Cattle Mutilation:

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I was going to take some time off and not BLOG today.  However, this article has been making the rounds on the NET and so, I’m going to comment on it.

There has been a rash of mutilations in Colorado, just north of the New Mexican border. It’s the usual grizzly affair, as seen in the picture on the left. There is no blood or tracks or anything else that would point to the work of a predator or cult. In one case the tongue of the animal was missing. I will now state the mantra: While we may disagree as to what is the cause of the phenomena we can agree that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away! As I have stated over and over again, and will talk about this coming Tuesday night on Coast to Coast am with George Noory, cattle mutilations continue, abductions of people against their will continue, alien implants under peoples skin continue, and UFO sightings are off the hook.

Cattle mutilations are very deliberate, in that whoever is doing it leaves the mutilated carcass where it can be readily seen by the rancher. It is like saying, we can do this with impunity and you can do nothing to stop us. Indeed, the perpetrators take the cow or calf, carve it up, with surgical precision and drop it back in the field for all to see. Law enforcement is powerless, our FBI tells us that it’s the work of predators and our government fails in protecting its citizens property. In my book, The Alien Interviews which is now available in paper back – with new material – I interviewed Stan Mosser and his father. They lived on a ranch and experienced cattle mutilations first hand. Theirs is a chilling account that mirrors this recent story. In my opinion, cattle mutilations is the flip side of the crop circle phenomena in that while the corp circles dazzle us with their complexity and beauty, mutilations are nefarious, and ominous. Even more disturbing is the reports of human mutilations, which I linked to before.

The Luciferians, those entities who follow after the fallen angel Lucifer, travel in the currency of fear. Everything they do is to create a climate of fear, dread, and oppression. These are not some friendly E.T’s from the Pleiades. This is the work of the fallen ones and what I would call the return of the Nephilim. Ancient manuscripts and the Supernatural Guidebook, i.e. the Bible, tell us of this war that is taking place in another dimension. This war is now spilling over into our dimension. We are told that, When the son of man returns it will be like the days of Noah. The son of man’s return is the second coming of the rightful king, Jesus, but why does this passage tell us that it will be like the days of Noah. This begs the question, what differentiates those days from any other? It is the presence of the fallen angles openly manifesting on the earth. They are back, although this time it is different. The enemy knows his time is short and he is preparing the way for the Coming Great deception! Cattle mutilations are part of this and as we see by this recent post, it’s not going away! Here’s the link to the story!

Do you have friends, pastors and relatives who scoff and laugh when you bring up the burgeoning UFO phenomena? Why not give them The Alien Interview book for Christmas? The Alien Interviews has over 17 informative interviews that discuss cattle mutilations, abductions, implants and more! It will make then think about what is going on….

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  1. Thank You L.A. you answered my question from last week. I know understand about the Nephilim, but I have one question how did they escape the flood. I thought the whole point of flooding the earth was to kill them? Im going to buy your books because im doing some research. Thank you for answering. 🙂

    • Hi Maria,

      Obviously I’m not Lynn, but I’ll take a stab at this one. The Nephilim were the fallen angels. They are currently chained in Tartarus for their sin (you can’t drown spirit beings). Their offspring, the human/angel hybrids were the ones that necessitated the flood and their disembodied spirits are the demons spoken of in scripture.

    • Marie,

      That is my understanding, from reading experts like Lynn and Patrick Heron. Here’s a link to an article by Patrick which really helped clear up a number of details for me. It’s under the heading “NEPHILIM STARGATES ARTICLE” near the top of the page

  2. Lynn,

    one interesting point that was brought back to my mind as i read your blog today is that:

    in “District 9” the mutilated cattle are depicted as providing nourishment for the “baby alien nests”…

    which are contraptions that feed the hatchlings blood dripping from the bovine carcass…

    the similarity between bovine blood and human blood has been referenced many times before, products such as:




    utilize bovine hemoglobin as a oxygen carrier in their blood-substitute products…

    That is one thing that i liked about “war of the worlds” wherein the ‘alien bio-mechanical technology’ was


    of course, humans cannot understand such bio-mechanical principles-

    the answers are more akin to occultic folklore than scientific fact…

    HOWEVER the presence of bio-mechanical implants in abductees alludes to the fact that the enemy is in fact quite capable of such trickery…

    the implants in and of themselves are a veiled threat, much in the same way cattle mutilations are:

    its like the enemy is trying to strike fear into humanity with his smoke and mirrors-

    but the enemy cannot CREATE LIFE…

    he can only try and imitate something that LOOKS LIKE LIFE,

    but in reality is only a sad mimicry of life…


    Large triangle UFO spotted by commercial airline pilot in Memphis, Tennessee

    On 11/24/09 at 9:45 pm, a commercial airline pilot in the Cordova area was looking to the north at departing air-traffic from the Memphis airport, when he saw what he described as a diamond-shaped craft pass directly under a CRJ-200 [Canadair Regional Jetliner ] . This pilot who has asked to remain anonymous said the jet was flying at about 8000 feet and the Unknown flew under it at an approximate altitude of 6000 feet [a close call in terms of air-traffic safety regulations]. The pilot said the UFO was on a flight path from east to west and traveling at somewhere between Mach 1 and Mach 1.5. He said that it was banking slightly to the north-west as it flew under the jet, so he got a view of its underside. He described it as a perfect triangle with dim white lights at its corners and about 200 ft across, easily as large as a 747. Though it was somewhat hazy in appearance, he said he saw it distinctly enough to make out that it was a solid body with the lights attached. It had no stobe lights and was totally silent. He observed it for about 20 seconds until it passed out of sight .
    This man has been flying all his life and is very knowledgable about airplanes. He said he has never personally witnessed any aircraft this strange before. He commented in the interview the next day with the MUFON Tennessee State Director that he was very confident that it was nothing of ours, military or otherwise. In his report to the MUFON CMS files, he concluded by stating that this sighting left him feeling numb. When interviewed, he admitted that he was still shaken by what he had witnessed.
    When asked if he experienced anything else strange or unusual in the immediate aftermath of this sighting, he mentioned that one hour after he saw the UFO, a helicopter flew directly over his house at about 3500 ft. altitude coming from the same direction the triangle UFO had been heading when it departed. He said this helicopter had no lights on it! This is in serious violation of FAA regulations, especially as this was within a fifteen-mile radius of the Memphis airport. He said that not even military aircraft can turn their lights off unless it is a combat situation. He did say he was able to see a dim light in the cockpit of the chopper. And he also said that it was a single prop and at least 80% certain that it was a Bell Jet Ranger which is used by not only the military but also by the police and hospitals.
    [This pilot sent an e-mail after the interview with a link to some video footage of the Belgium triangle UFO that many observed flying in the night skies of that country in the early 90’s and stated that this was exactly what he saw.]
    If there are any other witnesses who on the night of November 24th. saw this triangle UFO in the Memphis area, please e-mail the Memphis UFO Examiner.

  4. Gen 6:4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. NASB

    Marie, Please note this verse says “And also aferward.”
    After what?

    After the flood!

    • DUHHHHHHHH, I feel stupid and I should when I read that part I misunderstood. I feel stupid , but now the pieces are together , for me. Im getting more and more into this and Im going to purchase Lynns books this week. Im seeing other side of the story. Thank you all for helping me 🙂 Now I can get on with my writing. 🙂

    • I didn’t know this either Marie, until Chuch Missler pointed it out in one of his DVD’s.

      We are all learning!

    • But if the reason for the flood was indeed to destroy the Nephilim, it failed to do so and was pointless.

      We must then assume that either Noah’s wife carried the Nephilim bloodline, or that at least one of his daughter in laws did, or that “the sons of God” continued to take wives after the flood.

    • If God’s purpose in the flood was to destroy the Nephilim, then it would have been so. I doubt God makes mistakes or over looks certain details. God would have known if the wife or daughters carried the blood line. God’s Word tells us that our heavenly Father knows us so well that He has the hair on our head numbered (see Matt. 10:30)
      So for God to be ignorant of the blood lines are doubtful.

    • Maybe because of the deception that is suppose to take place in the end times, ( if God did this and im not saying he did) There was a survivor of the bloodline left to survive on purpose for this day and time. Would this contradict the bible , in anyway?

    • The scripture says that the nephilim in the time that Israel entered the land were the “Sons of Anak” Num13:28,32,33. no demonic hybrid in that lot.

      There is also another name related to the nephilims “Arba” he, being the father of Anak. . Joshua 15:13

      Were these men of valor spoken of in Genesis. were they prior to Nimrod.

      I am of the view that if “the scriptures is silent about something”, so should we be. speculation can lead astray even the most sincere.

      John B

    • The nephilim may have been destroyed at the time of the flood, but the fallen angels weren’t. I believe that, in the book of Enoch it talks about the fallen angels being released at a certain time upon the earth. The book of Revelation seems to confirm this with the scriptures about the beings coming out of the abyss. Apocalypse means the thinning of the veil between the natural and the supernatural. Somehow it appears the veil is thinned, holocaust? abortion?, and these creatures are released to come upon the earth. They must have thought they were pretty close to accomplishing their goal of destroying the blood line of man, of whom Jesus/Y’shua was promised to be born. Noah and his family were the only ones who were still pure. This being the case, it is the closest they ever came to destroying the blood line of man. It would seem then, they would try it again, maybe with the mark of the beast and control of mankind to try to ensure its success. Since they have already birthed nephilim once, the abductions of human beings and pregnancies that these people seem to have suffered through and lost to these fallen angels may be a way of reproducing the nephilim on the earth. This is what I am understanding from reading Lynn’s books and other study that I have done. It isn’t absolute, just a thought….

    • Thanks Christine, it makes sense to me. Im not trying to go beyond things my ministry is about warning people of the comming deception. the things Lynn talks about makes sense to me and I pray about what I read, I mean you cant believe everything but if you have a relationship with God you ( should) will be able to decern what is right and what is’nt.


    • 1. nephilim upon the earth in the days of Noah are a product of fallen angels marrying the daughters of men. Flood destroy them all. The spirits of drowned nephilims are demons roaming earth presently.The fallen angels themselves are imprisoned to be released or already are presently released.

      2. nephilim upon the earth in the days of Joshua are decendents of “Anak and Arba”. Israel destroy them all from the Land.

      The second point has strong scriptural support to show that there is no fallen angelic involvement. The scripture clearly tells us the source of these Giants to be Man for we are told whose sons they were! This scriptural insight is not taken into consideration in all I have read on the subject.
      Instead, We are told that there was a second attempt to infect the blood line of humanity by another group fallen angels (must be very stupid ones) remembering that the fallen angels responsible for the First incursion were imprisoned after the time of Noah.

      If the scripture be clear on the nephilim source of the second lot, Then that should be taken into consideration in our attempt to understand the real purpose of the Flood. For the scripture also clearly points that it was man (all flesh) that had become corrupt Gen6:11-13.
      (which ever way you look at it, those two points contradict each other in form)
      It is the leading of the Scripture free of speculations that must be the source of our understanding.
      we cannot make a theory to be the dogma of Truth.

      John B

    • Thanks Late Night Lisa! I posted it to my facebook. I also wanted to tell everybody thanks for their prayers for my grandchildren! They are bouncing around like they have never been sick a day in their life! Praise G-d/Yahv-h!

  5. What is also very odd is several of the ranchers claim that upon arriving at the scene of the mutilations, they had a strange sense of being watched; none of them could shake this feeling and just wanted to get out of the area as soon as possible.

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