Final three days in 2009 to show support for Acceleration Radio!

I’ve never asked for contributions before, but with all that is going on we could sure use some help to keep this ministry going! I BLOG 5 days a week on a variety of subjects that deal with Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural. This is what I do, it’s all I do, research and write about what is going on in the world. When I appear on radio shows, some of which go for several hours, there is no compensation for this. We could sure use your support, if you feel led to give.

After a year on the radio, Acceleration Radio was number 1 in its time slot last week! We beat out Laura Ingram, Mark Levin and Michael Savage. That to me is amazing. We are going places and discussing subjects, that other hosts won’t touch with a ten foot pole! Unfortunately, we have just lost our funding for the radio show and are in desperate need of raising the money to stay on the air.

Last week on the EDGE I asked if there were someone out there listening that would like to finance a small team of people who would travel to where supernatural activity was manifesting and film it! We would then sell the programs to different venues to get the word out as to what is manifesting. All from a Christian world-view. Instead of the usual party line that we hear from the likes of Erik Von Daniken and others of his ilk, we would present our explanation based on what is found in the Guidebook to the Supernatural, i.e. the Bible! This would include UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, crop circles and Marian apparitions. I actually had someone who offered us $5000.00 to go to Cairo and film the ongoing Marian apparitions. It’s a great offer, but not enough to get us there and pay for expenses! Air fare alone was over $3000.

Please consider donating something to help  us out. Your generous support is needed by December 31 to close out 2009 with all the invoices paid in full. God bless you for sharing and caring!

Go to the LA MARZULLI LINKS on the right side of this page and select DONATION: It will take you directly to PAYPAL!

Spiral of Life

30765 Pacific Coast Hwy #339

Malibu Ca. 90265

Thank you in advance for your belief in what we do!

For your contribution of $20 or more we’ll send you an Alien Interviews book!

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5 thoughts on “Final three days in 2009 to show support for Acceleration Radio!

  1. Lynn – Thank you for the reminder! With these tough economic times in our country (we are experiencing the same crisis in our home!), my first response was “No, not now. I can’t afford it.” But the Holy Spirit gently reminded me that I usually start looking for your daily blog before you even post it. Later in the day, I read ALL the comments posted from your readers, and I am so blessed to be able to learn from them as well. I appreciate your ministry and I pray for you often. So, I am writing a modest check to put in the mail today. I wish I could do more. I challenge all your readers to respond to your request as well, if the Lord puts in on their hearts!

    God Bless………..

  2. Im on unemployment and am on a strict budget, but I will donate 20.00 becaie im also a lont time blog reader and look forward to what you have to say 🙂 May God Bless you and your family Lynn

  3. Every year my wife and I try to give above and beyond our churches tithes to a ministry we feel is in most need and feel like is doing God’s work. After doing our budget, and much prayer, we both sat down and wrote on a paper which ministry we feel The Lord has led us to donate. After exchanging the paper to each other, we found both of us had LA’s ministry written down. We also agreed to the exact amount we could afford to donate on the same piece of paper. To us, this just confirms in our hearts the Lord is leading us in the right direction and answered our prayers. We both came to an agreement to make this a commitment of a 12 month donation. We can only afford 25.00 a month and hope in some small way that can help bring the good news and open people’s eyes as only you can. We both wish we could give more but times are tough at the moment but as God blesses us we will pass on the blessings.
    Thank you for all the insight and blessing from this blog. God Bless

  4. Hi — I’m happy for your success at the radio station you use, but am disappointed in the station itself. I can access your shows only up to mid-December, and thereafter the audio archives for your show ends. That means that all the exciting recent shows you’ve had I cannot hear in the audio archive. I know they want people to listen live, but it is not always convinent to listen live, and thus the beauty of archiving the shows. HOwever, they are woefully behind in this regard. Their site is also very UNintuitive to use. I hope you will consider going to a different host in time, since you can prove that you are successful, a place where everything is archived and freely available. There are many great places on the web these days and great shows that work independently, such as Future Quake. Just a thought, and thanks for your excellent work.

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