Burj Tower: As in the Days of Noah – Breaking NEWS!

Because I posted this late yesterday I’m leaving it up for another day. I think it is extremely relevant! L.A.

Today the 4th of January 2k10 something profound happened in our world. I was on the Bill Deagle show at noon – sorry I forgot to link it – and I was talking about the dedication of the Burj in Duabi. The Burj is the tallest building in the world by 1000 feet over its nearest competitor. Why was it dedicated today? Is this just a coincidence or is there a deeper meaning that most of us have overlooked? While on Deagle’s show I realized that I had been negligent in regard to a prophecy from the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible. In the Guidebook there is a very enigmatic passage that says…

“As in the days of Noah so it will be when the son of man returns.”

This is Jesus telling us what to watch for. He’s pointing to a time in history that is unlike any other. There is an event that differentiates those times from any other time in history. It is the presence of the fallen angels dwelling on the earth and having sexual union with the women, thus producing the Nephilim hybrid, that resulted in the flood of Noah. I have written books about this and BLOGGED about incessantly. However I was missing something more that had eluded me in the passage. Noah lived approximately 325 years after the flood. Something else of great significance happened during those years and it was the building of the Tower of Babel. Here is what the Guidebook tells us was the reason for it.

And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top [may reach] unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

The Tower of Babel was built in the time of Noah. Now we have another tower, the tallest building ever constructed by man. Is this another piece of the prophetic jigsaw puzzle? My answer to that is yes it is. This is the other side of, the days of Noah, but after the flood, where we see events that are unique to that time period. Now, in what I believe are the last days we are seeing another sign post, for those with eyes to see. The dedication of this tower was deliberate. In my opinion it is a signal that mirrors the defiance of the days of Noah.

The Georgia Guide Stones may provide us with another clue. No one knows who built this mysterious monument. Some say that the guide stones point to this day as significant. The ratio of  1 – 4 – 10 is used as in the construction and alignment of the stones.

“The odd, narrow proportions of the Guidestones appear to point to the date January 4th, 2010 which coincides with the completion of the Burj Dubai, a fantastically tall, new building erected in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If the two structures are truly connected in this manner, it almost certainly symbolizes the completion of a new Tower of Babel and the beginning of a New World Order where man – or more accurately certain men — can now reach godhood. It may, in fact, indicate that the builders believe an Antichrist has arrived…….”


I believe that this is major signal to those who would be gods. It may be, as the quote above suggests, that the Antichrist is soon to be revealed. I believe this is a major event. Please distribute this and link others to it. We may have crossed a prophetic line from which there is no return….


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  1. Thanks for the update, Lynn.

    Interesting synchronicity of the Georgia Guidestones and the Burj Tower.

    It should be noted that the Tower was designed by the same company that designed the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Twin Towers fits into the Sun symbolism – the Sun rising between two mountains or towers. The rising of a messianic entity. The rising Phoenix. Dubai definitely resonates the Phoenix and Atlantis rising symbolism. Of interest, the company also designed the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago represents the home state of President Obama, who is seen as the principal character that will create the atmosphere to usher in this messianic entity – the Masonic Christ.

    Have a look at the following AP video to also see the rising Sun/Phoenix symbolism in the light show presentation at the opening ceremony.


    • As a former Chicago-an, I still have trouble referring to our building as the “Willis” tower. To me, it’ll always be the Sears Tower. And as for Obama’s home state being Illinois, he lived there for a short time. He didn’t live there long enough for Illinois to be called his home state. Perhaps he doesn’t have a home state at all considering the fact that he has still yet to release an official birth certificate. He has refused to release his college transcripts as well. My guess is because he was registered as a foreign student. Whatever, Obama is a typical career politician. The truth means absolutely nothing to him. He was a Kenyan at birth, lived in southeast Asia as a boy and was officially registered as being of the Muslim faith. The “church” that he attended in Chicago is not a real church. It is merely a “church” in name to cover the racist political agenda that it houses. Obama was a member of that organization for 15+ years and then claimed to know nothing about the “church” anti-Semitic ties. Again, I say, whatever.

  2. Great post, Lynn!

    I have always wondered, if a tall building built from pride offends God…how does He feel about a space program? about astronauts on the moon? How does he feel about rockets named after Apollo?

    Almost no one asks that.


  3. Wow! Great question Bruce! My Dad always said that he felt that we should not be in space. He said that the EARTH was given to man, but that the planets, stars, and galaxies belonged to God. I hadn’t thought about that in years until I read your comment. One to chew on for sure.

    Kevin J.

  4. I used to live out there, and we’d visit Dubai occasionally. Those buildings surrounding it? ARE TALL…so the Burj is HUGE! The last time I was in Dubai – I was completely amazed at HOW FAST it was being built up. Now it’s built up even further – beyond anything I ever imagined. Also, I did some digging after we left the Middle East (late 06) and was further surprised to see so many Egyptian-motif-like buildings going up in Dubai. Some serious Mystery-Babylonian religion type stuff with the architecture out there. It used to just be typical, boring ‘modern’…but in the last 6 or 7 years it’s been more the Egyptian stuff. Very odd.

  5. I may be over simplifying it, but to me it looks like a a tremendous lightning rod. I would not want to be near the building if God decided to show who actually IS in control!

  6. interesting thought on this, not sure i agree 100%, but it definitely bears a second thought. i had been seeing this in the news and didn’t even think of it from a prophetic angle.

    I wonder how this affects their bankruptcy in dubai?

    as to the moon thing, check out Richard Hoaglund’s “Dark Mission”. i don’t agree with alot of what he says in the book, but he uncovers more occult connections with the moon landing than just the name of the rocket. I can’t even begin to say how many there are. Read it, but be sure to do so in the full armor of God.

  7. lynn,

    WOW thank you so much for that insight!!!
    When i woke up this morning i felt a certain…inkling, is the best way to describe it…

    AND when i went to make my morning coffee, i noticed i had not set my timer/clock on my coffeemaker…

    HOWEVER…the time on the coffee maker timer said 3:33!
    now, im the not the type of guy to obsess over such things, but for some reason i felt it was significant enough to take note of…

    HOWEVER, when i went to check my ufo blogger app on my iphone, the blog count was 1333!

    NOW, like i said, i dont go in for all those kooky theories about such things,
    but i DO KNOW that GOD will give a “heads up” to those who are “watching” for fulfillment of his prophetic scriptures!

    YES, lynn! it IS SIGNIFICANT!

    as with anything that takes place in the spiritual realm, the outward appearance of a change does not necessarily show itself immediately…

    so it is with the guide stones-
    we know that antichrist has more than likely been with us for a while…
    but the freemasonry encoded hieroglyphs on the stones give us their “official timetable”
    of their worldwide organizational schedule…

    just as when reagan was sworn into office in front of an obelisk (washington monument)
    it was a supposed to be freemason sign to the world that the nwo had taken power-

    but as Christians we must pray that the Holy Spirit EXPOSE the enemies plans…
    and that we would be sensitive enough to be able to listen and discern the times and seasons-
    sometimes the Holy Spirit will speak to us through dreams, or simply through his still, small voice…

    either way, the Lord God sits on his throne and laughs at the plans made by man, or fallen angels-

    because he has written to us the end from the beginning in his Prophetic Word…

    • Hi Hector,

      Over the past few months I’ve been seeing 3:33 several times a week. Most of the time, its when I look at the time on my PC at work. I’ve seen it a couple of times in the early AM when I’ve gotten up as the result of a large glass of water I drank before bed. I also saw it on a license plate the other day. Now, I’m not the type to read much into things like this but today I began to wonder if maybe it wasn’t a scripture verse. The book of Jeremiah suddenly popped into my mind. I thought, huh… So I just started dinking around with the number sequences 3:33 and 1333 and I found this in Jeremiah 3:2-3

      Lift your eyes to the HEIGHTS, and see, where have men not lain with you? By the waysides you waited for them like an ARAB IN THE DESERT. You defiled the land by your wicked harlotry.

      Therefore the showers were withheld, the spring rain failed. But because you have a harlot’s brow, you refused to blush.

      This is probably a stretch but I found it intersting anyway. And this…

      Jeremiah 3:13
      Only know your guilt: how you rebelled against the LORD, your God, How you ran hither and yon to strangers (under every green tree) and would not listen to my voice, says the LORD.

    • I forgot to mention that the Jeremiah 3:2-3 reminded me of the tower in Burj Tower that Lynn blogged about.

    • Just that I had been noticing the 3:33 in various places, too. That’s all. What it might mean, you got me.

  8. I thought I would look up the meaning of the name Khalifa which translates to ‘successor.’ So basically this is the sequel or successor or part two to the original tower of Babel. Interesting.

  9. Oh boy Lynn,

    This is REALLY interesting. The modern tower of Babel connecting w/the Georgia (demonically inspired)Guidestones.

    What I took note of the other day was that they were determined to go through w/the dedication even though
    the company financing these big projects are currently in big financial trouble.

    Could we say that it’s foundation is already sinking sand?

    • I tried to find the link of the story of which I only saw the headline, but that even though the tower was not nearly completed that the dedication was going to happen anyway.

      What an interesting parallel to Dr. Marzulli’s post, why the need for that particular day to dedicate an unfinished building unless it is of a diabolical orientation?

      This is similar to the New Age philosophy, especially implemented by our modern politicians, that by only saying (or invoking) something makes it so. What a farce!

      If God dissaproves of that tower, then I hope that like it’s only being (half-there) now for it’s ‘start date’ that it will only be ‘a house divided against itself’, it won’t last.

  10. lynn,

    One of the most disturbing themes written on the georgia stones is the masonic doctrine of eugenics…

    how will the NWO plan for eugenics be carried out?
    it has already begun…

    since the US can be considered the last symbolic bastion of personal freedom on the planet…
    we have been targeted on every level-

    but what is around the immediate corner for us is the economic collapse for the middle class-
    right now in the US we have people with MBAs working the register at best buy-

    where did the jobs go? we have been outsourced, thanks to our politicians-

    what will happen to those who are ill but cannot afford health care?
    they will die, according to masonic plan-

    because the NWO wants only healthy slaves to do their bidding…

    the other aspects of eugenics we already see in action:

    1. NEW bio-genetically engineered viruses appearing suddenly around the planet (H1N1)
    resulting in otherwise healthy individuals succumbing to new diseases-

    2. the VACCINATIONS for the new viruses containing an RNA co-factor that can be triggered at
    a later date, resulting in a mutated super-virus…

    3. the obama health care scam, and the ensuing “death panels” who will decide who lives or dies-

    again, the united states is targeted because it symbolizes freedom for the rest of the world-

    ya know, and just because the date on the stone says 1-4-10,
    people expect to see 666 rise up from the pit (or in a ufo) right before their very eyes! haha

    but the trilateralists (freemasons) do not work in that way…
    like the enemy himself, they love to work under shadow of darkness, behind the scenes…
    theirs is an incremental seizing of power! (the last couple of years notwithstanding!)

    which is why we need to prayerfully expose the works of darkness, and declare the Victory over
    every principality and power, every organization that works darkness!
    like russ dizdar says:

    Prayer Mapping out every demonic coven/masonic/trilateral organization!

  11. All I could think of in looking at it is, I wouldn’t want to be up in it or near it at any time. What a target for whatever the terrorists come up with. Try and jump out of that baby. Long way down.

  12. Great post. Now all we need is a world wide push to Esperanto and we’ll be truly turn back the clock to the Tower of Babel.

  13. In an earlier post I mentioned that the Burj Khalifa has the appearance of a soaring minaret. Connecting the dots commences when one considers the location of the tower, what minarets are, and what purpose minarets actually serve. Oh my…..

  14. The Burj means we’re on the verge…of something spectacular…if we’re connecting the prophesy rightly and not just for the “Wow” factor. It makes me more aware, though. Good stuff, Zulli.

  15. Lynn,
    After reading your blog and the article link you provided, I went on to research the Georgia Guidestones because I had never heard of them and was intrigued. I found this post from a blogger who is writing an article about the guidestones and the possible connection to the debut date of 1-4-2010 of the Burj Tower. He asked that what he’s discovered so far be passed on in other blogs where the readers may have additional insights to his findings, so here is his post:

    “Hi all,
    I am writing an article on the Georgia Guidestones and may have
    discovered a few interesting items. I’ve never posted in this
    newsgroup before, but given the probable connection of the Guidestones with Alice A. Bailey, I figure some of you might have insight into the relevant occult issues.

    It appears that R.C. Christian, the mysterious sponsor of the
    monument, might be more fable than reality. Instead, the Georgia Guidestones were probably the result of collaboration between three Elberton residents: Joe Fendley, Wyatt Martin and Francis Merchant.

    Fendley was a wheeling-dealing salesman who owned Pyramid Quarries, Elberton Granite Finishing Company and Pet Memorials. Fendley was also a high ranking Freemason, reaching the 32nd degree ten years before the Guidestones were erected. He also had connections into the Atlanta Shriners (the Shriners is an organization that only accepts the highest ranking Masons).

    Martin was the banker who facilitated the Guidestones fable and
    essentially laundered the money. I do not have information yet about whether or not he was a Freemason, or a member of the Lucis Trust, Kappa Sigma, Order of the Eastern Star or other secret society. If any of you know, please respond with that information.

    Dr. Francis Merchant, who is identified in Elberton Granite Museum material as “the message interpreter” for the Guidestones, is the key but nearly invisible figure behind the scenes. Merchant and his wife were both Alice A. Bailey disciples and both taught in her Arcane School. This is far too coincidental to be an accident.

    Bailey, herself a Madame Blavatsky disciple, was one of the most
    influential figures in 20th Century theosophy. Alice Bailey is
    usually considered the founder of the New Age religious movement. She and her husband, another high ranking Freemason, formed Lucifer Publishing Company, now called the Lucis Trust.

    The Lucis Trust has very strong ties into the United Nations. As bizarre and broadly offensive as some of Bailey’s teachings are, the Lucis Trust’s World Goodwill group is an officially recognized U.N. NGO. Lucis Trust is also a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

    The Georgia Guidestones harmonically recite Bailey’s beliefs while serving as a passive advertisement for the United Nations’ world government aspirations. Additionally, the Elberton Granite Museum has material that discloses the UN was involved in providing language expertise for the different Guidestone translations; this was likely obtained through Merchants’ Lucis Trust links.

    Bailey’s occult beliefs and symbolic impulses are also represented in the Guidestones. The height of the monument is misleadingly represented in all Guidestone materials because those measurements all include the buried support stones. The dimensions are also reported in English units even though R.C. Christian specified them in meters. The actual height of the monument is 5m for each of the four Guidestones and 0.5m for the capstone. 5.5m is 18.0 ft. which is 6 + 6 + 6 ft., an encoded “666” for Lucifer. It is difficult to for me to
    fully understand, but Bailey venerated Lucifer, hence the original name for Lucis Trust.

    There also appears to be a date encoded in the dimensions of the
    guidestones. Each guidestone is 0.5m x 2m x 5m establishing the
    proportion 1: 4: 10. This may indicate that some event is planned for 1 / 4 / 2010.

    This date is consistent with a prediction made by an Atlanta psychic in 1981 who maintained that the secrets of the Guidestones would be revealed within 30 years. The 30th anniversary of the Guidestones is March 22, 2010. The psychic may have been a member of the Merchants’ theosophical circles and therefore privy to inside information.

    BTW, March 22 was probably selected for the monument completion date because 322 is a very important occult number, specifically to the Masonic Skull and Bones organization. 322 possibly refers to Genesis 3:22, the passage where God catches Adam and Eve eating the Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden:

    “And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever”

    And the year, 1980, possibly is another encoding for “666” in that 1+9+8+0 = 18 = 6 + 6 + 6 as in the height of the monument.

    I am trained as a scientist (physicist) and work as an engineer / writer / analyst. Occult symbolism, numerology, and secret societies are hard for me to wrap my mind around. What are your thoughts about this information and analysis? Does anyone here know anything more about Francis Merchant? He died in 1981. In fact, only Martin is still living. Do any of you have additional insight into the Georgia Guidestones that you can share with me for my article? Does the date 1 / 4 / 2010 have any astrological or numerological significance?

    BTW, the Burj Dubai is scheduled to be opened on 1 / 4 / 2010.
    Following down the numerological bunny hole, the date “9/11” might have been selected as an upside down (therefore hidden in plain sight in occult fashion) reference to Genesis 11:6, where God observes the construction of the Tower of Babel (Burj Babil) and remarks:

    “And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be
    restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”

    The only difference is that man tore down the towers this time around, possibly in a lead up to another attempt for a new, unified world in a new attempt to become God.

    Man becoming God seems to be a central theme of many secret societies, so the two Genesis passages, 3:22 and 11:6, are remarkably symmetric bookends for an occult conspiracy. Could Burj Dubai be the new Tower of Babel?

    I want to state that I am simply trying to logically follow leads with a dispassionate and scientific mindset. I am not endorsing these ideas; in fact, numerology and occult symbolism seem crazy to me. However, I readily recognize that many powerful people place great importance on the occult, numbers and symbols. I’m simply trying to understand it all and might be off base in my analysis here.

    Feel free to send me an email if you are not comfortable posting to this thread.

  16. Interesting how you (christians) try to see a prophecy linked to this in the bible and never even THINK if there might be better prophecies linked to this, as if there was nothing more than christianity in this world.

    Want a REAL prophecy, not some wage can-be-interpreted-differently thing?

    Then check this out:

    Asked about the signs of the Hour, the Prophet said:
    “When the destitute (al-buhm) camelherds compete in building tall structures.” (Prophet Muhammed in Sahih Al Bukhari, 1400 years ago)

    The “Al-Buhm” or camel shepherds / beduins he was speaking about are precisely the ancestors of todays Sheikhs in the United Arab Emirates, who up until 50 years ago were STILL beduins and had merely tents to live in.
    Now they (Emaar and Nakheel Corporations) are literally COMPETING who will build the tollest structure.

    Now, THAT is a prophecy.

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