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High Strangeness in Colorado! UFOs are real and burgeoning and not going away!

Posted by lamarzulli on December 14, 2009

Well there is yet another cattle mutilation in Colorado. It would appear that the phenomena is real, burgeoning and not going away! I will continue to shout this mantra until most of our fellow citizens wake up to the realization that something is going on, and in my opinion it’s not good. Last week on Acceleration Radio, my guest was Chuck Zukowski. He E-mailed over the weekend with news about yet another mutilation. Here’s the link to his website. A word of caution, the pictures are graphic so proceed at your own risk. http://ufonut.com/wordpress/?p=830

On the show last week Chuck and I mentioned that this phenomena has gone on for decades and so far the perpetrators have never been found. In other words hundreds of mutilations have occurred and no one has ever been charged with a crime. It would appear to me that whoever is doing this does so with complete impunity. Now I link this to the UFO phenomena and that for some its a stretch. However, I would point out that UFO craft have been seen by witnesses and there is one video clip which has made its rounds on YOUTUBE. It mirrors the picture that I have posted at the beginning of todays post. Here’s a link to that video:


Now this video could be a hoax and if it is, it’s certainly a very clever one. I’m going to call my friend Richard Shaw of Pinlight Productions, and get his take on it. Richard is a film maker and can weigh in on the video.

Here’s what I want to discuss. With all the mutilations that have occurred you would think that there would be an open dialogue about it. Instead we get some people, who have never seen a mutilation insisting  that it’s the work of a predator, such as coyote, mountain lion, or bobcat. If that is the case, let’s have these skeptics take a look at these recent photo’s – which are a representation of the hundreds of mutilations that have occurred in the past – and tell us how a predator can remove the animals tongue with surgical accuracy? Of course the skeptic can’t address this and will most likely resort to poking fun at the whole episode. This has to change…

Here are some points to consider.

1. Cattle mutilations have continued for decades and so far no one has ever been charged with a crime.

2. The cattle is most often drained of blood and there are no tracks or other tell-tale signs of access by either human or animal around the carcass.

3. The mutilation is deliberately left in the field where the farmer can see it.

4. There have been reports of human mutilations and if this is the case, we are not dealing with nice, friendly aliens from the Pleiades but nefarious entities that do not have our interests at heart.

5. According to Zukoski, the phenomena has gone destructive in that the carcasses are mutilated in very graphic ways. (Most of the animal is stripped of flesh)

6. There have been reports of UFO activity near the sites. Ranchers have seen lights, craft, triangular objects, in the sky around their ranches.

7. Most ranchers who have experienced the phenomena admit that it leaves them not only perplexed but afraid.

8. This is not the work of a cult or hunters. The FBI’s investigation a few years back tried to shoe-horn all the mutilations into the work of predators. Of course anyone who examines the evidence in these latest pictures can see that a tongue does not exit an animals mouth with surgical precision unless mountain lions have obtained a surgeons license!

In closing today’s post I would like to say that the phenomena is not going away. If we only had a few of these I wouldn’t give it a second thought. The problem is this, the cattle mutilations are continuing. In fact, as Chuck Zukoski puts it, “they have become destructive.” We need to understand that there is an endgame here and if human mutilations are occurring than whoever is doing it has crossed the line and the phenomena is very, very, dark and nefarious. Here is a link to another very graphic site. If these photos are real then lines have certainly been crossed. I’m posting these to expose the reality that whoever is behind this, is one very sick and evil entity. In my opinion this has the marking of the fallen ones all over it. (Warning Very Graphic!)


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31 Responses to “High Strangeness in Colorado! UFOs are real and burgeoning and not going away!”

  1. Everybody make sure to wish Lynn a Happy Birthday!

  2. Jennifer said

    Happy Birthday Lynn!

  3. RUBY said

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

    Ruby from York, PA

  4. hector27 said


    thanks for all the hard work!

  5. GaryD said


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And God bless you and your ministry.

  6. Dave said

    Happy Birthday and God Bless!!!!

  7. wilson said

    That mutilation site of a human is among the most gristly things I have ever seen! If that is real and it looks double real to me anyone’s ascription to benevolence by so called friendly et’s needs to be completely re-evaluated. We are in true danger. I didn’t know that demons in any of their forms could just directly kill human beings. I thought it had to be done through other human beings.

  8. Marie said


  9. Kelli said

    Happy birthday! Thanks for all you do :)

  10. Frank said

    happy birthday,

    here’s my gift to you. looks like the media is following the brookings report. in that they are priming us with movies about aliens, and then this stuff about finding other planets with life. my money’s on this new infrared satellite they launched, i bet that they will make an announcement based on that.


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  12. Lisa said

    Happy birthday Lynn!
    Yaweh bless!!

  13. Gordy said

    Yes, a very blessed birthday Lynn,

    I found this very interesting article last evening:

    Pss.91 [5] Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

    VISITORS IN THE NIGHT DEPARTMENT http://www.mail-archive.com/mythf…@yahoogroups.com/msg00449.html

    Seducers from Inner Space by Randy Fitzgerald

  14. Steve said

    Happy Birthday Lynn…and may you have many more that are REAL, BURGEONING, and NOT GOING AWAY!

  15. Virginia said

    Happy Birthday, Lynn.
    Peace, health and happiness for many happy years!

  16. joe said

    Happy Birthday and many more….

    Horse abduction looks pretty believable to me.

  17. Sherry said

    Happy Birthday, Lynn! Thank you for all you do. God bless you.
    Sherry in SC

  18. Ken said

    Lynn, Happy Birthday and a Blessed Christmas and New Year!
    You bless us with your passion and steadfast devotion to getting the truth out.


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  20. hector27 said


    thanks for todays blog!
    i was thinking about this subject, and my main question is why calves?
    why blood?

    why why why?

    the question is quite deep, very deep in fact…
    the answer is in the scripture:

    ‘the LIFE is IN the BLOOD’

    well, the study of blood in the old testament is a major endeavor in and of itself!
    interestingly, the Lord makes no delineation between human or animal blood,
    it must be handled as sacred, because the life is in the blood, and all life belongs to God!
    the implications of the blood crying out for vengeance are quite profound-
    and beyond the scope of this comment…

    soooo, what would nephilim want with the life that is in the blood of calves?

    now im sure occultists could give you a detailed explanation of WHY they have been told there is LIFE in the blood…

    the answer can be found in the WORD of GOD…
    BLOOD in the old testament is a preview of the FINAL SACRIFICE of the LAMB of GOD, Jesus!

    blood is a symbol of somebody giving everything, of giving voluntarily, out of LOVE…
    cains sacrifice was rejected because it cost him nothing-
    abels sacrifice was accepted because BLOOD was given, and it was a costly gift…

    so, if anything, mutilating a calf is a PROFANING of Gods system of sacrifice…
    it is also a BLASPHEMY of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross…

    its funny ive never read anything about the blasphemy aspect of mutilations, but it is definitely there…
    especially within the context of nephilim/ufos/aliens…

    within that same reference,
    the enemy has ALSO always desired blood sacrifice, even in the old testament…
    and, again, there is the symbol of pollution of Gods purity in his creation…

    the implication is that there is some kind of ‘energy’ contained in the blood-

    since the nephilim are in a fallen and state,
    it has been said that they are at a lower dimensionality than ours…
    i have read that the higher dimension is, the more ‘energy’ is contained therein,
    (paul spoke of being taken to the seventh dimension, and being told things there that he could not repeat…)

    in summary,

    1. mutilations are a pollution, profaning, and blasphemy of what Jesus did on the Cross

    2. the nephilim inhabit a lower (cursed, fallen) dimension than our own
    (the draining of camera, car, etc. batteries or power lines in order to materialize is similar to poltergeist activity)

    3. the lack of ‘energy’ in their dimension necessitates the blood thirsty behaviours of the nephilim…

    4. the nephilims’ half-demonic lineage speaks to their bloodthirstiness-

    5. the nephilim use the cattle as a blood sacrifice to their father, the enemy of our souls…

    the nephilims’ insatiable lust and thirst for blood is the stuff of myth and legends…

    im sorry, am i rambling? =P

    lynn if you could please clarify for me:

    are UFOs fallen angels?
    are the nephilim the ones doing the mutilations?
    the blood ritual implications of mutilations, are they being performed by fallen angels?

    wouldnt that be called “cheating” if satan would perform a sacrifice unto himself?

    • SANDRA said

      Hector, Ive never before heard a reason that made sense to me as to why cains sacrifice was accepted while abels was not, thanks! thats so easy to see, I dont know why Ive never heard it before!

    • Marie said

      These are the same questions I have been asking. Thanks for speaking up Hector. ;)

  21. Happy Birthday, my friend
    hint: unplug the smoke detectors before you blow out the candles
    Love Ya

  22. Frank said

    Has anyone tried consecrating these farmers’ land for God? Such as anointing the ground with oil and blowing a shofar? Someone said this was done in Roswell and that the spiritual darkness left. of course if this is done, then the spirits would go elsewhere… but maybe someone could put this out there and help these ranchers?

    are the ranchers believers? if not this could be a huge witnessing opportunity.

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