Ancient Aliens: Why not discuss the NEPHILIM?

I watched for the second time the Ancient Alien special on the History Channel last night. It’s a very well done documentary and it promulgates, in short, what I would call the Alien Gospel. That is that aliens, from another galaxy came here thousands of years ago and gave us technology, civilization and were thought of as gods by our ancestors. These so- called ancient aliens built megalithic structures that defy most archeologist as to how these stones, some weighing 100’s of tons were set in place. The show explores the work of Ancient Alien theorist, Erick Von Daniken who is at the vanguard of this movement. However, there is a missing piece to the puzzle that if were put in place might just clear  up the mystery once and for all. We have in the supernatural guide-book, i.e. the Bible, an account of how the sons of God – think angels here – came to earth and took any women they choose as wives. The product of this unholy union was what we have come to call the Nephilim. The Nephilim were in fact, a hybrid of fallen angelic beings and human women. They were an abomination. One of the anomalies of the Nephilim was gigantism. While it may seem unbelievable to us the Nephilim may have been as tall as 25 feet or more. This first incursion of the fallen angels was not some weekend excursion, but lasted hundreds of years. In other words the Nephilim  may have spread to the for corners of the earth. In P.P.&S. I chooses the megalithic site of Baal Bek (notice the huge stone on the left with the man sitting on the top of it) as an example of what I believe was built by the Nephilim. These stones are the largest single stones ever quarried by anybody on this planet. We would be hard pressed to move these stones today, even with the largest of our cranes. This of course begs the question, who moved these stones and how did they do it? I turn to Occam’s razor, which tells us that the simplest answer is usually the correct one. Locals who live in Baal Bek today tell us that it was the giants who constructed Baal Bek. Is it to hard of a stretch to think of 50, or so 25 foot giants lifting these stones and putting them in place. Unlike Giza where the Great Pyramid is located, Baal Bek has no open area to build ramps, which is the primary reason why I choose the site to illustrate my point. I believe the reason why the fallen angel theory and their offspring the Nephilim, is overlooked is because it points to the supernatural or interdimensional beings rather than the extraterrestrial hypothesis, and most researchers avoid this like the plague. However, it is here that we find the answers that we are looking for, as it fits together all of the modern UFO occurences as well. Once we embrace the idea that there is a war that is being fought in another dimension and it’s spilling over into ours, we can begin to grasp that there may be a link between what happened thousands of years ago and what is happening today. The UFO phenomena with all of its components, sightings, crop circles, abductions, implants and mutilations, all bear the mark of interdimensional beings that are, as Jacque Vallee portends, masters of deception! We are also told from the supernatural guide-book that the return of the Nephilim will occur in the last days. With that in mind I would love to do a documentary that explored the same sights that Von Daniken discussed in last nights program, but plug the Nephilim theory as an alternative explanation. It certainly has the same validity as Von Daniken’s, if not more! I have a great director friend, all we need is the financing and we could go into production!

I will be appearing on Coast to Coast am with George Noory tomorrow night for three hours.

Here’s the link!

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19 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: Why not discuss the NEPHILIM?

  1. Hi Lynn,

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I pray the financing comes in for your project. This is an idea whose time has come. I read Von Daniken years ago. His theories are REALLY bizzare when you look into them. As you stated, when one plugs the Nephilim into all of these other things, the whole puzzle comes together.

    I have the “Alien Interviews” in e-book form. I plan on ordering the paperback as well. Thanks for keeping us all informed as the last days supernatural deception continues its convergence with political and prophetic patterns and cycles.

    Kevin J.

  2. ya’ll should check out Judd Burton’s Interview with a Giant. he’s been on future quake and view from the bunker so check out those podcasts.

    one question that’s bugging me. if the fallen angels were bound up in chains, and the nephilim are more or less disembodied spirits thanks to the flood, what exactly are what we call ET’s? are they a biological shell? a spirit? a chimera of some sort? are any of the fallen angels loose now? there’s talk that the Nordic “aliens” are very angelic, and they appear from time to time in tales. Joe Montaldo references that Hitler spoke to Nordics, Travis Walton possibly seen one.

    How do we reconcile all these EBE, with what we know in scripture?

    just curious, thanks all….

    • Hi Frank~
      Funny that you should ask this question. I recently asked Lynn the same one and his reply was that they are using some sort of bio-body suits! And he said “Far out, huh?”

    • wow, that’s what my theory would be. or i guess, that most of the angels themselves are in everlasting chains. That’s what Enoch says, thats what Jude says. maybe some were able to avoid being chained? that may explain the nordics. my guess would be if the greys are actual physical beings, some sort of bio bag would be the most logical step.

      Far out indeed.

    • Well…according to some Scriptural texts and pseudepigrapha (e.g. Book Of Enoch) the God-created celestial beings referred to as Watchers (there were/are good ones also) who committed the specific abomination of mating with human women are the only ones who are chained until their final judgment is pronounced. According to these texts there are 200 of them. So yes, it would be (some of?) their nefarious offspring, the Nephilim, who sneak around as our little grey bio-suited “aliens.” Strange, if not some shade of irony, that the former “giants” should stoop to such literal lows. The other thing that causes me wonder is where/how the “ghost” phenomenon comes into play. Perhaps different roles for the Nephilic cause? What say you?

    • i would suppose that ghosts are likely just the spirits without the meatbag suit. note that when an abductee gets further down the road, high strangeness (hauntings) and shadowpeople come. They must be able to exert some physical influence as in poltergeist activity. it’s really hard to tie it all together, i feel like i’m missing a piece of the puzzle…
      not that it really matters, it’s just for my own curiosity.

    • Angels can appear as humans they did so to Abraham and Lot. Fallen angels can appear as aliens, they don’t need body suits they can shift shape entering the natural realm. certain forms of witchcraft permit the practitioner to take on animal form.

      john B

  3. If you haven’t read “Poltics Prophecy, and the Supernatural,” it is a really good read and helps to establish a Biblical theology about the nephilim. I do believe they are seen in many forms. In his novels, Lynn talks about shape shifters. I have pondered these a lot since I have been reading his books and this blog. The Bible says that satan can come to us as an angel of light. I also know of people who have been “haunted” by beings who were horrific and quite frightening. Given the theory of shape shifting, it would seem these beings can take on whatever shape they need for whatever their mission is. If they want to terrorize someone, they show themselves as scary beasts. If they want someone to open up to communication with them, they present themselves as angels of light. It gives us all the more reason to be praying and learning how to discern the spirits whether they are of G-d/Yahw-h or not. We don’t want to open ourselves up to what appears to be an angel of light to be deceived! According to the Word “if it were possible the very elect would be deceived.” We are really going to have to be on our toes and serious about living for G-d!

    • “And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things.”

      John, obviously a very spiritual Born Again man, tried to worship an angel. Here is a man who knew Jesus Christ. Fortunate for him, it wasn’t a fallen angel. Something to think about…

  4. The Ancient Aliens- artifacts & structures- to me has always been a smoking gun.

    There are ancient carved drawings & paintings of these entities & megalithic structures w/no explanation of how they could be humanly constructed.

    I don’t think its rocket science here- just plain old common sense- especially when the Bible is also taken into consideration.

    The problem is the “supernatural” is typically taken out of the equation so the so called experts are left with a big nothing in theory.

    Instead of connecting the drawing of a giant or spacecraft w/a literal historic figure they spiritualize it away & say the natives were smoking too many weeds & just happened to draw these imagionary images.

    And for the structures- they’re still pretty much dumbfounded on how they were built. I guess those are too difficult to make light of.

  5. Hello again Lynn,
    I think you are right on the money that these ancient structures were built by the nephilim, with perhaps a little help from the fallen watchers/sons of God thrown in. I will also pray for the finances to come in for you to do your show with what I think is the real reason these things happened and were built in the first place. I think it is like Mike Heiser said, “Most people don’t want the truth, they’re looking for answers to confirm their prejudices.” Because it all boils down to the fact that if the Bible is true,(I know it is) then God is true, then they would have to submit to the will of God, & it seems most folks just don’t want to submit to anyone, just like Satan.

  6. To John B~
    Being that the Nephilim are now disembodied beings they probably would need some sort of ultra-tech fleshy outfit. Since their parents who are the original fallen Watchers are immobilized, their shape-shifting capabilities are down to zero. So this begs the question as to what [fallen] others of Satan’s minions are up to as far as the “alien” program goes? Barring the original fallen 200 we are left to consider their disembodied [Nephilim] children and members of the second Nephil incursion after the Flood. Would these then be the present day beings you refer to? Not unlike Frank I am curious about piecing this ancient future history together.

    • In A moment, My understanding of Demons and fallen angels differ from some of the views presented on this blog.

      I hold the earlier views of men like Gil Pin, kurt Koch , Merril F Hunger. Men who were in the forefront of spiritual warfare in their ministry.

      Below is my assessment from the scriptures.

      The Apostle tells us that we wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against powers & principalities, spirits of wickedness in the heavenly realm”. The reference here is to wicked angelic beings(the fallen angels having some Liberty and influence upon humanity)there is definitely more than the 200 locked away at the incuesion.

      The Greek word for Demon is (daimon) in Acts 17:18 it denotes an inferior pagan deity.
      Demons are the spiritual agents acting in all Idolatry. The Idol itself is nothing but the work of human hands, but every Idol has a Demon associated with it who induces Idolatry, with its worship and sacrifices. 1cor10:20,21. Rev9:20. Isa13:21. 34:14.

      They introduce error and seek to seduce believers 1Tim4:1 so demons are seducing spirits. Those among man who have familiar spirits can converse with deceased Human beings Lev19:31 this is known as spiritism forbidden in scripture. Deu18:11

      They act under satan, he is their chief. They can afflict with bodily disease Lk13:6. Being unclean they Tempt men with unclean thoughts Matt10:1

      This next point is very important in relation to them being the “Powers & principalities, the spirit of wickedness” spoken of by the Apostle They Differ in “Degrees of Wickedness” Matt12:45.

      They will instigate the rulers of the Nations at the End of this age to make war against God and His Christ Rev16:14. some are bound at the river Euphrates to be released. (WWW3)

      My understanding of these scriptures leads me to conclude that the Demonic Are the Fallen Angels of various ranks who can very well present themselves as Aliens to further the Deception of the End Time.

      As to the deceased Nephlims of the Past I ask the Question, can it be that their spirits are subjected to the God ordained principle of all men awaiting Judjment to be the Lake of Fire.(some say the had no soul)according to scripture, if they Had Blood then they had Souls For “Life is in the Blood”

      As the scripture is not clear on this weather they passively await judgment as men do, I only Question .In the same way that the scripture is not clear that they have some form of activity beyond their Death.

      John B


    • Great finds, thanks for sharing the word on these matters. I will copy these down for my future studies on the matter.

      i think it’s so easy to get wrapped on the minutia of this thing, and lose sight about what God says, at least thats where i find myself at times.

      thanks again!

  7. I have a coworker who is an atheist. He was raised catholic and has no faith. He does believe there is other life in the universe, however, he does not believe in life after death. What kind of research should he do or what books would you suggest he read? He’s teetering on the fence with this issue. Thank you, Steve V.

    • as to life in the universe, i would suggest CS Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet. it is fiction, but the latter part of the book kind of explains some ET theology.

      I would also recommend Looking for Joe Jordan’s work on UFO research. He has appeared on Future Quake podcasts and Setting Captives Free (revelations radio) podcast.

      Russ Dizdar’s Preemption Broadcast podcast also does an excellent job sharing Christ while addressing these issues. Guy Malone has a testimony online, like a 100 page book at he also has a site, i believe

      Michael Heiser is also good

      Not to give LA free ads either 😉 , but his alien interviews book is also pretty good. i bought it and read it, he has several good examples in there. there is a good witnessing section in the end. it is definitely worth reading.

  8. Lynn, heard you on C2C the other night. You were great as usual. In fact I’d have to say that you are one of my favorite guests on all of C2C!

    I too had purchased an e-book copy of Alien Interviews. Love the book and plan on getting the paperbook edition. In addition, I plan on getting the Nephilim book series. I’m not big into fiction per se, but you’ve described it as being almost real so I will give it a shot. I’m sure it won’t disapoint because you know your material and are a great writer.

    Also love your blog and your monthly newsletter, P.P.&S. I look forward to it every month. To your continues success in sounding the alarm! May God continue to use you and may your ministry of truth continue to grow and grow.

  9. Hi i’m believer that acknowledges that Jesus Christ came in the flesh. I have read the book of Enoch and it seems to fit and also reveal so much that is concealed in the canonised scriptures. It wasn’t discovered until the 17th century but the scrolls found at quimran in the 50’s indicate it was part of the canon of jesus time. The references in the new testament also seem to confirm for me validity of the book.
    From what I can make out, the demons that now roam the earth are the left over spirits of the Nephilim or the Giants or in any case the children of sin of the fallen angels.
    They ate up all the resources then ate up nearly all of the men of the earth before turning on each other and eating each other.
    God destroyed them this way but allowed their spirits to remain in the earth.
    Many years before I was saved, I personally had an incredible ufo encounter just near bondi beach in Australia.
    Huge mexican hat style ufo’s were lined up all down the coast but were hidden inside flashing clouds which randomly lit up from lightning within them but with no thunder. I only saw one of the actual craft briefly but it was a detailed view and had a blue light going around the upper deck. Then it was hidden behind the cloud again.
    This mexican hat thing was huge, about 200 metres wide and very dark and gloomly looking, it had a scary vibe about it at the time. (Many times since then i have seen the unnatural suspicious flashing clouds of the same size but not lately) this original siting was back in the mid 90’s
    Anyway, i’m not necessarily saying that it was aliens just a huge space vehicle hovering in a cloud. Maybe this stuff is from earth, i believe the technology although secret is available here.

    The Lord by his grace has blessed me with marvelous revelations in recent times that have completely confirmed his word to me so I know that every verse of scripture is true.

    I guess i’m curious and would prefer to scripturally uncover all these mysteries, it would be great help in witnessing to people.

    One mystery for me is this. We know that the 3rd heaven is the holy abode of God the father and our Lord Jesus christ, and the 1st heaven is the sky of our planet earth in it’s present form. Where is the 2nd heaven of which the evil one reigns in his anti god dragon form. Is it another realm/ dimension such as the third heaven, only lower, or is it the natural universe beyond our sky (1st heaven).

    As for ghosts they are all definitely demons, often masquerading as loved ones. But this extra terrestrial thing is a little bit of a mystery, if there are such beings.

    Here are a couple of scriptures that I believe open up the possibility of other worlds and please correct me if you think i’m wrong about these with some relavent scripture.

    Joh 10:16 I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.

    ok so maybe this one is simply disinguishing between jew and gentile but the ‘pens’ seem to say more to me.

    and this scripture about the rapture..

    Mar 13:27 And he will send his angels and gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the ends of the heavens.

    why would the angels gather the elect from the ends of the heavens if they had aleady been gathered from the earth unless there were more elect to be gathered outside of the earth? Maybe it indicates they will gathers on earth and take us to the ends of the heavens but it’s another scripture that niggles me as to it’s implications.

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