Apparitions in Broad Daylight?

This is another video of that apparition that is appearing over a Coptic church just outside Cairo, Egypt. What is remarkable is that this appearance is in broad daylight. You can hear the women wagging their tongues in their mouths, creating the shrill trilling sound that is found in Middle East Cultures. It seems to me that they are embracing the phenomena as real. And that’s the problem, isn’t it? I’ll say it again, If an angel appears and tells us another “good news,” let him be cursed. While so far we have not heard any messages like there were given in Fatima and other apparition sites, the phenomena is drawing thousands of people out to see it. Is this the Mary of the Bible? Of course not! Is this a sign from God. Well in a way it is, the “god” of this world is none other that fallen angel, the rebellious one, the father of lies, that serpent of old, Satan himself. Now some of you might roll your eyes at this. I can assure  you that this being is a demented genius bent on our destruction. His plan is to create signs and wonders that will deceive the elect if that were possible. It appears that he is doing so, with great success, just outside Cairo. We must learn to test the spirits, to rebuke first and ask questions later, to wield the sword of the spirit! Remember our weapons are not carnal! This is why unless a person is born again of the spirit and understands that we are in the middle of a supernatural battle that is raging all around us, they will fall prey to the deception. What is alarming is that the supernatural is ramping up. Laura, Hector and others made a comment that the veil has indeed been removed …

Lynn, I truly believe you were absolutely correct when you felt something is coming in the fall. I believe the veil between this dimension and the next is thinning! Laura

This video may be just a reflection as some have posted, a trick of the light a ray from the sun. Whatever is happening we can agree that the night video shows something that is beyond our physics, our understanding. An interesting point to consider is this, the local authorities shut down all the power in the area to make sure the apparition was not a projection of some kind. I’m going to post another video that was taken at night. This one is up close. I rest my case. Even the elect will be deceived is that were possible…. Wait till the enemy pulls out al the stops….

Night Video:

Thanks to Late night Lisa for the link! Day Light Video:

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  1. “the father of lies, that serpent of old, Stan himself”

    Ok I admit- that one gave me a chuckle!

    Could the trail of light mean the image is projected down from somewhere?

  2. Hi Lynn,

    I do believe that there is a thinning, if you will, of the veil between the the natural, three dimensional physical world, and the spirit realm. I saw this coming years ago and didn’t quite know how to verbalize what the Lord was showing me. All I could say at the time was that I could see a time coming where the light would become brighter and the dark would grow darker and be much more blatant. Isa. 60:1 – 3 was the scripture I was given in conecction with this.

    1 “Arise, shine, for your light has come,
    and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.
    2 See, darkness covers the earth
    and thick darkness is over the peoples,
    but the LORD rises upon you
    and his glory appears over you.

    3 Nations will come to your light,
    and kings to the brightness of your dawn. [Isa. 60:1 – 3 NIV]

    I believe that ours is the generation and now is the time.

    Kevin J.

  3. These video’s are so bad, that one is completely unable to discern any apparition whatsoever. In an era of high definition photo equipment and the seeming large number of returning dupes, it is HIGHLY questionable that any of this is legitimate because of the (intentionally poor?) quality of the video. This is simply more “space man” B/S!

    The extent which kooks will go for some mediocre celebrity is astounding.

    GET A LIFE!!!

    • Steve- There are other videos which are better and I’m going t link to them tomorrow. Although the video quality is poor t here is no denying two dynamics. One, there are thousands of people that are gathered in front of the church. Two, something is manfesting…. L.A.

    • Thanks for the reply. Though I find it extremely dubious that out of the “thousands” gathering to see this supposed apparition, not one person has thought to bring a worthy camera to document these “events”.
      Too many people are fanatical in regards to unexplained phenomena. An almost cultist labeling of obscure occurrences as divine or demonic has led millions away from the true threats to mankind which are governmental and elitist miscreants misusing technologies unavailable to the public in order to steer populations into and out of panic.

      I suggest we drop the hype and over eagerness for a world changing event, and direct our attentions toward those who have the ability to display such “miracles’ and who stand to gain from the hoaxes.

      There is validity to your hypothesis that these are biblical prophecies coming to fruition. The culprits you seek are not in the stars or the heavens, The monsters you should fear are in positions of privilege and power right here on earth attempting to stampede consensus of the “useless eaters” into false security from manufactured chaos.

      The tragedy is there are so many people falling for the lies and the lies aren’t even that good. What will it be like when the real deceptions placed in the skies will fool even the “Very Elect”?

      There is no doubt that the leadership class on earth are aligned with demonic forces, but this has always been so. From the time of Christ’s temptations till now, Satan has distributed power to those doing his will. One look at the degenerate demonic puppets in Washington D.C. and it is clear these people are under the control of malevolent forces. Pelosi for one example is clearly disturbed. But the cold blooded indifference to their own crimes and the misery they inflict crosses political boundaries.

      I could not agree more that the elite are under demonic control as you say. The manifestations of beings and the abduction of humans is certainly done with the complicity of these same political monstrosities.

      The danger of these times can no longer be ignored by those wishing to survive in this life or the next. But we must be clear who to hold responsible and avoid rushes to seemingly fantastic theater produced with unlimited taxpayer financing.

      Till next time…..

  4. When the world is starved in spirit, it is an opportune time to present such minor wonders. For without proper measure, what is truly great? Without knowing the difference between truth and Truth, greatness is relative to one’s own assumptions. There are many assumptions in these days, and they are quite easily preyed upon. In this very way, if it were possible, the elect will be deceived.

    Just as a starved man will revel in a few crumbs, not having the joy and knowledge of a well sustained existence, so too will these “wonders” be reveled in. A starving man is very unlikely to discriminate, unless he knows the True measure of such things.

  5. I have always believed that the Marian apparitions and associated messages would play a major role in the rise of antichrist. Tie within that the recent attitude of the Vatican concerning the Ufo phenomenon and the deception deepens (darkness covers the earth) in the guise of a False Light permeating the souls of Humanity in desperation for Peace.

    I have information from devout Marian devotees. The thrust of the message is the [unification of Humanity] under the headship of the Holy Father [Pontifex Maximus] occupying The Seat of Saint Peter. Make of it what you will. However; consider the voices of past reformers and revivalists who held the belief that the [two Horned beast miracle worker of revelation endowed with the Authority of the Dragon] was the seat of papal Rome.

    It is the Religious by (unclean Frogs) that is going to be the binding Agent uniting the political into a False sense of Peace to be followed by destruction as Apostle Paul said in 2Thess.

    john B

  6. Over the past year or so I have commented occasionally so I guess that would make me the “first Steve”. There appears however to now be another Steve, whose comments above I only somewhat agree with. So, to avoid confusion I will use… Steve mc… as my name in the future.

    Now as to what is actually luring these people may be the same thing that continues to entice Blossom Goodchild even though she knows that she has been lied to. I have heard many people including close friends, speak of a certain “spiritual bliss” when they have encountered these et demonic entities. Indeed, I have heard the expression “a wonderful sense of peace” being used in reference to a demon by one of my own family members. Of course, it was not perceived for what it truly was.

    That may be what is enticing Blossom Goodchild, the people at this church, as well as countless others that have spoken of love, joy, peace, and spiritual bliss in the presence of these beings. A joyful peaceful bliss that they do want to give up…and who can blame them, for they do not know the truth.

    Considering this, it’s not hard to see how even the elect could be deceived unless God reveals the truth at the time and although he will reveal it to the elect, will there be Christians who decide that the “spiritual bliss” is something they also want to hold onto?

    I have heard too many people speak of this “peaceful, joyful, bliss to discount it, even though it just didn’t make sense. Demonic beings have no peace whatsoever, so how can they give what they do not have? Deception? Indeed, but that doesn’t answer the question. Unless I am mistaken, God has been revealing to me how they do it, but for now that will have to wait. Your thoughts and comments on any of this would be good to hear.

    • The above should have said…”a joyful, peaceful bliss that they do NOT want to give up”.

      Hopefully they will want to give it up, but if we cannot show them how they are being deceived other than to merely tell them that they are being deceived…then they will probably want to hold onto any peace they can get, even if it seems to be from a demon…and that’s the question I’ve been asking God…how does a demon which is pure evil, counterfit feelings of bliss and peace because that apparently is what they are doing and yet a demon has no peace to give.

      The deceived will be likely to think “these beings give me joy and peace, so how can they be demons…the Christians must be wrong”…and that is what many people are thinking.

      So the question becomes…how are the demons able to manufacture these counterfit feelings of spiritual peace in people? They’re doing it, but how? As I mentioned above, unless I’m mistaken, God may be giving some insight into this…and not all of it may be counterfit.

    • Perhaps what the demons are giving them is merely a feeling of peace.

      As believers, we have both peace with God and the peace of God. Note, though, that the peace of God does not mean our emotions are always calm. If you need proof of that, consider Jesus in the garden sweating drops of blood. Sounds like his emotions were way past 10 if you ask me, and yet, we know He had perfect peace! So we know from Jesus’ experience that real peace has nothing to do with calm emotions.

      Just something to consider.

    • Satan comes as an angel of light — his counterfeiting method is one of SUBTLETY. So, yeh – he can give people a sense of ‘peace’ that is counterfeit by playing on their human emotions. Manipulation is the name of his lying game.

      Share what you think God has shown you…..let’s all test it:).
      YHWH bless.

    • Counterfiting…counterfeiting…I KNEW I was spelling it wrong. The ol “silent e”, I should have known…lol.

      I’m not sure I can share more at this point, as Hector so rightly points out, it’s easy to get ahead of the Holy Spirit and I want to make sure I’m not off on some tangent. I was curious though as to other peoples thoughts on this subject.

      Thanks Laura and Lisa. Merry Christmas.

  7. Of course, it would be easy enough to fake this light show. However, just because Mary isn’t standing there in her blue shawl doesn’t negate the possibility it may be real. Apparitions from the demonic spirit world appear at times to be be light emanations and not clear cut figures or horned devils.’

    The word says that, “if it were possible, it could deceive the very elect.” It ain’t possible, thank the Lord.
    However, it would seem the writer(Matthew) is putting this out as emphasis to show that it’s going to be a fantastical show.

  8. Dr.Marzulli, I wouldn’t roll my eyes at this information, quite the contrary, I believe and feel in my spirit you are right on target with this. These entities love to hear the praises of God’s creation, worshiping them, bowing to them.
    Miracles do happen for many reasons, but the greatest reason of these is for the glory of God. Jesus didn’t perform miracles as parlor tricks. The miracles always had the point of getting people to understand God in their lives and in the lives of others.
    These apparitions in Egypt are nothing more than smoke and mirrors, parlor tricks, performed by none other than Satan’s Hench disgraced angels.
    I wonderful if some of us on this blog are chosen to see the truth, the Vail removed if you will. I have tried to share all this insightful information on this blog with fellow Christians and I run into a brick wall, or worse ridicule. The message is not accepted, whether it is from fear or some without spiritual insight might find it on outer fringes of biblical prophecies, therefore not taken seriously
    , whatever the case, it’s frustrating to want to share with others and find the message not accepted or ever listened too. It’s as if some have blinders on and are prevented from understanding.

  9. lynn,

    well i have to admit that i just cant get myself whipped into a frenzy over this ‘apparition’…
    i know i would have to be there to make a good judgement, but apparently this false sign lacks
    the power to materialize a face or other distinguishing features…

    and, again, human nature is to love and adore that which does not call them into account for
    their own lives… so my guess is that since it is legal over there, many of the people dancing and
    singing in the video had just come from the local hashish dens…

    also, i actually would NOT let myself go to see this “miracle” because it is a false sign, and as
    Christians we must be sensitive and obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit…

    i have known friends who moved ahead of the Holy Spirit and paid the price…
    say for an example a friend of mine who at that time had an international ministry,
    but out of curiosity, he went and visited stonehenge…

    suffice it to say his words were “it really messed me up going there, i was never the same after that”
    not long afterwards, he had a morality problem and lost his whole ministry-

    what im saying is that yes, the manifestation is real, yes there is a real power there, yes people
    probably feel very blissful, but it is NOT of God!

    in answer to the person who asked how can satan make someone feel blissful:
    the best way i can answer that is its like a deadly snakes venom,

    some snake venom is so pure that they say after you are bit and right before you die,
    you feel tranquil and calm, people have commented it was the best high theyve ever had!

    well, the bible says that satan is a hunter of our souls, and one of the best methods he employs
    is to lull his victims into blissful complacency…

    then when the persons guard is down, he springs the trap, by the time the victim knows
    what is happening, it is too late…

    same thing with lying signs and false miracles…
    like i said, there is power there, but it is not of God!
    its the best high they ever had, but by then it is to late-

    no, i would not go anywhere near that place…

  10. You are correct Hector, it is a trap, but how is it that demonic beings can be associated as the source of the joy and peace that some people are experiencing? We could just say “well they’re counterfitting it” and leave it at that…but God seems to want me to search a little deeper.

    • Thanks Hector…not much to worry about though. I have no intention of getting involved in any of this stuff…the Lord just seems to be leading me to pray about some things is all…but good advice, for one can never be too careful.:-)

  11. You need to put the manifestations in Egypt in context. The Coptic Orthodox Church is little understood in the west. Orthodox Christians honor the Virgin Mary as the Theotokos, the God Bearer. She is not worshiped. Only the triune God is worshiped. But she is venerated as Hodegetria, she who shows the way to Jesus Christ. Orthodoxy means right teaching, and the teaching in Orthodoxy about Virgin Mary is that because she was sinless, when she fell asleep in the Lord she did not suffer corruption but was assumed into heaven and continues to love and protect the fallen humanity who her Son came to save. During the Zeitoun apparitions, one person who I have known for many years was present; she was faithful Christian before, but afterward, the love of Jesus became the focus of her whole life as it is to this day. She said that at times Virgin Mary’s posture was clearly visible, that she spent much time kneeling before the cross on the dome of the church, and that she also moved toward the front of the dome where she held in her hands a small blessing cross with which she blessed the people. What more can heaven offer to us in the night of our darkness but the light of the Cross of Jesus Christ? I wish you all a blessed Christmas.

    • Yikes! So the Orthodox Church believes Mary was sinless? Wow! How’s that for deception! So if Mary were sinless, how come all her other children with Joseph weren’t also sinless? After all, if she’s sinless, she could have given birth to a sinless race of children (WITHOUT the Holy Spirit, mind you, cause she don’t need HIM if she’s sinless), and we’d have a perfect race of people who will never need the Lord Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

      All I have to say is: NOT!!!

    • The Catholic church teach that Mary is ever virgin and the passages which refers to Jesus’ brothers and sisters they say Are His cousins. However; the original Greek for cousin is rightly translated in reference to Elizabeth The Cousin of Mary and mother of John Baptist. That word is not used in reference to Jesus’ brothers & sisters in the original.the magisterium of the Catholic church just lay aside the Grammatical Text to suit their traditions.

      John B

  12. Just FYI, the Church also teaches that Mary still needed a savior, and that God saved her, for she was born full of “Grace”.

  13. Forgot to add, to see apparitions, spirits, ghosts, in broad daylight is not unusual at all. It is a misconception that people only see them at night. It does not matter what time of day for those who “see”.

    What is unusual for me is that everyone can “see” it.

    People have been saying for several years now that the veil is getting thinner. And I agree.

  14. I think Satan can not do what Mary did in that Apparition:

    The Apparition began in 10/12/2009 A strange lighting big dove was flying between clouds in the sky then came down on the church to appear as Mary ALL THE CLOUDS WERE DIFFERENT AND TAKE AMAZING SHAPES (EX:LIKE DOVES FLYING ON THE CHURCH).
    Satan has no power on nature I think.

    She was surrounded by the heavenly doves which were making shapes like cross over the church.
    I think Satan hates and fear cross.

    She lifted one of the church crosses over her head .And she made the crosses shining as flames of fire again Satan hates to do that. watch:

    She healed a blinded woman and make her see again..I do not know that Satan use healing power in the bible he was torture people not heal them. watch:

    In 22/12/2009 she appeared as a big lighting dove again flying between clouds but seen all over Cairo this time ,I saw her then , again the clouds seemed that they obeyed her, the clouds stopped moving for her and all the clouds that suddenly appeared with her suddenly disappeared again when she went out. I doubt if Satan has all this power on nature. watch:

    Satan win nothing in this operation because every one now is loving Jesus more.

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