Dr. Roger Leir: Recap of last nights show!

Last night on Acceleration Radio, my guest was Dr. Roger Leir. We spent a riveting hour discussing Leir’s work on the removal of what both of us believe are implants placed their by beings that are not from this planet. While Leir and I may disagree as to what or who these beings are – I  believe they are the fallen angels, he leans toward the E.T. hypothesis – we do agree that the phenomena is real, burgeoning and not going away. Rather than get bogged down in our differences I chose to focus on what we both embrace. Leir discussed the upcoming removal of his 16th implant. He made a point that unlike most foreign bodies that find their way into humans by trauma or accidents, these implants seem to settle in the host and are not rejected by the body! I asked him if we had anything like this and he replied with an emphatic, no! We discussed the abduction phenomena. Unlike the Fourth Kind, which I believe is more like a Blair Witch knock off, this is the real deal. In my opinion, there is no middle ground. People are being abducted and in some cases are then given an implant. Are these tracking device? Do these implants begin to change the hosts DNA? We don’t know and that makes the alien implant scenario even more unsettling. When Dr. Leir first was asked to remove what a patient believed was an implant he flatly refused and thought the patient was daft. However, after he removed that first implant he realized that he wasn’t in “Kansas” any more. He now has more resources at his disposal and as I mentioned, is about to perform his 16th removal. Leir is speaking this coming Saturday in Ventura. I’m going to attend the lecture as it’s only a short drive up the coast from where I live.

High strangeness is manifesting and we need to discuss, warn, elaborate, inform, and educate people as to what this might be. For those of you who visit this BLOG, you know where I stand. The implants are part of a larger deception that is being promulgated by what Paul refers to as, The Mystery of Iniquity. There is an end game and it does not have our best interests at heart. While I may be looked at as religious, because of my world view let me assure you that there is a supernatural dynamic to all of this. There has been a war between the sons of light and the sons of darkness, that is now spilling over into this dimension. At some point we will see it fully manifest. Thanks to Dr. Leir for his forthrightness and boldness to address the implant phenomena!

Here’s his website: www.alienscalpel.com

Dr. Leir was interviewed in my book, The Alien Interviews. I posted the entire interview yesterday. I also would like to inform all of you that The Alien Interviews will be available in paper back on December 1st. It also contains some new material! Please check out our Website @ www.lamarzulli.net

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  1. Please pray! I just found out that three of my grandchildren have tested positive for h1n1. They think the youngest one, Preston, who is 4 already has a touch of pnuemonia.

  2. I went tonight and purchased Gatorade and gingerale for the upset stomach. Also, the Mucinex and Motrin. Her husband was laid off 4 weeks ago. They were suppose to approve them for Medicaid in 6 days. She called them today and told them she had a medical emergency with the 3 children and she needed the Medicaid. She told them they said they would approve her in 6 days and it has been 3 weeks. They said they cannot approve it right now. The clinic said they would go ahead and see her. The prescriptions were unreal, 1 for $164 2 for $121 and 4 for $41. Is that crazy or what? The clinic knew her husband is laid off work. Her church is helping with the 3 largest ones, so thank G-d and them for that! She is going up to the Medicaid office tomorrow and insisting that they do something. Pray that the Lord moves on their heart to give her the Medicaid. Pray also that G-d will protect them during this time. She is beginning to have symptoms and she has seizures. It is just a really tough time for them. Thank you for all of your prayers and scriptures. I will pass them along. Gordy, thanks for the recommendations. I will also pass them along!

  3. Christine,I have read several stories of boiling onions in some water,and breathing in the fumes,…for how long,I don’t know. They can also be used in some way in a dehumidifier. By all means,it would be worth a try,it’s cheap and harmless too.

    • My in-laws said they read in a newspaper in Alabama a report on simply putting a sliced onion in the room and that it supposedly absorbs the germs. ? Who knows. It sounds like an old wives tale, but maybe it would be worth a try, like Sandie said.

    • OOPS! I thought I was replying to Christine! LOL. Anyhow, Sandie I was going to tell you I remember as a 5 year old having Red Measles and my grandparents made me eat onion soup! I guess it helped, though. I will never forget how sick I was.

  4. Lynn, great show last night! I’m so glad you will be able to meet Dr. Leir in person this weekend. I will be looking forward to the update on Monday!

    I’m also so excited about the release of a paperback version of “The Alien Interviews”. Are we able to pre-buy copies?

  5. Browsing around the site Gordy posted I found this article to be interesting:

    A Heartfelt Decision and How it Was Made
    By David Ben Yakov


    Comment from MUFON TN re: Vatican conference on ET’s. (They call it astrobiology which is a new science that seeks to find extraterrestrial life in the universe and to understand how life began on Earth. *I guess they haven’t read the Bible lately!)


    I’m wondering who specifically was in the list of experts that the Vatican called in to discuss this new science of “Astrobiology”. I wonder if a representative from MUFTON was present or ? http://www.astrobiology.com/

  6. The boys are still sick. Their father is coming down with it now. Prayer was answered! She went to the medicaid office today and told them their circumstances. They put her off with the statement that it had to be reviewed before they can make a decision. She told them that was fine, she would wait for them to do the review. She sat down determined not to leave without an answer. They reviewed it and told her they would be getting it but it would be 72 hours before it goes into effect. They told her to keep the boys in for 4 days. Just pray it doesn’t get more serious! Thanks to everybody for the prayers!

  7. Dear Christine, I had it myself, and treated it with Gatorade, and Tylenol. No flu vaccine either!

    Age 62, and still kicking!

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