Acceleration Radio! We were #1 last night!

Last night on Acceleration Radio I talked about the highlights or 2009. I got about half way through the list of talking points before we ran out of time! We were also #1 right out of the shoot, as it were and remained so for the entire hour. Thanks to all of you for tuning in and making Acceleration Radio the success that it is.

The January News Magazine will go out on Tuesday the 5th due to the holidays. I’m writing a recap of the events of 2009 that I think were of importance. We are also joined by Dr. Stephen Yulish, Dr. Mike Heiser, Jim Wilhelmsen. If you haven’t signed up I would encourage you to do so. Thanks for your support!

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Happy New Year to all!
I’ll be back on Monday unless something of importance happens over the 3 day weekend.

Blessings to all…

L. A. Marzulli

5 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio! We were #1 last night!

  1. Have a blessed and peaceful 2010 Lynn and everyone!

    Hayley Westenra sings “Flower” on NHK TV Japan

    I see the river in the daylight
    Glistening as it flows its way
    I see the people travelling
    Through the night and through the day
    I see their paths colliding
    Water drops and golden rays
    Flowers bloom, oh, flowers bloom
    On this blessed day

    Let the tears fall down
    Let the laughter through
    One day, oh, one day
    The flowers will reach full bloom

    I see your tears in the daylight
    Glistening as they fall from you
    I see your love escaping
    Flowing free and flowing true
    I want to make these rivers
    Into something shining new
    Let me make these flowers bloom
    Let me make them bloom for you

    Let the tears fall down
    Let the laughter through
    One day, oh, one day
    The flowers will reach full bloom

    I want to take you to the river
    Down to where the flowers grow
    I want to show you the beauty
    From our seedlings sown
    They shine in red and blue
    Butter-coloured yellow glows
    Flowers bloomed, oh, flowers bloomed
    See how our love has grown

    Let the tears fall down
    Let the laughter through
    One day, oh, one day
    The flowers will reach full bloom
    Category: Music

    Blooming Flower 花 Hayley Westenra すべての人の心に花を


    [27] Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

  2. I believe, with the 2012 fear that is catching hold, and the many prophecies many different people/groups are putting out, there are suddenly millions of people who are becoming worried about what may be coming! This is a good time to sound the trumpet and let them know! G-d has put you in this position for “such a time as this!” It could very well be that, after all the time and frustration you have put into getting the word out, you are finally going to find a large and listening audience! I pray Adonai blesses you and your work throughout the new year, that He will send the people who want to know your way, and that you will remain a watchman on the wall! I pray He fills you, and all the people on this blog, with so much love it will be life-changing!

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