The Middle East War and UFOs: They are related!

Frist off I would like to apologize for not BLOGGING on Friday. I left early in the morning and spent the day with daughter #2. By the time I got back it was late afternoon. Second, I wrote that I felt there was something coming in the fall. It is now the first day of winter and an event like I thought would happen has not manifested. This is why it’s always bad to date-set. I want to make it clear that in that BLOG I didn’t set a date or say that this was prophecy. I said I felt that something was coming and it wasn’t good. I also pointed to the possible crash of the dollar and admonished us to get our houses in order. Here’s what I think. While nothing BIG has happened there seems to be a lining up of prophetic events that appear likely to implode at any moment. I’m talking specifically about the coming war in the Middle East. Over the weekend the Iranians were back-peddling from a document that they say was fake, but others say is the smoking gun regarding their true intentions for their nuclear program. The paper discussed a key component in the  making of a nuclear bomb. Remember this is the same regime who was found lying in regard to a another nuclear site in their country. Why should we believe them now? Here’s the link:

It would appear that the nations that are listed in the Ezekiel 38 prophecy are now in place. I would imagine that it’s going to happen sooner than later. While all of this saber-rattling is going on we are seeing supernatural manifestations, the likes of which we have never seen before. Here’s a link to the Russian Pyramid UFO that was seen last week over Moscow. Is it a clever hoax?

Then we have the apparitions, manifesting outside Cairo, Egypt that I wrote about last week. So let’s strip it down and expose what I think is about to happen.

1. The nations that surround Israel are lining up against her. This mirrors what the prophet Ezekiel wrote down 2600 years ago and unlike Nostradamus this prophecy does so with great specificity.

2. So-called Marian apparitions are appearing just outside Cairo and Moslems and Christians are seen together clapping their hands and celebrating in front of the images -think demons here. As I have pointed out before this kind of phenomena will be part of the great falling away, the Great Deception that will lead to a one world religious system. We are seeing the nascent beginnings of this here.

3. UFOs are manifesting all over the earth. The Cassini telescope has picked up a 20 mile wide craft that apparently has stopped in space. There are reports that there are smaller craft going to and from it.

I believe that this coming war in the middle east, which was prophesied so long ago is about to happen. It will trigger the supernatural in response to the deployment of nuclear weapons in the region. The entire world will be patched in via satellite and the Internet, as we watch all of this unfold in real time. It will be a time of the greatest fear mankind has ever experienced. This will be the moment that the so-called aliens choose to reveal themselves. Most people will believe the lie and fall in step with the alien gospel which is this. We created all life on this planet. We started the worlds religions. We were worshipped as gods and now at this critical juncture in your history we are back to help usher you into the new age. This will be the set up for the one-world government and from that the we will see the rise of the anti-christ.

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14 thoughts on “The Middle East War and UFOs: They are related!

  1. And the anti-Christ will be the body of Christ but not his spirit!! In 1978 the Shroud of Turin was scientifically analyzed. If the knowledge to clone humans was possible in 1978 (very possible with alien technology) but was kept hidden from public awareness until revealed much much later, then Jesus (the body) could of been cloned at that point. Counting the years forward, if Jesus’s body were cloned in 1978, he would be 33 years old in 2011. What better way to solidify a one world religion than with the presentation of Jesus (albeit a fake one) arriving into the world. The world would unit and worship him over night. And he could perform great miracles by warding off an alien attack and all would hail him as a savior, thus being fearful of anything from the sky. This is an added benefit to Satan so that when the REAL Jesus in body and spirit returns on the clouds, people will reject/fear him and consider him the enemy. One last point of solidarity. If you look at what Christians believe to be the Anti-Christ and what Muslims say will be the coming prophet Isa (or the Muslim Jesus) they are one in the same.

    • The thought did cross my mind. What if the Anti-Christ or False Prophet show up and the shroud matches their features?

      I know a Big- What if?

    • The prefix Anti in conjunction to Christ[Anti-Christ] indicates opposition to Christ rather than a False claim to be Christ.

      According to 1Jn2:18 there will appear an Evil being, called Antichrist. The Apostle also indicates that there is the spirit of Antichrist [an attitude, a temper, characteristic of Antichrist] already in the World having produced many Antichrists’.

      Apostle Paul in 2Thes2:3 clearly refers to the same being [man of lawlessness]. the characteristic of this person is that he “opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god” He claims to be God.

      It is interesting to note that many of the worlds’ religion even christian and atheist alike are always referring to God. It is a multi-cultural term on the lips of most. On the other hand Christ of Jesus is always used blasphemously.

      John B

    • Good Point John, I have never in my entire life heard someone cursing with “Buddah, Allah, Mohamed or the like!

    • If you look at what Muslims say will happen when Isa (the Muslim Jesus as prophet) will say when he returns, it all snaps into place. They say that Isa will proclaim Islam to be the one world religion and that all must convert or be considered Zionists. Just because he would have Jesus’s body does not preclude him from being the AntiChrist or supporting the AntiChrist. You can not get more “anti”-“Christ” than that by claiming all the world Christians to be unclean Zionists who must convert or die.

      So Islam would be the Spirit of the AntiChrist and the False Jesus would be the False Prophet pointing to another who is the AntiChrist or be the AntiChrist himself. Just something to consider.

    • Hopeful, I do consider what you and others say on La’s Blog. I just don’t believe in Muslim prophecy. Scripture reveals that Antichrist arises from within the Realm of Christianity.He is an end-time leading Apostate within the Great Apostasy.

      Apostle John Says of all Antichrists “They went out from US in denial of Jesus & the Father”.
      The US refers to the Faithful in accord with the Apostles doctrine of salvation.[Christ becoming Flesh and atoning for Sin]

      In the Light of scripture, I must look for A False Christian leader endowed by Satan himself offering another means of salvation who claims the infallibility of Godhood and who will try to unite all under his rule using Civil political diplomacy as a means to obtain Worship.

      John B

    • Please don’t get me wrong John. I do not believe in Muslim prophecy (per se), however here is the rub. I think it important to “understand” Muslim prophecy because it will give us a glimpse of the coming of the AntiChrist. Satan is tipping his cards here.

      Here is why. The Christian end times prophecy instructs us that we will have a one world religion. So whether we believe it or not, SOMETHING must happen for Muslims to buy into a one world religion. And in my opinion, the only way they will willingly do that is if that religion is called Islam.

      So by believing in OUR Christian prophecy, we must in some way believe something will happen for the other religions to converge. And the greatest convergence and force I see is Jesus himself. Don’t you find it interesting that Muslims only believe Jesus is a “prophet” and we are thinking that a “false prophet” will reveal himself. Makes you stop and think, no?

    • To address your other point, not sure you can get much more of a Christian leader than Christ himself. Wouldn’t that be a false Christian leader that you speak of?

      I am not saying my proposed scenario is RIGHT, but just throwing out alternative scenarios that fit all of the prerequisites of Christian prophecy. And all though a clone of Jesus’s body seems so crazy and out there (not much more than aliens, IMO) I believe it dove tails with all the end of the times signs.

  2. The pace is really picking up. It is an exciting time to be alive! Now more than ever we need to reach out to our neighbor and let them know the love of Christ.

  3. Isaiah 59:19-20

    So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the LORD.

    So when these ufo’s show up and or the nations surrounding Israel attack her, then our LORD Jesus will be here! I look forward to the return of our King of Kings and Lord of lords. :o)

  4. haven’t heard much about this cassini business. im on the email list that sends out cassini updates from NASA. they said something about the hexagon clouds, but nothing about a ship. any idea where this is from? again i don’t doubt there could be something, just wondering where the original data is from.

    The russia thing i wonder if it’s not a hoax. as the daytime video looks fake, and if it was out there for so long, why are there not more videos of it from a different angle? i am not totally discounting it, but i it makes me wonder. i don’t doubt there could be an appearance, but just being critical.

    as for the apparations and the countries getting into formation, thats bad news. i have no doubt forces are trying to be ready for the right chance. any documentation on the videos, where i can view it?

  5. lynn,

    1. ahmedinejahd is the queen of the media blitz at this time, he is a master of inflammatory rhetoric.
    the reason he has not launched nukes yet is a logistical one. he cant make a move until his handlers
    (russia) give him the green light.

    2.the ufo over the kremlin video would be very easily faked. i would imagine that if this were real,
    it would release pandemonium and panic among the population, which did not happen.

    3.the cassini 20 mile long object is interesting, however at this time its anybodies guess as to what it really is.

    4. the marian apparition videos are compelling, as to whether or not they will be of any consequence
    when considering the bigger picture is another question altogether…


    regarding the meltdown of the US dollar, it already HAS happened, we HAVE been sold out,
    its just that the effects will not be apparent for a while-

    just as when the NAFTA agreement was signed, the average joe did not feel it till all their jobs became

    so it is right now, we cannot yet begin to fathom what our politicians have done to us…
    basically what it boils down to is that we have just printed more and more money to make up for
    our liquid shortfall…

    but what people do not understand is that sooner or later all that paper money becomes just that…
    only worth the paper it is printed on…

    and it will be time to pay the piper, so to speak…

  6. ALEX COLLIER at the Project Camelot Awake and Aware Conference,

    I just watched the entire hour and 43 minutes of the video taken at this conference.

    Wow! Talk about deceived people!

    This is the great deception and it is here now. It is merely awaiting its time so it can become mainstream!

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