UFO Cartoon – Fun or Deception?

This cartoon was sent to me by “Rose.” I’m posting it in today’s BLOG as yet another link in the coming Great Deception. I know some of you out there will say, “L.A., you need to relax a little and not take this so seriously! After all it’s only a cartoon!” Hmmmm – Maybe I’m going a little to far on this one….. NOT!

So let’s strip this thing down and expose what is going on here. First off Ziggy is a cartoon. It’s sole purpose is to entertain, to make us laugh. But it’s creator has a world-view, as does everyone else on this planet and that world view is reflected in this cartoon. I’d love to find out what he really believes in! In my opinion this cartoon is a one panel version of the movie Knowing. I will link the video of my presentation at the 2009 Roswell conference, that Leif has put up on YOUTUBE again so you can take another look. I’m comparing this cartoon to the movie because like Knowing, it brings together the idea that angels – those mysterious beings that are talked about throughout the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible – are somehow inexorably linked to the UFO phenomena. It would seem clear from the cartoon that angels travel about in UFOs. Then we have the one line proclamation, You won’t believe the cosmology that they’ve come up with! I believe this is yet another attempt at pointing us toward the Alien Gospel. For those of you who don’t know what this is, here it is:

1. Aliens created all life on this planet.

2. Aliens were responsible for genetically manipulating man into his present form.

3. Aliens created the worlds religions and were responsible for the miracles in the Bible.

4. Aliens were worshipped by our primitive ancestors as gods.

5. Aliens are back at this critical juncture in out history.

So am I wrong here? Am I overreaching, building a case, or is the writing plainly visible on the wall? It would seem that this is yet anther presentation of the Alien Gospel. The cartoon shows us that we were wrong in our assumption that angels were somehow connected to a personal God. It informs us that our cosmology and predominantly a Christian cosmology is errant, misguided, and archaic. Because it points out that our cosmology is errant it then steers us toward another cosmology and that is evident by the hovering craft that the other “angel,” with a puzzled expression on his face, is occupying. Yes, it’s only a cartoon and good for a chuckle, but there were also cartoons in Nazi Germany that promulgated an idea, a philosophy a world view. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling the Ziggy Cartoon a Nazi ploy or in any way linking it with Fascism, but cartoons can shape opinions, and the Ziggy cartoon is doing just that, it’s putting forth a world view and that’s why I’m Blogging on it today. In closing todays’ post I would point out that the coming great deception is all around us. Movies, TV shows, advertisements, the Vatican and now cartoons are all pointing us to accept E.T. This, in my opinion is what we have been warned about millenia ago. That even the elect would be deceived if that were possible…

….because they did not believe the truth God sends them strong delusion….

Here’s a link to a video that was created from my presentation at this years UFO conference in Roswell: Thanks to Leif!


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  1. “L.A., you need to relax a little and not take this so seriously! After all it’s only a cartoon!”

    Just kidding.

    So just when i thought the alien gospel was taking a break this gem pops up. I hope i am wrong, but with all the alien movies lately, news of exoplanets, this to me lines up perfectly with “official disclosure” as outlined in the Brookings report. Of course, i am now of the opinion that such “Disclosure” would be a deception by Satan and his ilk.

    The indoctrination is really getting thick out in the world. Today, i had some coworkers talking about Avatar and i was kind of trying to explain why we Christians may have issues with what was presented in the film. I sent them to this blog and the Infowars article and explained that i think it’s indoctrination. let’s hope it helps.



    • Hi there!
      If you go to watchermagazine.com you’ll discover a nifty little cache of articles relating to the memes in media and their socio-cultural implications/effects. The website is part of the ministry of Derek and Sharon Gilbert…..and it comes to one and all as highly recommended reading :^D
      Blessings in Christ.

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  3. These movies are due out this month. The Hollywood deception wheel keeps turning. These types of movies along with Avatar and that ilk are becoming more and more frequent, it appears.

    “The Book of Eli” Release 1/15/2010
    “In a post-apocalyptic America where the once-picturesque countryside has become a desolate and violent wasteland, one man (Denzel Washington) fights to protect that “sacred tome” that could hold the key to the survival of the human race”.
    (I wonder what tome that is )

    “Legion” Release 1/22/2010
    “…concerns a group of strangers in an out-of-the-way eatery who become the first line of defense when God, believing the human race is no longer worthy of Him, decides to end their existence. This motley crew’s only spiritual ally is the archangel Michael…”

    This sounds like the “vengeful god” stuff I keep hearing from the History channel, etc.

    Lyn, looking forward of 2.5 hours of your excellent commentary.

  4. Ok, I am going to stick my neck out here fully knowing I will get blasted. I have asked related questions on this blog before, but did not get very much feedback.

    I believe in a “partial” alien gospel, but not in the way it is being portrayed. I believe in 3, 4 and 5 of the numerated list that was given. I reject that the human race was “created” by aliens. I do believe there has been attempts to genetically manipulate humans, i.e. Nephilim, but that God took care of that abomination.

    Let me enlist some logical (hopefully) thoughts and see if all can follow this.

    1) we believe that angels are real and servants of God
    2) there are such things as fallen angels
    3) fallen angels have some connection to the UFO phenomenon

    So following the logic if A=B and B=C, then A must equal C, then how can we be so sure that the “good” angels do not also have some connection to a UFO phenomenon?

    Now I believe we are in no position to discern what is considered a good alien versus a bad alien, so it was made very easy and straight forward for us. Our salvation will come from a man who walked on Earth, Jesus Christ. Faith in him will save you. So I believe that there is a positive alien gospel, but an attempt to evaluate such a gospel will only lead us to Satan who has the ability to deceive us.

    A couple of biblical observations that might point to a positive alien gospel.
    1) It seems that angels spend an awful lot of time talking to people from mountains, temples, steeples, pyramids and obelisks. All of these earthly objects have in common a high point that has a fixed coordinate on earth.

    2) Many references to contacts with the Lord are smoke filled (coming with the clouds) by day and filled with fire by night. Ever look at fireworks during the day. All you see is smoke and by night all you see is the fire.

    3) Many references to contacts with the Lord (i.e. Moses on the Mountain, temple, etc.) state that all those outside of a perimeter must stay out or they will die. All those inside the perimeter must stay in or they will die. Now I ask you, if a mountain has a floating alien craft over top of it and its propulsion is around the outside circumference of the vessel, then their is a perimeter that must not be crossed, either in or out.

    4) Angels and the Lord spend an awful lot of time making sure that prophets and Jesus were removed from the Earth. Just speculation, but this would seem they don’t want any evil entity to acquire these bodies. They even go so far to “take-up” certain prophets before they die. Does this not sound like an abduction? I am not suggesting that abductions are good, but maybe I am pondering that not ALL abductions are bad. There are good and bad angels, why can’t there be a good and bad alien gospels.

    I suppose this write-up is mostly academic, but I write it because I am intellectually curious. There is no way on Earth I would place faith into a good alien gospel for my salvation. What I will be looking for in my salvation is what Jesus (and the prophet John) told me to believe for the end times.

    So please don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that anyone look to an alien gospel to save them, but I am intellectually curious if anyone finds these observations to be interesting as I do.

    • Watcher,

      I won’t blast you, i apologize if anyone here has before. I once kind of thought as you did, but have since come to realize how this could be part of a deception by Satan. Let me first say that I do believe that there could be legitimate ET’s out there somewhere, but I do not believe any of the alien gospel.

      I once was of the opinion that aliens could have created us, or Biblical events could have been really aliens. there are some attractive arguments that can be misleading. i almost believed them. As i was thinking about this and thinking about God and the Bible i had several ideas.

      1) If real aliens were here, then there would still be God (the almighty) above them?

      2) Even if they claim to have created us, then who created them?

      I guess my turning point came in listening to Future Quake, Russ Dizdar and reading the testimony of Guy Malone. His online testimony “Come Sail Away” really helped reign me back in. LA’s Alien interviews (not to toot his horn too much) also helped as well. But above all, I prayed to God some time ago to show me the truth about aliens, UFOs and all this stuff. I prayed this in Jesus’ name. I also started reading the Bible daily, with the prophets, and some NT stuff. it took some time and some research here, but ultimately i came to the opinion that aliens in this situation are a lie. I can’t say, “AHA, God told me” but in way I feel He led me to the right answers. Maybe even so i can share my past with you.

      Additionally, there is alot of Evidence pointing to the fact that these “aliens” are extradimensional, in light of this and their constant teaching that we can “evolve” spiritually I personally must conclude that they are fallen angels or demonic. Especially remember what the Bible says that if a spirit speaks another gospel, let him be (anathema/eternally cursed). if they are “Higher dimensionals” then they must be spiritual in nature, and as spirits, they are subject to God.

      If you want some resources to help you straighten some things out, I would recommend reading CS Lewis’ “Out of the Silent Planet” as well as listening to Russ Dizdar’s “Shatter The Darkness” podcast. Actually if you go to itunes and subscribe to Revelations Radio you’ll get Russ’, future quake, and some other petrinent points. these are Christian oriented, but it is an alternative to the standard UFO camp stuff and can help you look at things from another angle.

      let me know if this helps, or if you have other questions about my past experience. I would love to share with you.


    • Hello Hopeful Watcher,

      Frank always makes some excellent points on this blog and I think he is well on to something here.

      In my view I think you may miss a few beats because of the use of classic Aristotalian logic which can come up flawed under a variety of circumstances. The apostle Paul had trouble convincing the greeks of anything dispite all of the powerful miracles he had witnessed. The fact is when any human has a psycadelic experience it is difficult if not sometimes impossible to identify where that experience came from.

      When the angel appeared to Mary to tell her of Gods blessing apon her she didn’t rejoyce at first…she was scared! Even though that angel was directly a messenger from God…she didn’t know and fell on her knees scared. Even under that circumstance the etheral experience could not be identified on its face.

      Unfortunately all of the logic you appled to this discussion comes from your own experience and understanding. It may not be reasonable to apply our own internal logic to an extra or ultra terrestial. There is too much that we don’t know and have no way of knowing.

      To me this is the real key to the great deception and the unfolding of the alien gospel. Its really elegant and powerful when you think about it. For example: if you and I were sitting in a coffee shop talking about this and right in front of us a complex looking craft intracately involved in the laws of physics landed before our very eyes and an actual living creature who was grey came out we would be astounded! No matter the theories and philosophies we spoke of in our conversation, the reality of that moment would put us into shock and awe. Now think about this for a moment…in that moment we would have NO IDEA really where that thing came from or what it really was! Because of our lack of knowledge and the shock and awe that creature would have a completely clean slate to simply tell us whatever it wanted us to know truth lie or otherwise. We are illequiped to really know and fully dependant on that creature for our information.

      Bam! Thats it right there…that’s what we will be facing. A whole mess of real out of this world stuff right in front of our eyes with no appearent explaination except those offered by the ones who dropped in. The speculation will be over! It will demand that we think something and demand that we think it now!

      No ammount of university education, or well ballanced esthetic sensitivity, or stretegic up to the minute analysis could equip us for such an unearthly and wholy fantastic happening.

      Logic will fail…faith will be our only key.

    • good call Wilson.

      yes, any “aliens’ appearing would immediately have us at a disadvantage. they could (and do) tell us anything. we have no way of knowing for certain the intentions of this creature. It may tell us it has no reason to lie, but how do we know that for sure. if I had a reason to lie to someone, the first thing I would do is tell you i have no reason to lie!

      Advanced technology does not mean advance moral sensibilities.

    • Wilson and Frank… thank you. And I do agree with many things you say. I hope I didn’t come across too strong as suggesting that I had it “figured out”. Far from it. I have a very creative and curious intellect, so I think I enjoy trying to chase rabbits down their holes.

      Wilson you nailed it and is probably a good way to sum up this topic all together.

      “Logic will fail…faith will be our only key.”

      Which brings me back to what I was saying before. That I am not relying on such things for my salvation. I am looking to the good book and faith in God’s promise. No matter what the “details” of the truth may look like, the “fundamentals” of that truth are the Jesus is the way and the life. Period.

      Thanks for playing along though and giving me your thoughts. I found them interesting and enlightening.

    • Thanks also Wilson for my little shout out yesterday.

      Watcher, i prayed for you last night as well, and will continue to do so.


  5. L.A. you are not crazy!

    You mentioned Hitler cartoons, well Hitler’s propaganda minister made it very plain that the best place to hide something was right in plain sight! People get used to seeing it and then whatever the nefarious powers that be can do anything they want to.

    Why? Because the people are so used to it, they don’t think there is any harm in it. “Oh, that’s been here for years, don’t even mention it!”

    We have been conditioned for decades. War of the Worlds scared everyone at first, but they quickly got used to “Little Green Men!” This became the basis for ridicule for anyone who seriously questioned the phenomenon.

    Star Trek and Star Wars played enormous roles in pacification and indoctrination of the masses.

    Cartoons like Sesame Street showed demon like creatures as the good guys. It goes on and on.

    One day, maybe real soon, BANGO! We’re out of here. The loony left can have the place !


  6. One more thing!

    I just finished watching the entire “Roswell Cover Up” movie that you posted the link for here. Its a shameless attack on the Gospel. There is an attempt to ridicule Christians and to promote the “Alien gospel” complete with ties to evolution and every alterative theory that has come down the pike in the past 50 years.

  7. lynn,

    no you are not over reacting…
    this “theme” of “alien seeding” is SO pervasive now…
    and i think about the kids in schools, they hear this bunk over and over,
    but they are not taught and have no biblical foundation upon which to build…
    so yes, of course they will believe in the alien gospel-

    i saw an interview with steven hawkings where he admits that human DNA is a much too complex code to have risen out of primordial ooze randomly and all by itself…
    and he has no problem theorizing that aliens seeded the human race-
    but his face contorts with rage when you ask him if Jehovah God created humans…

    so, darwinism is now plugged into the alien gospel also!
    and since darwinism is now the de facto “truth” (small t) universities teach now,
    i mean you can see where this is all going now-

    disclosure? yes, its a very slow, methodical disclosure, taking place over generations and generations~

  8. What was the SpingHeeled Jack? Devil-man?
    Spring-Heeled Jack first leapt out of the shadows in the late fall of 1837 and there has been reported sighting since.
    The creature was reputed to be be able to leap huge hedgerows,and breathe flames from his mouth.

    It seemed his modus opperandi was to secret himself behind walls or bushes and then leap out on unsuspecting travellers. Usually he would rip their clothes with the claws on his hands,and breathe flames into the victims’ faces. Then, with shock still immobilizing his prey, he would bound away in huge, leaping strides which covered great distances at each step. The thing about the devil-man which most stuck out in the minds of the victims were his terrible, protruding,hell-like eyes, and his peculiar ringing laughter, which echoed in their minds for days afterward.
    Throughout the 19th century, Spring-Heeled Jack was sighted all over England. After a brief period of inactivity in the late 1830’s he was seen time and time again in the 1840’s and 50’s.

    In August 1877 one of the most notable reports about Spring Heeled Jack came from a group of soldiers in Aldershot’s barracks. This story went as follows: a sentry on duty at the North Camp peered into the darkness, his attention attracted by a peculiar figure bounding across the road towards him, making a metallic noise. The soldier issued a challenge, which went unheeded, and the figure vanished from sight for a few moments. As the soldier turned back to his post, the figure reappeared beside him and delivered several slaps to his face with “a hand as cold as that of a corpse”. Attracted by the ensuing noise, several men rushed to the place, but they claimed that the character leapt several feet over their heads and landed behind them. One of the guards shot at him, with no visible effect other than to enrage his target;
    In the autumn of 1877, Spring Heeled Jack was reportedly seen at another location, An angry mob supposedly chased him and cornered him, and just as in Aldershot a while before, residents fired at him to no effect. As usual, he was said to have made use of his leaping abilities to lose the crowd and disappear once again.
    In South Herefordshire, not far from the Welsh border, a travelling salesman named Marshall claimed at some unspecified time until as late as 1997 to have had an encounter with a Spring Heeled Jack–like entity in 1986. The man leaped in enormous, inhuman bounds, passed Marshall on the road, and assulted him.
    A variety of paranormal explanations have been proposed to explain the origin of Spring Heeled Jack, including that he was an extraterrestrial entity with a non-human appearance and features, (e.g., retro-reflective red eyes, or phosphorus breath) and a superhuman agility deriving from life on a high gravity world, jumping ability and strange behaviour and that he was a demon, accidentally or purposefully summoned into this world by practitioners of the occult, or who made himself manifest simply to create spiritual turmoil.
    Other sightings:
    Between 1938-1945, he made dozens of appearances in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts.
    Was seen crossing a Houston lawn in 1953 by three people.
    During the 1970s, Jack returned in both England and the US. In 1973 family in Sydney, NC reported a gaunt, long haired man with pointed ears and glowing red eyes, taking leaps they estimated at 50 or 60 feet.
    In 1979, more than a dozen residents of Plano, TX saw a creature, described as ten feet tall with pointed ears, cross a football field with just a few strides-like those taken by an astronaut on the moon.

    The most recent record of a Spring Heeled Jack type creature comes from an elementary school in West Surry. Children and staff witness this creature; they describe him as “all black, with red eyes.They also said he could run as fast as a car, and would approach some children a few staff and tell them, “I want you.”

    If true, these stories sound very troubling. To know a entity such as this are allowed to or able to somehow cross over through another dementions, wheather though some type of portal or invited through occult practices is very disturbing to say the least

  9. I have written a long article on these entities on another site.(haven’t finished yer).
    But there is a three ringed circus of performers in this area of the strange. Hard to put a conclusion on them as to “why”.

    One example out of many, many I will post here in brief.
    A family on a lone road ran out of gas and pulled into a round roadside restaurant. They went in to dine, were waited on by blonde personel, and the place even had a dance floor.

    When they left after a time, their car started and seemed to have gas enough. Down the way, they ran into a construction crew and mentioned the restaurant.
    The crew said that there was no such restaurant. They tried to go back to find it and never did. Bizarro.

    That being said, I feel that when this show shows up big time, it will be so incredibley overwhelming that it will make the sci fi movies look like child’s play. I am not sure we can imagine it properly at this time.

    I pray that we who are of Christ and saved by His blood, will be translated out of here before it happens. Because if not yet, there will be a testing of faith unlike anything in history.

    We will have people in power telling us it’s the truth, our neighbors, the world media and the UN, and the demonstrations of the entities not only in flyovers, but perhaps walking our streets with their false message carried with them.

    The Word states that the Image of the Beast will CAUSE all to take the mark. How do we interpret that? Does it mean that they will be compelled by an order, by police, or just to survive. A hot sun will CAUSE solar flares and scorched skin.
    Does the word CAUSE mean some power will be generated that people will be marked without an action on their part?

    Tumultous times ahead.

  10. LA,

    This is an extremely powerful cartoon. I am glad you were not lulled into passivity by the seemingly inocuous Ziggy. This cartoon says in one short frame, what books and movies take hours to do. Brevity always has a greater impact in its message. Is it cute? Yes. Is it colorful? Yes. But so is a golden poison dart frog. If you touch, you die.

    What’s more is that the cartoon clearly implies that traditional belief–biblical belief–is akin to believing in Santa Claus–cute, but for simpletons and it needs to be dispensed with. This is one of the most disturbing promotions of the alien gospel I’ve seen because it’s mainstream popular culture, not fringe.

  11. lynn,

    along the lines of “cartoons”…

    looks like avatar is on its way to becoming the highest grossing film of all time!
    many, many people have reported being depressed after seeing the movie-

    as for myself, not so much…

    the “immersive world” everyone seems to be talking about,
    left me unimpressed…
    the special effects were too “cartoony” for me-
    likewise the outdoor and rainforest scenes… not “photorealistic” enough for me…

    maybe because i was forewarned by you about such movies-
    but the plot about the tree being a godlike hub of energy left me unimpressed also…

    no. i did not “fall in love” with the planet of pandora, like everyone else seems to have-

    cameron the moviemaker seems to have eclipsed himself by aiming low-
    the movie is almost a childs movie, but all the more better to spread his polytheistic worldview-

    just think about how far we as a nation have sunk!
    the last mega-hit was a romance about a poor kid and a rich girl on a boat!

    this time around, the new age spin cycle is on rinse mode,

    and our culture has received a thorough brainwashing!
    (WE pay THEM for getting the montauk treatment)

    rinse cycle indeed…

    • yo hector, i hear that some people are experiencing depression after Avatar. it is supposedly getting people so pulled in they don’t want to leave! rinse indeed!

    • Whoa there! people getting depressed? If so…well then…seems that the ol’ Montauk treatment is definitely at play! In no way did I experience any such thing. I’ll presume that being a Follower of the Way (the name for believers in Jesus before ‘Christian’ became the tag) most likely exempts one form that feeling. Have any believers reported this?!? Can you name a source for this news? And Hector, do you know of any well-documented sources for Montauk material? Years ago I gulped down the Peter Moon “Montauk” series but as of today I am uncertain as to its unmitigated veracity. Nonetheless I have no doubt that the Montauk, New York experiments went hand-in-hand with MK Ultra nastiness. Thanks for you always interesting insights. God bless!

  12. Great reference material for this topic (along with our esteemed Dr. L.A. Marzulli is by Dr. Chuck Missler. Check out YouTube offering: Return of the Nephilim at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HldV5rmNDEw

    Another to look up is Missler and Mark Eastman’s conference from 1997 Roswell meeting: Alien Encounters. They also has a book published by the same name.

    Another older reference is an MP3 download by the late Dr. Walter Martin:A Christian view of UFOs at http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=2190615720

    Hope these will serve to help!

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