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Today on Acceleration Radio my guest will be Dr. Roger Leir. For those of you who are listeners of this show, you may recall the last time Dr. Leir was on we had some very unusual interference. Dr. Leir would begin to answer a question and then he would suddenly cut out, only to reappear about 10 seconds later. This effectively made his answers unintelligible to our listeners. He mentioned off the air that the same exact phnomena happened when he was on the COast to Coast show.

Dr. Leir is a surgeon who has removed over a dozen implants from people who have claimed to be abducted by E.T. or aliens. Here is his interview from my book, The Alien Interviews!

By the way – The Alien Interviews will be available in paperback on December 2nd!

Biographical Information of Dr. Roger Leir

Dr. Roger Leir, author of Aliens and the Scalpel, has been said to be one of the world’s most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of UFOlogy. He and his surgical team have performed nine surgeries on alleged alien abductees. This resulted in the removal of ten separate and distinct objects suspected of being alien implants. These objects have been scientifically investigated by some of the most prestigious laboratories in the world. Their findings have been baffling and some comparisons have been made to meteorite samples. Dr. Leir anticipates performing more surgeries in the future and will investigate the physiological and biological aspects of the abduction phenomenon. He has also formed a non-profit organization for this purpose called A & S Research Inc.

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L. A.: What got you started with the UFO phenomena?

Dr. L.: I remember my father bringing in the newspaper in 1947 and reading the headline to my mother about how the US Army Airforce captured a Flying Saucer. I was standing there listening to the entire conversation and also recall the next time this occurred when the headline read that it was a balloon. My father was furious, as he thought the Airforce should know the difference between a saucer and a balloon.

L. A.: What events happened that led you to investigate the so-called alien implant phenomena?

Dr. L.: I was shown a set of x-rays brought to me by an abduction researcher and he claimed the objects in the x-rays were implants. I was shocked and considered this preposterous, and hilarious. I thought the man was daft.

L. A.: Were you skeptical at first?

Dr. L.: Skeptical is too mild of a term. I walked away and had to be coaxed by a friend of mine to return and listen to what he had to say. These objects looked like the remnants of a previous foot surgery. Many times we use wire and other metallic objects for repair of fractures or in the performance of bone surgery.

L. A.: Who was the first person to approach you with an implant?

DR. L.: The first two cases came from Texas. They did not know each other and both had metallic objects in their bodies. Two, in the great toe of a female and one in the back of a hand of a male patient. A friend of mine, a general surgeon who volunteered his time, did the hand surgery.

L. A.: What were the results of the first operation?

Dr. L.: We removed two objects from the first patient who had them in the let great toe. The first measured approximately one-half centimeter in each direction and was “T” shaped. The second was a metallic rod that looked like a little cantaloupe seed. The one removed from the hand looked exactly like the small object removed from the foot patient. All objects were covered with a very strange, tough biological tissue that we could not cut through with a surgical blade.

L. A.: Did you send it to a lab for analysis and, if so, what were the results?

Dr. L.: The first results were from the pathology laboratory and they found there was a surprising absence of all inflammation or rejection as well as nerve fibers present in an area where they are not usually found.

L. A.: How many of these have you done over the years?

Dr. L.: We have just completed your 15th surgery and have amassed pounds of physical evidence from some of the world’s top scientific laboratories, telling us that these objects are non-terrestrial and are manufactured by some unknown process. Also, that they function as some sort of a nano-transmitter. They contain meteoric iron, have inclusions of saline crystals that are rectangular, have unknown ovoids and spheroids, contain carbon nano-tubes and have biological tissue growing from within the metal.

L. A.:  As I’m sure you are aware, the alien implants overlaps with the

abduction phenomena; what are your thoughts on that aspect of this?

Dr. L.: It would appear, based on my studies, that about 15% of abductees may have such a device in their bodies, that is quite similar to what human scientists do with the animal kingdom, to gain information they need.

L. A.: What is the most startling implant you have ever operated on? What characteristics distinguished this from others?

Dr. L.: Probably the most startling object was one that our surgical team removed from a female abductee who had a marble sized object in her arm that moved when the skin was touched. It would move anywhere in a circle of about a 2 1/2–inch diameter. Once her skin became accustomed to my finger, it would also follow the path of my finger when I placed it near the object.

L. A.: What were the patients’ reaction to seeing the implant removed? Did it validate their abduction experience? Did it terrify them? Did it give them a sense of relief?

Dr. L.: In summary, I would have to answer by saying all of the above. There are certainly differences in reactions as there are differences in the humans themselves.

L. A.: Was anyone you know of subjected to another implant after the first one was removed?

Dr. L.: No.

L. A.: Have you presented your findings to the scientific community? What is their reaction?

Dr. L.: I have tried many times to have a peer-reviewed article accepted but, although many scientists are individually genuinely interested, they all have to collect their paycheck and have allegiance to higher masters.

L. A.: How do you deal with the skeptics? What’s the evidence that you can point to that validates your work?

Dr. L.: I do not acknowledge so called skeptics, as I consider them to be all psychics. After all, they know all about the work that you do but never take the time to research any of the data. Instead of investigation they use proclamation. It is a total waste of time for a serious researcher to even acknowledge the existence of these idiots. Remember, every time you see one of these guys or gals on a public forum, please realize they are getting paid to be there and the poor researcher is not.

L. A.: What do you think the purposes of the implants are?

Dr. L.: I have come to believe they are devices for remotely enabling some intelligence to collect important data they need for some purpose that is not clear to us at this time. They may be monitoring changes in our DNA, which they in turn may be responsible for.

L. A.: Do you think that the aliens are benevolent or malevolent?

Dr. L.: Most probably they are not either one. It would appear that they are here on a mission and have demonstrated a possibility that they have created us. There also may be many groups visiting here for thousands of years and each may have had their own purpose. Remember, all of nature as we know has a positive and negative parts. This applies to all we know in the Universe and with the same respect to Good and Evil.

L. A.: What do you think the end game is if any?

Dr. L.: It would seem that since most abductions involve the taking of ova and sperm, therefore we must to come to the conclusion that some genetic program is occurring with a possible manipulation of our DNA. The purpose of this is anybody’s guess.

L. A.:  Your closing thoughts?

Dr. L.: Don’t be fooled by what you hear or read from any source. If anyone claims to have all the answers then put your fingers in your ears and run as fast as your legs will carry you. Don’t accept anyone’s opinion or data. Do your homework and find the truth for yourself. We all sit and wait for disclosure. Wake up! It is happening as I am writing this. Just look around you and be aware of all you see, hear and feel.

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  1. Cool! is this from alien interviews? if so i’ve read and enjoyed that book and shared with friends. i have yet to get any kind of response back 😦 I will likely buy the paperback though, is there going to be additional material? that would be really sweet!

    keep up the good work.

  2. I am surprised that he doesn’t know if the beings are malevolent or benevolent. Surely the abudctions themselves are a testimony to that! To take people against their will and instill fear, pain, and dread in them, to subject them to implants that are taking data that they don’t even know about and rob them of their privacy, how is that benevolent?
    This reminds me of the V show that was on last night. The lady FBI agent discovered that everyone in contact with them are being videotaped by a camera in the uniforms. No privacy. It’s creepy when you realize our privacy is being taken from us even as we speak to protect us and prevent terrorism. The intentions of passing laws is to protect us but the endgame will be to watch us. I was shocked when I watched a commerical about onstar the other day. A car was stolen and they flashed the lights of the car when the police approached to signal them it was the correct car then onstar shut the car down. It is suppose to protect us. I suspect that, when the antichrist takes his place, his government will take full advantage of these technological things to try to shut us down, if we are here for it. I hope to hear it tonight!

    • Sounds like he is more of a person to look to for actual evidence of abductions and implants but, not necessarily on spiritual things, doesn’t it?

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