New World Order: Copenhagen and Global Warming

I received a YOUTUBE video from Joe Jordan – he came on the record in The Alien Interview book – about the upcoming meeting in Copenhagen. The nuts and bolts of the story is this. The goal of the Copenhagen conference is to collectively gather up the nations of the world into one big happy family under the auspices of green house emissions and carbon tax. In other words because we use 25% of the world’s energy we would be taxed and our wealth would be redistributed to poorer nations. How do you spell communism? It would appear that the New World Oder may be birthed at Copenhagen. While the antics of morons who masquerade as musicians, at the AME awards caught the media’s attention, and provide a distraction, we are faced with some very disturbing developments that may create a future world that we won’t recognize. The video link below is well worth watching as Lord Monckton gives a riveting explanation as to what we are about to face. It would appear that we now understand the media hype and the slobbering love affair that accompanied Obama’s campaign. He is a socialist and wants to redistribute wealth. He is a junior Senator with one term and he’s awarded the Nobel peace prize for what? I think that his election was a set up – we’ve been duped! The Copenhagen treaty could spell the end of America as we know it!

Of  course there are forces that are puling in the other direction. I speak of the recent outing that the science behind global warming is junk science, and that data was manipulated to attain the desired results. So that being said, this makes the entire premise behind Copenhagen fall of its own weight. In other words if global warming doesn’t exist then why do we need a carbon tax?

The bottom line is this, and once again I turn to the supernatural guide-book for the answer. We are told that in the last days there is going to be a one world government. Now when that was written about 2000 years ago it certainly seemed like the ravings of a mad man, to those who don’t grasp that when the God of the universe declares a thing before it happens you can bet your bottom dollar that it will come to pass, even if it takes a couple of thousand years to do so! We are told that this global government would be one of the signs of the last days. The last days mean this, that there will be a point where history as we know it will end and a theocracy will be set up. The rightful king will return – think Jesus here – and men will beat there spears into plowshares? Isn’t that the phrase that hangs above the U.N.? Unlike the enervated U.N. world peace will actually happen, but before it does we will see the tyranny of a one world government system along with the nefarious mark of the beast and the rise of the antichrist.

Meanwhile, I look forward to spending some time with my wife and kids this Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for my freedom, the blessings I have and the many friends and acquaintances that impact my life. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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26 thoughts on “New World Order: Copenhagen and Global Warming

  1. This is where he FINISHES the USA off! After this summit, we are toast! And burnt toast at that!
    December in Copenhagen, remember this trip. your position in the world as Americans will be compromised to the state of an “unrecognizable”, no borders government.
    Climate change…global warming…..Nobel Peace Prize…. The travels of Obama…..
    Kinda all fits together doesn’t it..?

    • I agree Matt. I told a Bible study group that I met with today that we really need to watch this Copenhagen meeting. It very possibly could be the beginning of the end for this Nation as we have known it.

      Kevin J.

  2. Excellent program on Global and Local government driven sustainability.
    Date: 11-24-09
    Hour: 1
    3:00: Jeannie Soderman – ICLEI: Beware!

    Here’s the website of the organization ICLEI – Local governments for sustainability.
    You can check to see if your State/town/county is a member.

    Tom Horn is on CoasttoCoastAM tonite. 10pm – 2am PST
    Researcher Tom Horn will discuss how 2012 is a pivotal time which coincides with prophecies from not only the Mayans, but Christianity, Greek mythology, Ufology, and the Founding Fathers of the U.S., culminating in the return of a powerful entity, which most every culture interprets as a new time.

    • but I thought the only true prophets were the ones from the bible? Ive never put any stock into the mayas or what some channeller would say.

  3. And a wonderful Thanksgiving to all!
    Simply out of curiosity, I’m wondering if anybody here has given any thought to Joel Richardson, Rodrigo Silva, Walid Shoebat (and many others’) take on the prophetic and historical AC/False Prophet tradition? It is phenomenal to see what we might be missing in this crazy equation. The Western European view is under re-view by more extensive research of the Biblical texts. We are admonished to recall that the Roman Empire also had a powerful EASTERN leg (that increased in power under the auspices of Constantine) and it is to those lands that we may be required to focus some of our present attentions. I’m only putting this out here because these last days of the end times compel every follower of Christ Jesus to use great discernment. The deception is vast and gains converts daily. Do remember that our Lord said to “…be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)
    In His Name********

    • I’ve studied up on the “Islam” take over view and continue to follow up on all those you’ve mentioned.

      But- since I hold that Psalm 83 and/or Ezekiel 39/39 will occur 1st-then “Islam” as we know it will be humiliated & cast down.

      If that is the case then it’s reasonable to believe that it will not be used as the end time one world religious/economic power.

      There are so many various anti-christ shenanigans all going on at once it’s hard to nail one down @ the moment.

      What is very interesting is how a few prophecy scholars kept their eyes on “Rome” & the Vatican. That Cathosism would somehow be “it” & “the City on 7 Hills” in Revelation.

      Since we keep our eyes on the “Alien” agenda here-the recent news from the Vatican looks to be teaming up w/somehow incorporating it’s self with alien “space brothers” if something were to “reveal” it’s self in the future.

      So to me the great deception looks to be heading more in this direction.

      The Christians who only look @ the Islam side of things don’t seem to consider many of the other factors involved.

      Islam will be a major player in the Psalm & Ezekiel prophecies (If it goes that way) so it’s not as if it will not be used in God’s End Time plans. Just not to the extent they propose it to be- all the way to the finish line.

      Since the spirit of the Anti-Christ is also behind all false religions-including Islam-I’m sure whatever it is will have no problem incorporating the practice of beheadings.

    • I check several viewpoints daily to read what each watchman is offering. I found LA Marzulli through watching JR Church’s Prophecy in the News webcast – they were interviewing him about his Nephilium trilogy books. Last year, while searching for author, Joel Rosenberg’s site, I stumbled across Joel’s Trumpet – a site by Joel Richardson, author of Islamic Antichrist – my understanding is that he is a former muslim who lives in the U.S. with his young family under this name as there are many who would like to have his head. He believes that the AC will come from Turkey and with talk of a revived Ottoman Empire, chess pieces may be moving quickly into posiition? From Joel’s Trumpet, I stumbled across articles written by Rodrigo Silva, which his take is based on combining history with scripture to back up the viewpoint that the AC will be an Assyrian (there is a verse that actually refers to the AC as the Assyrian) – this is not present day Syria, but Assyria is in northern Iraq in the Nineveh plains. Assyrians are an interesting people group in that they are Christians – hard to be in that part of the world. The verse that talks of the AC coming from the “people” who destroyed the temple and that the AC will not know the God of his fathers, well, it makes for a strong argument since the people who destroyed the temple were the middle eastern legions under the Roman Empire/the eastern leg of Daniel’s statue…
      Of course, LA’s Alien Gospel seems to be lining up, as well and could easily be the reason for the great falling away as well as making up the false new age religion, although islam is already practicing beheadings and sharia law…
      Needless to say, headlines are matching up with scripture in politics, prophecy and the super natural – good book from LA that I’d highly recommend! Good to keep our eyes on all fronts…

    • Yes, I agree. They may all be working together to accomplish God’s plan for the Trib.

      We’re still looking though some haze so we’ll just have to wait on God’s timing to reveal more of the details in how this will all play out.

      I just wish all the watchmen would consider the other plausible scenarios being studied & not become too ingrained and set in their ways.

      In particular one of those you mentioned comes off very condescending to others who don’t hold his view.

  4. Thank you so much for your input “LNL” and “Gidget.” One of the most recent posts from Rodrigo Silva makes reference to the AC as POSSIBLY hailing from Kurdistan, where there are definite connections to [ancient] Assyria. Being a Roman does not necessarily mean that one must be from Rome, Italy (or Europe for that matter.) Just take a look at Paul’s background. Even the prophecies regarding the Lord Jesus are inclusive of varying ethnic and socio-cultural circumstances. But I digress. As regards the “alien” aspect of the last days…well, I fully concur with Lynn’s ideas as they seem to be scripturally aligned with current events. In fact I own four of his books. Fascinating! There’s just SO MUCH happening in the world right now that it is imperative for followers of Christ Jesus to be discerning and on the alert. A “great deception,” as I previously mentioned, is vast and labyrinthine and the “alien” agenda is most likely a key piece in securing human allegiance to the cause of a global unity.
    “Study to show thyself approved unto God…” ((2 Timothy 2:15))

  5. Yes and while everybody is looking at the stars the hearts of men with evil ideas and influences invade the minds of those at home. Right wing philosophies complete with lies and tricksterism are bringing intense hatred into the hearts of men who will kill right massively and with a vengence here in our nation. These racist, zenophobic prevayers of hate line our blogospheres and posion our airwaves 24 hours a day with shouts of killing in endless wars, touting the virtues of the “free market” and corporatism , and promoting an elitism that smuggly lavishes the “republician rich”. They scoff at people who want to protect the ecology, make fun of people who want to be kind to animals and blame immagrants for all of the worlds ills (though their decendants were immagrants themselves. They are under an evil influence but are being tricked and made too blind to see it.

    These people hate President Obama and anybody who trusts even a little bit in the American Government. They call themselves “tea partier’s” and “birthers” with all manner of ridicule and accusitations. They are masters of it because one of satan’s titles is “the great accuser”. And these people have fallen under a deep spell that has transformed this country and this world into a polarized hate field of conspreacy, meanness, wars, corporate greed and laughing arrogance. They have a bunch of ridiculing tags inspired by a culdren mixture of fear, predujice, self rightiousness, hatred of those who are different and paranoia. Tools the evil one has used over the years to cause the torcher and deaths of millions. These tags include catch phrases of hate such as: “liberals”, “socialist”, “welfare”, “environmentalist wacko”, “demo-cRAT” and many other terms and phrases intended to demean and ridicule.

    In truth it was after World War II that former Nazi’s like Martin Booreman made it to South America along with hundreds of Nazi’s through the ratlines who eventually went into the corporate world. They bought and sold and consolidated corporations all over the world until we have the banking system and corporatocracy we know today. Yes we can thank the Nazi party for our world corpoate structure and all of its power. This is the system through which the anti-christ will take power. This is the global “buy and sell” system prepared for him to chip people and have a one world currency. It makes sense when you think about it that the Nazi’s prepared this. And the duped right-wing and the republican party nurture the corporatocracy and feed it daily with legislation, no bid contracts for war time profiteering, granting it more and more power. They vote in lock step for nothing for the people but everything for the corporation. They voted aginst extending unemployment benifits, they voted aginst strengthing sick leave for employees, they voted aginst collectivwe bargaining so that people can get a fair wage, and they are fighting health care for the poorest with tooth and nail. But they voted yes in droves to lock in higher drug prices for american citizens, voted in droves that banks and charge card companies can charge higher fees for everything (The bankers themselves even wrote the legislation!), voted in droves to deregulate as much corporatism as possible…just let it run rampant. and it has…it is strangling the world!

    These haters are now showing up to Presidential speeches with loaded guns and the evil one has their preachers screaming from their pulpits and even praying in the name of He Who Sits in Heaven (i’m too embarassed to even say it)…that Barak Obama our President be killed and his children made orphans.If this is not pure evil…I don’t know what is.

    These people who are stoking up their hate and their fury everyday with calls to violence and self reighteous vengence will be easy for satan to unleash one day to bully, capture, tourcher and murder everyone who does not think like them or worship their image. Its a horror show. They want to bring race war, and civil war, and “take back the country” and make it in their image and all those who do not worship that image will be killed.

    It was George Bush senior who first coined the term “New World Order”. It is right wingers like Henery Kissenger, Steven Forbs and Dick Cheney who meet at the Builderburg and declare that the world populations contain “useless eaters” and must be reduced by two thirds. This propasition is the new world order! It also coincides with the biblical prophecy of how many of the earth’s population will be killed at the end of time. And everytime I read right wing hate on this blog I am ashamed of it.

    • Wilson,
      I have enjoyed and even commented, I believe, on remarks you’ve added on this blog. You seem intelligent and you are no doubt passionate about your worldview. However, please respect fellow believers in Christ Jesus who may differ with your politics. Personally, I vote according to what I can gather about a person’s character and where they stand on certain issues that I feel is crucial, such as abortion. I live in CA and although I knew I would be throwing my vote away, I did not vote for either the democrat or rebublican during the last governor race (the one with Arnold). Instead, I cast my vote to the only candidate on the panel who stated he was pro-life.

      When Hillary Clinton corrected a journalist during the campaign by claiming she considered herself more of a “progressive” than a “liberal” I thought that sounded better, but it peaked my interest as to what she was referring to so I did my research and wow! Talk about the Nazi influence with the connection to eugenics – yikes! Other progessives include Bill Maher, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR and Margaret Sanger (founder of planned parenthood) – all seem to jump on the bandwagon of social engineering which is why Hitler was such a big fan of the progessive movement which was started by Charles Darwin’s cousin. Our president seems to have surrounded himself with many who are also believers in this progressive movement, as well, like Cass Sustein, and so, yes, that causes me concern.

      President Obama claimed during the campaign that he is a Christian. I read an article by Cathleen Falsani where she interview him in Chicago after he clinched the democratic nomination for Senator back in 2004. Her entire interview was based on his faith as she was writing a book about the faith of those in political office. It is a lengthy article and in the beginning he answers using all the “key” Christian lingo, however, it’s worth reading to the end because when she asked “who is Jesus Christ to you?” He laughs nervously (her remarks) and talks about Jesus being a historical figure and that he was a good teacher. He does not seem to know that He is God in the flesh and that He lives! Perhaps that’s because his pastor of 20 years was spewing hate speech from his pulpit and so perhaps Mr. Obama was never properly introduced to the real Jesus. It was so sad when he was unable to pinpoint a moment in time where he gave his life to Christ – you know, an altar call, baptism, etc… He commented that his faith was more of a “process” – what??? All believers recall the moment when they gave their life to Christ and made Him the Lord of their life. Now, his own words was all I had to go on, but it was 5 years ago that he made those statements, however, my current question would be this: Has he and his family found a church yet? I’m seriously asking not being sarcastic – I just haven’t heard of him attending anywhere yet…

      My point is this: As Christians, we follow the Lord Jesus Christ – period – right? Anything else is subject to flawed human beings with sinful natures. I say judge each candidate based on their character and their faith if they are transparent about it and there is always the fruit they bear to analyze, as well. This is why I like Sarah Palin – I am a fellow PTA Mom as well – but she seems to live what she believes not just give it lip service – example is having her baby even though tests revealed he would be a special needs child – for me, that difficult decision shows faith and character. However, I realize she is not to be an object of worship either. People, no matter who they are, will always disappoint us because they aren’t perfect. We need to be careful of pleging our support toward any person or political party – just read about the freemasons influence in our own government – it’s easy to see conspiracies and power grabs from all sides because, let’s face it, politicians are easily corruptable – their ego, hunger for power, money, etc… gets in the way unless they are truly grounded in the Lord and look to Him for each and every decision. Only God can judge a person’s motives and heart.

    • You make some good points and I respect them. I hate abortion and want it to be banned also. But people you mention like Sarah Palin are world corporatists who believe whats good for the world is global trade, global corporatism and “drill baby drill” which is an insult to ecologists and scientists who expound the use of environmental impact research to assess global damage caused by reckless multinational oil companies. Its no joke…the there are sludge pools in the ocean the size of texas, life in the oceans has been reduced by a third and there is a phonomenon of huge jellyfish schools growing out there while coral reef damage continues to the extent that by mid century they may not exist at all. This is not some philosophy from back in the day in history. Its real and its happening now.

      Can you see why satan wants global corporations in control of buying and selling when his anti christ is revealed? This evil is real, murderously distructive and exists right now in real time. They are responsible for the world selling of weapons, bioengineering of weapons, financing wars, espeonage, assinations, and all sorts of hell on earth. They will do anything for money…remember that stuff?…the love of it is the root of all evil? George Bush Junior said all of the right Christian things but did nothing for people. He cut taxes for the corportists, hob-nobed with the Saudi oil billionaires, dropped bombs on innocent children calling it collateral damage (a premeditated war he planned to get into before he was ever elected president in his first term), allowed and encouraged war profiteering, and let the people drown in New Orleans. Are these the values that reflect Christian beliefs? Obama has signed an education bill to allow more poor kids to get an education and a chance (something the republicans are aginst), put moneys together to stop poor and widowed people from losing their homes (something the republicans were aginst), There are children who have no…zero…nada health care, there were reports I read out of Denver that little kids went without glasses because parents on $8.00 an hour Wal-Mart jobs could not afford them were getting bad grades in school because they couldn’t see. Remember the command to “heal the sick”? Obama is trying to do that…(republicans are aginst it.)

      The only thing they have been for so far 100% in favor of is funding multi billion dollar wars and murders, allowing for the torcher of prisoners (remember when we were commanded to visit those in prison?), cutting taxes for the alresdy wealthy (to bring the U.S. Government to its knees by underfunding) and deregulating anything to do with the anti christ apparatus of world corporations so they can have a freer hand.

      Obama who is reported to be a terrorist (according to Sarah Palin), a Nazi, a radical muslim (according to commentators on Fox News), a socialist and hater of whites (again according to Fox News), a userper and illegal immagrant is reflecting far more values, feed the poor…help the infirmed, educate your children, clothe the naked…than a republican government whose main gospel message was gays/god&guns and a brain dead woman in Florida who was on life support.

  6. If anyone is interested, here is the link to the article from 2004 with Mr. Obama that I mention above – the entire interview revolves around questions regarding his faith – read to the end as the beginning tickles the ears, but it becomes more revealing as he gets comfortable and the questions get more specific:

    P.S. There’s also a comment from Mr. Obama in this interview about how he feels “Fox News is dangerous” – so his beef with them is evident back in 2004 BEFORE he even came on the national stage. His claim of being “targeted” by them and that’s why his people began the war on this news source kind of flies out the window as it is clear he held this opinion of them 5 years ago 🙂

  7. Perhaps this is an appropriate time to recall what our Lord Jesus said that is recorded in Matthew 12:25: “…Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand.” The divisive political rhetoric being thrust upon us in these days is an ages old device simply referred to as the “divide and conquer” scheme. Machiavellian in ideology. Evil in essence. Tread carefully brethren.

    • Dear In A Moment,
      Thank you for inserting wisdom from scripture as God’s perspective is where we need to keep our focus as His followers. I appreciate your peacekeeping skills…

      Let us remember to keep looking forward to Christ’s return when He and HE ALONE will make all things right as He takes his reign as the King of Kings. We who love Him will be victorious against the enemy. It’s so good to have assurance that we’re on the winning team as heirs to the throne of the one true God 🙂

      In the meantime, we are Christ’s ambassadors and negative thoughts and accusations, I fear, will not represent our Lord. Afterall, our goal in this world is to be transofrmed in the image of Christ with the Holy Spirit dwelling within
      us as our “image consultant” – heard that today at a women’s Bible study on the book of Daniel by Beth Moore and loved it!
      BTW – Great study on this prophetic OT book that I would highly recommend…

    • “…slobbering love affair that accompanied Obama’s campagine. He’s a socialist and wants to redistribute wealth. He is a junior senator with one term and he’s awarded the Nobel peace prize for what? I think his election was a set up- we’ve been duped.”

      I did not say these words…I merely responded to them. these words accuse him of:

      1.) Being a follower of a hated stereo typed philosophy
      2.) Acting aginst among other things, corporate wealth
      3.) Being incompetent
      4.) Being a shallow media darling
      5.) Cheated to gain an election
      6.) Con artist who “duped” america

      Barak Obama is our first affrican american president and he carries with him the hopes and dreams of millions who have suffered opressions and racism and lynchings and a tragic history of slavery over the years. The things being spewed aginst him were some of the same things said about Dr. Martin Luther King! It took his assination and tragic death for the whole nation to finally see what Dr. King was trying to do.

      I do not think you should use our faith in the Jesus our Lord and Savior to admonish one without the other. I would never have written a counter point but that I saw this right wing attack straight out of the Hannity/Limbaugh/Beck/Fox News play book being represented as spiritual insight.

  8. Wilson,
    I didn’t write that quote and I don’t see anyone on this blog who did, at least, not on this thread. What blogger on this site wrote about being duped and the slobbering love affair stuff? I don’t see it anywhere here?

    I suppose you are referring to me when you write “I do not think you should use our faith in the Jesus our Lord and Savior to admonish one without the other.” I was agreeing with “In a Moment” that as Christians, we need to build each other up in Christ and be careful to not tear each other down with our secular points of view. My point, which is completely biblical, is that God alone sits on the throne and that it becomes dangerous to replace that with anyone or anything.

    With all that said, it’s obvious that you are a fan of our President, but if you think he’s perfect than I fear you will experience some disappointment along the way because no one is. I respect the office and know that God “sets up kings and deposes them” so because God is sovereign, he has placed Mr. Obama in this position for this time and place. I pray that he will seek godly wisdom and council as he leads our country as I do for all past presidents, including Mr. Clinton who I could never listen to without thinking “he cheats on his wife” but I did pray for him anyways even though I had little respect for him as a person because of his repeated adulterous actions.

    I believe I made it clear to you in my previous statement, but just in case you missed it: I will never cast a vote FOR anyone who is pro-abortion (one can substitute the pc word “choice” in there, but let’s get real and call it what it is – taking a life). Look, we will all stand before God someday and I, for one, will not have that holocaust on my record! So, people can try to convince me all the day long about our current presidents attributes and I am not blind that he possesses some good ones, however, he will never get my vote as long as he is okay with murdering babies – period! It’s just a non-negotiable for this gal. Anotherwords, if all candidates are for abortion, I will not vote for any, but that’s just me, I guess. It’s my line in the sand! You’re pretty much wasting your typing on this believer. But, you know, we can just agree to disagree and I’m good with that and hope you can be also 🙂

    • No Gidget, my comments about “admonishing one without the other”, were not ment for you…they were ment for ‘In a Moment”. He made the…”house devided cannot stand”, comment (which is totaly true and I actually appreciated him for bringing that up).

      The thing is…the quote that I began my thought with about Obama being a Socialist and duping america and all of that was in the opening statement by Dr. Marzuli. So I was responding to Dr. Marzuli’s anti-Obama rant.

      If In a Moment thought I was part of a house devided by presenting a counter point then the good Dr. Marzuli (who I am a total listener to, and follow his work and respect tremendously!) should be admonished also.

      Please know that I respect your views on abortion and I feel exactly the same as you. I think its murder also. But I wouldn’t vote for Hitler just because he said he was aginst abortion. Because there are a lot of other ways to kill people. There are state executions, wars, neglect of the sick, proactive and pre-emptive assasinations, neglecting our environment to the extinction of species and more. If I have to I want to vote for whoever is the kindest and doing the least killing. As you state, its probably not up to me in the first place. God does ordain all authority and all through out human history there have been kind kings and evil kings. I want a kind king if I have to have one at all.

  9. Aaaah…so true, Gidget. Voting according to our conscience is generally the best route to take. Most political discussions that pass between people quickly devolve into mud-slinging and name-calling sessions anyway. Especially when it comes to the partisan-type ideologies. (Talk about divide and conquer…) My heart is saddened by the tide of current events that appear to be storming the ranks of believers. When Jesus said to “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s” I realize that in context He was talking about taxation issues. But often the Scriptures are layered in meaning- they may be applied in a broader sense of context also. In this case there is an (almost overt) implication admonishing believers to keep ones’ faith and ones’ political beliefs in separate containers. The two simply do not blend well. The institutionalized church has been involved for far too long in the affairs of world and empire, causing Christianity to become basically a civil religion for the majority…..greatly contributing to its inevitable apostasy. But this too shall pass. Peace and Blessings in His name.

  10. By the way, I will check out the Beth Moore study on the Book of Daniel. Good to know and thank you 🙂

  11. Obama the usurper , Obama is a useful puppet for the shadow gov as was Bush. We have all Black.White,green or purple tricked and played against each other and into the hands of The Rothchilds and companys New World Slavery scam. It is evident that man becomes accustomed to poison by degrees. Little by little,step by step fed the Socialist Poison until at last we are in Copenhagen selling out our very Freedom by being subject to international laws while discarding our Fought and Died for Rights as Freemen and Free women. A war on our soil is VERY close at hand. We will be fighting our own police,troops and U.N. Troops as well. Get ready to defend our country from the Bolshevik Socialist in Washington. Obama IS a ILLEGAL ALIEN and we MUST IMPEACH HIM AT ONCE. HE HATES AMERICA IS THAT NOT PLAIN ENOUGH TO SEE???????

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