Shroud Update: Writing found on the Shroud!

Researcher says she found text on Shroud of Turin
(AP) – 2 hours ago
ROME — A Vatican researcher claims she has found a nearly invisible text on the Shroud of Turin and says the discovery proves the authenticity of the artifact revered as Jesus’ burial cloth.
The claim made in a new book by historian Barbara Frale drew immediate skepticism from some scientists, who maintain the shroud is a medieval forgery.
Frale, a researcher at the Vatican archives, says the faint writing emerged through computer analysis of photos of the shroud, which is not normally accessible for study.
Frale says the jumble of Greek, Latin and Aramaic includes the words “Jesus Nazarene” and mentions he was sentenced to death. She believes the text was written on a document by a clerk to identify the body and the ink then seeped into the cloth.

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I want to call your attention to the italicized line that points out that scientists maintain that the Shroud is a medieval forgery! Science is supposed to examine evidence but it seems that when there is evidence presented that points to the supernatural, or in other words phenomena that is outside accepted scientific circles, than these so-called pillars of reason fall of their own weight! A cogent example is the recent work that was done examining the original sample that was taken for the Carbon dating when the Shroud was examined. It has now been proven that the sample was contaminated and that it contained re-woven threads of cotton  that were dyed to match the original linen. Why doesn’t the media run with this story instead of saying that the Shroud is a forgery? Why can’t these critics examine Frale’s evidence before sounding off? I believe the reason for this is that if the Shroud proves that it is indeed from the first century, it may open up an entire new physics that these scientist are not willing to examine. The media refuse to carry the story that challenges the carbon dating on the Shroud. In fact the media always points to the FACT that carbon dating proved the Shroud a fake. I guess if you repeat the same story over and over again it becomes the truth? I have not seen the evidence that Frale has discovered, but before we either dismiss or embrace it, it might behoove us all to take a look at it with an open mind. After all isn’t that what science is supposed to be about? Having an open mind, to go where the evidence takes us and not have a predetermined mindset? I think the real problem, as I mentioned before is that if the Shroud was conclusively proven to be real then this would open a door to a new way of looking at the universe.

For those of us who believe in the rapture, the Shroud may be an example of this. In other words the body of Jesus, that lay in the tomb was translated, changed, and underwent an event so profound that it speaks of a physics we know nothing about! When this event occurred it left the impression that we see today on the Shroud. This artifact not only may be the “proof” that Jesus rose fro the dead, it may very well put to rest the debate on whether the rapture of the church will occur. Behold I tell you a mystery…. we shall rise to meet the Lord in the air…

I am pleased to announce that we will be carry ing the DVD The Fabric of Time. This is an incredible documentary on the Shroud of Turin. It will be available a my web site around the first of December!

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33 thoughts on “Shroud Update: Writing found on the Shroud!

  1. Lynn, has it never occurred to you that if the shroud was authentic that there would be some teensy mention of it and its appearance in the Gospels or epistles? After all, that would be pretty important to the early church! Instead we have complete silence on the subject not only in the accepted canon but also all apocryphal literature.

    • Maybe it was hidden away to prevent veneration. like what happened to the “true cross” or the spear of longinus.

    • Lynn, There is a lot that happened to Jesus that is not mentioned in the Bible. John wrote that if all the books that could be written about Christ’s life were written, the whole world would not be able to contain them. Just the essential things (need to know)are mentioned.

  2. I don’t know about this Shroud.

    Do I really care if it is Jesus actual burial cloth? Personally no. I believe in His resurrection whether not we have some sort of tangible proof just because I believe the Bible is the word of God.

    For me it’s that simple. However; could some sort of public acknowledgement that the Shroud is authentic convince others that the Jesus story is true? Well, I suppose the Lord can & does use a myriad of ways to reach the lost.

    The whole idea and concept of a supernatural translation imprinting the shroud is quite interesting in and of it’s self.

    For some reason I just have the caution lights blinking in regards to this. Leary? Yes. Why? Well, look who has possession of it.

    The Catholic Church & the Vatican. The same group that “supernatural manifestations” commonly frequent. In apparitions, weeping statues, live beating heart Eucharists, & now some are looking to the cosmos for our sinless space brothers.

    It’s the track record & the actual source of the previous & current manifestations within this group.

    In thinking of the potential positive aspect of the Shroud as being authentic & winning souls to Christ -This is the same argument I get when I confront Catholics on the Marian apparitions. “She leads people back to God!” “It can’t be false!”.

    Would it be unreasonable to suspect that this shroud in the hands of the Vatican could be placed there for less than honorable and soul winning purposes?

    I don’t know. I’m just being honest & so far cannot overcome my suspicion even though finding the “writing” is also quite intriguing.

    • not to discount the supernatural, but i did some research into bleeding statues. the case i looked at was in tipperary Ireland during the war against britain. James Walsh apparently saw Marian apparitions and other things allegedly occurred.

      long story short, one of the mary statues that cried blood actually contained an internal clock mechanism, and sheep’s blood/water mixture and was set to bleed at certain times.

    • I share Late Night Lisa’s suspicion concerning The ownership.
      The Vatican’s past record of “false signs & wonders” cannot be denied, The institution is a forefront player in the end time deception.

      This shroud is one among many wonders being used by them to further promote their “Ecumenical agenda” in uniting all to recognize the “son of perdition”(end-time religious leader,The Great Humanitarian).

      It would not surprise me if Marian messages were to sooner or later support the wonder to be the burial cloth of her son (a false Jesus).

      The Apostolic Faith is the Faith of the Biblical Jesus, It comes by hearing the word of God by the ministry of the Holy Spirit(the unseen agency).

      We recall all the supernatural that was “seen” by those in the wilderness and yet they never entered His rest. In my thinking Things have not change, the eyes can bewilder (Eve saw that the fruit was—-).

      God has ordained that it is by the hearing faculty of a man that understanding of truth is received.
      We preach Christ crucified said the Apostle, Today if you “Hear” His Voice harden not your heart.

      “Even the elect would be deceived if possible”. The magnitude of these words of our Lord have a much broader application than most within churches comprehend.

      If warning bells ring, if there be any shadow of doubt concerning this Shroud or any thing else that comes bearing the name of Jesus or God, as Christians we don’t have to believe it. The Lord does not expect us to believe that which is void of a perfect understanding of His truth.

      John B

    • Not everyone in the Catholic Church have evil motives. Remember, Christ said that the wheat must grow with the tares. You have false Christians in every denomination. Let’s not forget that Martin Luther was Catholic and so was Francis of Assisi and many other great theologians that are respected by Protestants and Catholics alike.

    • it is not about judging Catholic or protestant motives, Jesus will judge all man. I questioned the significance of such a wonder in these times of lying signs & wonders.

      The signs of the times is indicative that Apostasy is rife on all sides an that it is on the increase.
      An “image” of a man we are told is Jesus venerated by millions through out the world ring alarm bells for me.

      john B

    • Robert, I’m guessing you haven’t read any of Jim Tetlow’s book regarding how the Catholic Church has been quoted as Mary has assumed deityship and the members are told to prayer to her. My pray to 3 in one, God the Father/God the Holy Spirit and God the Son-Jesus. I don’t need Mary’s help even if she were a virgin. I don’t need a Priest to prayer too, the bible says I am my own priest and should live the life of one. I am totally responsible to God and no earthly or celestial being beside GOD.

      I would run from any religion/faith that said otherwise.

  3. this is an amazing artifact whichever way you look at it.

    i also recall a number of years ago that someone had written a novel about using the blood stain to create a clone, but it’s hinted that would be the man of lawlessness. anyone remember that book?

    also, what’s the best book, aside from the above, to learn about this?

    any word on the recent debunkers of the shroud?

  4. IMHO, the shroud should stand on its own merits as to its authenticity, regardless of who has it. For my part, until someone can categorically say with evidence to support their findings that its a fake, I choose to believe, as Lynn as said, its the calling card of God.

    • Matt,

      I’m not trying to be flippant but Jesus did “rise” from the dead so the body levitating does make alot of sense. ; – )

  5. The Shroud is something that should not be worshiped, that right belongs to the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. It may however be a calling card of the translation from Jesus’ earthly body to his eternal one………. I was thinking, maybe after the rapture, will this effect be duplicated at funeral homes and hospitals where sheets cover the dead or even bed sheets/pillows of those who were asleep? This would leave an incredible amount of evidence for those left behind, especially since we may have the example from Jesus Christ himself. Just thinking out loud.

    • Awesomely perceptive! Invision this, after the rapture, the Christians are gone and those left behind that kept saying “but wait, not now, later” to the wooeing of the Holy Spirit to become a Christ follower, will be new front line Christians. The evidence of the sheets and fabrics will be the calling card of the Christians that were not left behind but resurrected from the dead. I wonder if what I am wearing today will reflect such evidence. It will probably be those that are asleep. You think?

      Furthermore, will anything left behind actually witness the meeting in the air of millions of Christians? How will and what will people say? I can only imagine that someone will be distraught and go looking perhaps the death and resurrection at the cross and at the tomb. Many emotions and experience were involved. Lives were and will be changed. The difference is no holy spirit and the new front liner Christian will loose his/her life to get into the next one(not a natural death).

  6. Dear Late Night Lisa,

    Please be careful not to mix marianology with the shroud of Turin! They are as different and night and day.

    Bleeding statues, miracle of the sun, and many other phenomenons are real; they are documented but they are demonic in origin.

    I recommended this documentary a few weeks ago, maybe a couple of months ago, I don’t remember. It is a very scientific and well done documentary. Do yourself a favor and don’t judge the documentary (or the shroud) until you have seen it!

    It bolstered my faith when I saw it. My faith does not impinge upon it but it’s nice to see something on this side of eternity that backs up the scripture.

    Even here, replying to LA’s blog, some have dismissed the possibility of the shroud being authentic for foolish reasons, and that without viewing the evidence. This DVD is stunning!

    • Greetings!
      I must concur with you regarding “The Fabric Of Time” DVD (I purchased it in 2007.) Yes, it definitely depicts a fascinating and phenomenal area of study and research- nothing wrong with giving it a view. In fact I think it a good idea for members of the family of Faith to see it if at all possible. For ALL reasons discussed in this thread. Yet we must remember that our hope of salvation is established in the mercy gift of Christ Jesus and not in any so-called “sign” or “wonder”. For it just may be of the lying sort.
      Blessings in His Name——–

  7. Ernest Gregoire,

    I’ve looked at everything ever posted here (& more) concerning the shroud including many scientific explanations & I’m not opposed to watching
    “The Fabric of Time”. I’ll check it out as well.

    If it’s the real deal then great. I don’t believe it’s some sort of human fake forgery from what I’ve come to know about it.

    It looks supernaturally imprinted to me but I’m also not so quick to assume that it’s the body of Jesus that made the image. I’m reserving my enthusiasm- which for those who really know me would find that quite astounding.

    Do you ever just get the feeling that something isn’t right? That’s all I can explain about it.

    We’ll see if this DVD pushes me over the edge or if
    my suspicions remain intact.

    If the shroud was a supernatural forgery then wouldn’t it be classified as a “deceptive sign & wonder”? In my view that would not make it so far
    removed from other demonic phenomenon.

    But- I know it’s not heart warming to hear someone speak of being suspicious over an artifact that many believe is origional & even like you stated increased their faith.

    **Here is another 5 year old’s rapture dream:


  8. It would be awesome if the shroud was authentic. We know that people have seen the wonders of G-d/Yahw-h in the past and still didn’t believe. The children in the wilderness saw the cloud by day and fire by night, the parting of the Red Sea, the manna, the water from a rock, the smoke and fire on the mountain, yet they still had a hard time believing. When Jesus/Y’shua walked the earth the blind saw, the deaf heard, the dead rose again, yet people would still not believe. I suspect that, even if the shroud of Turin is authentic, people for the most part still won’t believe. Our faith does not hinge on evidence but on faith. They believe they have found the real Mt. Sinai, the split rock, the black top mountain, the pillars for the tribes, the altar for the golden calf. There are rocks with ancient Hebriac language drawn all over them and the soles of feet. Remember that G-d/Yahw-h told them wherever their feet touched He would give them the land? Even with this kind of evidence, people are skeptical. They don’t want to believe because, if they did, it would require them to change their lives and they are happy in their sin and don’t want to have to do that. As a believer, I don’t have to have the artifacts or places found to make me believe, but it is awesome to think that cloth may have actually held Jesus/Y’shua, and the mountain may have actually been the place where G-d/Yahw-h came to man and gave them His commandments! Even if these things are proven to be what we think they may be, the majority of people won’t believe! It still takes faith!

    This link takes you to 3 different sights about the real Mt. Sinai

    Real Mt. Sinai

  9. Hmmm, I dont understand people for one thing people are willing to embrace or believe there is life on other planets or we need to go green or that the world that is flat, but when it comes to the evidence of Christ they refuse without a doubt to embrace, that those events actually did actually happen and that he will be back again. That just cracks me up to no end God has left his nuggets all over the place for us to pick up and we turn our head and look in the other direction, you know that really must hurt him to see his own kids dont want to believe.

    We need to see the nuggets he is leaving for us, he loves us enough to to keep telling us to keep our faith and that he is with us and that our eyes will see him again. God does not cunsue us if we feel him in our spirits he will let us know what is real or not, the enemy is the one that will cause us to have doubt he is the father of lies. So if you are close to the Lord you will know what is deception and what is not.

  10. Another good recent documentary on the Shroud of Turin:

    Leading scientist and spokesman against the authenticity of the Turin Shroud has now concluded it to be the burial linen of Jesus Christ.

    In 1988, Ray Rogers was at the forefront of the carbon dating of the relic depicting a Christ-like image. The conclusion of the Carbon-14 test was that the Shroud was a medieval hoax. Now, almost from beyond the grave, Rogers has admitted the Shroud is far older than results suggested – and could be the genuine article as many Christians claim.

    Ray was a director of the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STRP) that concluded the fourteen foot-long linen cloth was a fake. But when new evidence revealed the study was flawed, the leading skeptic was forced to change his mind. Ray, an expert chemist from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, said the 1988 tests were invalid because they were done on a repaired section of the Shroud rather than the original linen.

    Sadly, Rogers died of cancer at age 78 in March 2005.

    But shortly before his death, Rogers recorded video detailing explosive conclusions which are broadcasted for the first time in this revealing documentary. In the short film, gravely ill Ray says: “I don’t believe in miracles that defy the laws of nature. After the 1988 investigation, Id given up on the Shroud, but now I am coming to the conclusion that it has a very good chance of being the piece of cloth that was used to bury the historic Jesus.”

    The Shroud of Turin was virtually unknown until it was photographed on display in the city’s cathedral in 1898. Photographer Secondo Pia was so shocked by the eerie image revealed in the picture, he later exclaimed: My God, I was looking into the face of the Lord. Details of the Shrouds history before the 1898 showing are scant.

    It wasn’t until 1978 that scientists from the STRP successfully lobbied the Catholic Church to begin examining the relic. STRP member Joseph Accetta recalls: “The biggest problem has always been access to the cloth itself. The Church took a relatively enlightened view of the shroud. They have a lot of folks who believe it is the shroud of Christ and don’t want anyone meddling with it. But if they didn’t have anyone looking at it, they’d never know the truth.”

    For five days, the Shroud was subjected to a variety of nondestructive tests, including the lifting of microscopic fibers. On areas where the figure appeared to have bled, the scientists found the chemical signature of blood. Using special UV photography they also detected serum stains, which are typically found around dried blood clots.

    STRP photographer Barrie Schwortz and his colleagues were impressed. He said: “No medieval artist could have anticipated the invention of ultra-violet photography and decided to hide a serum stain for us to discover 700 years later. But we still didn’t know if this was the shroud of Jesus Christ.”

    It was ten years before the STRP persuaded the Catholic Church to allow the cloth to be carbon dated as this required a sample from the Shroud to be burned. A small section was cut from the corner and divided between laboratories at Oxford University, the University of Arizona, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The institutions worked in isolation, and each concluded the Shroud didn’t hail from Biblical times. Carbon dating suggested it was from between 1260 – 1390. The explosive news again made headlines, but many enthusiasts refused to believe the relic was a fake.

    Among those rejecting the Carbon-14 results were amateur scientists Sue Benford and Joe Marino from Ohio. They suspected the 1988 sample was from a damaged area of the linen Shroud which had been repaired with 16th century cotton, thus skewing the results. When their theory reached Ray Rogers, he was furious. He said: “Id read these things by people from the lunatic fringe explaining why the date was wrong. I was irritated and determined to prove Sue and Joe wrong.”

    Ray had stored microscopic Shroud fibers from the original 1978 probe. Luckily they were lifted from the same area as the carbon dating sample. After examining the fibers expecting them to consist entirely of linen, Ray was dumbfounded. Cotton was present too. He says: “The cotton fibers were fairly heavily coated with dye, suggesting they were changed to match the linen during a repair. I concluded that area of the Shroud was manipulated by someone with great skill. Sue and Joe were right. The worst possible sample for carbon dating was taken. It consisted of different materials than were used in the Shroud itself, so the age we produced WAS inaccurate.”

    In video footage before his death, seen here in “The Turin Shroud: New Evidence”, Rogers was convinced of the Shrouds authenticity. Close to death, he said: “I came very close to proving the Shroud was used to bury the historic Jesus.”

    • Gordy,
      Thank you for including the You Tube video as it was well worth the ten minutes for my husband and I to watch it. The computer analyzing was fascinating and I love how the scientist said there was nothing like it in the world and he was just talking about a photo taken of the shroud that was analyzed by computer, not even the actual cloth! And, I found it interesting that the image could not have been drawn or painted. Before I knew anything about the facts that Lynn has presented in previous posts and what you say here, as well as what the video suggests, my best guess would have been that the image left behind was from sweat and blood, but instead the suggestion from a scientic viewpoint is that it’s like a negative – I’m not probably saying this correctly – but my impression is that something as spectacular and supernatural as resurrection would cause this scenario to occur!

      The fact that the original researcher, who was a skeptic, came to believe with the new evidence that this was the “historical Jesus” is interesting, but I wonder if he n ever took the next step in realizing that if the Biblical account of his crucifixtion and death were accurate, what about the claim that Jesus was resurrected? I hope he did come to believe before he died, afterall he was able to view evidence up close and personal.

      We worship a risen savior – He lives!

    • Thank-you Gidget for your feedback…you and other contributors to Lynn’s site may also find the following article an urgent call to wake up the church.

      By Ken Silva pastor-teacher on Nov 21, 2009 in AM Missives, Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism, Current Issues, Devotions, Emergence Christianity, Emergent Church, Features

      In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. (2 Timothy 3:12)

  11. Sorry- off topic links but worth taking note of:


    After reading Rosenburg’s write up on the new EU President I wondered what religious background this guy has.

    Harmless ‘nice guy’ Herman van Rompuy favourite for EU presidency.

    He is a devout Roman Catholic with his own Facebook page and a penchant for writing Japanese-style poems. But his best qualification for the post of EU president is that few have ever heard of him.

    • Did you hear his speech at the EU shortly after he was elected? He seemed to indicate the world would not be right until we have world government. Of course, if world government comes from the EU, and he is president, why wouldn’t he want world government? It is a subtle way of saying, “I want to rule the world!” Creepy!

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