Norway Lights: There will be signs from the heavens…

The Guide-book to the supernatural tells us that in the time of the end there will be great signs from heaven. Here is the quote:

Luk 21:11 And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.

It has now been 24 hours since I BLOGGED about the lights that were seen in Norway. I took another look at the videos and here are some questions that I raise. Where is the debris if it is a rocket? Why are the concentric circles so perfect? Why does the source of the light appear to be coming from the earth? You will notice from the picture above that the blue beam of light is very narrow where it touches the earth and then expands upwards. Is this some sort of holographic light show? Is it a sign in the heavens as the Guide-book tells us will appear in the last days? Is it just a rocket as I was quick to point out yesterday? Lot’s of questions and sitting in the mountains just outside of Los Angeles, it’s going to be difficult to get real answers. I guess what bothers me, now that I’ve had a day to ruminate on the Norway Lights, is this. What is causing the black hole in the middle of the phenomena? Here is a link to a YOUTUBE video which shows different clips of the event:Β

That being said, here are some alternative explanations for your consideration.

1. Is this the re-emergence of the Star of Bethlehem that Benjamin Creme has been promulgating? Will Share International cash in on what was seen in Norway and claim it as the star? I’m going to call Share International today and see what they have to say.

2. Is this UFO related? Are we looking at some kind of signal, the beginning of disclosure?

3. Was this staged by someone with a laser light show, or perhaps it’s an holographic image?

4. Is this a genuine sign that the Guide-book tells us will happen in the last days?

5. The phenomenon was indeed caused by a rocket that spiraled out of control.

We are warned that signs in the heavens will occur in the last days. Something like this occurred in Zeitun Egypt in 1968.Β Although it was claimed as a Marian apparition. For those of you who are new to this BLOG, I don’t believe that what appeared in Zeitun was the Mary of the Bible. I think it was a precursor of the signs and wonders that will lead us into the coming Great Deception. That being said, Benjamin Creme has been pushing the re-emergence of the Star of Bethlehem as a giant UFO mother-ship and people all over the world have taken videos’ of strange lights in the sky. Is this the star? No, it isn’t, what happened 2000 years ago was a rare conjunction of the planet Jupiter with Venus as it passed by Regulus, in the constellation of the Lion, Leo. (For more on this you might want to check out our store and purchase the DVD.) In closing today’s post, we are told that we will see signs in the heavens. While the Norway Lights might be a rocket spiraling out of control, it could also be the beginning of first contact. One thing is for sure. The story received international attention. Can you imaging what it will be like when we get a mile wide UFO sitting over Washington D.C.? Have a great weekend.

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30 thoughts on “Norway Lights: There will be signs from the heavens…

  1. Lynn,
    Did the Norway Lights event take place while President Obama was in Oslo Norway accepting the Nobel Peace prize or had he not yet arrived? My first thought was a portal and perhaps had coincided with the event since it was on an international stage with everyone watching the acceptance speech, etc… Any thoughts on the timing and portal idea? The black hole in the middle was eery…

  2. my initial thought still is rocket, but the fact that a blue beam seemed to come out of it makes me think hologram.

    the video looks curiously like a blackhole opening or similar to the wormhole from startrek deep space nine.

    I have a hard time believing it to be a spiritual thing or a UFO, mainly because nothing has happened since. That doesn’t mean anything necessarily.

    it certainly is a sign in the heavens, but i don’t find it particularly frightening. maybe i don’t know enough…

    • as folks are saying on the net: “if it was a missile test, why isn’t norway upset that russia is testing missiles in their airspace?” i think no matter what the real explanation, the facts aren’t adding up

  3. lynn,

    this morning even the russian military has admitted it was their missile gone awry…
    (they never like to admit their failures, i kinda dont blame them it is their military after all)

    as i said i have seen this a couple of times over LA, the first time it freaked me out,
    the second time it freaked everyone else out who did not know what it was…

    the reason you see the luminescence is because the rocket is above the atmosphere,
    leaking fuel and ions and is reflecting the sun-
    (it was the third stage of the missile which malfunctioned)

    the reason it has that swirly effect is because the missile is spinning as it is leaking fuel
    re-entering the upper atmosphere…

    i must admit, the atmospheric effects are rather spectacular!

    and i watch with mild amusement as the conspiracy buffs get themselves so tightly would up
    that they could bust! xD

    Mysterious UFO spiral in Norway was Russian rocket:

    Russia has confirmed that its latest test-firing of a new intercontinental missile ended in failure – at the same time observers witnessed the early morning light show.

    The submarine-launched missile was from the Dmitry Donskoi submarine in the White Sea early Wednesday, according to Russian newspapers.

    Russian defence analyst Pavel Felgenhauer said the images seen over Norway were consistent with a missile failure.

    “Such lights and clouds appear from time to time when a missile fails in the upper layers of the atmosphere and have been reported before,” he said.

    “At least this failed test made some nice fireworks for the Norwegians.”


    Mysterious ‘Norway spiral UFO’ was a failed Russian missile launch

    2009-12-11 16:40:00
    A mysterious glowing white spiral that appeared in the skies above Norway was the result of a failed test launch of a jinxed new Russian missile, says a Harvard astrophysicist who monitors space launches.

    “It consisted initially of a green beam of light similar in colour to the aurora with a mysterious rotating spiral at one end,” eye witness Nick Banbury of Harstad said, according to

    “This spiral then got bigger and bigger until it turned into a huge halo in the sky with the green beam extending down to Earth,” Banbury added.

    Previously, it was being speculated that it was a bright meteor but the rumour was quickly dismissed – in part because the apparition lasted for too long to be an incoming space rock.

    Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, said that it was an out-of control missile.

    “It’s definitely a missile launch failure,” New Scientist quoted him as saying.

    McDowell said it was a failed test of Russia’s submarine-launched Bulava ballistic missile, which is intended to be able to evade missile-defence systems.

    “We know that the Russian Navy submarine Dmitry Donskoy is in the White Sea and was preparing for the 12th test launch of the Bulava missile, which has had numerous failures,” he said.

    Out of the missile’s 11 previous launches since 2005, six have been failures, a track record that might explain why Russia has reportedly denied a Wednesday launch, McDowell said.

    “This could be because another Bulava failure is a huge and embarrassing setback for their programme,” McDowell said. (ANI)

  4. Hector,

    The one thing I am curious to find out more about is why wasn’t there any explosion? In other failed missle launch videos that I’ve seen, they blow up. Why didn’t this one? Instead, it disappeared creating a dark circle. Is there a logical explanation for this that can be explained if this is indeed a missle?

    Also, in a missle’s 3rd stage, what elevation would that place the missle approximately?

    I did notice in photographs taken after the missle “went out,” as the sun came up over the horizon more, one could see the smoke trail coming from the east, which makes sense with the theory that it was launched from the ground in Russia.

    However, I still wonder,…and to quote Marvin Martian, “Where was the ka-boom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering ka-boom?”

  5. This could very well be one of the signs in the heavens that Christ spoke of that would be a sign on the End of the Age.

    However, there have also been many signs caused by solar and lunar eclipses and comets on major Jewish feast days since 1996 that deserve deeper study. There is a free report in PDF format about these signs that is available at my web site. It was taken from the last chapter of my recently updated book: “The Language of God in Prophecy.”

    Here is the link to it:

    I’d be delighted to know what you think of it. πŸ™‚

  6. You know Lynn? When you said, “Can you imaging[sic] what it will be like when we get a mile wide UFO sitting over Washington D.C.?”….it made me think of the Phoenix Lights…..and how the press/media tried to ignore and play it down…..

    I mean – there were UFO’s over Washington DC back in the what? 50’s? 60’s? And lots of people saw them! And still……..denial.

    So, I don’t think govts and the main press/media will acknowledge even a mile wide UFO over a large city……….unless of course, it happens over many cities at once.

  7. Dr. Marzulli, I am fascinated with your websites. I fully intend to buy every one of your books. You are , in my humble opinion, 90% dead on.

    However, as a Catholic searching for the truth, I am aware of information you dismiss because it is Catholic, or Catholic supernatural, in nature.

    During the 2+ decades Veronica Leuken received locutions from heaven (aka Bayside prophecies),as in visits from Jesus, Mary, St. Michael, Joseph, she (Veronica) was told that UFO’s were a deception, that they were demons from hell actually living
    in the Earth, they intended to help usher in the Antichrist, they were evil. She was also warned that the US would be ruled by a despot and invaded. Mary, the mother of God, actually warned us not to disarm, for then we would be truly defenseless against evil and would fall!
    How’s that for peace?

    Finally, my point I need to now make for brevity’s sake is during these prophetic visits Veronica was warned that Russia had the ray gun and was going to use it to destroy us. These ‘Tesla'(?) weapons are wmd’s capable of disintigrating anything they are aimed at. That is what I believe was this ‘phenomenon’ over Norway! I personally am not surprised at all that this happened during a time that Obma was receiving his Nobel peace prize,as this was probably a jab at the whole affair, and a warning shot of what we have to look forward to.

    These are only my personal opinions. I am always searching for the truth however and am open to enlightenment where I err.

    • If any spirit speaks contrary to the gospel in scripture, then they are not of God. I have not heard of these prophecies, but if any portion of them is contrary to the gospel, then they are no good.


  8. Being a scifi fan and looking at this picture the first thing that comes to mind is a wormwhole opened and something was somehow beamed into it and sent somewhere. The blue light does seem to begin on the ground and to shine upword. Strangely Russia denigned any missle being launched until an explaination was needed to dimiss the activity as anything else.

    I have been thinking alot lately about the “Days of Nonah” that Christ mentioned in Matthew 24:38 knowing that shortly before the flood the watchers were coming and going back and forth between the earth and wherever they resided. If their offspring still exist in the human population maybe some are returned to the watchers home area and something like this picture MIGHT be used in that the process to make the trip.

  9. Dear Rene,

    I commend you in your search for the truth and I pray for Holy Spirit to guide you.

    Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism have a vast chasm between them as experts on both sides readily admit. If one is Christianity, the other cannot be!

    Things that are different cannot be the same.

    As a former Catholic I wish you good searching. These sights will greatly assist you!
    It is my sincere desire that you read and heed the bible, not what man has written.

  10. Oh yeah…and one other thought: any sort of image, no matter its source, that appears in the heavens can surely belong to the “signs and wonders” Scriptural category?

  11. Signs in heaven are frequently mentioned as indications of the last days( Mat24:30) (Acts2:19) (Rev12:1,3 15:1) Signs are usually by the hand of God.

    They are not given to enable a “calculation” of the End inclusive of Tribulation period (Mk13:32) as many Christian leaders are presently doing with maps & charts date setting. Rather they are an “assurance” to the Faithful upon the earth during the tribulation that the End, [the consummation of all things] cannot be long Delayed for the Sake of His elect (saints).

    The Plagues of Egypt are described as signs (Exo4:28 7:3) Their occurrence signified the deliverance of God’s people. only the Faithful will understand and will not fear those things which are coming upon the Earth.

    John B.

    • What I mean by the faithful they are God’s end-time remnant belonging to the “Household of God” (1Pet2:5 Gal6:10) to which Jesus is overseer.

      “””” To be sure little Flock I am with you unto the end of the world”””” Praise the Lord.

      John B




  13. “…signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars…” Luke 21:25

    The sun is currently going through a solar minimum, unprecedented for probably 100 years or more…and by the time it’s done, there may never have been anything like it…..A sign?

  14. davidbmusic,

    well, since im no rocket scientist, (DUH!) πŸ™‚

    i think i read an explanation somewhere that the rocket went out of control,
    so that does not necessarily mean that there needs to be an explosion…

    the “pinwheel effect” was from unspent rocket fuel spewing into the upper atmosphere as the rocket spun-
    the reason it looked so luminescent is because the sun was reflecting off of it…

    i agree that the effect looked like a hollywood movie CGI creation of a “black hole” or “portal”…

    although i must admit i get a good chuckle out of those who said it was an alien message to obama
    since he was accepting the nobel peace prize…lol xD

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