders,’ and that we always need to watch for “angels of light”
    masquerading as the real thing. Why does the modern church
    not take these warnings seriously? Aren’t we living in the very
    days that the Bible warns about?

    Right now I need to do something that I have never done in such
    a way before. I have never before published a list of ministries or
    movements to watch out for. But this time I have to. This sickness
    has gone on long enough. I urge you to cut yourself off from
    the following ministries and their tainted “anointings” my friends.
    Even though some of these people say “good things” at times, it
    is simply not worth having any involvement with them due to the
    tainted anointing that they endorse or minister in themselves. Here
    is the list-

    (1) Todd Bentley.
    (2) Rodney Howard Browne – the so-called “Holy Ghost Bartender.”
    (2) Rick Joyner or anyone connected with Morningstar Ministries.
    (3) John Arnott & any connected with TACF (The “Toronto Blessing”).
    (4) Peter Wagner of the ‘New Apostolic Reformation’ who claims
    to be head of a worldwide network of ‘apostles’ – who publicly
    endorsed Lakeland and will soon preach at Toronto TACF alongside
    other “false anointing” advocates.
    (5) Mike Bickle and IHOP Kansas City (-I lived nearby for over
    two years – and know how much they are into all this stuff. Mike
    Bickle promotes it in his book).
    (6) Bob Jones – the Kansas City prophet whose ministry is utterly
    tainted by it all.
    (7) Patricia King and anyone else from ‘Extreme Prophetic.’
    (8) John Crowder & anyone connected with “Sloshfest.”
    (9) Bill Johnson of Bethel church, Redding – who says some good
    things but publicly endorsed Lakeland and promotes the “false
    anointing” very strongly behind the scenes.
    (10) Heidi & Rolland Baker of IRIS Ministries – who do good work
    amongst the poor in Mozambique – but who have also carried
    and promoted this tainted anointing for years.
    (11) Randy Clark, Wes & Stacey Campbell, and other key
    figures from the “Toronto blessing.”
    (12) The Elijah List – and almost anyone featured on it.

    Of course there are a huge number of lesser-known preachers
    and ministries who carry or endorse this Kundalini-type “anointing”
    around the world. But I have concentrated here on the most
    influential that I know of. It really is an enormous issue in the
    church. I urge anyone who is a supporter of any of the above
    ministries to really check them out thoroughly. If you find (as I have)
    that they carry or endorse this false Kundalini spirit in the church,
    then please stop supporting them in any way – and whatever you
    do, don’t let them “lay hands” on you!

    I am putting everything on the line to be “naming names” like this.
    But I believe it is that serious. How on earth did we get to the point
    where “kriyas” just like Hinduism are spreading through the church?

    Please forward this email to everyone you know, blogs and boards,
    etc. These people are trying to “relaunch” this whole thing right
    now. Help us get this warning out. To see a video showing “kriyas”
    and other Kundalini-type manifestations, please click on the
    Youtube links below-

    Please send feedback on this article to-

    God bless you all!

    Andrew Strom.

    • I recall these manifestations starting with The John Wimber Ministries prior to the Toronto Blessing.

      I was in the US attending a Wimber conference in New Orleans with many leaders from the Charismatic movement present.
      I witnessed personally Groups of people Growl, Laugh, shake, contort It was happening all around My wife & I but never touched us (we had pray beforehand) After the meeting Wimber called for The Leaders of all churches in attendance to meet with Him in order to receive this anointing (He passed it On) to take back to their flock. All of the leaders from my Group went Except I.

      upon returning Home to Australia the anointing begang to be implemented with much opposition from Me, in the end I left breaking all ties with the Church.

      It is not the Holy Spirit present in these meetings, But “hordes of Demons” coming upon the crowd giving them these sensations. They infiltrate the Mind which Has become Passive by suggestion of the Leader.

      These manifestations were also taking place after the Welsh revival (Jesse pen Lewis recorded in the book War on the Saints)

      John B

    • Hi John B. – I agree most of this is false signs and wonders and it is the evangelical version of the Marian apparitions. Deception. I watched Bentley for a month, every night during the so-called revival. I thought he was a false prophet then and I do so now. People are so hungry to have the supernatural manifest that it seems they will embrace just about anything. No one ever tested the spirits with Bentley. Have you seen some of the early YOUTUBE videos where he talks about Emma the “angel?” I may post about this as people need to be aware of the deception…. L.A.

    • Hi Mr Marzulli, I would be real intrested in seeing posts about this subject, Ive heard of the toronto revival, but really dont have much info on these people mentioned. I find it fasinating, I wonder if the people leading these sighns and wonder “shows” know that it is false, or if they too are decieved?

  5. lynn,

    yes! the fact that the someone ‘called in’ a threat to history channel is very significant!
    do you believe that:

    1. the threat was called in because the ufos are military

    2. the threat was called in because the military has no control over ufos

    3. the threat was called in because the ‘aliens’ control our miltary

    4. the call was demonic in origin, supernaturally energized
    (phil imbrogno reported anomalous phone calls when investigating PA ufos)

    5. all of the above.

  6. Thank you, Dr. marzulli for getting the information out on this excellent blog!

    The following are exerpts from, a website dedicated to spreading the messages of Mary, the mother of Jesus, Jesus, Michael the Archangel, ect. Heaven visited Veronica Leuken of Bayside, NY for over 20 years until her death in the mid ’90’s. There is such an explosion of information I decided to only blog relevant material to today’s post.

    Yes, it is Catholic, yes I am Catholic, yes I do believe that the Bayside apparitions and prophecies are true, real and authentic. It is with great reserve that I post this because of the anti-Catholism prevalent on this blog. Respectfully, I am not going to respond to any religious arguments here, I only want to affirm, reaffirm and verify to anyone who has an ear to hear that I believe that there are no ET’s, only fallen angels, as these particular prophecies tell us.

    By the way, Medjugorgje is not endorsed by this group, but Fatima is.
    Here it is:


    In a cave so deep and wide,
    Your flying saucers seek to hide;
    Sent up through space, confusion to found.
    Your earth is now clothed all around
    With spirits of darkness who travel by night.
    But do not be frightened; pray for their flight. – Veronica, November 24, 1993

    Veronica – Oh, there are two flying saucers now. They are going very, very high into the sky….
    Our Lady – “Be not afeared, for you are being allowed to see what satan plans to delude mankind with. There is no life as you know it, or human being, or otherwise, upon another planet. The creation of the Father has been given to you in the Book of love and life. Do not fantasize of life on other planets, My children. It is a falsehood. Were it not so you would have been told, for the Father hides nothing from His children. He created man, known Adam and Eve, and as such they were the first of your–of the Father’s creation. You may say, your first mother and father symbol.” – Our Lady of the Roses, September 28, 1974

    “In this final battle, there are many agents of hell loosed upon earth. They are traveling in transports. Do not be won over to a false theory of life beyond the heavens, other than the Kingdom of God. Know that it is satan who sends these vehicles before you. They are to confuse and confound you. These objects that take flight across your earth are from hell. They are only the false miracles of your times.
    “Recognize them, My children; they are not a figment of man’s imagination. They are present in your atmosphere, and they will become more dominant as the fight goes on for the souls.” – Our Lady of the Roses, December 24, 1973

    “There are no beings on other planets. We’ve explained to you about the vehicles from hell. So if you keep on wasting your country’s money by looking for life on other planets, you will have more starving in your nation. And your country shall go down the drain, so to speak—economically, morally, and actually, factually destroyed.” – Jesus, November 1, 1985

    “Do not look for land, do not look on another planet for life, for there is none. Only those who delude you tell you this. What you saw, My child, in the past, called a flying saucer by mankind, We have allowed many to see this. They are transports from hell. However, We have never seen a demon, My child, who has taken on a human form, except through the spirit….
    “What you have now, because of the sins of mankind, all hell is loosed upon earth. Satan now knows that his time is growing short. That is the truth, My children. I tell you all: your time is growing short.” – Jesus, June 18, 1992

    Veronica – Oh! Oh, I see a–oh, it’s a very large pit, I guess, a hole. And sitting down there at the edge of the hole are some horrible-looking things. They look like animals, but they have almost the figures of people.
    And they’re sitting around now, what looks like a glass. And the glass is reflecting up through the hole, and it’s almost like a looking glass because its… The rays—there are rays being shot out from this glass, and the rays are going up, up this hole. And I’m watching the rays. And they’re shooting out onto the grounds. And as they’re going up, riding these rays are these horrible, ugly things, these–I know they’re demons; I know. Now Our Lady said:
    Our Lady – “Watch, My child, what else is exiting from the hole.”
    Veronica – Oh, my goodness! There are things that look like bright lights, but they’re like dome-like on the top. And they don’t have any windows; they’re just great lights. And Our Lady now is standing at the edge of this hole, and She’s pointing. And She’s saying:
    Our Lady – “Man will not accept the truth. These are transports of hell.”
    Veronica – Oh, Our Lady’s referring to these things that are being seen on earth. Our Lady said:
    Our Lady – “Make it known, My child, that the false miracles of the end time are now at hand. satan seeks to confuse you. Make it known, My child, that there is no life beyond your earth as you know it. Man will go out into space. Better that he uses these efforts to find his way back to God.” – Our Lady of the Roses, May 30, 1973

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