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Today on the show Dr. Bill stated that there will be no rapture. Respectfully, I disagree and wanted to put this in writing so there would be no confusion as to my position. It’s his show and I’m respectful of that. On the other hand I believe that scripture is very clear when it tells us that we shall all be changed in a twinkling on an eye at the last trump, when we are gathered to meet the Lord in the air! Sounds like the Rapture to me. As Chuck Missler quips, we’ll explain it to him on the way up! LOL!


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  1. Thanks for commenting about it. I think it is that way with alot of things in the Christian life. We can all find common ground that we definitely agree on, then there are things that we just have to agree to disagree. After all, “Our way are not His ways and our thoughts are not His thoughts.” We are created each one with our own personality, opinions, and ideas. What a wonderful G-d we serve that He can do this! One day soon, everything will be made clear to all of us…..

  2. Seems like the straight to video market is getting in on the act. Here is a movie just released that flew under the radar called Humanity’s End. Tag line from the movie “The last man in the universe is hunted down by a hybrid race known as the Nephilim”

    Save your money folks this is a real stinker of a movie.

    Compared to Battlespace (which had me slipping in & out of seizures and dangerously close to a coma), this is a masterpiece. Although I did nearly have a relapse when I realized that I was watching yet ANOTHER Neil Johnson film.

    The guy has some very cool ideas, I’ll give him that but he should probably try to leave the directing to someone else.
    Anyway here is the trailer if you are curious.


    * Spoiler Alert* DO NOT read on if you are interested in viewing this film.

    The story at the start of the movie builds up to a great film, but sadly almost everything else fails to follow that premise.

    As the movie opens you will be treated with a poor and out of place story that does not really connect with its own pieces as we go through it.

    The Alien nephilim does not really do anything towards the end of the movie, they send their entire fleet after the 2 last humans in the universe but fails to destroy them because they..well I don’t know…just..sort of don’t do anything.?!

    One of the “humans” takes a shuttle and flies around mars blowing up all the land troopers and mechs before she then blows up the entire fleet with a few bombs here and there, then later it’s explained that she and 2 others manage to wipe out the entire Nephilim Empire within a few years.

    The ending is so outstandingly bad, even for a low budget movie..seems like they didn’t know what to do at this point and gave up, the things that makes this movie even worse is the music score..after 30 mins or so it might seem like the music is on repeat.
    Almost every scene towards in the last 30 mins is accompanied by the same choir chanting the same annoying “song” over and over again…it was horrible, seems like the music editor just gave up.

    Good things are:

    The main actor isn’t a good actor but he does what he does quite well and his character reminds me a lot of Han Solo from Star wars, the rest are pretty rubbish.

    The 3D effects are pretty good at times and for a sci-fi fan that a plus 😀

    But when you see the trailer on places like Youtube the movie might seem cool enough, but trust me..it ain’t.
    This is a movie you must see with friends that like to watch C grade films for a laugh, alone you will cry.

    Red Box really spits out some dogs in the Sci Fi category.

    • It seems like even the C movies are part of the conditioning. It is amazing to me that more people outside the church recognize nephilim than what’s in the church. They are sure trying hard to get us to to the term, “nephilim” aren’t they? Seems like they really want to come out of hiding and are setting their trap….

    • you should check out the “Prophecy” series with Christopher Walken. the second film somehow requires one of the angels to make a nephilim for some reason that i can’t recall.

  3. Oops, I’m listening a day late, I guess I better go to the archives, I just heard Dr Deagle say, “We are the capstone, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for…” What in the world is he saying? What is his belief? Does anyone know?

  4. I am in my late 50’s and believed the Rapture Theory for more than 25 years. However, having been retired since June 08, and studying I have discovered: there will be a “Rapture” but it will not come until the “Last Trump” this will be as Christ descends at his 2nd Coming! Christians got through the Tribulation Period, it will be shortened much less than the original seven years down to 5 months (so that the Elect will be saved). Christians must face the Anti-Christ; not a human but a supernatural being, many will die. Those of us which die, will be raptured earlier, absent from the body, present with the Lord. I have read many commentaries where the escapist teaching of the Rapture will convince many to worship Anti-Christ and thus validate Jesus question: “When I return will I find Faith in the World.” Expect Anti-Christ to show up first, he will convince the people he is Christ, then his evil will be revealed, the entire World will be enslaved with the assistance of: Politicians, the Church, and finally enforced militarily.

    • I also have come to an understanding, from independent study (after believing Hal Lindsey for years, and then Tim LaHaye…), that there doesn’t seem to be a rapture, or removal of the church before or during the tribulation.

      Once I had come to that conclusion, one of the ministers at our church gave a sermon on where our souls go when we die. He pointed out, with scriptures to back his points, that there were different destinations for the souls of believers before Jesus came, and now all souls of the deceased believers are in heaven with Him. Prior to the crucifiction, souls were spoken of as being in hades (hades being split into two sections, a good place and a place of heat and thirst: referring to the story of Lazarus as told by Jesus.). When Jesus told one of the two criminals that he was being crucified next to, that he would be in heaven with Jesus on that very day, is when things shifted and souls of believers began going directly to heaven.

      There is a trend of scripture talking about the end times, and also in other instances, where the EVIL is taken out of the world. Noah and his family were saved by the ark, to reinhabit the earth once the flood was over, while the evil ones were cleansed from the earth. When Jesus tells us that two people will be working in the fields and one is taken and the other left, what if he means that this will be at the very end of the tribulation and that the non-believer will be taken, and the believer left behind? What of Jesus’ parable about the wheat and the tares? The weeds are pulled out and thrown into the fire while the wheat is gathered into the storehouse.

      The only two individuals that I know of that have gone before us in the flesh, are Enoch and Elijah. Neither of them were taken out of the world to be spared tribulation, but were taken out of the world when they had done their work and proven themselves righteous.

      What about Jesus’ words telling us to persevere until the end, that this calls for patience on the part of the Saints?

      As for Paul telling us that we will be snatched up and transformed in the twinkling of an eye, I believe that will be at the end of the tribulation (the last trump), when all evil has been conquered, and we will join the host of souls that have preceded us in death, that come with Jesus on the clouds, and we will THEN be transformed into the new beings, as promised.

      I believe the chronology of the events of the end times has been purposely made ambiguous to us for a reason. We would not be living the way we should if we knew we could shape up, get baptized, and believe just in time for, say, 2012…

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