The Great Pyramid: Aliens or Fallen Angels – and Nephilim?

Last night on the History Channel there was a special on the great Pyramid of Giza. It explored the possibility of the pyramid being a timeline into the future. I remember years ago reading a book entitled, Secrets of the Great Pyramid, that promulgated this same idea, that encoded in the great pyramid were years and dates that were deliberately set there to warn of what was coming in the future. The idea for this was based on mathematical findings that came from measuring the pyramid itself. When the base was measured as well as the interior of the Kings chamber, it was discovered that it seemed to indicate a 365.2 day year. From this “discovery” the pyramid inch was then used to measure time on earth. The problem with this is that where does one begin inside the pyramid as a starting point for this supposed time line? Of course it’s a random choice and the problem is that no one really knows whether or not this was intended in the pyramid in the first place. I have watched programs that feature the dreaded egoist Zawi Hawas who drives me nuts by always insisting the pyramids were built by early Egyptians. With respect to Mr. Hawas, I beg to differ. No one, that I know of has shown how they were built. Added to this is the fact that there is not one piece of writing in the Great Pyramid, not one hieroglyph is found anywhere, unless you want to include what many believe is a forged “signature” saying that Pharaoh Khufu built it. This is found in a secret chamber above the Kings Chamber. Many believe this was added in recent times. So where do we find the answer to the riddle of the Pyramid and other giant megalithic structures that appear over the globe? We are told in the Guide-book to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible, that a race of giant known as the Nephilim once roamed the earth. As I have pointed out numerous times in books, the fallen angels who descneded on Mount Hermon were responsible for the creation of this unwanted hybrid, between fallen angels and the women of earth. Some researchers believe that the first Nephilim might have been as tall as 30 feet! I have used this illustration to account for the moving of the giant stones at Baal Bek – which I Blogged about recently. Was the pyramid built using thousands of slaves with large ramps or is there another answer, that of the Nephilim as the builders. It would seem that most researchers won’t consider this possibility and yet, it provides an answer that makes a lot of sense. Giants would be able to move the large stones. They would not need ramps or other special equipment. They would also have the advantage of having fallen angels as designers. We are told in the Book Of Enoch that when the fallen angels descended on the earth they gave man special knowledge. It is a reasonable theory but is overlooked because it advances the concept of non terrestrial beings. i.e. fallen angels as the builders. Another possibility is that the good angels constructed it. Whoever did, the enigma remains as to what is the real purpose of it. What I find interesting is that there was no capstone on the pyramid which means that it was never completed. Did the flood of Noah ensue before it was completed thus wiping out the Nephilim? Were later pyramids an attempt to recreate the first one? and what of the mysterious “Kings Chamber?” There is a sarcophagus in there, but it would have never fit through the narrow opening to the chamber, which means it was placed there during construction. We may never know the true purpose of the pyramid and certainly this 600 word BLOG will not solve the riddle. In closing I don’t think ancient aliens built the great pyramid at Giza, but rather the Nephilim and that subject is mostly taboo in academic circles.

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23 thoughts on “The Great Pyramid: Aliens or Fallen Angels – and Nephilim?

  1. Great blog sir. Much to think about. Thank you for keeping the, what I believe to be, Biblical teaching on the Nephilim out there. The Bible has a wonderful way of shedding light on subjects. Too bad most folks, including Christians, want to stay in the dark.

    Kevin J.

  2. My Pastor, Dr. Gene Scott, used to teach a great deal on the Pyramid. I’ve spent many hours listening to his theorizing about it, and have many books on the subject. It’s one of those subjects I never get tired of looking in to. Thanks, Lynn

  3. One also finds mention of the Giza Pyramid with regards to the New World Order. I recommend a listen to a fairly recent 2 hour interview of Tom Horn with Daniel Ott on

    Lynn, I’m listening right now on Streamlink to your
    wonderful interview with George Noory from a couple of nights ago. Great stuff. Between you and Tom Horn, you’ve got it all covered. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your book on 2012.

  4. Hi Lynn. Excellent post. You’ve a great blog. I share several of your views and really want to thank you for the insightful delivery of the amazing research on Coast to Coast AM. I was totally enraptured in the knowledge that you divulged. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

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  6. I am extremely thankful for this blog and the books! I heard of you on Prophecy in the News and have been listening and learning ever since. It is truly a part of the Word I had never heard of before! I am thankful for the opportunity!

  7. I watched the remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” while hunkered down in a motel for a couple of nights due to the Gulf of Mexico storm.

    The robot on this version sure fit the definition of the size of a nephilim.

  8. Very much enjoy your blogs. The Great Pyramid and the other sites of ancient megalithic building seem to be the result of ‘ancient technology’ which has been forgotten. The ‘oldest’ explanations for the building generally seems to imply a lost technology that had to do with ‘sound’. Many of the oldest legends do speak of giants also, as having been connected with their construction, for instance, it is said that the temple at Baalbek was built by “Nimrod and a tribe of giants”. I have read that a legend is told about Stonehenge that music was played and the stones “levitated” and were thereby moved into place. If we can ever shed the shackles of ‘evolutionary’ thinking which says that our ancient ancestors were basically incapable of chewing gum and walking at the same time, the ‘mysterious’ artifacts of the ancient past, such as the Great Pyramid might not be quite so mysterious. Genesis 11, tells the story of the Tower of Babel (ca. 2200 BC), and how ‘God came down’ to see what was being done. His evaluation of the situation was; “Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do”. Apparently, God’s opinion of our ‘early ancestors’ was much higher than that which the bankrupt theory of evolution would have us believe. It appears that God confused the language of mankind to spare us from the result of uncontrolled technology, without Godly guidance (at least until the appointed time, as per the book of Daniel). And proof of that seems to be obvious from the explosion of technology in the last couple of hundred years, since the nations of the world have been brought back into close contact. We seem to be back where we were at Babel “and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do”. There is evidence of a ‘high civilization’ immediately after the Flood, which was circumnavigating the globe and accurately mapping the world. As well as building amazing megalithic constructions which cannot be duplicated today, even by our ‘advanced technology’. I would like to recommend the web-site:
    This author has written a fascinating book “Ice Age Civilizations” which addresses the topic of our ‘early ancestors’ and the purpose of the Great Pyramid.

  9. David,

    That was some great insight- as civilization we certainly do seem to me in a hyper “Tower of Babel” mode.

    Did anyone see the author on “Prophecy in the News” who producedThe Great Pyramid Trilogy? He thinks Enoch had it built w/help from angels.

    Another note: Some info on the “Manhattan Declaration” some Christians have signed.

  10. Crop Circles – Alien Messages Or Human Hoaxes?
    (snippet from article below)

    This person works for “a government agency involved in technology research with military connections

    He claims that a number of people at the agency had apparently been taken over by Aliens, and that many unusual promotions had taken place (to replace lost staff). He wrote “The thing that attracted my interest and concern was the sudden deaths of five senior members of staff within just three months. We were told that these were as a result of accidents, health problems and one suicide

  11. lynn,

    i thank you for your insightful and concise perspective on the pyramids!
    the nephilim WOULD be a logical candidate to build them…

    on a side note, is it JUST ME or has there been a palpable UPTICK in anti-semitic/anti-christian commentaries lately, within the context of the “alien gospel?”


    along the same lines i saw “expelled” for the first time today, and they have a section where they are interviewing HAWKINGS, and he basically comes right and says that ALIENS “seeded” the human race!?

    i mean, just so long as you dont call him jehovah, or Jesus, its ok to say that humans were designed (seeded) by…


    and so we have come full circle…

    darwinism, nazism, eugenics, the holocaust, and finally the alien gospel…

    one in the same animal… (beast)

    while i was watching the movie i said to myself: “dear Lord, did we ever get rid of hitler?”

    the long answer is, no…

    that spirit is alive and well, and preparing to make its move…


    i foresee a small window of opportunity, right after the rapture…

    when there will be SO MUCH CHAOS and FEAR in the world, (and so little FAITH on the planet)…

    that yes, satan will be able to materialize his motherships,

    all in the name of the


  12. I have read that an ‘ell’ ranges from 27 inches to 45 inches as it was a unit based on an arm length similar to a cubit. If the measurement conversion is accurate and 3000 ells from the Book of Enoch is both an accurate number AND an accurate translation (I read that it might be 300 ells not 3000) then that would make the Nephilim about 1.25 miles tall. WOW! Can you shed some light on these discrepancies please Lynn?

  13. Based on somethings I am reading of how long an ‘ell’ is I convert the Nephilim to be 1.25 miles tall. I am reading that an ell is around 27 inches and taking 3000 ells from the Book of Enoch. Can you comment on these discrepancies Lynn?

  14. They have found smaller half built pyramids all around egypt and the method of their construction was ingeniously simple. It was a method I had never thought of before I found about it. The builders were always working at ground level. You can do a lot of precision work when the top of the wall you are working on is right at your feet. They simply took the one thing they had the most of and used it to their advantage. Sand!

    They would percision cut one row of stone and place it and then take the sand and fill in all around it while also making a gradual gentle slopeing plane with the sand. When they were done with the first row of stone with all of the sand filled in around it and also gentle sloping away, that first row of stone would look like it was buried. But if you walked up the gentle hill they made you’d see the edge of the stone exposed and ready for the second row. Then they would precision cut and place the second row and fill in with sand again. If you repete this process several times you would have a big hill of sand and your structure truely would be temporarily buried. But once you dig away the tons of sand you wauld have a tall and perfectly built structure! The sand is the key. Even without heavy equipment you do need thousands apon thousands of people workers to pull this off. This could be the way they made these great pyramids. The rest of the hocus-pocus around it could be like Nostrodamus where people are constantly reading things into his vague ‘quatranes”. But I once heard Penn Jelette say something that I thought was funny. He said after being told that Nostrodamus predicted the 911 attacks…”Why doesn’t Nostrodomas ever predict anything BEFORE it happens?!??” That line cracked me up.

  15. Part 1 of 8 UFO’s The Hidden Truth – ufo documentary which provide evidence that ufo entities are messengers of deception.

  16. Great Blog! I myself have been studying the Fallen Angels, also known as, (the Sons of God or Watchers); in the Bible. Many Christians are so blinded by the teachings of man, (yeast of the Pharisees), as our Lord, Christ Jesus referred to it. They only read what they see; but cannot see what they are reading; thus hindering themselves from the manifestation of the secrets and revelations within the scriptures. During my studying of the Book of Enoch, I linked the pyramids to the fallen angles, from a passage were Enoch states that the fallen angels had been imprisoned on earth beneath pointed stones until the time of their judgment. In my opinion, the Book of Enoch is the oldest scriptural book known to mankind. And it is the mother book to our Holy Bible. For if you have truly studied the scriptures of the Old & New Testaments, and have studied the Book of Enoch, you will see that the origin of the scriptures in the Bible, is the Book Enoch!

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