Roswell Revisited PLUS New Youtube video of your Intrepid Reporter!

I’m going to link to a site that has a review of a new book on the Roswell Crash of 1947.

This book would seem to prove that the UFO that was allegedly retrieved by the military was nothing more than a weather balloon….. and if you believe that I have a bridge near Brooklyn that I can sell you real cheap!

I read the review of the book, The Generals Widow, and I am left with the same impression that I get when one of the witnesses, to what happened decades ago, gets the courage to come forward and tell all. Skeptics and critics will offer the usual anecdotal pabulum, but let’s strip this down and expose what I believe is the truth. Rogene Cordes is the widow of General Harry Cordes. She joins a long list of witnesses, that have come forward in recent years, telling what they know about the crash. Now here’s the rub, if it was just one person, I suppose we could dismiss it. But we have many witnesses who have risked being ridiculed, and thought of as nut-cases that are all saying the same thing. That something, that was not of this earth crashed in the New Mexico Desert many years ago. I have Blogged about Edgar Mitchell’s starling admonition that the crash was real. Why would he risk his reputation as an astronaut if it weren’t true? I have reviewed Dr. Jesse Marcel’s book, The Roswell Legacy, that takes us to the night when his father brought pieces of the wreckage home and showed Jesse jr. and his mother. Marcel insists that what he saw that night was not, “man-made.” Marcel maintains that there was a cover up by the government, and that his father was the fall guy and discredited when the story was floated that he somehow mistook the crash site for a UFO, when it was a weather balloon. What is interesting to me is that Rogene Cordes lived near the crash-site and personally knew many of the key witnesses that came forward in later years. Can all these people be wrong, delusional, mistaken? It’s easy for the skeptic and the de-bunkers to shout down one witness, but what if we were able to assemble all of the Roswell witnesses together? I believe that their presence would speak for itself. In closing today’s post I would call your attention to the fact that when, not if a large craft finally manifests in broad daylight for all to see, it will be overwhelming. What will we believe? Will we embrace the concept that these are E.T.’s here to help us? That they created all life on earth, were the gods that the ancients worshipped, and created the worlds religions? If we don’t have an answer to this phenomena before it fully manifest, we may get caught in what I have termed the Great Deception. If you want to know more about the UFO phenomena may I suggest The Alien Interviews book? Dr. Marcel was interviewed as well as Dr. Jacobs, Dr. Leir, Dr. Kitei and others. If you want the facts, this book has them and will arm you with the truth behind the UFO phenomena.

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Here’s a link to a video that was created from my presentation at this years UFO conference in Roswell: Thanks to Leif!

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  1. Great blog sir! It makes one wonder what the government is covering up, and why. Our son served in the USMC for over six years. He was told by a high ranking Marine officer, “Son if you knew all that your government was involved in, it would scare you!” I believe that is absolutely the truth.

    Kevin J.

  2. good blog. Dr. Heiser also has an interesting take on Roswell,

    I have heard Jesse Marcel interviewed on Alejandro Rojas’ “UFO ThinkTank” or on “Open Minds Radio” (yeah right). it’s a good interview, but alejandro is right in line with the ET’s made us line. so be warned if you look it up.

    I posted earlier on a different post that there are a ton of articles lately about “Super Earth” this, or “Exoplanet” that. And think about the public has already been kinda programmed for “contact” in 2010, with Arthur C Clarke’s 2010. I think we are going to see something huge in UFO news this year. not to mention that this stuff has been ramping up alot.

    Blossom Goodchild has been making anti-Biblical statements on her blog lately, and just had a new channeling. as i read it, i could almost see/feel somesort of darkness to the message, and her blog posts lately. she thinks she’s walking in light, but i can see she’s in the dark.

  3. Off the posted topic today but this is what I consider the “Protestant” apparition version. It’s found in the prophetic movement w/trips to the 3rd Heavens(and beyond).

    You’ll find it’s the same Satanic ploy as the used w/the Catholics. Steer the Children of God away from His word & trust in other things.

    L.A., after researching this movement I’m highly confident if you were to interview some of these “prophetic” people’s experiences you would find aspects of them connecting to the UFO abduction phenomena. It seems to be more along the lines of an astral travel spiritual experience than a physical removal.

    What do you think? Can you get some interviews?

    Here is the thread and Article:
    “The dangers of IHOP and the Prophetic Movement!”

    • You hit the nail right on the head!

      It IS as Satanic ploy to divert attention from Jesus Christ.

      These types of things remind me of the Wizard of OZ, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

      “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision!

      Plunge in your sickle for the Earth must be reaped!”

  4. “This book would seem to prove that the UFO that was allegedly retrieved by the military was nothing more than a weather balloon…”

    After reading the post (THE GENERAL’S WIDOW: A ROSWELL TELL-ALL by Anthony Bragalia) at, I didn’t get the impression at all that the book was claiming that the retrieved object was a weather balloon at all. They seemed to be implying that it was NOT a weather balloon
    Not sure what I’m missing.

    • nycjeff – I then went on to say after the ellipses that if you believe that than I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d sell you real cheap! I was being sarcastic!

  5. lynn,

    i know and trust your experience and knowledge in this field, so i need to ask
    some what some might call basic silly questions:

    1. when the roswell disc crash occurred, do you feel that it was a demonic vehicle that was
    “phased in” to our dimension when it crashed, and this is why there are debris,
    alien grey bodies etc?

    2.what demonic class exactly would you classify the greys as? are they nephilim? are they hybrids?

    3. are the greys “a part of” their craft? in other words, is the ufo itself a biological/spiritual entity?
    or are the greys merely a biological/spiritual extension of the said ufo?

    4. if a ufo is a fallen angel, then what are the greys? demons?

    thanks for your help! 🙂

    • Hi Hector- Here’s some answers.
      1. I think that fallen angels created these vehicles because they have lost some mobility. They no longer have some of the same capabilities that they had before. This is speculation on my part. There is also the work of David Flynn who discovered that Roswell is the direct global opposite as Mount Hermon where the fallen angels descended the first time according to the Book of Enoch. Bottom line for me is that it was a deliberate crash….
      2. Grays are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim. Again that’s a theory.
      3. Yes. I think that the Grays integrate with the craft. I’ve heard this from those who have seen the craft up close – allegedly.
      4. A ufo is not a fallen angel, but the Grays are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim in other words demons.

    • Lynn,

      WOW thanks for those answers that is so awesome! 😀
      That makes sense and really adds up!

      Because, yes, if the ufos are really so all-powerful (zero-point energy, lol), why would they need to draw electricity from power lines?

      i agree that the roswell crash would have to be deliberate…
      (the nephilim were obviously “trying to make it look like an accident”)

      do you believe that there are actual greys in storage at a govt. base someplace?
      or perhaps the carcasses of the greys are merely decoys?

      and, the fallen angels created the ufos so that their kids the nephilim could hunt the planet looking for humans and cows?
      (not trying to be mocking, it just seems to me pretty much what it boils down to, of course, its not a funny thing to those who have been victimized!)

      again, it just makes sense…

      thanks, lynn, cuz theres so much outrageous JUNK out there about the greys!
      some people say there are benevolent greys, and then there are evil greys…

      others say the nordics are the good guys, but the reptilians are the bad guys…

      others say the reptilians are the bosses of the greys, and the greys are like robots-

      i mean, its no wonder that some people kinda “lose it” as they have studied ufos-
      it really is demonology wrapped up in a deceivingly high-tech dress…

      take for example others who thought they could commandeer demonic powers-
      alister crowley comes to mind- he died a penniless and destitute heroin addict…
      yet all these young pagans idolize and venerate him…

      the same with people they call “contactees” –
      the promises of these “alien entities” are never fullfilled,

      and humans ultimately pay the price!

  6. Hi Lynn,
    I look forward to your reply to Hector’s question above.

    Also,sorry to be a little “off-topic”,except for where the “bigger picture” is concerned…I was putting together some pieces to the “Maitreya/Mahdi/Antichrist-All in One” puzzle,which includes not only the Norway Spiral,but the Catholic church,too(that “harlot” of Revelation),and it may be of interest to some of your readers here. It looks like something is cooking up for 2010,according to those behind it!

    Respectfully,”On the Edge”

  7. The Flatwoods monster almost resembles the actual entity that showed up in FATIMA. When I take a good look at the ‘original’ story of the FATIMA encounters,
    the Flatwoods entity and the FATIMA entity seem to resemble each other.
    I would be curious if any of these recent entity appearances we have all heard about in the last few weeks , have had a stench associated with it. Anyone who studies a bit of demonology will learn about a variety of stenches associated with entities from another realm when they manifest on earth. Strong pungent smells have been associated with “demonic infestation” of homes as well as Bigfoot, Springheel Jack, various phantom “gassers”, and other creature reports.
    With the Flatwoods monster story it is reported the air smelled of strong sulfur, almost overpowering.

    • Hi Matt – Do you have any other links on the Flatwood manifestation? This link was a picture. I’ve heard about this but don’t know that much about it…. How do you think it ties in with Fatima?

    • My sister inlaw had a manifestation of the stench associated with a dark shadow in her house many years ago.

      she had returned home with her husband after a weekend retreat held by the “Catholic charismatic renewal”. The next day, a Monday she was home alone when this thing manifested in her room, she played some praise music which was at hand and the thing left.

      Latter that Day her husband received news that some others at the retreat who had received the Laying of Hands had also become subjected to various manifestations some becoming sick, others had their Hands becoming Black.

      This is a true story John B

  8. LA, I do apologize for not including the whole story. In my haste of comparing the accounts, I forgot to include them; below my comments are a few links.
    The connections and descriptions I feel bring to mind the Fatima apparition I will put in quotations. The reported “glowing pulsating sphere”, also a reported oversized head of a “fiery orange color”. Its eyes protruded and emitted beams of light. The body was dark green in color and extended claw-like hands with a “bright red face and eyes” resembling flashlights about a foot apart. Bright green clothing hung in folds from the waist down, and the head looked like the “ace of spades”.
    I would like to point out that, the “creature” witnessed was reportedly slightly less than ten feet tall in some accounts. Also, along with the original witnesses, there were a couple interviewed who claimed that on the evening following the original sighting, and ten to fifteen miles to the southwest of it, they encountered a ten foot tall creature emitting a foul odor. It approached their stalled car then returned to the woods. Moments later, a luminous, “pulsating sphere” arose from the trees and ascended into the sky.
    Some witnesses believe the entity was more mechanical in nature, such as a robotic probe or simply a “metallic” alien.
    A week before the Flatwoods event, a Weston woman and her mother encountered a similar creature with a foul odor present. The younger woman was so frightened that she was hospitalized for three weeks afterward.
    More sightings of the creature and the sphere were reported. A resident of nearby Birch River sighted a “bright orange object” in the air over Flatwoods

    Several of the witnesses reported an illness after the encounter. Symptoms were irritation of the nose and swelling of the throat. One suffered from vomiting and convulsions. The dog that was with the group of witnesses. Also started vomiting after the sighting. It died two days later. A physician who treated some of the witnesses described the sickness as being similar mustard gas exposure.

    After the sighting, the sheriff and Mr. A. Lee Stewert, co-owner of the local newspaper, they went back to the original sighting location… They found skid marks, flattened grass, and a thick black liquid. There was also a “sickening, burnt, metallic odor” that irritated the witnesses’ eyes, noses and throats.
    I would like to point out these witnesses in the are as credible as anyone else, in fact one witness Eugene Lemon was in the National Guard at the time of the sightings.

  9. This is not up my alley. Does anyone know
    of a good Christian apologetic book in regards
    to witchcraft and voodoo? Is this something Russ Dizdar may have written about?

    • Hi Lisa,

      While not addressing witchcraft or voodoo specifically, John Macarthur’s somewhat new book (within the last year) called The Truth Wars is a MUST for any Christian, in my opinion.

      God bless.
      Bill Lonas

    • The problem with witchcraft and voodoo is polythesim. Dave Hunt has an excellent apologetic to this in his article about the Trinity. Dr. Kurt Kock also
      address problems with witchcraft and voodoo in many of his books related to demonic deception and possession.

      “The problems with polytheism are equally obvious. There is no real God who is in charge, so the many gods fight wars and steal one another’s wives. There’s no basis for morals, truth or peace in heaven or earth. Polytheism’s basic problem is: diversity without unity.”

  10. Mr. Marzulli, Im sorry but im not sure how this works with the posting,Im trying to post but it doesnt seem to be showing up.

  11. I heard something about a flower scent & now I know what it was in regards to. All I had to do was ask my Catholic friend. Here is his reply:

    Lisa, what you’re talking about is called “the Odor (or Odour) of Sanctity”. The Wikipedia article on it is OK, without going into a lot of details. The Odor of Sanctity is a scent that cannot be identified, but it is usually described as the scent of flowers, or of roses — but different. It’s not generally associated with apparitions. Instead, it’s usually associated with saints, particularly at their deaths.

    In the case of St. Teresa of Avila, she is reported to have died in the odor of sanctity; when her body was exhumed to be moved closer to her home (14? years after she died?), her body was found to be perfectly preserved — incorrupt. An autopsy was done to determine the extent of the incorruptability. When her body was opened, not only were all her internal organs found to be perfectly preserved (as if she had just died) the scent of flowers filled the monastary where the autopsy was being performed, and remained for several days after the body was moved.

    The scent of flowers is not usually associated with apparitions; in fact, I can’t recall off the top of my pointy little head any recognized apparitions that included the scent of flowers. If any did, then it was such a minor part of the apparition that it was only mentioned in passing.

    Here is the article of the “Ordour of Sanctity”:

  12. To Late night Lisa, Ive heard of things like this, the saints body being perserved in a seemingly supernatural way. what do you (or anyone else that has an opinion on this subject) think ? is it just a hoax from the vatican, or something supernatural?

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