E.T. Disclosure Will Change Everything?

This is a quote taken from Whitley Strieber’s Blog: I’ve highlighted a portion of it and will comment on it below.
“The social circumstances that will be associated with this question will be tremendously powerful and corrosive, but also extraordinarily fertile. They will change the human species in absolutely fundamental ways, either driving us collectively mad or transforming us in such a way that we can, at last, begin to understand who and what we are and how we relate to other life in the universe.
We will begin what is the greatest of all journeys for any species, which is the journey into a real relationship with the cosmos.
The pressure will cause literal, measurable changes in our brains, as it forms the associations that are the hypercortex, and we begin to see the world in an entirely new way.
What happens first is that the long dream of history implodes, and we come to see ourselves as we really are. Facts replace mythos and beliefs, and along with this the whole institutional war between beliefs ends. It is followed by a new, exploratory mind that is young, eager and yet wise, that sees itself as it truly is: able, interested and unfinished.”
I have never met Mr. Streiber, but I have read his books. I believe he is sincere in his reporting of his encounters with what we have come to know as the Grays. The highlighted text above is what I want to discuss today. I believe Whitley is talking about the full disclosure of the so-called Extraterrestrial presence. He points out that, facts replace mythos and beliefs…. I assume he is talking about the supposed mythos of Christianity, but he also could be including Islam and all other religions as well. This is what I have termed the Coming great Deception. I’m going to quote a portion from G,H, Pembers book, Earths Earliest Ages. You will find it interesting to note that this was first published in 1867.
Lastly, the characteristic features of the days of Noah are reappearing, and, above all,  free communication has been extablished between the spirits of the air and the human race with a view, apparently, to a sojourn once more of the Nephilim upon the earth.
Pember knew how to use the Guidebook to the Supernatural and he sounds a warning to us from well over 100 years ago. He knew it was coming, the return of the Nephilim. Strieber seems to be waiting for the time when mythos will be replaced by fact. This begs the question, whose facts are we to believe? The Grays? I have mentioned that they lie habitually and this should recall the statement, once again found in the guidebook, Satan, who is the father of lies? I have used another sentence from the guidebook over and over again, but I feel it is important to remind us that, even the elect will be deceived if that were possible. We were warned almost 2000 years ago that a day would come when the deception would fool even the elect. The Guidebook also informs us that there will be a one world religion in the last days. Is Whitley pointing to this? What facts are we to believe if not the fact that prophecy, written thousands of years ago is a warning to us, of just the stuff that Strieber and others in the exopolitic movement, are telling us we should embrace. In closing todays post. Pember knew what the Guidebook was telling us to be aware of in the last days. He lived in a time in which he saw the nascent beginnings of the New Age movement, Theosophy, the rise of spiritism and many of the occult practises that have now been enculturated into our society. The return of the Nephilim is upon us. At some point full disclosure will occur and at that point it will be too late to position ourselves as to what we believe….

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I am proud to announce that I will be speaking in Cheyenne Wyoming on February 19th & 20th. The poster above has all the details, so I won’t go into them here. On Friday night I will give a talk about why I believe we are in the last days. This will come directly from the Guidebook to the Supernatural. Saturday morning will be Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. This is a two hour Power Point presentation that is based on my book of the same title. This will be followed by a question and answer period. In the afternoon I will present another Power Point talk based on my The Alien Interviews book, followed by a Q&A. Im excited about the conference and look forward to meeting some of you there. Books, CD,s & DVD’s will be available. I believe we are in a crucial time in human history, the last days. The return of the King is eminent, but there is going to be a great falling away, a great deception. These presentations will discuss, at length the coming great deception, the Luciferian endgame, the burgeoning UFO phenomena, as well as the “Alien Gospel.” Hope to see you there!

Acceleration Radio: Doug Riggs – Satanic Ritual Abuse and more!

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It was about 1985 that the Lord began revealing that we had survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse in our midst. …It’s been the “occasion” for us to “put on Christ” and to learn utter dependence upon Him in the deepest and most desperate ways. We are very aware of the conflict that is raging in the heavenlies and playing itself out here on earth – IN THE CHURCH! It has been our experience over and over that we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers in the heavenly places. This is not theory to us, but a daily reality.

We have had many battles and victories; and sadly, we have sinned against our Lord and His Body due to our pride and immaturity. We praise Him for His mercy and grace, as well as His commitment to His people’s restoration and maturity in Christ. We trust Him daily to complete that which He began in His sovereign grace and mercy.

Doug and Lori Riggs

Obama and the Spending Freeze….Kissing up to Bernanke?

“Meet the new boss….. the same as the old boss. Let’s see about the change we can believe in…..

1. Afghan War: Still going on. Just like under the Bush administration, there’s a lot of money to be made in the heroine trade. It reached a trillion dollars last year. WWII lasted 5 years and we won. The Afghan war drags on and on and on…. Follow the money?

2. Bin Laden: The hunt is still on to find the pesky terrorist. The man remains illusive yet manages to grab the media by the throat every time he issues a statement. His latest warns of an imminent attack. In my opinion he is the convenient Boogie man. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35072269/ns/us_news-security/ Why is it that we can’t find this guy? You would think that with our resources, manpower and money we’d just tell the Pakistani government that we were going in to get Bin Laden and if they didn’t like we’d cut off the billions of dollars in aid that we send them each year. This guy is actually winning because he manages to threaten our country whenever he feels like it. Why is it that the news media is compliant and in a sense aiding and abetting Bin Laden, by broadcasting his “threats.”  It would be better not to broadcast these threats at all, unless of course the idea is to keep people in a state of fear….

3. Iraq: The surge, that the Bush administration instigated worked and we have seen a modicum of sanity in that country. However, yesterday the Iraqi’s hung Chemical Ali. Ali made the top ten in genocidal maniacs when he gassed about 100,000 Kurdish Iraqi’s. Of course we were told ad nauseum that the Iraqi’s didn’t have chemical weapons and Bush, Blair and a host of others were called liars. I guess the Kurds weren’t gassed then? In response to Ali’s hanging several bombs went off in Bagdad. What a quagmire. If we pulled out tomorrow Iraq would buckle under the weight of secular violence. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,583817,00.html?test=latestnews

4. Here’s my favorite. The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with our government, but it controls our money supply. We were sold into slavery in the early part of the 20 century. Bruce Collins has written extensively on this and posted on this today. http://brucedcollins.blogspot.com/

We now owe around 12 Trillion, up a few trill from the Bush administration spending spree! Nice going George, a two front war just may bankrupt the country yet. But wait, the new guy wants to give us State run Health care which will push us over the top! With our economy slip sliding away, a two front war that is costing Billions, ah forgive me that’s trillions, our currency being devalued daily, foreclosures hitting record levels, unemployment in the double digits, I guess this is the change we can believe in. Oh and remember to place the blame at the feet of the Bush administration! Obama has had a year in office and so far not much has happened other than the status quo.

What we have, in my opinion is a constructed effort by the NWO – New World Order – to break the back of the United States. We are told in the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible that in the last days there would be a one world government, a global currency, a one world religion. America is a noble country, but I believe we have been hijacked and certainly the Federal Reserve is part of the that hijacking. There is quote that is attributed to  Rothschild that says, “Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.” We have lost control of our currency and ever since that time this nation has been under the control of independent bankers. Is there a shadow government? What did president Kennedy refer to when he warned of secret societies just before he was assassinated? The Feds raise the interest rates or lower them. Our country was taken off the gold standard by Nixon and so the paper that we use as our currency is basically worthless. With the 12 Trillion dollar debt accruing more interest every minute, how can we ever hope to pay it back. It would appear to me that this is a deliberate attempt to bankrupt us…. we’ll see what happens as time passes.


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Roe v Wade: 50 million in it’s wake….

On January 22, 1973, the supreme court made up of 9 individuals decided by a 7 to 2 margin to allow abortions up to the 23rd week of pregnancy. Thus, the slaughter of the innocents began. We have now aborted, killed, genocidally eliminated, over 52 million babies in this county alone. I realize this is a hot button issue for some people, however, being the intrepid commentator that I am, I will not let that deter me in my posting what I believe is the truth of the matter. Interestingly in the Book of Enoch – found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and believed to be thousands of years old – it recounts how one of the fallen angels showed how to kill the baby in the womb. So abortion is nothing new, but consider the source of what perhaps was the first abortion millennia ago. According to the text it was a fallen angel that gave this information to early man. Coincidence, I think not? The killing of the child in the womb was an action that was abhorrent in this society, until Roe-v-Wade, was made the law of the land. Now it seems it is THE issue among the feminists and women rights groups. Of course most of these women never have the same zeal to champion issues like female circumcision, practised in many countries and is responsible for ruining the sexual gratification of millions of women. Hmmmm…. There is a rabid, feverish, mindset amongst pro-choice group that maintains, that at all costs we must be able to kill the babies, it is our right! Abortion has divided this county and as I pointed out earlier is a passionate issue on both sides. But what of the supernatural consequences of these 50 million dead. What many people do not understand is that the abortions that happen today are on par with the child sacrifices that happened thousands of years ago. It is a stain on our land and in my opinion, is a modern Satanic, blood sacrifice. While most doctors who perform abortions are certainly not satanic priests, they are however, from a spiritual perspective, acting like one. The question that has fueled the debate is this, when does life begin? As a country we have labored over this and the answer most people give to this question is a tip-off of where they stand on the issue. We have laws that say a fetus is not human until it outside the mothers womb. Of course, in a late-term abortion the fetus is partially exposed so that it’s brains can get sucked out of hole, in it’s skull that the doctor/butcher has bored into it. As I have said before, Hitler would have loved it. Any culture that has this view of life is doomed to extinction. A strong case can be made that Darwinism, that tells us that man evolved from primordial soup, therefore there are no moral absolutes, paved the way for Row-v-Wade. If there is no God then who cares? If there are no moral absolutes than anything goes, right? Godless societies like The Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, are responsible for the murder of millions of their own citizens. This was accomplished because the state decided who was worthy of life. We as a nation are perilously close to follow in the same barbaric footsteps. In closing, let me say that I believe that life begins at the moment of conception. When life is cheapened, as with our policy of abortion, it is a slippery slope that can lead to euthanasia, the elimination of the mentally retarded, or physically handicapped. You may remember the criticism that Governor Sarah Palin received for deciding to bring her Down-syndrome child to full term. The elite thought it absurd. To her credit she had the child and has given it the love and special attention it deserves and needs. The picture above is a child that was birthed in a toilet, following an abortion procedure. I believe this picture says far more that I ever could ….

“Woe to them who call evil, good and good, evil…..”

HAITI – HAARP – Conspiracy?

I’m going out on a limb today. I have been following several stories that are very unsettling. In fact, if they prove to be true it will be on par with the genocide of the Nazi third Reich, Stalin’s Gulags and Pol Pot’s death camps. However, the facts are not yet all in, but there are some interesting stories that are being circulated. First, before I get into the meat of the story and provide the links to the information, let me say that we have to consider the source of the material. Hugo Chavez is a communist dictator, and he hates the United States. On the other hand he may have access to information that we don’t have. If it was only Chavez running this story up the proverbial flag-pole,  I’d ignore it, however when combined with others it gets me thinking that we may be looking at an event that was planned or maybe an experiment gone awry. Here’s the info: First, it appears that prior to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the British naval flotilla pulled out of the waters around Haiti. According to the article this was, “the first such gap in British naval coverage since the 1700’s. We need to investigate this and see if it’s really true. Here’s the link:


Then we have Hugo Chavez declaring that the Untied States used HAARP to create the quake.

“The U.S. is creating new integral geophysical weapons that may influence the near-Earth medium with high-frequency radio waves … The significance of this qualitative leap could be compared to the transition from cold steel to firearms, or from conventional weapons to nuclear weapons. This new type of weapons differs from previous types in that the near-Earth medium becomes at once an object of direct influence and its component.”

Here’s the link: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/286145

A few weeks ago I BLOGGED about HAARP and offered that the Norway Lights may have been caused by it. So what are we looking at? Would our government deliberately use HAARP to cause an earthquake and as a result kill hundreds of thousands of people? I don’t think we would be capable of such a heinous act. On the other hand what if we were testing HAARP and something went horribly wrong? Is that what we’re looking at here? Is it just a coincidence that the British naval presence left the area a few days before the quake? Where is Chavez getting his information from? The bottom line for me is this. If I look at history I can see that things do not always appear to be as they seem. For instance we know that Hitler burned the Reichstag and then blamed it on the Communists. We’ve heard that President Roosevelt apparently knew about the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor and did nothing about it. Why were the two secret service men who were supposed to ride on President Kennedy’s limo called off just before the deadly procession in Dallas began?  If they had remained at their posts the assassination may have had a different outcome, Kennedy may have survived. Why were people given LSD against their will by elements of our military? Why did sections of our government experiment with MK Ultra and brain washing techniques?  Ours is a noble nation. We have given our blood and treasure on the beaches of Normandy and other places to liberate millions from oppression and tyranny. Our nation, although not perfect provides the greatest liberty and freedom to its citizens in the history of the world. Yet, these stories are disturbing and point to the possiblity of a shadow government that seems to exist. Before Kennedy was killed in Dallas he warned us of the existence of secret societies. What was he trying to tell us?

Here’s a link to the speech: http://www.jfklibrary.org/Historical+Resources/Archives/Reference+Desk/Speeches/JFK/003POF03NewspaperPublishers04271961.htm

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